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The master of the late dacheng stage, Shi Yanhe, who had come out, was shocked. Although she was a dacheng stage master, she was only a middle dacheng stage master. In the face of the master of the late dacheng stage, she could not have the ability to resist.

However, blue cloud sect was blue cloud sect. In addition to the masters, there were various kinds of guardian formations. Shi Yanhe’s little hand waved gently, and on the entire site of blue cloud sect, there was a bright light, and Shi Yanhe’s figure disappeared into the fog that had just appeared in a large group.

Bang, the master chasing after them directly hit the newly-launched blue cloud sect mountain guarding formation and made a loud noise. The blue cloud sect's mountain guarding formation, after a flash of light, it easily returned to normal.

The chasing master had already broken through the outermost mountain guarding formation and flew directly to the side, regardless of whether he hit the formation.

“Fellow daoist who are you, what is your reason for coming to my blue cloud sect ?” Shi Yanhe heard clearly, just in the middle of the shuttle was Yang Chen, then there must be Sun Qingxue with him. Her spiritual awareness suddenly came out, and it ran into the other side’s spiritual awareness. The chasing person could crush her own, so Shi Yanhe was only polite and asked the other party’s name.

“Old man Luo Yuan!” The speed of the master pursuing them did not decrease, but his spiritual awareness has already passed this thought “Hand over the kid who just fled in, and this old man will turn around and leave!”

“That is the honoured guest of this sect, please forgive me but the blue cloud sect will find it hard to fulfil your wish!” Blue cloud sect was also one of the best sects. If they became scared, and surrender Yang Chen, then the blue cloud sect would not have any face again. On their own sect domain, he came to take away their guests, the blue cloud sect could not afford to lose this person.

“Then don’t blame this old man for being impolite!” Luo Yuan’s figure did not slow down at all, and now he had crashed into the second layer of the mountain guarding formation. The almost unbreakable mountain guarding formation, in front of Luo Yuan, was like a thin layer of paper. A big hole appeared in it immediately after the collision. Although it recovered quickly, Luo Yuan had already rushed into the formation.

Yang Chen had already rushed to the side of Elder Hua Wanting at this moment. the Blue Cloud Sect alarm signal rose from all directions, and there were still people who couldn’t stay quietly, all were flying into the air to investigate. Elder Hua just met with sect master Lu , and they saw Yang Chen's shuttle flying fast to the front.

“Senior, take!” With Yang Chen’s words, Sun Qingxue’s body suddenly appeared in front of Elder Hua. Hua Wanting was shocked, and subconsciously reached out and took Sun Qingxue into her arms.

Seeing that Sun Qingxue has been in a coma, Elder Hua and sect master Lu were about to ask questions. But Yang Chen had already drove the shuttle to the far distance, leaving only his voice “This younger generation junior will take the guy away!”

What happened in the end, everyone was confused, but immediately, everyone became nervous. The second layer of the mountain guarding formation was actually broken, although he had not yet entered the core area, but this was already a shame that blue cloud sect has never had since the opening of the sect.

“Bold!” Sect Master Lu screamed, and he had already rushed out with the two masters of the Dacheng stage. It was Elder Hua and another elder who had taken part in the 100,000 mountains war.

The two masters of the Dacheng stage, together with elder Shi Yanhe who had already greeted them, the three elders were in three position, and directly surrounded Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan was even more powerful. Under the encirclement of the three masters of the Dacheng stage, he had to stop his body movement, but his spiritual awareness was still sweeping unscrupulously, tracking Yang Chen’s shuttle.

“Fellow daoist why are you acting so chaotic, are you trying to bully my blue cloud sect?” Elder Hua screamed at Luo Yuan.

“Who is that little girl?” Luo Yuan stopped in the same place, pointing from far away to Sun Qingxue, who had been rescued by another elder.

“That is my poor disciple!” Elder Hua did not expect the other party to ask Sun Qingxue’s identity, but at this moment, she couldn’t conceal her, and did not hide her identity “what has my poor disciple done to offend you, for you chase them like this?”

“It is only a blue cloud sect's outstanding disciple, then I will  write it off!” Luo Yuan was also a resolute person. He immediately knows that there was no benefit in the blue cloud sect. Moreover, watching Sun Qingxue's posture, it was clear that she had been following Yang Chen, and did not play a great effect. The key was on Yang Chen, and he couldn't be entangled here, and immediately drew a clear line with the Blue Cloud Sect.

“Forgive me for any offence!” After finishing this sentence, Luo Yuan’s figure flashed and immediately flew backwards. He already felt that Yang Chen's shuttle escaped far away, and then he was afraid that he could no longer catch up, and he couldn't help but disappear quickly.

In the distance, there were two loud noises, it was Luo Yuan who smashed two large mountain guarding formation and his figure disappeared instantly. Leaving a group of people who didn’t know what happened, the Blue Cloud Sect people, looked at each other in dismay.

“Little Xue, what happened?” Hua Wanting flew back to Sun Qingxue and carefully explored for a moment and found that she was not injured on her body. And anxiously asked.

“I don’t know, when I and Yang Da Ge just came out from the secret plane, we were chased by him.” Sun Qingxue only remembered that when they came out from the secret plane, they were chased. What happened later, she didn’t know, she only knew that she woke up in the arms of an elder. At that moment, her master asked,and Sun Qingxue replied in a hurry.

“Secret plane? What secret plane?” Everyone was shocked, it actually involved a secret plane, Hua Wanting was surprised and asked.

Sun Qingxue was about to answer, but she was stopped by sect master Lu. The sect first dismissed the siren and appeased the group of disciples. Then it allowed the people to return to the sect main hall. After placing a few restrictions, they began to discuss “Little Xue, you can explain what happened.”

Here was her master’s sect, and Yang Chen never said to hide it from her master’s sect. In front of her master, Sun Qingxue said everything that happened when she went to the secret plane with Yang Chen.

When they heard that Yang Chen took Sun Qingxue to explore a secret plane, and also collected the corpses of Yuanying stage praying mantis and a Third Fire True Essence. Everyone felt inconceivable, If the fifteen corpses of the Yuanying stage praying mantis that Sun Xiaoxue brought back were not in front of everyone, no one could believe that this was what the two juniors of the foundation stage did.

“Yang Chen killed five big praying mantis in the ten-breath period?” If this matter was not heard from Sun Qingxue, who knew. Who would believe it? How could it be that the five Yuanying stage praying mantis were killed by a junior in the Foundation Stage? But the corpse that had their heads cut off was here. No one can tell why, but It must not be Sun Qingxue who cut iy.

“Why did the master of the late dacheng stage chase you?” This was what everyone really wanted to know, but there was no reason for it in Sun Qingxue's description. The two younger generations had not offended anyone,It's very strange to chase them.


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