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Chapter 259
Affected by this, the blue-ringed octopus was even more furious . The tentacles were madly beaten twice, and Luo Yuan, who lost his armor, was only able to summon two other armors and it was instantly crushed .

The three pieces of armors were all broken, and there was no more of it to be used . Then, the next tentacles pumping was directly struck on Luo Yuan’s body .

In the water, Luo Yuan who was a fire attribute cultivator was almost restrained, and it was impossible to run from the monsters in the water . Luo Yuan had no choice but to rely on his strong cultivation base to meet these three angry attacks .

Pū, a stream of blood was spouted from his mouth, and the surrounding sea water instantly turned into a blood red . The tremendous strength made Luo Yuan’s bones broken by more than half, and his whole body was unable to float in the sea .

A few tentacles appeared quietly behind Luo Yuan, and rolled him up directly . On the other hand, Luo Yuan’s body made a squeaking sound and directly fainted .

If it weren’t for the formidable cultivation base of Luo Yuan, such injuries would have already killed him . But at this moment, his life and death was not his own to decide, but the angry blue ring octopus, the next moment he could be twisted into a beach of bolognese, and eaten as a tonic .

“Senior, your ascending is near, and being seriously injured, this younger generation is willing to help the senior!” Yang Chen’s idea was directly passed to the blue ring octopus through the collision of his spiritual awareness and the Beast Controlling Secret Art .

The blue-ringed octopus’s place was here, and the tribulations was coming, but a guy rushed over to make trouble, it’s head was blown up and had a huge opening on it’s forehead, which lead to a great reduction in its strength . As a result, there was no certainty about the tribulations .

Yang Chen’s idea, made the blue ring octopus greatly startled . Immediately it realized that this was the idea of ​​the little shrimp that first came in . What was strange was that Yang Chen’s idea was very clear, but the blue ring octopus does not even know where Yang Chen was .

There was such a skill, and it also had a beasts aura . Compared with Luo Yuan, it was easier for the blue ring octopus to accept this . The blue-ringed octopus just passed a thought over “How would you help me?”

“This younger generation junior has a bottle of Tenth Water True Essence, maybe a little supplement could cure Senior’s injuries . ” Yang Chen’s thought was passed over again, but the blue ring octopus still couldn’t find Yang Chen’s trace .

This kind of thing, such as Tenth Water True Essence, was not always available even in the sea . The blue-ring octopus certainly knew it’s good quality, knowing what the Tenth Water True Essence was . If there was a bottle of it, it could immediately restore the injury on its head . Maybe it could even further improve it’s cultivation base .

“What do you want?” The wise man speaks simply . Immediately, the blue-ringed octopus realized that if Yang Chen was talking like this . He must have something he needed, and it asked him straightforwardly .

In the world of the beasts, this exchange was not a problem at all, it was perfectly justified . There was nothing that could not be, this was the case .

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“This younger generation junior only wants what he has . ” Yang Chen was also polite and directly raised his request . The things on Luo Yuan’s body may have the Third Fire True Secret Art that he wants . This was a must have for him, otherwise if it was missed, Yang Chen would definitely regret it for a lifetime .

“Take it!” The blue-ringed octopus’s tentacles were huge, but they were very flexible . They quickly took Luo Yuan’s Qiankun bag from his body and placed it directly in an obvious position .

Whozz, a flash of light flashed, the Qiankun bag lost its trace, but in the original position, there was a jade bottle covered completely with a Talisman .

A tentacle directly rolled up the jade bottle, and then sent it to the huge mouth of the blue ring octopus . The Talisman flew directly, and the jade bottle oozed an aura of the Tenth Water True Essence .

At this moment, there was no doubt from the blue-ringed octopus . The tentacles picked up the jade bottle and it was thrown directly into the mouth . At the same time, the body of Luo Yuan on the other tentacles was not wasted, the tentacles were stretched forward, and Luo Yuan’s body was also sent directly to the mouth . The body of the master of the late dacheng stage was definitely a great complement to the monster .

Compared with the time when Yu Kuixiesha(is there a better nane) absorbed the Fifth Earth True Essence, the speed of the blue ring octopus when absorbing the Tenth Water True Essence was almost hundreds of times faster, only a few hours later, the body of the octopus exuded an aura of the Tenth Water True Essence .

