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The groundwork has been done , and Yang Chen decided not to waste time. Sun Qingxue couldn't compare with Shi Shanshan. At least when Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan went to find the Howling Celestial Dog Blood Essence, Shi Shanshan didn’t need Yang Chen to point out anything in the battle. The two cooperated quite well.

This secret plane clues was found by Yang Chen from the ancient texts on the wooden sign. From the age point of view, it was already very ancient. However, the Formation of keys displayed by the secret key was not very advanced. This could only be explained that the secret was not a high-level place.

Perhaps it was a small martial art sect that was broken down after being destroyed. So no one has ever found the secret plane. Since it was a small martial art sect, naturally there would not be too many good things.

What Yang Chen was only looking forward to now was that the secret plane may grow some medicinal herbs for a long time because of its age. Otherwise, Yang Chen didn’t  expect anything at all.

In addition to this, Yang Chen was trying to make Sun Qingxue gain a little more experience from this expedition, more experience, and had no idea of ​​wanting to make a fortune from there. The secret plane that really had good things would definitely be searched for by many people. How could it be left up till now?

Of course, the most important thing was that Yang Chen had to complete the entrustment of the head of the palace, and Sun Qingxue had to gain experience. But Yang Chen did not realize it at all. It seemed that Sun Qingxue was becoming more and more obsessed with himself, not the effect he wanted.

As for Yang Chen's attitude toward Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, he did not have the experience of dealing with this feelings. Secondly, these two are super-powerful people who would be famous in the world, and not want to offend them.

The location of the secret plane was not a famous  the mountain. “Obviously, the good places have been occupied by some famous big family factions. A small martial art sect that was destroyed only used to stay in some corners.”

The speed of the flying shuttle was very fast, but it took almost a month to reach the destination. According to this calculation, this place has been within the 100,000 mountains, to the edge of the Dao Sect's domain.

“This place is really desolate!” A few ragged hills, not even trees, almost all of them were bare rocks, just a few stone mountains. Looking at all this, Sun Qingxue's first sentence after leaving the flying shuttle was this sentence.

“The bustling place is not for us.” Yang Chen smiled and put away the flying shuttle. After standing, he began to look around.

On the secret key it was only said that the secret plane was here, but the specific location was not known, Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue needed to look for it carefully. They just needed to find the entrance to the formation and they could use the key to enter it.

Speaking of it, it was the same as looking for the Howl­ing Ce­les­tial Dog Blood Essence. He only knew the approximate location and the entrance needed to be found. However, this secret plane, and the valley where the Howl­ing Ce­les­tial Dog Blood Essence were stored, was completely incomparable.

For the first time, Sun Qingxue participated in this kind of expedition. Her interest was very high, and she was looking for it at every inch in the mountains. Yang Chen did not dispel her enthusiasm, simply accompanied her, so they began to search every place.

What surprised Yang Chen was that he thought that on this bare and unobstructed place it would easy to find the secret plane entrance, but he and Sun Qingxue looked for two days, and the surrounding hills had been turned over and there was nothing.

“Is the secret land already opened?” Sun Qingxue even had such doubts.

“Come on let search slowly.” Yang Chen was very patient and persuaded. Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan still had a dis­par­ity, at least in their mood.

At that time, Shi Shanshan accompanied Yang Chen to find the Howl­ing Ce­les­tial Dog Blood Essence in the valley, and didn’t find it for three months, but did not say a word of doubt. Of course, this required a long period of practice and experience, not just a few months to solve.

For the following time, almost all the hills was searched inch by inch, but unfortunately, the entrance to the secret plane has not been found.

"Think carefully, what other places have we not looked at?" This time they search more carefully and spent more than ten days. Yang Chen saw Sun Xiaoxue was still a little impatient, and still reminded patiently.

This time looking for the secret plane, was based on Sun Qingxue. Yang Chen basically cooperated. Even if he saw it, he wouldn't take the initiative to say that, he wanted Sun Qingxue to understand something, even if it was a million years ago. There was still some means to hide the secrets of the small sects that have been destroyed.

All this Yang Chen did was to let Sun Qingxue have more insights. This was the experience of dealing with people. Although it was not directly faced, she still could understand some people’s hearts. At least the secret plane could be hidden in this unobstructed place, which was to fully understand the character of most people.

For now, Sun Qingxue was caught in a misunderstanding, thus ignoring something, resulting in a search for ten days without finding a clue.

There were a dozen hills in total here, and the height of the flight could be seen at a glance. In Sun Qingxue’s view, there was really not much to miss.

However, since Yang Chen reminded her, Sun Qingxue also had an unyielding momentum. She once again surmounted her strength and searched around again. This place was thousands of acres of the size, after careful inspection once again, there was an unexpected discovery.

“It seems that the two ponds at the foot of the mountain have not been checked.” Sun Qingxue finally reached a conclusion.

The two ponds she said was basically inside the shady hills. She didn’t know how many years it have existed here. The water level was stagnant,it has not flowed.

The two ponds were not big, and there was no living thing in them. This was a shaded place. The sun couldn’t shine here. It looks like it has been lying here, and it has already stinked. This was why when Sun Qingxue came here to explore with Spir­i­tual Aware­ness and did not look carefully.

“Then how are you going to search it?” Yang Chen smiled and looked at Sun Qingxue, waiting for her further action.

He didn’t know how many years of dirty water have been stagnant here. For Sun Qingxue was a beautiful woman with a drop of fragrant scent ,It was really disgusting to look at it. But it was undeniable that if the secret plane was really hidden under the water, it could indeed make many people afraid of this point and ignore it.

“I will go down and see!” Yang Chen had been watching. Sun Qingxue was afraid that Yang Chen would look at her as a worthless person. After squatting for a long time near the stinking pond, she finally bit her teeth and planned to jump into the stinky pond to take a closer look.

“Okay!” When Yang Chen heard Sun Xiaoxue make this decision, and she has already planned to go down. This showed the behavior of Sun Qingxue “You have this determination, you don’t have to go on.”

“Why?” Sun Qingxue did not understand.

“Because you can’t find it,” Yang Chen explained with a smile.

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