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Chapter 256
whilst we are in this period of crazy escape .

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The powerful strength of the master of the dacheng stage could be imagined when a full-scale attack was launched . The last time Guan Yuying had only used his spiritual awareness to shock him, Yang Yang was injured and vomited blood . Guan Yueying was only a master of the Yuanying stage, this time Luo Yuan was a dacheng stage master .

Although Yang Chen’s cultivation base had improved a lot compared to that time,and although Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had become much higher than that at that time, the huge difference in this level still made Yang Chen want to scream twice and vomit blood again . A blood rushed into his mouth, but Yang Chen did not dare to spit it out . If Luo Yuan behind him found himself vomiting blood, he might attack wildly again .

The violent spiritual awareness almost ruined Yang Chen’s Sea of Consciousness . If there were not the Penglai Divine Wood and the huge bull skull to support him, and there wasn’t a layer of Fifth Earth and a layer of Seventh Metal, perhaps his sea of consciousness would be directly affected .

This was the case, knowing the sea of consciousness was just maintaining it frame and never restoring it . And the injury on his body was equally serious, and the intense pain almost made Yang Chen faint .

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s performance deceived Luo Yuan and let Luo Yuan think that Yang Chen was not hurt by his spiritual awareness . From Yang Chen’s performance before, Luo Yuan instinctively felt that Yang Chen seemed to have a Secret Technique, and was not afraid of spiritual awareness attacks .

It would be in vain to attack a person who was not afraid of the attack of spiritual awareness . Luo Yuan immediately stopped this inefficient method . Moreover, launching a spiritual awareness attack was not without any price . The scope of his own consciousness was immediately reduced . If you launched a few more, he might lose the trace of Yang Chen .

Luo Yuan’s spiritual awareness attack was different from the spiritual awareness mark . After the attack, he cut off the connection with his body, so Yang Chen couldn’t rely on the spiritual awareness to hurt Luo Yuan . There was no other way than for him to escape .

After a few dozen days, the sea appeared ahead of them . Luo Yuan was a fire cultivator, and maybe he would be restrained in the sea . Yang Chen was just dying to push the shuttle forward, and he dared not have the intention to stay .

Fortunately, as long as the shuttle had enough spiritual power to fly quickly, and the Top Grade spirit stone also provided the shuttle with an abundant spiritual power, the shuttle would fly all the way .

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On the road some people experienced Luo Yuan formidable strength, each and everyone was panic-stricken . The people who were on the road, began to blame their mother’s for giving birth to them with only two legs, making them unable to run fast enough . They were afraid that Luo Yuan would take his anger on them and treat them as his targets .

Yang Chen’s Sea of Consciousness had already been condensed once when he and Gao Yue Spiritual Awareness had double cultivation . Fortunately, there was a time when this time, under the attack of Luo Yuan, the sea of consciousness was able to maintain a situation of barely falling apart . The strength of the masters of the Dacheng stage, made Yang Chen simply chilly .

Because it had been within the scope of Luo Yuan’s spiritual awareness exploration, Yang Chen did not even dare to swallow a healing medicinal pill . He could only reluctantly rely on his own cultivation base to slowly repair the injury .

The injury of the spiritual awareness was even heavier, and the Three Purities Secret Art was not almost able to operate . Fortunately, Yang Chen endured the pain, and forced the Three Purities Secret Art to revolve, once, twice, three times, and finally he reluctantly completed one heavenly circulation . In the process of performing the technique, Yang Chen almost fainted in pain, but still relied on his strong perseverance to stay awake .

The Three Purities Secret Art was absolutely formidable, and this was beyond doubt . After cultivating the Three Purities Secret Art, his sea of consciousness that was about to fall apart seemed to have been strengthened again . The flame entities and illusionary that have been almost smashed had gradually turned into a slightly restored appearance .

Yang Chen did not dare to neglect, and kept running the Three Purities Secret Art incessantly . This was the key to keeping his life . Otherwise, if the other side were to once again attack with his spiritual awareness, he could only be nursing his hatred in the dwelling place of the dead .

In the midst of crazy escape, after three days and three nights, and after a series of Three Purities Secret Art cultivation, Yang Chen finally found out that his sea of consciousness had finally restored its original appearance, it was even stronger than the original . The support of the Penglai Divine Wood was more stable, and the Blood Phantom Vine were more densely entangled . As the Fifth Earth layer became deeper and deeper, the Seventh Metal layer became more dense . The dense and numerous flame entities and phantom were also getting brighter and brighter .

After experiencing this heavy blow to his sea of consciousness, it became a blessing in disguise for Yang Chen, and once again let his sea of consciousness concise again, even Yang Chen himself did not expect this .

