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After so many years, Xiao Tian had already absorbed the dragon qi absorbed in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace. The overall size was only slightly larger, but there was no such exaggeration as like Yang Chen.

The many Magic Weapon fragments found from Immortal’s Cave by Yang Chen was almost already consumed cleanly, Xiao Tian liked that kind of fragments, nothing would suck a piece, it seemed that the pieces were used as snacks.

Most of the time, Xiao Tian was still entrenched on the bright ray sword and the blood demon vine sword, playing and playing, while also nourishing the two flying swords. Now there was the sword embryo of the First Wood flying sword. Yang Chen also put them together. Although the refining was not completed, there was always no harm.

After playing with Xiao Tian, Yang Chen suddenly found a little change, and it seemed that there were some vague patterns on it’s face. Although these patterns were not very obvious, they didn’t seem to change the look of the Xiao Tian too much, but Yang Chen could guess something from the shape of the Xiao Tian attached to the weapon.

These patterns, if you remove the head of today's Xiao Tian and imagine it, you would find that it was a fierce ghost head, with a murderous aura.

Perhaps this was some of the performances that showed that it had become mature after the absorption of those dragon qi. The Xiao Tian Wolf-Dragon bloodline had only been stimulated for decades. Yang Chen did not expect it to grow into a terrifying power. Now it was beyond the expectation of Yang Chen. Being able to participate in the mature process of the Xiao Tian was also  lucky for Yang Chen.

After half a year, Gao Yue's cultivation was finally completed. The whole bottle of Tenth Water True Essence was cleaned up by Gao Yue, and the Tenth Water True Secret Art was also successfully cultivated.

Originally Gao Yue was in the middle foundation stage, the Tenth Water True Secret Art was completed, and the cultivation base was as strong as a bamboo, and it was directly raised to the peak of the foundation stage.

This time, the cultivation of Gao Yue was too fast. Yang Chen had to ask with seriousness,that Gao Yue took a longer time to consolidate her cultivation base.

The task of protecting was handed over to Gao Yue, and Yang Chen could finally begin to cultivate. Fortunately, for the time being, Yang Chen does not need to be too troublesome, as long as he absorbs the remaining Third Grade Fire Seed.

With the primary Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire that had grown to a certain level, the absorption of fire seeds could already be carried out automatically. Yang Chen only needed to pay attention to it a little. Most of the time, Yang Chen could also cultivate the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique. As for the Three Purities Secret Art, Yang Chen did not intend to touch it again before the Solidifying Core, so that his spiritual awareness could not be increased to an uncontrollable level.

On one hand, it was the vision of the Heaven and Earth phenomenon caused by Gong Sunling, but on the other hand, Yang Chen leisurely indulged in the absorption of flames and cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique. Gao Yue next to them was carefully protecting them, it was a very calm scene.

Gong Sunling was worthy of being a talented cultivation genius. In just a few months, her body has already erupted with a golden dan, and it was getting stronger and stronger. Gao Yue, who has had experience in condensing Dan, knew that she was now getting better and better, and she was very happy for her.

Yang Chen does not have such a performance as Gong Sunling. Instead, bones kept coming out of his body, and the muscles of the body were already developed. You could even see Yang Chen's muscles strengthening during the cultivation.

When thinking about the embarrassing posture of Gong Sunling and Yang Chen's acquaintance, Gao Yue couldn't help but smile and shook her head, but then her face turned red. If this was the case in the future, if she wanted to have double cultivation with Yang Chen, would she not use that shameful posture?

Yang Chen, who was immersed in the cultivation, did not pay attention to the surroundings. Here were all people he absolutely trusts, there was nothing to guard against.

The absorption speed of the third grade fire seed was much faster. The cultivation of the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique seems to have reached a key point. As long as this shackles was broken through, the goal of the first layer of the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique could be completed.

In the description of the refining technique, after the completion of the first refining body, the practitioner would be able to achieve the power of the 300,000 jin strength. Of course, the size would become a huge body that could bear the power of 300,000 jin.

With the sound of the bones , Yang Chen's muscles finally expanded to a critical point. Turbulent, Yang Chen’s whole body and muscles slammed into a loud explosion, and all the movements stopped.

Gao Yue discovered the abnormality of Yang Chen at the first time. She was about to rush over, but she saw that Yang Chen had opened his eyes and stood up.

“Be careful, you are still absorbing the flame!” Gao Yue was startled greatly, what Yang Chen was doing she was of course clear about it, seeing that Yang Chen actually stood up despite the absorption of the flame,she could not help but be shocked.

“It is all right, Master, I still controlling it.” Yang Chen smiled at his master and gestured. His body started to move.

Just a very casual twisted neck, shaking his wrist, Yang Chen’s body made a strange noise, giving a strange sense of power.

Yes, the sense of power, Gao Yue thought that Yang Chen was just standing there, there was an oppression that cannot be ignored. The already sturdy body was like a hill, as if it was between the hands and the feet, he could have the power of a thunderous  300,000 jin.

What made Gao Yue not know whether to laugh or cry was that when Yang Chen now stretched out his arm, the thickest part was as thick as the waist of Gao Yue, and even more than some. When Gao Yue and Yang Chen stood together, she was already very petite.

“After others ask, you have to tell them clearly, your refining technique was not taught by me!” Gao Yue, who loved beauty, looked at Yang Chen’s body like a gorilla, and couldn’t help but feel a little angry. This was because if people misunderstand the refining technique she taught had such an effect, how would that make Gao Yue behave.

“Of course, Master is so beautiful, how can she teach such a refining technique.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“How did you stop?” After complaining about Yang Chen, Gao Yue asked again.

“The Body Refining Technique First Layer is completed.” Yang Chen smiled and replied "It have the power of 300,000 jin.”

It was said that he had the power of 300,000 jin, but Yang Chen knew that his body had more strength than a 300,000 jin. When starting cultivation, his starting point was higher than the average Yellow Turban Strongman, and the effect of the cultivation was naturally better than the ordinary Yellow Turban Strongman . According to Yang Chen's estimate, he could now have almost 500,000 jin of strength, or a lot. This kind of power, let alone the ordinary Jiedan master, even the strength of a Yuanying master controlling a flying sword, could not reach it.

Gao Yue heard it on the spot. The power of 300,000 jin, does it mean that even if Yang Chen does not have the slightest spiritual power from his cultivation base, and relying on brute force, could he hold his bright ray sword and compete with a master who was in a higher realm than him?

Gao Yue, now an apprentice of her own, had become increasingly obscured to her. Judging from the performance of the past, Yang Chen also passed on his own Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra and Tenth Water True Secret Art to her, out of the two people who was the master and who was the apprentice?


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