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Chapter 252
The ingenuity of the hidden place was that the formation was so that if you use Spiritual Awareness to explore from the bottom up, nothing could be found . Even if it was a master of the Dacheng stage, it was impossible to find out .

In this way, if someone wanted to stand on the ground and use Spiritual Awareness to discover the anomalies of the sky, it would be impossible . This was one of the reasons why this secret plane could last for so many years .

The formation making a few water vapor, was a camouflage, in order to cover the real Mysterious entrance to the secret plane . Exploring from top to bottom, Yang Chen’s formidable Spiritual Awareness quickly found the entrance .

According to the method on the wooden sign, Yang Chen made several Secret Technique on the wooden sign, and the simple and crude wooden sign glistened fiercely, and then Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue appeared in a large open space .

The vacant space was not large, it was, a few thousand acres, which was equivalent to the area of ​​the dozen or so hills . In the middle of the open space, a palace stood alone . There was nothing left around, except for the stone in sands, there was nothing .

As soon as he entered this strange place, Yang Chen wanted to take out the Bright Ray Sword directly . After a few months of roaming, the dragons have not been exhausted, but they have always been attached to the bright ray sword . Yang Chen took the bright ray sword and felt a peace of mind .

After several months of combat experience, Sun Qingxue also accumulated some combat experience, and also summoned the body protection Magic Weapon and a flying sword, standing next to it .

The two had not had time to figure out the situation around them, and Yang Chen had already felt a killing intent . Just a short distance from the left side, a long gray blade cut from the top of their head .

Yang Chen’s right hand was raised, and the bright ray sword had already picked up and meat the long blade . Hmmm,there was a soft bang, when the bright ray sword and the long blade intersected, making a slight noise . Then, the long blade was accidentally broken into two segments, and a green juice was sprayed from the long-bladed port to the surrounding environment .

“Be careful, Big Brother Yang!” Sun Qingxue behind him screamed and rushed forward . She was behind Yang Chen, but at the moment she came to the right side of Yang Chen .

Yang Chen’s Spiritual Awareness has also found the situation there, there was three long gray blades that cut down to Yang Chen,when Yang Chen was about to face the long blade, but at this moment it had turned towards Sun Qingxue .

Ding dang dang,there was three loud noises, the three long-blade swords first cut through Sun Qingxue’s flying swords, and then without the strength reducing continued to strike on Sun Qingxue’s body armor .

Everything happened quickly and within a flash, and Yang Chen did not even have time to make a reaction, and it had already happened .

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Sun Qingxue’s flying sword was directly broken, and the body armor was struck by three heavy blows . A crack appeared in an instant . Fortunately, Sun Qingxue was not injured because of the armor on her body .

After the heavy blow, Sun Qingxue directly leaned on Yang Chen’s body, and Yang Chen also took out the secret key in a moment, and a Secret Technique was made . The two people immediately left the secret plane and appeared in the sky outside .

“Where is the injury? Where is the injury?” Yang Chen was almost scared to death, the four long-blade blades that have just appeared, each hit had the level of a Yuanying stage master, Sun Qingxue only had the strength of the Foundation stage, how could she resist .

“I’m fine, Big Brother Yang!” Sun Qingxue was still shaken . At that time, she saw three long-blades cuts towards Yang Chen . Sun Qingxue rushed up without thinking about it . She stopped in front of Yang Chen and never thought about herself . Could she block it? Even with her own estimates she did not know why she made such a move, perhaps in the heart of Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen was the most important person .

Yang Chen had already probed her with his Spiritual Awareness, and his naked eye has also looked up and down around her . Sun Qingxue really had no scars, so he could rest assured .

Thanks to this protective armor, this was one of the magical weapons that Elder Hua gave to Sun Qingxue before she left . The armor that has been refined by a master of the Dacheng stage was indeed extraordinary . Even if Sun Qingxue only had a foundation stage cultivation base,facing the attack of the Yuanying stage she was still unscathed .

The only pity was that this armor sacrificed a lot of protection strength in order to enable Sun Qingxue to use it . After blocking these three hits, it has already broken and had no protection strength .

“Dare to hurt you, Little Xue, you wait, I will get you revenge!” After Sun Qingxue almost recovered from her fear of serious injury, Yang Chen’s first reaction was anger .

