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This was the domain of a huge blue-ringed octopus. On its domain, there was no longer anything that dared to provoke its majestic existence. There was only one classification of the creatures that could survive here, and that was its food.

For many years, the blue-ring octopus had become accustomed to an environment where there was no rival. Even if a few guys who didn’t know anything were to break into it, they would be instantly torn by the huge wrist of the blue-ring octopus. This was also the poison that was contained in the thin spikes on the wrist.

It would soon be faced with tribulation and ascend. The blue-ringed octopus had been nesting on the bottom of the sea. It had already felt the aura of the coming of the heavenly tribulations. The aura in the sky was full of great energy. It was always reminding of it, maybe in the next moment, the Wind Tribulation would come.

At this time, suddenly a small bug broke into its domain at a high speed, and the blue ring Octopus did not pay attention to it. However, the blue-ringed octopus doesn’t even need to move, but somewhere on the huge wrists that stretched far away,with a little glimpse of its spiritual awareness, and found that the strength of the bug was too low, it was even not enough to give him a tickling sensation, the tribulations was imminent, this little bug, this elder was too lazy to pay attention to it.

Under the pressure of the strong tribulations, the blue-ring octopus did not even open its main spiritual awareness, it must concentrate on coping with the wind tribulations that may occur at any time.

But that doesn’t mean it lost control of the territory.

In fact, when it’s huge body was spread out, it was already hundreds of thousands of feet, and each big sucker on the wrist could send out spiritual awareness to look around. The hugeness of the submarine mollusks couldn't be judged by common sense on land.

But after dozens of breaths, it had to start to pay attention. A strong aura rushed into his territory with an imposing momentum, and looking at the direction, it came straight to its body.

Yang Chen did not find the body of the blue-ring octopus. After he found that the signs of the wind tribulations, he immediately retracted his spiritual awareness, for fear that there would be any move to agitate the powerful beast to be in tribulation.

In the realm of tribulations, the blue-ringed octopus has long used bright blue rings to warn the surrounding creatures. The octopus was very good at concealing its body. Its body was now perfectly discolored into a huge hill on the bottom of the sea. Even if someone stands on its head, it was impossible to find that under his foot was not a real mountain, but a huge blue ring octopus.

Although he couldn’t find the body of the monster crossing Tribulation, Yang Chen was able to judge the other side’s whereabouts from the signs of the wind tribulation, so the direction of choice was directed at the octopus. Luo Yuan behind him did not know this, followed by Yang Chen’s pace, directly rushed to the blue ring octopus.

The appearance of Yang Chen would not let the blue ring octopus have any vigilance, but Luo Yuan was different. The powerful strength of the late dacheng stage, the blue ring octopus would immediately put him into the guy who wanted to advantages of it.

Provocative, this was a naked provocation look at this old man who would soon be faced with tribulation, did not dare to distract, so therefore wasn’t this cheap? The beast to be faced with tribulation has already had the mind of not losing any wise man, and Luo Yuan would be directly defined as it’s enemy of life and death.

Luo Yuan was still firmly in the position of chasing Yang Chen, and he does not care about the spiritual awareness emitted by the thousands of feet of the seabed from time to time.

These spiritual awareness were very weak and small, but at most it was at the level of late Yuanying stage. This level of monsters Luo Yuan had not put in his eyes, and directly rushed over.

In the experience of Luo Yuan before, when these weak monsters met his spiritual awareness and probably judged their level and immediately left. Only those who had just entered the dacheng stage, thought that they would defend their domain would be bold to face him, and then killed by his flying sword, plainly become more and more spoils.

This time it must be the same, but Luo Yuan did not expect even in his dreams, that ignoring this weak spiritual awareness, this time were two fatal mistakes.

Yang Chen's figure suddenly disappeared within the scope of his spiritual awareness exploration, and there was no aura of him. This situation was not the first time and Luo Yuan though that it was not strange.

There were also many mountains and dark trenches on the seabed. After Yang Chen enters this area, there may be such a situation. Usually Yang Chen would appear again soon.

But what made Luo Yuan wonder was that this time, Yang Chen did not appear. It has passed the normal time by almost 100% interest, and there was still no trace of Yang Chen.

Perhaps the submarine gully was relatively long, but in order to be on the safe side, Luo Yuan had increased the scope of his spiritual awareness exploration, and might soon find Yang Chen’s figure.

A huge hill appeared on the bottom of the sea, which made Luo Yuan feel relieved. Perhaps Yang Chen was under this mountain and had not rushed out.

Luo Yuan would not believe that the huge mountain peak under the sea was the head of the blue ring octopus that was here. In order to find Yang Chen, he deliberately increased his spiritual awareness. At such a close distance, he has been completely regarded as a provocation by the blue ring octopus.

Boom, an overwhelming spiritual awareness, violently erupted from the huge mountain peak, firmly locked Luo Yuan who rushed forward. The eight huge wrists on the bottom of the sea have been madly picked up, and they were directly entangled in the air.

The collision of two spiritual awareness was like detonating a huge bomb on the sea. In the sound of the thunder, hundreds of miles of sea water stirred up the old high, and eight towering pillars appeared directly from the bottom of the sea, and Luo Yuan was surrounded. From the air, it became a huge cage and rolled over to Luo Yuan.

Luo Yuan, how would he think that there would be such a huge monster in this place, just the collision of the spiritual awareness, let him know that the strength of this monster was never under him.

What made Luo Yuan fearful the most was that the other side was a sea creature, which was it home and it occupied the advantage. In terms of attributes, the water could subdue fire, and he could be subdued by the other party. The most important thing was that he has been sleepless and chasing Yang Chen for more than five years, and there have been several battles in the middle. He had never recovered, but the other party has been submerging in this place.

During this period, Luo Yuan had never been able to take care of Yang Chen, even if there was no Third Fire True Essence, he also had the opportunity to refine the Heaven Seizing Pill. Thinking of this, Luo Yuan almost turned away without hesitation. In the face of such a terrifying underwater monster, he would be a fool not to.

However, it was already a little late to run at this time. Perhaps when he was thousands of miles away, and he didn’t come in, he would have had the opportunity to leave. Now, apart from the battle, there was no choice for him !.

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