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However, this issue was not known for the time being. What was important now was to let Gong Sunling cultivate the Fifth Earth True Secret Art.

The Fifth Earth True Essence in the body of Yang Chen was not in the same way as before. This inevitably required two people to cooperate with the cultivation. At least before Gong Sunling absorbed enough Fifth Earth True Essence, Yang Chen had to accompany her to cultivate, and the Fifth Earth True Essence in his body were to be released for the use of Gong Sunling.

It seemed that Gong Sunling was very happy.

She didn't know if it was because of the reason for getting back to cultivate or because of Yang Chen’s companionship.

What surprised Yang Chen was that until now, Gao Yue did not cultivate the Tenth Water True Secret Art. Before because of Yang Chen's spiritual awareness issues, Gao Yue was afraid that Yang Chen would break out at some point and he could not take care of himself because of his work so she had never cultivated.

His Master’s affection, Yang Chen’s heart was warm, but now, Yang Chen could almost certainly not have problems before the Solidifying Core, so Gao Yue cultivation of the Tenth Water True Secret Art, it was put on the agenda.

Now that both women had spiritual awareness double cultivation with Yang Chen, they would no longer avoid anything, and they would not cultivate separately. They would start cultivating in the same room.

Before the cultivation, Yang Chen still used the control method of the Immortal’s Cave, and moved three times more Spiritual Pulse to ensure that the three would never have the problem of lack of spiritual power during their cultivation.

After explaining the experience of absorbing the Tenth Water True Essence to Gao Yue in detail, he watched Gao Yue enter the state of cultivation. Yang Chen then turned around and explained the secrets of cultivating the Fifth Earth True Secret Art for Gong Sunling.

Compared with the direct absorption of the Fifth Earth True Essence, it was easier to absorb the Fifth Earth True Essence from Yang Chen's cultivation. However, in the process of doing this, Yang Chen always had to hold hands with Gong Sunling, and the requirements for Yang Chen were higher.

It couldn’t be help but say that Yang Chen’s current body shape was too much of a hindrance to this kind of cultivation of holding hands. The muscles were too swollen and so large that the standard five-hearted posture has not been able to come out. Even the ordinary cross-legged ones can’t be folded. They could only cultivate with a very casual sitting posture.

If they wanted to hold their two hands together, they must be slightly closer to each other. Otherwise, it was Gong Sunling who had to bend over, that or Yang Chen had to bend over, no matter who it was, it would not be so comfortable.

Yang Chen did not expect that he would have such drawbacks when he cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, but he could not solve it at the moment.Gong Sunling was generous, after face-to-face cultivation failed, Gong Sunling simply let Yang Chen open his double back legs, and turned back to Yang Chen, directly sitting between Yang Chen’s double back legs.

In this way, it seemed that Gong Sunling was facing Yang Chen and sitting in his arms. The posture looked very embarrassing, but the problem of holding hands with each other was no longer a problem.

During the cultivation, Yang Chen continued to slowly control his hands and output the Fifth Earth True Essence, and carefully control the speed of the output. If the output was too slow, Gong Sunling would fail to absorb the Fifth Earth True Essence, and if the output was too fast, it would hurt Gong Sunling.

Also in Yang Chen’s experience, even if the past life did not cultivate the earth attribute method, but the control of the Great Principle Golden Immortal was still, but the uniform output of the control of spirit power output was not difficult.

Even so, Yang Chen and Gong Sunling were careful to test the speed several times before they determined the speed of Yang Chen’s best output. Then the two did not have any more distractions, so they entered the state of cultivation.

With Yang Chen's cultivation of the Fifth Earth True Secret Art,the absorption of the Fifth Earth True Essence would gradually grow back with his daily cultivation in his body, compared to the seed that Yang Chen absorbed at that time, now it was not how many times bigger and stronger it had become? Gong Sunling just wanted to absorb enough of the Fifth Earth True Essence to make seeds, instead of depriving Yang Chen of his cultivation base, so the obstacle to Yang Chen was not great.

Since it was in line with Gong Sunling’s cultivation, what Yang Chen had to do was only a simple output. Everyone knew that it was simple to absorb the Fifth Earth True Essence from Yang Chen, but after all, it was still the Fifth Earth True Essence, even if she had a spiritual awareness with the Yuanying stage cultivation base, but Gong Sunling was still a low-level cultivator.

This absorption was a matter of months. Gong Sunling's spiritual awareness just rose and she was very unaccustomed to it yet. The Yuanying stage spiritual awareness did not give her much help at first.

At the beginning of the first full month, it was Gong Sunling who was adapting to this kind of change in her spiritual awareness. For Yang Chen this was also unexpected. With his experience of Great Principle Golden Immortal, of course, there was not much adaptation needed, but Gong Sunling had no such experience. It was not until one month later that she was able to gain control of it.

The next process was considered to be on the right track. The Fifth Earth True Essence in Yang Chen's body was absorbed into Gong Sunling's body, and refining and blending instead of the original earth attribute spirit power.

After half a year, Gong Sunling's Fifth Earth True Secret Art was finally completed, and it was no longer necessary to absorb Yang Chen's Fifth Earth True Essence, and she could continue to grow it by herself. At this point, Yang Chen's task was thoroughly completed.

It couldn’t be helped but said that the Fifth Earth True Secret Art was really strong, and the most primitive glutinous Fifth Earth True Essence that was absorbed by the Fifth Earth spirit power was not higher than the spiritual power strength of Gong Sunling's body by much. Just after the completion of the cultivation, the refining of the Fifth Earth True Essence, it took Gong Quanling a full two days.

Everything was natural.Gong Sunling originally had a peak foundation stage cultivation base, and it was only a step away from going to enter the process of condensing Dan. After cultivating the Fifth Earth True Essence, she immediately noticed the sudden change of the spiritual power in her body, and naturally began to condense.

The dramatic changes in the Heaven and Earth innate qi caused by the time of Condensation were more than a hundred times stronger than when building the foundation. The spiritual power around her was attracted by a black hole, and the crazily gathered toward the body of Gong Sunling, and even affected the Gao Yue not far away.

At the moment, Gao Yue was also at the crucial moment of cultivating the Tenth Water True Secret Art. Fortunately, Yang Chen had woken up and quickly moved the two Spiritual Pulse in Immortal’s Cave to meet the needs of Gong Sunling so that Gao Yue would not be affected by big influences.

The process of condensing Dan was not a one-time process. After the spiritual power condenses from a normal state into a small golden dan seed, it took a lot of time to stabilize the golden dan seed, and then concentrate all the original spiritual powers into golden dan completely, this process would last at least a year.

Both women were in the state of cultivation, and Yang Chen naturally wanted to protect the two women. He couldn’t cultivate other things himself. Naturally, he could only choose the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique.

In addition to cultivating, Yang Chen did not forget to look after the state of Xiao Tian. After leaving the treasure house of the Dragon Palace last time, Yang Chen had paid very little attention to Xiao Tian.

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