The huge body of hundreds of thousands of feet was shrinking rapidly, and in a short period of time, it has been reduced by at least ten times . When monsters themselves passed through the Yin Fire Tribulation and entered the dacheng stage, their figure would shrink by a lot . But the blue-ringed octopus actually was hundreds of thousands of feet long, and it could be imagined how great the body at that time was .

The hugeness of marine life was by no means capable of being measured by the size of terrestrial creatures . Even if it was reduced by ten times in size, the body of the blue-ringed octopus still had tens of thousands of lengths, and it was still a huge behemoth .

The deep pit on the head that was blown out by the bodies of more than a dozen dacheng stage monsters, has disappeared without a trace, and the improvement of the cultivation base could even be seen by Yang Chen .

“Senior,crossing such a tribulation, I am afraid that it is not very good to be big . ” Yang Chen’s thought once again reached the mind of the blue ring octopus .

“What do you want?” The blue-ring octopus didn’t even ask Yang Chen what he meant . And asked the question that Yang Chen wanted to hear most .

“Making a good karma ties!” Yang Chen’s words made the blue ring octopus felt that it was very unexpected, did he want to help just to form some ties? This seemed a bit unreasonable .

“Maybe one day, this younger generation junior would also ascend, maybe senior would take care of me then . ” Yang Chen’s thoughts came again, and along with this thought, there was a Transformation Secret Art .

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“That is a deal!” The blue-ringed octopus saw the value of the Transformation Secret Art at a glance, and agreed to it directly .

Such a huge size was also a weakness of the blue-ring octopus . The bigger the figure, the more troublesome the control was, and the larger the scope of the Wind Tribulation, the less resistant it was .

The Transformation Secret Art could make the monster have a human figure, even if it was a powerful human figure, it was tens of thousands of times smaller than the body shape of the blue ring octopus . The benefits for the blue ring octopus were simply unbeatable .

The more powerful the beast, the more the Transformation Secret Art was . It took almost a month for Yu Kuishesha to master the Transformation Secret Art, it was almost two or three days until the old tree demon did . But on the side of the blue ring octopus, this speed was refreshed again .

Just a few hours later, the huge body of the blue-ring octopus began to change again . The eight huge tentacles quickly contracted and quickly turned into limbs . The huge head of the hill also began to shrink, and the body of tens of thousands of feet suddenly It became a normal human form, the scene was more and more shocking by the minute .

When all the changes were completed, a beautiful woman appeared in Yang Chen’s eyes .

On the body of the beautiful woman, there were some gorgeous blue rings, just like the tattoo on the body . It looked pleasing to the eye, but it also had a very strong warning .

It seemed that she had not been accustomed to the human body . She was very curious to see the beautiful from reaching the bottom of the sea from time to time . After waiting for a long time, it seemed that she got used to the new body and then realized that something was not right .

There was no half-length silk on her whole body . It doesn’t matter when she was originally a monster, but now it was a bit awkward . After the beauty looked down at herself, she shook her body slightly . Then, a set of aqua blue palace dress appeared on her body, covering the beautiful body that made people heart beat .

“Maybe the senior could look at these things, they should be helpful in the wind tribulation . ” Yang Chen’s thoughts came again, and the scene of the time when he faced the Heaven Seizing Pill Pill Tribulation soon appeared in the mind of the beautiful woman .

It seemed that she did not expect such a memory picture from Yang Chen . It was as if the beautiful woman got a treasure, she closed her eyes and remembered the picture that Yang Chen passed over for a long time . Then opened her eyes .

“Thank you!” This time, the beauty opened her mouth to talk, it was a sincere thanks . With the picture of the Heaven Seizing Pill Pill Tribulation, it was almost like she had half of the experience of the tribulations, and the combination of the Tenth Water True Essence and the Transformation Secret Art, plus these, had already given her about 90% chance of success .

Even before the injury from Luo Yuan, the beauty did not have a 30% chance of crossing the tribulation, but now, she had 90% chance, which was exactly from what Yang Chen gave her . The monster was unaware of good or bad intentions, the first reaction of the beauty was gratitude .

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“This younger generation junior is Yang Chen, how is this senior called?” At this point, Yang Chen could finally feel confident and bold . The world of the beast was far simpler than humans, especially in the mortal world .

“Lan, Lan Ying!” said the beautiful girl in the court lady style of dress, her voice was very crisp and sweet, and passed over in the sea, it was interesting to listen to .

“I pay respect to Senior Lan Ying!” Yang Chen rushed to Lan Ying and then greeted her with a sigh of relief “I wish the success of the Senior in crossing the tribulation and ascending!”

