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“Why?” This made Sun Qingxue even more surprised. She really couldn’t understand “There are only two places that have not been carefully searched. How can they not be found?”

"The entrance is not here, how can you find it?" Yang Chen smiled and replied "Since you have the determination and action to go on, it's enough. You don't really have to go inside, and turn yourself into a stinky girl.”

“You are the stinky girl!” Sun Qingxue could only scream at Yang Chen with dissatisfaction, but still couldn't figure it out “Why is the entrance not here?”

As he said, Sun Qingxue's Spir­i­tual Aware­ness quickly swept toward the water. Although her Spir­i­tual Aware­ness was limited, and the Spir­i­tual Aware­ness in the water would be greatly reduced, but with the stinking pond in front of her she quickly searched the bottom.

Flying to the edge of the other pond, the Spir­i­tual Aware­ness explored it, the same was the case, it was easy to explore the bottom of the pool.

“Is there any abnormality in the exploration of the Spir­i­tual Aware­ness?” Yang Chen was on the side, laughing and watching Sun Qingxue doing all this, then asked.

“There is nothing unusual!” Sun Qingxue said begrudgingly. If you don’t look at it carefully, that was, if you don’t go down and see it yourself, and use the Spir­i­tual Aware­ness to check it. There was really nothing wrong with it.

It was reasonable to say that this was the wrong place, it was that the entrance was not here. But how did Yang Chen determined it?

“These two ponds are probably tens of thousands of years old and have not dried up. Don’t you feel it strange?” Yang Chen reminded again.

“There is water out there.” Sun Qingxue immediately thought of what she had missed. There was a water outlet indicating that there was a water vein that should be alive. How could it be stagnant?

“Yes, if you check carefully, you should find out this doubt.” Yang Chen continued to point it out, but never meant to do it.

Sun Qingxue came close to the pond. Enduring the  stench of the stagnant reservoir, her Spir­i­tual Aware­ness explored it, and soon found a very secret water outlet in a remote corner. The result of the investigation along the water outlet made Sun Qingxue very frustrated, she could not find out anything.

“People can easily find this point, and then search down the water.” Yang Chen stood a little further and explained to Sun Qingxue “However, the more curious you are, the more you will be cheated.”

“How would l be cheated?” Sun Qingxue asked.

“If your Spir­i­tual Aware­ness is strong enough, you will find that there is spiritual fluctuation below the water veins.” Yang Chen smiled and said: “Then someone will be like a little fool, endure stench, and jump into the stinking ditch. Excavate everything, and finally found that the following is an ordinary stagnant water formation, nothing else.”

"What’s the point of doing this?" Sun Qingxue asked very puzzledly, and her thoughts had begun to be considered with Yang Chen’s instructions.

“It doesn’t make much sense.” Yang Chen smiled and said “Everyone has been killed. This thing is purely disgusting.”

She thought that she couldn't help but jump into the stinking pond. Although she knew the smell, she still have to be in the water. If Yang Chen had not stopped her, maybe she would now be a stinky girl that came out of a stinking water. Thinking of this, Sun Qingxue could not help but have a cold.

It was not easy to adjust herself and return to normal. Sun Qingxue was curious and asked: "if it is not in the water, not in the mountains, where is it?"

“In fact, you still overlooked a place.” Yang Chen left Sun Qingxue and returned to the top of the mountain without being able to smell the stench, and said.

“Is there a place i ignored?” Sun Qingxue almost screamed. It was almost a month or so, and she had already searched here three times and there was still a place she ignored. But Sun Qingxue's unyielding character was shown again "Don't say it, I will think about it myself."

It couldn’t  be help but known that Sun Qingxue’s experience was still insufficient. Even if she has been patiently searched for a whole month, she still hasn’t found any abnormality. In the end, Sun Qingxue could only admit defeat to Yang Chen and return to his side, waiting for him to explain.

“You were looking very detailed, but you only payed attention to the ground and the water.” Yang Chen smiled and gave Sun Qingxue a cup of jade dragon wine, letting her relax, and then said: “Have you found anything abnormal in the sky? "

Sun Qingxue looked up at the sky, the sky was clear, there was a little wind, and there were a few white clouds in the air. Everything looked normal. What was wrong with it?

“Do you think the weather here is not normal?” Yang Chen asked again, it seems to be more reminders.

“Abnormal!” Sun Qingxue replied quickly. In the past month or so, there were sunny days, cloudy days, and rainy days. The winds also blew often here, and there was really no abnormality in the weather.

“You don’t know, there is a cloud in the day,it almost never disappeared?” At this time, Yang Chen no longer kept her guessing, directly speaking his doubts.

Sun Qingxue had been looking for the secret plane with all her heart and mind, and would not pay attention to the changes in the weather. Now that Yang Chen reminded her, she was not sure. However, since Yang Chen said so, he must have his reason. Sun Qingxue also did not refute, nodded directly, and acknowledged it.

“There is a large area, there are always clouds.” Yang Chen looked up at the sky and circled his hand: “More or less, there will always be clouds, and it is concentrated in that area, which is not very normal.”

Yang Chen discovered this after half a month of searching. At the beginning, Yang Chen also suspected it to be under the water, but Yang Chen's fascinating Spir­i­tual Aware­ness discovered the bottom of the water vein before discovering that it was a trap. After discovering the trap, Yang Chen began to pay attention to the surrounding environment, so he quickly noticed the abnormality in the sky.

Now there were a few clouds floating in the sky, and as the breeze keeps changing shape, it moves its position. But as Yang Chen said, there will always be clouds in a large area. Even if the wind blows away, new clouds would soon appear.

“Don’t tell me that the secret plane is hidden in the sky?” It was such a clear reminder that if Sun Xiaoxue couldn’t guess it again, that would be stupid.

“Let go and check it out!” Yang Chen summoned the flying shuttle, and flew with Sun Qingxue to the height of the clouds.

After a big circle in the area suspected by Yang Chen, Sun Qingxue found a clue.

There were a few points here that have spiritual power fluctuations. You could find them within two feet. There were several floating formations that were constantly moving. In the middle of the formation, some water vapor was generated continuously, and it looked like clouds underneath.

These formations were very delicate, and if they were not close enough, they simply couldn’t detect it. Here in the des­o­late re­gion It was not easy people would pass through here.  It has been undetected for thousands of years. It was really normal.

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