Of course, everything was still credited on the formidable sea of consciousness formed after the cultivation of the Three Purities Secret Art, otherwise Yang Chen would have no chance at all .

Luo Yuan in the pursuit was also more and more surprised . Yang Chen’s performance was not like a junior in the foundation stage . Now Luo Yuan was also unable to back down . The attack of his spiritual awareness seems to have no effect on Yang Chen . A flying sword couldn’t catch up with Yang Chen’s speed . If it wasn’t because of his own powerful Spiritual Awareness, he also wouldn’t be able to detect the traces of Yang Chen, maybe he would have already lost track of Yang Chen . Even so, the distance between the two was slowly getting bigger . One day, Yang Chen would certainly escape the cover of Luo Yuan’s consciousness .

The shuttle was still in the direction of crazily escaping, Yang Chen in the shuttle, did not move for a time . This situation had made Luo Yuan more and more skeptical, was it that Yang Chen has lost consciousness, and the flying shuttle was flying by itself .

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However, just when Luo Yuan was almost unable to resist the temptation, Yang Chen suddenly turned his head and looked at him . This action allowed Luo Yuan to give up his temptation . However, his heart has risen with more anger, a younger generation of the foundation stage, dared to be so arrogant in front of himself, even if he were to chase Yang Chen to heaven, Luo Yuan would not give up .

The resilience of his spiritual awareness made Yang Chen finally have the capital to resist the attack of Luo Yuan . The injury on his body was not so important . After cultivating the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, in the past few days, when the Three Purities Secret Art repaired the wounds of his sea of consciousness, his physical injury had been spontaneously improved, and there was even no need to take any healing medicine .

Luo Yuan was still chasing after him . The speed of the shuttle was much faster than that of Luo Yuan . It was still not possible to completely lose Luo Yuan’s tracking . Chasing and escaping, there was no other way than to escape .

Luo Yuan was also doing everything he could to chase Yang Chen, as long as he got the secret key from Yang Chen, after entering the secret plane to collect the Third Fire True Essence, he would be able to break through his current bottleneck and enter the peak of the dacheng stage and to ascend . For this purpose, he would not hesitate to be an enemy of the world, what about a little Yang Chen?

As the gap between the two continued to grow, Yang Chen finally saw the trace of the sea far away . After some calculation, this chase and escape, it had taken more than two months .

Luo Yuan’s mind has been mixed with anger and surprise . He never thought that a junior in the foundation stage could escape his pursuit, and from the current situation he also had a chance to escape .

The endless sea was Yang Chen’s best refuge now . The speed of the shuttle in the water was the same as in the air, but the other was different . Luo Yuan was a fire cultivator . In this sea, he would be naturally restrained, especially in the water, whether it was spiritual awareness or other attacks, it would be affected .

The shuttle drew a perfect curve and plunged into the sea and rushed toward the bottom of the sea .

Looking at this scene, Luo Yuan was a bit dumbfounded . If he chased it and entered the water, his own formidable cultivation base would be restrained, before he could not catch up, so it means he couldn’t catch up now . If he didn’t chase it, wouldn’t it be that the hard work of so many days was in vain, and wouldn’t he still be ridiculed by the people of the blue cloud sect?

Soon Luo Yuan found a way . Yang Chen was at the bottom of the sea and could not do anything but come out . There were so many powerful monsters in the seabed that there was always one that could force Yang Chen to escape . Luo Yuan was still in the air, but his spiritual awareness penetrated the sea, firmly locked the position of the shuttle, and followed closely in the air .

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Yang Chen of course also noticed this point . For Luo Yuan not to enter the water, Yang Chen had already had made psychological preparations . In this way, his next plan could be slowly realized .

Unlike Elder Wu Xiong, Luo Yuan did not refine a magic weapon for riding . He thought that as long as his sword controlling technique was strong, he could use it . Now he finally tasted the bitterness .

Since Luo Yuan started chasing to catch Yang Chen, he had not got a rest for so long . However, Yang Chen was not tired in the shuttle, and could even spare time to cultivate carefully . The two were different from each other, and their natural spirit was completely different .

As long as Yang Chen runs into more than a few powerful monsters in the sea, he may be able to stimulate Luo Yuan and those monsters . One or two may not be Luo Yuan’s opponents, but as long as there were more opponents, maybe Yang Chen would have a chance to take advantage of it .

The dacheng stage was really terrifying . As long as he made a move on him, Yang Chen had no possibility of surviving it . This was different from those of the Yuanying stage . Yang Chen did not dare to use his life to gamble that the Golden Bell could withstand Luo Yuan’s attack . So he could only use this kind of roundabout means .

