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Chapter 224- Hundred Thousand Mountain Changes Master27 Oct 2017

When old tree demon Gui Shanyou passed by Yang chen, Yang Chen smiled and reminded him:

"Same rules, leave their corpses for me!"

The corpse of Dacheng experts could be considered as the best tonic for the delicate Blood Phantom Vine in Yang Chen's clean bottle Medicine Garden. Nothing could be done about it, after all, it was still alive after great damage to a major portion of the master root and master vine, which could already be said to be an enormous fortune. It certainly couldn't be restored without proper care for several hundred years.

With the path to enter the villa opened, the group of experts stormed in. Now Yang Chen didn't need to be worried about being discovered by people and could brazenly absorb the lighting power of Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell.

This time was completely different from before when he was trying to sneak in. At that time, Yang Chen had carefully control the direction of the 500 thunder pomegranates according to the requirement of spirit power to be absorbed to create the path. But now, he didn't have to worry about it and could release his control over those fruits allowing them to brazenly absorb.

Battle cries had already begun to echo out from the villa. After careful investigation for several years previously, Pure Yang Palace had verified that the Dacheng experts of the secret organization remained at the villa to cultivate secretly in seclusion. The upper strata in control of business was also concentrated within the villa, so no one could flee without exception.

With their numbers double that of enemy, the experts rushed into the villa like an indestructible force. Whether they had made a plan before or not, they still possessed an absolute superiority. The enemy was caught completely off guard and was rather shocked that the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell had been of no use and couldn't form any decent resistance.

Within the first moments of the attack, everyone under the Dacheng stage had been dealt with. With no one to save these people, the Pure Yang Palace which had already paid a great price, strictly didn't permit for any fish from the higher ups to escape their net.

The nine Dacheng experts began to carefully search the locations where the enemy Dacheng experts were in seclusion. Within the Hundred Thousand Mountain, few people had absolute faith each other. These Dacheng experts in charge of Hundred Thousand Mountains were also the same. Moreover, the only one who hadn't gone into seclusion was completely startled and was already fighting a battle with elder Hua Wanting.

All of their seclusion locations had severe restrictions placed on them with all kind of spell formations. Soon, Yang Chen heard a loud rumbling sound. He expected that noise should be the sound of all kind of restrictions being crazily destroyed by the group of experts.

For the time being, these events had no relation to Yang Chen. Yang Chen was just a foundation stage junior. He had no role in a battle of such level. Even if he had the ability to defend himself, She Kui and Xie Sha still had to be by his side pretending to protect him.

No one felt this was inappropriate. Protecting Yang Chen also meant protecting the future heart questioning pills. Moreover, Yang Chen had already played a major role in this battle. If the group had forcefully tried to break the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell, then there was a high possibility that it would have alerted the people inside the villa, resulting in their campaign being much more difficult.

Presently, Yang Chen was in the middle of absorbing the lightning energy and crazily urging the growth of the thunder pomegranate tree. Apart from urging the growth of the thunder pomegranate tree, he still wanted to refine the clean bottle containing the Medicine Garden at least once. After he left this village, he wouldn't find this situation anywhere else. In the future, finding a place where he could absorb the lightning energy without any problems would be difficult.

In the beginning, Yang Chen had only made a few meters wide long passage through the enormous Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell. But now, he planned to completely absorb all the lightning energy within the spell.

With Yang Chen recklessly urging the growth of the tree by reckless absorption, the pomegranate tree began to grow frantically. Like when Yang Chen had refined the clean bottle containing the Medicine Garden, the large amount of spirit power absorbed had increased the maturity of herbs within it by several years. It was the same with the absorption of lightning energy.

In reality, the lightning energy was itself of first wood attribute. Only, it erupted slightly fiercely. This kind of frantic absorption of lightning energy was mainly to urge the growth of the pomegranate tree, but the clean bottle could also be refined simultaneously by using the formidable first wood spirit power.

During his recent opening of the passage, Yang Chen hadn't been able to pay attention to this. Now, since he was relieved of that burden, Yang Chen naturally wouldn't let this opportunity go by.

After asking She Kui and Xie Sha to pay more attention, he began to use the lightning energy released from thunder pomegranate to refine the clean bottle of the Medicine Garden.

The clean bottle had only been refined to the first layer of a Heavenly Star Treasure Refining Secrets, which was accompanied by the refining of fifth earth true qi. Last time, after the addition of seventh metal true qi, he had only refined the domed hall, so naturally now he wanted to carefully refine the clean bottle itself.

