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The speed of Yang Chen's shuttle was very fast, and even Luo Yuan in the late Dacheng realm could not catch up. That was still the time when Yang Chen was in the foundation realm. Now Yang Chen had three Golden Dan, and it was not known how much stronger he was than before. The speed of this shuttle was almost 50% faster.

But what Yang Chen didn’t think was that the second city lord had such an original appearance, and the speed was even faster than the shuttle. The huge wings of the city lord were swiftly fanned for a few times. The distance begun to decrease rapidly.

Fortunately, when Yang Chen was talking to those people on the edge of his own spiritual awareness, he had gotten up early, at least there was a distance ahead of the second city master. Even if the speed of the second city master was fast, it will not be able to catch up with him for a while.

At this time, Yang Chen suddenly felt that he was somewhat overbearing. Among the predecessors of the Heavenly court, there were also a few Monster Race from the origin of birds, which were characterized by their speed.

Because of the speed of the shuttle, Yang Chen had not even looked at the masters of the Dacheng realm. The second city master started to catch up and let Yang Chen see the impending crisis.

He couldn’t say it, if he can’t escape this time, he could only use the Immortal Beheading Blade. However, how Yang Chen would ruin the Immortal Beheading Blade like this. He still unwilling from the bottom of his heart, so the first choice was still to run and escape.

His spirit power was pushed to the extreme, Yang Chen let the speed of the shuttle to reach the maximum, to make a crazy escape while planning countermeasures. There was only one threat of second city owner. If he could solve it, then he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

This time, Yang Chen did not make the posture to detonate the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution. In the middle of the Immortal’s cave, they were worried that the Immortal’s Cave, where they cultivated, would be destroyed. But outside, even if Yang Chen detonated the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, only he would be hurt. For the second city master who was flying faster than himself, was almost impossible to damage.

The two men chased like this, and the distance that was originally a hundred miles away was now shrinking. In less than ten days, the two were less than fifty miles away from each other.

Although the second city master was getting closer and closer, the surprise in his heart was also getting stronger and stronger. This little calf had many magic weapons on its body, not only he had a magic weapon capable of collecting the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, but also had such a powerful flying magic weapon.

When this situation fell in his eyes, the first reaction was that Yang Chen must have inherited them from an ancient Immortal’s cave, otherwise it was impossible to have so many formidable Magic Weapons. At the thought of this, the heart of the second city lord suddenly heated up. If the magic weapon of Yang Chen could be taken for himself, wouldn’t it be a big ticket?

When these thoughts came out, they could no longer be pressed back. The second city lord thought more, if he didn’t chase too fast, he would catch up with Yang Chen in the Ten-thousand Trees Forest. Not many things would fall in the eyes of some people, and eventually it would be good. The intention was to make himself the sole owner of the treasures that Yang Chen had.

The second city master would not believe that Yang Chen had only the gourd and the flying magic weapon. Even if these two the big city lords shared it. The big end of the remaining things must be had by the second city lord himself to be reasonable.

Thinking of this, the speed of the second city lord slowed down a little, keeping a little faster than Yang Chen, but before he flew out of the Ten-thousand Trees forest, it was absolutely impossible to catch up. He leisurely swam behind Yang Chen, slowly chasing.

This chase and escape took a month’s time. Seeing that Yang Chen had already seen the edge of the Ten-Thousand Trees Forest, his ear heard the voice of the second city master, “this kid, you ran for so long, this old man has given you face! Don’t you want to pick it up?”

“Catch up and then let’s talk about it, senior!”

Yang Chen did not want to go back directly and continued to fly fast.

However, the other party gave Yang Chen the opportunity to fly out of the Ten-thousand Forest. For Yang Chen, it was excellent news. In addition to the shuttle being able to fly and flee from within the water, Earth Escape was also very outstanding. The wood attribute in the Ten-thousand Trees Forest was too strong. Wood destroys Earth, if Yang Chen even wants to use the Earth Escape, he must consider the risks. What’s more, there was a formation to collect the First Wood True Essence of the wood under the forest. Yang Chen did not dare to risk the Earth Escape.

But out of the Ten-thousand Forest, Yang Chen would not care about that. The second city manager's s flight was fast, could it be faster than the shuttle on Earth Escape?

As soon as he left the Ten-thousand Trees Forest, the shuttle controlled by Yang Chen was much lower, and was just flying on the ground. The second city lord was only hanging from afar, and he did not know what was in his mind.

Suddenly, Yang Chen paused, his body hung in the air, facing the rear, and the second city master who was 30 miles away. He shook his other hand again, saying “thank you for the personal escort city lord, this younger brother will leave now!”

As soon as the voice fell, the shuttle under the control of Yang Chen drilled into the ground. Looking from afar, it was like a seabird that had already sent prey to fly from the air.

For a moment, the second city master didn't understand Yang Chen's plan but suddenly he became furious. He flapped his huge wings like a fan and rushed towards Yang Chen.

At the same time, the second city master Monster Soul blazed and placed a mark directly on Yang Chen’s body. Even if Yang Chen went to the heavens, it was now impossible to escape from his Monster Soul tracking.

This was not counting the fact that whether Yang Chen’s body was in the ground. The second city lord had made a group of conglomerate Monster Souls hit Yang Yang’s mind.

This kind of Monster Soul attack had the same effect as Luo Yuan's Primordial Spirit attack, but it was not the kind of Luo Yuan's kind, but it was gathered into a group.

However, when the attack power was the strongest, it was the moment when the Monster Soul spirits exploded. With a bang, the Monster Soul of the second city master directly exploded in Yang Chen's sea of consciousness.

Knowing that his sea of consciousness had an explosion, Yang Chen seemed to have not felt it in general. His current understanding of the sea of consciousness was strong, even if it was his previous life in the spiritual world, it had not been so stable. Not to mention the Monster Soul explosion controlled by the second city master in the Dacheng realm, even if it was the Lan Ying (the octopus he met after being chased under the sea) that was ascending, it was impossible to use Monster Souls to hurt Yang Chen now.

His figure indiscriminately broke into the ground, and the second city lord arrived after only a few breaths. Feeling the Monster Soul mark that he planted more and more, the second city lord was almost angry and thunderous.

He was an airborne flying monster cultivator, although he had the ability to escape underground, but if he wanted to be free in the underground like Yang Chen, it was impossible. He could only track the Monster Soul mark on Yang Chen Soul.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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