This idea would be as a last resort . This method could only be used when Yang Chen wanted to abolish his own life . Fortunately, Yang Chen was young now, and he was not afraid of the other party and his consumptions .

So far, more than half of the piece of the top grade spirit stone has not been consumed, and Yang Chen had six pieces of the top grade spirit stone remaining . According to this consumption speed, it was enough to spend several years with the other party chasing after him . Even if he was a master of the dacheng stage, if he does not eat or drink and spend a few years using his full power to control the flying sword to chase him, would he be able to take it?

However, what surprised Yang Chen was that there were no rare monsters on the way, even the monsters of the Yuanying stage, when the monsters in the sea found that Yang Chen was using high-speed to rush over . They were all happy to prepare a big meal, but once they came into contact with Luo Yuan’s terrifying spiritual awareness, they immediately fled far away, and they didn’t dare to show their heads, which made Yang Chen disappointed .

Just like the old tree demon, there was no foolish beast that could cultivate to the Yuanying stage, even in the sea .

This time, Yang Chen became scared . There was no monster which dared to kill Luo Yuan, who was behind him . Isn’t this a big trouble? Wan Qian’s cultivation base was not worth a glimpse in the eyes of the other party . When he appears, he would be simply torn apart . The dome of the temple was not necessarily able to withstand the bombardment of the master of the dacheng stage . Yang Chen had no other way, only running away .

In the hustle and bustle of the sea, Yang Chen had already ran for two months with Luo Yuan . Almost hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, but Luo Yuan was still chasing after him . If you move forward, he would go to the area where no one has ever been . What was there, even with Yang Chen’s past life which had tens of thousands of years of memory, it was not clear to him

The only thing that could be affirmed was that there would definitely be a monster in the dacheng stage, and even a powerful monster on the same level as Luo Yuan . But Yang Chen also had to think about the effects of provoking the beast . Maybe by then Luo Yuan would not have caught up with himself, and the powerful monster had already killed himself .

However, Yang Chen still couldn’t stop . Yang Chen just hesitated a little for a few days . The distance that was finally opened was caught up again by Luo Yuan . It seemed that Luo Yuan’s idea was to fight to death with Yang Chen . Seeing who can’t hold it first, would fall to the bottom .

Death was death, Yang Chen bit his teeth and continued to move forward . When he encountered a powerful monster, he would release the long bloody river , and then he would kill Luo Yuan and the monster together . However, this was the final plan . If It was not related to his own life and decades of hard work . Yang Chen would not use it .

No one had ever penetrated the sea so far, it was not as an adventure, but a life and death situation . While Yang Chen was running away with his teeth clenched, Luo Yuan was also gnashing his teeth . Who knew that a little guy in the foundation stage was so powerful, just under his nose, he run away from him for a few months and went so deep into the sea . ?

Giving up? Luo Yuan still couldn’t afford to lose this person . Even where the little guy in the foundation stage dared to go . The master of the late dacheng stage had retreated . If this rumors were to spread, the surname Luo would never be respected again .

In the depths of his heart, Luo Yuan also admired Yang Chen in front of him . Although he did not know the identity of Yang Chen up til now, he was able to speak in front of him as a foundation stage junior, and he was strong . Up to now, he was worth admiring . At least Luo Yuan himself also believed that he was a genius in cultivation, but at the time when he was in the foundation stage, he had no such performance as Yang Chen .

Yang Chen in front also noticed that Luo Yuan had chased him up . At the same time he hated Luo Yuan, he also tried his best to find out how to get rid of Luo Yuan’s pursuit .

Now that Yang Chen knew that Luo Yuan has been able to catch up with himself because he has been within the scope of Luo Yuan’s spiritual awareness exploration . The extent of the exploration of a master in the late dacheng stage was not known to him, but Yang Chen knew that the time in the Im­mor­tal Falling Well, Wu Xiong could cover thousands of miles .

With this understanding, Yang Chen knew that if he wanted to get rid of Luo Yuan’s pursuit with the speed of the shuttle . He was afraid that it would take more than ten years, unless there was a way to make Luo Yuan’s spiritual awareness unable to find himself .

Spiritual awareness being unable to detect him . Yang Chen’s first thought was the formation of the secret plane . If you explored it from the bottom up, you couldn’t find it . However, Yang Chen did not carefully study how the formation was arranged . This method would not work .

Suddenly, Yang Chen’s mind flashed and he remembered the jade cup that he obtained in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace . It seemed that in addition to being able to consolidate the Tenth Water True Essence, another characteristic of the jade cup was that it was impossible to detect with spiritual awareness .

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