The lightning of Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell couldn't be used directly, but with the thunder pomegranate, this wasn't a problem anymore. After a simple refining done by Yang Chen, he could casually control the lightning energy within the thunder pomegranate however he wished, which was just perfect for this process.

The lightning energy could be considered as a pure first wood power. Yang Chen carefully used this first wood spirit power in his body to carefully refine the lightning energy released by thunder pomegranates and move it to reach the second layer of the Heavenly Star Treasure Raising Secrets. He then began his refining.

Although his Profound Spirit Furnace had already reached the fifth layer of Heavenly Stars and the seventh layer of Earth Fiend, this Medicine Garden itself was of much higher grade. Yang Chen could barely advance the second layer refining of Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets.

Who would have thought that while the group of Dacheng experts were fiercely battling on one side of mountain, Yang Chen was leisurely advancing the refining of his magic weapon, and he was also using the lightning energy of enemy's Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell to do so.

Pure lightning energy began to crazily flow inside the Medicine Garden, but apart from increasing spirit power, the clean bottle didn't show any great transformation. Even if the first wood power was much more pure, but still it couldn't transform solely based on its intrinsic quality.

It has to be said, the clean bottle itself was sufficiently formidable. After Yang Chen had refined the thunder pomegranates once and begun to release more and more lightning energy from thunder pomegranates into the clean bottle, he had discovered that this little bit of lightning didn't have any effect on the clean bottle and now, when it was being refined, the crazily pouring lightning energy also could only lead to an increase in spirit power without having any other effect.

This also lead to another result. That speed of refining became faster and faster. The refining which should've at least required two months by Yang Chen was completed in a short 20 hours under such circumstances. With the clean bottle successfully reaching the second layer of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets.

The genuine transformation happened when Li Yunmu used the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets to refine the clean bottle. Same as the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets, when the refining began, the clean bottle began to crazily absorb the lightning energy. The lightning energy which had been accumulating for thousands of years, helped the clean bottle succeed and within a short few hours, the first layer refining of Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets was completed.

After both the Heavenly Stars and Earth Fiend had been completed, a notable transformation occurred within the clean bottle. Not only had the space inside Medicine Garden increased greatly, even those herbs which belonged to the first wood attribute had their maturity increased by several decades.

This still wasn't enough. The most startling change was the appearance of a door like object within the clean bottle. Although it currently couldn't be opened, this also meant that there was still empty space within the clean bottle which Yang Chen couldn't yet access. But as long as he continued to refine it, there would be a day when he could open that space.

Previously, Yang Chen used to believe that there were only some thousand years matured herbs in Medicine Garden. But after returning from that Heavenly Roar Dog's valley, he realized that something wasn't right. The previous master of the Medicine Garden must have ascended more than ten thousand years ago.

If that person had planted these legendary herbs before ascending, then by now, they should have reached a maturity of at least ten thousand years and shouldn't only be some thousand years old.

Although thousand year old legendary herbs could be considered as sufficiently precious, all of this didn't make any sense. The only possibility could be that there was another portion of the Medicine Garden. Presently, Yang Chen has only opened a portion of Medicine Garden, moreover, this portion should be the one where some seeds must have fallen a thousand years ago and had now grown into medicinal herbs. Yang Chen still hadn't come across the genuine core.

Although he was presently still unable to access the genuine core of Medicine Garden, the door to the core had already appeared. Believing that as his cultivation increased, there would be a day when this door could finally be opened and the secrets inside would finally be completely clear to Yang Chen.

Looking at this door, the doubts in Yang Chen's heart finally cleared. After all, this explanation seemed more reasonable.

From the beginning of the battle, two days had already passed, but the battle still continued. Each one of the several YuanYing stage experts held a spell flag in their hand and arranged an enormous spell formation within the villa. The spell could be broken only by simultaneously attacking all the YuanYing experts defending the spell formation. Otherwise, the people trapped inside could sneak out in a short amount of time.

The nine Dacheng experts invited by Pure Yang Palace were battling the four most formidable experts of Hundred Thousand Mountains within the spell formation.

The spell formation was deployed both to prevent people from fleeing away as well as to suppress the enormous fluctuations in spirit power. The battle between thirteen Dacheng experts wasn't something ordinary cultivators could imagine. With every move, all of them were driving the formidable power heaven and earth to attack. Even the several YuanYing experts could only rely on the spell formation to watch from far, but it was impossible for them to come near.

