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The towering pillars were the weapons of the blue-ring octopus, and countless suckers. At this moment, it’s spiritual awareness were completely released, and the strength of gathering together, even with the strength of Luo Yuan, he could not help but be shocked, and his mind almost fell.

He stopped thinking about it. The flying sword at the foot of Luo Yuan flew out and went to the huge wrist in the direction of his escape. The flying swords flew out for a while, it had become extremely huge, but compared with those huge wrists, it was still like a small toothpick.

Scoffs, the flying sword pierced the wrist of the roll easily, but the part that was pierced only flowed out some blue juice, but it immediately re-growed. The flying sword just left, no longer than a few breath of time, the wound on the wrist had completely recovered.

After  such a shot, several wrists behind him had been entangled. The flying sword was still cutting the wrists in the distance, Luo Yuan became startled, and rushed to use a Secret Technique to fight out, there was a huge circle of fire which appeared in this moment, and he was firmly in the middle.

Above the ring of fire, quickly flew out a large fireball and attacked the surrounding wrists. A series of explosions, the closest to the wrist, appeared dozens of black fireball explosions.

This wrist was almost instantaneously taken back under the sea, but the surrounding wrists were not taken back at all, still maintaining the original trend and entangled with Luo Yuan.

The flying sword controlled by Luo Yuan had been changed from a thorn to a cross, but the wrist was too big. Even Luo Yuan's flying sword couldn’t cut it off.

Finally, he cut off half with great difficulty. When he was about to have another sword in the same position, Luo Yuan was shocked to find that the half-cut arm that had just been cut off, in such a time, had been restored to the original appearance, which made him feel a big panic.

He couldn’t hurt the other person, if it became a little hurt, the other side would be  recovering immediately, but he had been surrounded by a huge wrist. Once he was dragged into the sea, there would be only one outcome, except for perishing, there would be nothing else possible.

At the moment, Luo Yuan's heart was full of remorse. As soon as he had seen a junior in the foundation stage, he had pursued him for five and a half years. He was a master of the late dacheng stage, and he had to do things like killing people and getting goods. Those who were already shameful could no longer have any face . Even the younger generation of the foundation period did not get it, but it was also thrown into the family.

If he was chasing after him, he would have to catch up with Yang Chen. Why was it that he was at this point in danger? If he knew this before, why would he bother to chase Yang Chen?

Only now, it was too late to regret, there was no regret pill in the world, Luo Yuan could only take the scalp out of the solution, trying to kill a bloody path from the cages of several wrists.

The flying swords here was full of energy, the huge head of the octopus under the sea violently sent out a powerful and unparalleled spiritual awareness shock, Luo Yuan's attack on Yang Chen during their chasing saga was similar, the invisible spiritual awareness seemed like it turned into a sword, and cut straight to Luo Yuan’s body.

At the same time, a poncho with a poisonous black water, violently rushed from the sea to the old high, directly wrapped Luo Yuan in it. The fire circle around Luo Yuan was instantly quenched when it touched these black waters, and there was no longer any sparks.

The black water had not stained his body, but Luo Yuan smelled a strong scent, the toxin contained in the aura, had already let Luo Yuan become slightly dizzy. If he was to make this black water drip onto his body, it would be enough to kill him. But he stopped thinking about it , a body armor instantly appeared outside Luo Yuan's body, and it made a burst of light, blocking the black water from the light.

However, the horror of Blackwater was far beyond the expectations of Luo Yuan. After being immersed in the light, it began to smack and erode the light.

A sudden pain appeared in his mind, the blue ring octopus’s spiritual awareness attack had also hit Luo Yuan.

The spiritual awareness of the two was very powerful. Under such a fierce collision, Luo Yuan almost could not control his flying sword. Even so, Luo Yuan felt the sizzling in his mind, and the pain was difficult to bear.

Luo Yuan was greatly startled,if this situation continues, losing his life was only a matter of time. At this time, where the other ones were taken care of, the body of a monster at the beginning of the dacheng stage was thrown directly from his Qiankun bag, and then the body was directly exploded under the control of Luo Yuan.

The explosion of the body of the monster, the power of it was huge, even the blue ring octopus, also had three wrists directly blown off by this terrifying explosion. The huge wrists carried the broken arm that was blown off and quickly retracted underwater.

However, the black water around Luo Yuan did not weaken. It still sizzled and eroded the glare of the armor of the body. At the same time, the other intact wrists were not obstructed, and still entangled with Luo Yuan.

Luo Yuan, who was trying to escape from the three wrists that was blown away, suddenly slammed into the spiritual awareness of the blue-ringed octopus again, and his mind became dizzy, but he could no longer escape the entanglement of the wrists and actively landed in the sea.

Entering the sea, Luo Yuan knew that it was not good, but it could not be helped. The water was definitely the world of blue-ring octopus, which it was better in than the air.

After a while, the three wrists that had just been blown up had already recovered. The eight wrists were like eight huge dragons. They were entwined in the side of Luo Yuan. From time to time, they attacked. In the blink of an eye, Luo Yuan was already poorly coping with it, and he was in a difficult situation.

A fierce, clear voice appeared in his ear “Senior, is chasing me very cool?” It was not known where Yang Chen was, but he said with a glimpse of his Spiritual Awareness thread.

Luo Yuan, who was already in an extremely difficult situation, heard the sound of Yang Chen and immediately remembered that all of this was caused by Yang Chen. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen, how could he a master of the late dacheng stage become like this?

However, this kind of fierce battle, the moment he got distracted by his anger, a heavy wrist slammed on Luo Yuan’s body, the body protection armor on his body, almost with no incident, directly turned into pieces.

“I am fighting with you!” In the end, Luo Yuan was still a master of the late dacheng stage. Under the circumstances that he knew that he was likely to be defeated, he also broke out with desperate courage.

At this time, the position of Luo Yuan's fall was not far from the huge head of the blue-ringed octopus. At this moment, Luo Yuan no longer allowed to keep his hands and directly released the bodies of all the dacheng stage monsters in his Qiankun bag. There have been more than a dozens of seizures along the way.

“Explode for me!” Luo Yuan screamed, a dozen or so corpses, just in the distance from the blue ring octopus head, exploded. A huge explosion appeared directly on the head of the blue-ringed octopus, and it opened a deep crater.

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