Sun Qingxue, at that time, she actually stayed in front of him and blocked the attack for him . Yang Chen was very grateful . Because of this, Yang Chen also made a vow of killing of the culprit who almost hurt Sun Qingxue .

Gray long blade, Yang Chen saw it clearly, it was a few huge gray praying mantis forearms . These insects was estimated to be the guardian beasts of the secret plane, and it was not known how many years they have lived in the secret plane . Anyway, these attacks have already reached the Yuanying stage . Now it was sealed in this secret plane and cannot be released .

The guardian beast of the secret plane was to kill the strangers who come in . Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue were strangers . There was no doubt about this . Therefore, as soon as they entered, they were immediately attacked .

After shouting, Yang Chen’s figure disappeared directly in the same place, leaving Sun Qingxue outside the secret plane . Sun Qingxue was shocked, but she didn’t have the key, so she couldn’t get in . She could only watch Yang Chen enter the secret plane and there was no other way but to wait anxiously outside .

“Die!” After rushing into the secret plane, Yang Chen did not hesitate any more, and directly slashed the sword to cut the arm of a grey praying mantis with the bright ray sword .

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Hmm, there was another sound . This time it was not the forearm, but one leg . However, the grey praying mantis had a formidable life force, but he didn’t care at all . The huge forearm in the air was high and swung towards Yang Chen .

The other few were not far behind, the insects don’t have the idea of ​​bullying too much . They only knew how to eliminate strangers who came in .

A few gray shadows flashed quickly, the speed of waving the forearm was terrifying . Even the eyes could not capture the trajectory of the waving, they had already reached Yang Chen’s body .

Dang dang, after a series of sounds, accompanied by a long, long and long groaning sound, in addition to Yang Chen in the secret plane, there was no other creature there .

The attack of the several guardian beasts caused the golden bell to ring . The consequence of the golden bell ringing was that, except for the master Yang Chen, all the creatures were shocked and fell to the ground, and they could not get up for a long time .

How could Yang Chen let go of such an opportunity, his body shape flashed, and he appeared in front of the several huge bodies . The bright ray sword was lifted high and fell heavily . Five triangular gray heads were instantly cut down by Yang Chen . The green blood was sprayed everywhere, and at least half of the large open space was dyed dark green .

There was no other thing for the time being, but Yang Chen still didn’t feel relieved . He turned around first, and his Spiritual Awareness carefully probed again . After confirming that there was no guardian beast inside, he went out of the secret plane .

Sun Qingxue had long waited with a distressed heart, Yang Chen’s cultivation was not much stronger than her own . Just a few blows have already let her know the level of those guardian beasts, which was almost at the level of the Yuanying stage, Yang Chen rushed in alone . Furious and rare .

When she thought of Yang Chen,who had rushed in for revenge because she was almost hurt, Sun Qingxue felt sweet . However, the huge gap between the two sides made Sun Qingxue almost anxious that she wanted to vomit . Now she can’t get into the secret plane , she could only keep praying, and pray that Yang Chen should not have an accident .

When Yang Chen’s figure suddenly appeared, Sun Qingxue couldn’t help herself, and immediately rushed into Yang’s arms and burst into tears . Although, it had been only about ten breath of time, but Sun Qingxue felt like it was a long period of more than ten years .

Yang Chen has never encountered such a squabble . He also panicked between the moment . Both his hands were placed on both sides of his body, almost like a stiff, and they did not dare to move . He let Sun Qingxue hug his neck and cry in his arms, but he didn’t know what to do .

Sun Qingxue’s body was very soft and warm . Maybe this time she cried so that she completely released all the pressure . It was a long cry .

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Slowly, Yang Chen’s body was not so stiff, his hands have reacted, lifted up in the air, he hesitated for a moment, he didn’t know if it was time to take a look at Sun Qingxue . Finally, he gently put his hand on the back of Sun Qingxue and gently patted her a few times .

“Well, Lit­tle Xue, isn’t this all right?” Yang Chen said softly .

With Yang Chen’s soft and authoritative tone, Sun Qingxue finally stopped crying, and her hands slowly loosened from Yang Chen’s neck and began to wipe her tears .

When Sun Qingxue completely stopped sobbing, she suddenly realized that she had just done something, and her face became red, her head hurriedly faced down and never dared to lift it up .

This fright was not unexpected by Yang Chen . Yang Chen calculated that there would be a guardian beast, but did not expect that, as soon as they entered, they would be attacked by the guardian beast .