Speaking of the battle, after being woken up from their seclusion meditation by attacks, the three Dacheng experts of Hundred Thousand Mountains were both furious and alarmed. Just this sudden transformation seclusion to battle mode was sufficient to cause them grave injuries, almost causing them to cough up blood. Apart from the last one, who managed ordinary affairs and had been injured before the battle began.

Confronting these nine Dacheng experts, the four people of Hundred Thousand Mountains also began to stake their life on the outcome. They clearly understood that since so many experts had started attacking as soon as they came, there was no chance for the people of Hundred Thousand Mountain to flee alive and, at this critical moment, they also had begun to erupt with power.

As the saying goes: place anyone on the field of death and they would fight to live. Facing death's door, the four enemies were trying their best. In the face of their full power attacks, the nine experts didn't have the intention to die together with them. Since they occupied complete superiority, they naturally wanted to obtain the best results. Even if they had to delay the fight a bit longer, they wanted to make the enemy consume all their spirit power and die without their own side suffering any major casualty.

This was also the reason why the battle had continued for so long. Facing the attacks of the nine experts, the four enemies were completely spent. One of them who had the most serious injuries was unable to defend himself in battle and hid behind his companion's back struggling whilst at death's door.

With one less enemy, everyone's spirit was greatly roused. With this disturbance in balance, the four of them didn't have any chance to get lucky. They didn't even know why they had to suddenly experience this type of calamity which exterminated them.

Under the continuous attack of the nine Dacheng experts, the four enemy experts, who were unable to close their eyes because of regret, finally died. The instant they perished, everyone outside the spell formation loudly cheered.

Everyone in the villa had been exterminated. This also implied that the original upper echelons controlling the Hundred Thousand Mountains behind the scenes had been exterminated, only leaving a few scum behind.

Hundred Thousand Mountain was a pragmatic place, since these people were exchanged with an even more formidable backstage power, the people who ran businesses naturally submitted obediently, not daring to be rash.

The end of this battle also implied that the Hundred Thousand Mountains was now under the control of the alliance of the four sects. In the future, the countless treasures and natural resources would be the profits of these four sects.

However, the counterattack by the four experts facing death's door had also wounded five out of nine experts. Fortunately, most of them only had light injuries and hadn't lost any battle strength. However, despite that, there were also two experts whose cultivation had dropped. But killing four Dacheng experts for such price had really been a profitable business.

Old tree demon had already used the heart questioning pill and harmonized with the PengLai Divine Wood, so he had formed another clone using the Body Dividing Secrets. This clone was sent here. He was also the one who had sustained the most serious injuries. After all, the Pure Yang Palace had been the main instigator. Moreover, they had to do their best since they were here under the pretense of getting revenge.

Their next action was naturally to sort through the battlefield and divide spoils of war. Soon after, a batch of staff rushed over and scattered over the entire estate of the Hundred Thousand Mountains to quickly stabilize the markets and calm down people.

The most difficult task was to kill these four formidable experts, which had been accomplished, so there were no more difficulties left. Soon after news spread, the people of Hundred Thousand Mountains had surprisingly tried to destroy the Pure Yang Palace. In return, the Pure Yang Palace had immediately formed alliance with few big sects and had ruthlessly exacted their revenge.

With the destruction of the secret organization, everything else went as expected. Especially when the four sect alliance declared that the rules of Hundred Thousand Mountains would remain the same, cultivators of all paths including dao, devil and demon paths could enter whenever they wanted, only, no one could seize the treasures of the weak by relying on their strength, which even received the support of many cultivators.

This move of the four sect alliance had astonished the entire world, especially when the Pure Yang Palace showed the bloodthirstiness which they rarely displayed. They gained a whole new level of respect among the cultivators.

After the end of this matter, no one dared to act like that clan and tried to act shamelessly with the Pure Yang Palace. It must be known that the sect area of the Pure Yang Palace was still under construction. Only god knows whether the demonic fire formed after their sect had been destroyed had been completely vented or not. If someone still dared to go against them, they would just be courting death.

The later matters didn't have anything to do with Yang Chen. He even handed over the task of receiving the spoils of war to the old tree demon's clone and great master Wang Yong. He himself only received the corpses of the four Dacheng experts and directly returned back to the MeiQing Mountain and to the Pure Yang Palace with She Kui and Xie Sha.

Even without adding the spoils of war, this time, his harvest had been enormous. Not to mention other things, just urging the growth of the thunder pomegranate trees had allowed them to reach two hundred years maturity. Moreover, he was also able to refine the clean bottle Medicine Garden once more and discovered the secret door. This was already sufficient to make him delighted. