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Chapter 273
Although he was curious about how much power he had, Yang Chen still couldn’t test it . He was absorbing the fire seed, and secondly, not far away from them, Gong Sunling was condensing her Dan, and it was not so wonderful to disturb her .

After Gong Sunling’s spiritual awareness double cultivation, Yang Chen’s condensed spiritual awareness reached a point that was jaw-dropping . The third grade fire seed that previously enabled Yang Chen to improve, now could no longer achieve the original effect .

Perhaps Yang Chen’s primary Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire had already packaged enough third grade fire seeds . After Yang Chen’s completed the absorption of a third grade fire this time, it’s not as it used to be, the spiritual awareness had not skyrocketed, but it had risen a bit, at best Yang Chen’s early Yuanying stage spiritual awareness was raised to the peak of the early Yuanying stage .

With the probing of this kind of fire seed, Yang Chen was overjoyed, at least in accordance with such a situation, he could at least absorbed the fire seed to reach the Solidifying Core, and did not have to worry about the splitting of his spiritual awareness . As for the Solidifying Core, for the time being, there would be no big trouble, after all, he had raised a big realm .

The Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire had not changed much for the time being from absorbing the third grade fire seed, but the two fire dragons in the sea of consciousness had become much larger . It was originally possible to blur the head and tail, but now it was clearer, but the distance of the two fire dragons was still far away .

Yang Chen did not stop and continued again . There were still several kinds of fire seeds in the profound spirit furnace, which could almost balance the third fire and fourth fire . Yang Chen would certainly not waste time and continued to absorb it .

Time couldn’t be saved, but he could save his energy . Yang Chen did not expect the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire to have this kind of benefit, the leisurely self-cultivation of the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique in the process of absorbing the flame .

The Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, Yang Chen had completed the first layer and was now entering the second stage . It was unfortunate that the first layer and the second layer was the refining of the practitioner’s body to the most developed stage of the muscles . This also meant that Yang Chen’s current body shape would last for a long time .

However, for the time being, Yang Chen does not seem to reject such a body . It was because of this type of body that Gong Sunling had to adopt a very warm posture when she cooperated with Yang Chen . Although Yang Chen does not have much thought of it, it does not exclude the feeling when the two were in close contact .

If he changed to a double cultivation with his Master, was it necessary to make such a warm posture with his Master? Yang Chen was suddenly looking forward to it, looking forward to having a spiritual awareness double cultivation with his Master once again .

In Yang Chen’s unreasonable expectation, Gong Sunling’s process of congestion was finally completed . At the moment of completion, it once again triggered a huge Heaven and Earth phenomenon . The heaven and earth spirit power quickly gathered on Gong Sunling’s body for a long time and this stopped .

“Congratulations!” “Congratulations!” Congratulations came from the mouths of Gao Yue and Yang Chen . Gong Sunling opened her eyes and did not get up . She heard the voices of the two people .

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“Thank you, Aunt Master, thank you Junior Brother Yang !” Gong Sunling certainly knew why the two were here, they were all protecting her, so she immediately thanked them .

Speaking of it, Gong Sunling was the first of the small groups of Yang Chen to promote to a Jiedan master . Gao Yue’s water attribute spirit power cultivation was somewhat late, and being at the peak of the foundation stage was already outstanding, but she still could not catch up with Gong Sunling .

Whether it was Gongsun Ling or Gao Yue, both women were considered to be in a new realm, and they needed to consolidate their cultivation base for a long time . In particular, Gong Sunling who had just condensed her Dan, it would take less than ten years to consolidate her cultivation base, which would have an impact on her future cultivation .

Yang Chen’s current state does not require the two women to protect him . The two women also knew that they couldn’t help him . They made an appointment to come see him when he entered the Jiedan stage and left Yang Chen alone .

Alone on this side, Yang Chen was more heart-warming, while absorbing the fire seed, and continued to cultivate the Body Refining Technique . The absorption of the fire seed was automatic, but Yang Chen was now somewhat worried . In his previous life, he had just a spiritual power Solidifying Core, but now, Yang Chen had to face two kinds of fire attributes and the Solidifying Core at the same time, what kind of abnormality would there be?

This question does not require Yang Chen to consider for long, as Yang Chen would soon have to face it . After continuing to absorb the two types of the third grade fire seeds, Yang Chen discovered that his own spiritual awareness cultivation base had once again rose to the middle Yuanying stage . Next, he absorbed another two kinds of the third grade fire seeds, this time, it finally pushed Yang Chen to the edge of the Solidifying Core .

Boom, the two fire dragons in his body, suddenly changed tremendously at this moment, the fire dragons formed by the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, suddenly began to tighten rapidly, and soon became two pocket sized fire dragon .

The two small fire dragons were still purple and azure, just in the spiritual awareness of Yang Chen,they quickly shrunk into two small fire groups like sesame .

This was a harbinger of the Solidifying Core, the seeds of the two golden dans had begun to form, and the next step was the process of Yang Chen’s nourishment and growth of the golden dan .

The process of condensing Dan was familiar to Yang Chen, but at the same time condensing two golden dans,Yang Chen did not expect it . However, Yang Chen’s mentality was firm and resolute . Naturally, he was not too surprised . Two of them were two . Anyway, his Yin-Yang Five Phases Secrets had ten kinds of spiritual powers, and he had not felt that they would be normal .

Surrounded by the spiritual power, the two golden dans were injected . The seeds of the two sesame-sized seeds gradually increased with the influx of spiritual power .

However, the speed of the increase could almost be comparable to that of a snail, or even worse . Such a huge supply of spiritual power, even Yang Yang’s feeling has increased a little bit, if he wanted to reach the normal minimum of the egg size, such a day must take at least one year .

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Fortunately, Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire golden dan was different from other people’s golden dan, and it could still be quickly supplemented by swallowing fire seeds . And just as it was, Yang Chen still had a lot of third grade fire seeds .

The golden Dan seed had been formed . When the flame in the profound spirit furnace touched Yang Chen’s hand, it automatically turned into a purple light or an azure light into the Jiedan seed . With the spiritual power perfusion and flame phagocytosis, the golden dan began to nourish and grow at twice the growth rate of ordinary Jiedan seeds .

What surprised Yang Chen was that the two Jiedan seeds could absorb two kinds of third grade fire seeds at the same time, and the third fire and fourth fire was absorbed at the same time, the speed was doubled .

In his own body, Yang Chen’s spiritual power was ten times more than that of others . At this time, the double Jiedan seeds were molded, and the spiritual power absorbed was at least twice as large as that of ordinary people . For a time, the spiritual power of the surrounding spiritual veins was almost absorbed by Yang Chen like a long whale absorbing water, sucking it all into his body insanely .

If someone was next to him, they would find that Yang Chen has now become a huge black hole . The spiritual power of a few spiritual veins and with the crazy speed of Yang Chen’s gathering, even if they were by his side, it would be impossible to absorb any spiritual power here .

The two golden dan seeds, and the same Jindan seeds of the same fire attribute, under the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, also showed the fearful ability to absorb spiritual power during the seed period .

The enormous spiritual power entered Yang Chen’s body, and after the simple absorption of the Yin-Yang Five Elements Secrets, it came directly to the two Jiedan seeds in the Dantian of Yang Chen . At this time, whether it was the fire attribute or other attributes,the Jiedan seeds seemed to be hungry and had not eaten, all were absorbed .

When Gao Yue and Gong Sunling came back to see Yang Chen, they found that he was already nourishing the Jiedan seeds . Finally, he was in the process of condensing Dan . The two women did not say anything, they sat and watched from far away acting as protectors .

This nourishment, Yang Chen absorbed all the third grade fire seeds . After more than a year time, the Jiedan seeds were finally nourished and grown to the size of plums .

At this point, the nourishment process was completely over . At the end of the day, the heaven and earth spirits rioted again, almost for three full hours . Compared with Gong Sunling, it would be more than half the time .

After the formation of the golden dan, the fire attribute spiritual power seemed to be directly compressed by ten times, and even the speed of the overall absorption of spiritual power was almost at least three or four times faster . The Jiedan stage was essentially different from the foundation stage .

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The change of the sea of consciousness seemed to be the least obvious, and even the two fire dragons were still two fire dragons .

However, the change was not obvious compared to the previous appearance, not the essence .

At the time of the outbreak of spiritual power, Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness was like the Jiedan seed . It quickly shrank and was compressed at least three times . The original 150-acre sea was almost reduced to 50 acres according to the original proportion .

Then, it was the process of madly absorbing Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness, it returned to its original size . However, in terms of “density”, the current sea of consciousness was at least several times the original .

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness rose again when he entered the Jiedan realm . From the middle Yuanying stage , the late Yuanying stage, it directly rose to the peak of the Yuanying stage .