In the past, Yang Chen did not enter a secret pavilion . Even the secret pavilion of Pure Yang Palace he did not go in . He only knew that there were good things and guardian beasts inside . However, he still felt that the guardian beast must verify the entrants identity before they attacked .

Yang Chen had a secret key in his hand . He should be the master of the secret plane . Even if the guardian beast does not recognize it, at least there would be a time for preparation . Whoever it didn’t know would be attacked .

This was Yang Chen’s calculation error, and it has almost led to a major matter . If Sun Qingxue didn’t have the protective armor given by Elder Hua Wanting, then Sun Qingxue would have faced more unfortunate event .

Otherwise, how could Yang Chen be afraid after a burst of time, he could predict the serious consequences after Sun Qingxue’s accident . Not to mention the anger of Elder Hua, once the cooperation between Blue Cloud Sect and Pure Yang Palace was affected, it would not be simple to solve .

Apart from calling it luck, Yang Chen did not know how to describe the scene . He thought that he was just convincing Sun Qingxue, but was he also trying to convince himself?

It seemed that even if there was his past life memories as his ul­ti­mate weapon, sometimes he must be careful, otherwise it would be a situation of eternal annihilation . This was the most direct lesson that Yang Chen got from this .

“It should be okay now, let go, let go in and see!” After the two of them calmed down for a while, Yang Chen sent an invitation to Sun Qingxue again .

Sun Qingxue certainly had no objection, but she carefully changed into a protective magic weapon, and indicated to Yang Chen to open the secret plane . Yang Chen did not have any opinions on this . She was careful not to make a big mistake . Although Yang Chen had probed it again, but who knows if there was any fish missing, Yang Chen did not dare vouch­ing for that easily .

As soon as she entered the secret, Sun Qingxue saw the five huge praying mantis . The body color of these praying mantis was almost exactly the same as the surrounding environment . At first, they could not find them at all . Now the green blood was flowing all over the floor, and naturally it was clear to see the outline clearly .

“How is it possible?” Looking at everything in front of her, Sun Qingxue directly covered her mouth with horror .

Just a few hits from only two or three praying mantis, had shattered the body armor that Hua Wanting gave to Sun Qingxue . Their sturdy shackles could be seen . Even with Sun Qingxue’s knowledge, she could judge the cultivation of these praying mantis,was at least at the level of the Yuanying stage .

However, Yang Chen yelled from the wrath for revenge and came in and went out, it was only a dozen breath of time . Five of such powerful praying mantis of the Yuanying stage became corpses, and they were still completely unified .

However, Yang Chen only had a Foun­da­tion Stage Late Stage Cul­ti­va­tion Base . At best, it was a little higher than Sun Qingxue, but it was not much higher . How could he kill five Yuanying stage beast in this short period of time and be­headed them?

Sun Qingxue couldn’t be blamed for being shocked, even if Hua Wanting was here,she couldn’t do what Yang Chen did . She could definitely kill them, but if she wanted to be as clean as Yang Chen, it would be impossible .

Sun Qingxue’s shock was also because she found a huge gap between herself and Yang Chen . What was impossible in her opinion was so simple in the hands of Yang Chen . Maybe they were in the foundation stage, the gap was not big, but once the gap grew with their cultivation base, Sun Qingxue does not know if she would be embarrassed to see Yang Chen again .

After this moment, Sun Qingxue was so eager to have more powerful strength and more extensive insights . Perhaps this was the only way to keep up with Yang Chen’s footsteps and not be too much far behind Yang Chen .

Of course, Yang Chen did not know that the revenge and his anger would make Sun Qingxue feel like this . He was still thinking about what good things would be in the palace in the middle of the secret plane .

“These bodies, you take three and l will take two,it is divided . ” The body of the Yuanying Yao beast, that was a good thing, using it in alchemy refining was possible, it could not be wasted .

Sun Qingxue would not refuse Yang Chen, what Yang Chen said was what she would do, she obediently took away the bodies of three big praying mantis . Until now, her heart was still full of doubts, she didn’t know how Yang Chen did it .

The two walked carefully to the front of the palace . There was no accident at all, everything was calm .

“Guess what good things are there?” Yang Chen smiled and chatted with Sun Qingxue when he swept his Spiritual Awareness and explored the interior of the palace .

“As long as there are no more accidents . ” Sun Qingxue glanced at Yang Chen, and whispered .

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