“Thanks for your words!” Lan Ying also slightly bowed to return a courtesy to Yang Chen, and then she surprisingly asked “Are you not a calf?”

“This younger generation junior had the chance to learn the cultivation method of the beasts . ” In a sentence, it explained the current situation of Yang Chen .

In fact, now, whether Yang Chen was a beast,Lan Ying didn’t care . Regardless of what Yang Chen was, Lan Ying was very grateful .

“That master was after you?” Lan Ying had of course found that Yang Chen was the insignificant little bug that first rushed into her territory . It was easy to guess the answer when Luo Yuan came in .

“This younger generation junior is afraid so!” Yang Chen did not deny it and acknowledged with a bow, and then he expressed his gratitude “Thank you for your help . ”

“Don’t worry about it!” Lan Ying waved her hand, it was no longer meaningful to say what was the cause and effect . The important thing was that if there was no such thing, maybe Yang Chen would not give her the Tenth Water True Essence and Transformation Secret Art, relative to Yang Chen she got more .

“You are so versatile, but it is rare to be able to run to my domain!” Lan Ying interestingly looked at Yang Chen, and strangely asked .

“Actually, this younger generation junior had lost his way . ” Yang Chen said this words, Lan Ying could not help but become stunned . It was really rare for people who were lost to be so far away . Of course, Yang Chen was not really lost, but it was easier to let Lan Ying accept this .

“Would you like me to point the way back for you?” Lan Ying head glimpsed, and a fascinating look appeared on her face, and asked with a smile .

“Senior if you are willing to give pointers, this younger generation junior can’t ask for more!” Yang Chen also smiled and said . To tell the truth, even if Yang Chen had been in this sea area, it would take more than five years to get back to the familiar world without knowing it .

“I don’t know which direction you were coming in from . ” Unexpectedly, Lan Ying also didn’t know the direction Yang Chen came from, but she immediately pointed to the another direction “But starting from here, there may be less in this direction . The two-year journey is a large land, all of which are demons . ”

“Demon Beast Continent?” Yang Chen’s face slightly changed .

“Well, yes, it is said that is the name it is called, most of them are demon and monster, and there are very few of your Doa sect people . ” Lan Ying became startled, it seemed that Yang Chen knew this name unexpectedly “I used to go there when I was young . In a few days, there was nothing else besides killing and killing . It was very boring and I came back . ”

The Demon Beast Continent, Yang Chen knew that many powerful guys in the spiritual world ascended from there . In his previous life, Yang Chend hid here and there and did not dare to go to this place . He couldn’t think that this accident brought him here directly .

“Thanks senior for pointing!” Knowing the approximate location, Yang Chen also solemnly thanked Lan Ying .

“With your current cultivation base, I am afraid if go there…, there are so many fierce individuals there . ” It was very strange for Lan Ying that with Yang Chen’s cultivation base he could escape here . It was necessary to know that Luo Yuan was worse and was also a master of the late dacheng stage . It’s a breeze to chase down a little guy in the foundation stage .

However, thinking of Yang Chen’s move could make her unable to find his ability, Lan Ying felt relieved . If he could not defeat them, he could run away to escape .

“On this road, there are a lot of powerful guys, whether you go to the demon continent or go back to your original place, I am afraid it will be a little troublesome . ” Lan Ying smiled and said “My old self has a reputation here, take this, at least in the millions of miles, there will be no guys who dare not give me face . ”

When she said this, Lan Ying handed over a blue-and-white bead, it was crystallized by Lan Ying with her own demon power . It had Lan Ying’s Spiritual Awareness Imprint, and it was the representative of Lan Ying’s status .

“Many thanks senior!” Yang Chen respectfully reached out and took it . With this bead, in the waters of this million miles, Yang Chen could almost walk sideways, he no longer had to worry if the monsters would threaten him .

This was a big gift . Moreover, even without this, the blue pearl itself was an extremely rare demon power crystal . It could be felt at the beginning, it was not just a symbol of the body .

“This younger generation junior still has a presumptuous request, but also ask the senior to answer . ” Yang Chen unceremoniously put away the beads, so that Lan Ying seemed to be more assured to hear Yang Chen talking, very casually asked “What request ?”

“When senior is facing the tribulations, this younger generation junior like to attend the ceremony!” Yang Chen very officially requested from Lan Ying .

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