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This secret key was won by Yang Chen from the hands of the wine immortal. Jiu Xian lost convincingly and this had long been known by everyone. It gave Yang Chen the chance to collect the Third Fire True Essence. It seemed that it has not hindered other people. Why did the master of the late dacheng stage risk falling out with the Blue Cloud Sect, to chase Yang Chen?

Since Sun Qingxue has been let go, it was estimated that it was because of the face of the blue cloud sect, and the second reason was that Sun Qingxue does not have what he wanted. If this was the case, then the reason could only be, either that Luo Yuan wanted the secret key or that he wanted the Third Fire True Essence.

The possibility of wanting the Third Fire True Essence was even greater. With the Third Fire True Essence, he may be able to break through his bottleneck of the late dacheng stage and enter the peak of the dacheng stage and even ascend. Only for this reason could they reasonably explain why Luo Yuan would offend the blue cloud sect irrationally.

Yang Chen must have known this, so that was why he left Sun Qingxue to run. The reason why he did not stay was to eliminate the embarrassment of the blue cloud sect. If Yang Chen stayed, the blue cloud sect and Luo Yuan would inevitably have a big fight.

If Luo Yuan insisted on taking away Yang Chen and Yang Chen as an extinguished guest of the blue cloud sect, the blue cloud sect certainly would not easily consent to it, and fighting would be inevitable. And if because of Yang Chen's reason, the blue cloud sect became enimies with a late dacheng stage master, even if everyone would not say anything at first, but afterwards, it would definitely make many people have different opinions, and maybe it would affect the cooperation of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace.

Yang Chen's departure was to save the blue cloud sect from being embarrassed. At the same time, it seemed that the blue cloud sect owed him. Even though this was not the case,In the future cooperation, the blue cloud sect would inevitably take care of the Pure Yang Palace.

Of course, Yang Chen himself had made two calculations, but it had nothing to do with the Blue Cloud Sect. If the other party couldn’t flatter in the Blue Cloud Sect, he would definitely go to the Pure Yang Palace to chase Yang Chen. At that time, whether the Pure Yang Palace could block Luo Yuan’s attack was hard to say. Yang Chen would never bring the disaster back to his sect.

But if Yang Chen had been running away like this, and the other party couldn’t catch up, then it had nothing to do with the Pure Yang Palace. If one-on-one, one could not catch up with a younger generation when in the late dacheng stage, would he have the face to go to his sect to make trouble?

This matter would now be known not only by the blue cloud sect, but also by several parties. At that time, if Luo Yuan went to find the Pure Yang Palace, the blue cloud sect would have a reason. As a master of the late dacheng stage, he couldn't catch a foundation stage junior, and now he have to come to his sect to cause trouble, and if the two sects joined hands  and attacked. Luo Yuan definitely wouldn’t be their opponent.

Now Yang Chen had only one thought, desperately fleeing, with Luo Yuan, desperately running away. When he couldn't escape anymore, he could use the power of the bloody river in his sea of consciousness, and he would seriously hurt Luo Yuan.

Although the golden bell has always been on the body, Yang Chen couldn't gamble that this protective magic weapon could protect himself. A Yuanying stage master’s attack, Yang Chen could still manage it,but the attack of the master of the Dacheng stage, and also in the late dacheng stage, Yang Chen could not guarantee that the golden bell could protect him. One accident could result in death, and Yang Chen has not yet reached a time of being tired of living yet.

Countless people have seen this terrifying moment, a flash of light flashed in front of them, everyone had not seen clearly what it was in the end, there would be an overwhelming pressure on the scene, and everyone would be suppressed by it without being able to do anything, everyone became terror-stricken, and then they watched helplessly for the stream of light to fly over, and it took a long time for them to return to normal.

No one knew what these two lights were, but one thing was certain, that was, there was a top master involved. As for if he was running, or if he was chasing,no one could say clearly. If he was chasing, then who was the guy who fled, so powerful,he could escape under the chase of this master. If he was the one escaping, then it was even more terrifying. What could make such a master panic and escape?

In the midst of the crazy chasing, Luo Yuan was getting more and more surprised. What kind of magic weapon was this shuttle, it was so swift, he had been chasing for so many days, it was almost two months, and Yang Chen had no physical exhaustion.

“Junior, hand over the secret key, and i will leave you with your life!” Luo Yuan was surprised, but also could not help but have another thought, he spread his spiritual awareness to catch up with Yang Chen,and said in the ears of Yang Chen .

“Why?” How could Yang Chen agree, Luo Yuan wanted the secretly key, absolutely for the Third Fire True Essence inside the secret plane, even if Yang Chen gave him the secret key, he would not get the Third Fire True Essence, when the time comes, it would cause trouble for himself, how could he possibly comply “Catch up with me first and ask again!”

“Junior, give me some face and stop!” Hearing Yang Chen’s screaming, Luo Yuan almost bursts his lungs from anger, catching up and ask again? Could it be that Yang Chen could still escape for a lifetime? Under this wrath, Luo Yuan also refused to care about others and directly launched an attack with his spiritual awareness.

At the beginning, Luo Yuan did not launch a spiritual awareness attack because he did not know the runes on the key of the secret plane, and also needed Yang Chen to point out and he was afraid that a spiritual awareness attack would make Yang Chen a fool, and then he would not be able to obtain anything from him.

But now Yang Chen turned out to not be concerned about his face, even if Yang Chen would be severely wounded , Luo Yuan would still attack. Fortunately, Luo Yuan who was in the midst of anger, still remembered to withdraw a few points of his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen may have a clear chance.

What surprised Luo Yuan was that after his own attack of the spiritual awareness was sent out, it was like a mud cow entering the sea, and did not stir up even a little bit of waves. How could this be? Not to mention Yang Chen, a junior in the Foundation Stage, even if he was a master of the Yuanying stage, he would be injured when he confronts his spiritual awareness.

Luo Yuan was already furious at this moment. A series of miscalculations made Luo Yuan unable to bear it anymore. He fully launched his spiritual awareness attack on Yang Shen.

Bang, an almost fully formed spiritual awareness directly rushed into the shuttle and flew into Yang Chen's mind, avoiding it was inevitable.

Yang Chen's state, Luo Yuan could easily see that he was sitting in the shuttle at the moment, and his spiritual awareness attacked his body. Yang Chen's figure did not shake, and he still sat firmly in the position. Even, the movements of the shuttle had not been hindered, and it still maintains the high speed of movement, and there was no tendency to weaken at all.

This time, Luo Yuan did not know what happened, but he looked at the speed of the shuttle at high speed, and the instinct followed, and there was a blank in his mind. Could it be that Yang Chen was a master of the dacheng stage as him? Otherwise how could there be no reaction to his spiritual awareness attack?

Luo Yuan was amazed here, but Yang Chen endured tremendous pressure there. Luo Yuan's two spiritual awareness attacks made Yang Chen taste the pain. If it was not for the support of the formidable Three Purities Secret Art, Yang Chen may have already fainted.


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