The compression of the sea of consciousness also meant the further improvement of the quality of the spiritual awareness . At this time, his peak Yuanying stage spiritual awareness,it was not known how strong it was as compared to that of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness cultivation base before the double cultivation . At this time, even if the golden bell directly hits Yang Chen, Yang Chen would not be affected . The Three Purities Secret Art plus the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra cultivated spiritual awareness and the ordinary spiritual awareness had a world of difference .

A third grade fire seed had completely failed to make Yang Chen’s fire attribute spiritual power level upgrade, and even the effect on the spiritual awareness was limited . If he wanted to continue to absorb the fire seeds to upgrade, he needed at least fourth grade fire seeds .

It was a pity that when it came to the fourth grade fire seeds, it was already a precious fire seed . Most fire cultivators would choose to stay and use it . Very few people would sell it .

Even if it was sold, it was also in the internal auction of the major sects . Although the Pure Yang Palace made a promise of giving him large number of spirit stones and sect contribution points, he did not receive a fourth grade fire seeds or above fire seeds .

For Yang Chen, who already had several kinds of Fifth grade fire seeds in his hand, the fourth grade fire seeds was not too precious, but unfortunately, for theYin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire, the fourth grade fire seeds was a must .

The upgrade of the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire cannot be skipped to a certain level . Just as it was formed at the beginning, although there had been several kinds of third grade fire seeds, it still needed to be formed by the ninety and eighty-one of the third fire and fourth fire respectively .

He continued to absorb the fire seeds of all grades, for a long time, it would be something that Yang Chen must do . Fortunately, Yang Chen was now a small and famous alchemy master . As long as he was willing to come up with some high-grade medicinal pills, it was not a big problem to exchange for some fire seeds .

If Yang Chen was willing to exchange with the Ask Inner Heart Pill, maybe even the Sixth grade fire seeds could be used to exchange for it . For some masters, the masters of the Dacheng stage like Wu Xiong, the Fifth Grade True Moon Fire really was not a difficult thing to get . The only thing they needed was to know where there was such a kind of fire seed . It was not a problem at all .

In addition to the spirit power of the fire attribute, the other spirit powers of the various departments with the simultaneous third fire and fourth fire and the success of the Solidifying Core, they were once again upgraded, and quickly upgraded to the ninth layer of the foundation stage . There were only one step away and it would enter the peak of the foundation stage .

When the surrounding spiritual power calmed down slowly, Yang Chen finally opened his eyes slowly .

When his spiritual awareness threads searched around, Yang Chen felt that it was different from the foundation stage .

The scope had been expanded several times directly . As long as he concentrated, Yang Chen could clearly perceive the movements within a few dozen miles, and was more sensitive than before .

The Three Purities Secret Art was indeed wonderful, which made Yang Chen even more strange . The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord who cultivated the Three Purities Secret Art would not be aware of the actions of the rebels . Was it true that all the rebels had similar actions? Did all of them have things like the sea pouring jasper cup to protect their whole body, so that their spiritual awareness couldn’t detect it?

This was obviously impossible . If this kind of thing was everywhere, it would too cheap, and it was worthy for the old dragon king to collect in the treasure house . Well, the only possibility was that there was another hidden truth .

On this issue, Yang Chen would not go into depth of it for the time being, nor would he have the ability to delve into it now . Could the people in the mortal world manage the matters of the Heavenly Court? What was important was that in his previous life he achieved Solidifying Core only after more than three hundred years of cultivation . In this life, Yang Chen only used only eighty years .

Yang Chen entered the Jiedan realm, and Gao Yue was even more happy than when she raised her own realm . The only thing that made both women dissatisfied was that Yang Chen’s body was so robust because of the cultivation of the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique . The reason was that his present build was grandiose and was simply a sturdy and boorish man . If they walked with him they would have a feeling of having no face .

After the general people’s situation changes, their overall temperament also changed . Although Yang Chen had entered the Golden Core stage from the foundation stage, there was no change except for his body type . Yang Chen was still the same as Yang Chen, and there was no slight change in his tone of his speech .

“Master, it’s up to you!” Yang Chen now challenged Gao Yue who had not yet entered the Jiedan stage . “Look at how fast you are, or some of my other attributes spiritual power is faster . ”

Gao Yue herself was a fire attribute golden dan . Now her water attribute was about to enter the Jiedan stage . Naturally, Yang Chen’s words were not bragging . Immediately, her eyelashes flashed and responded“then waits and sees!”! ! !

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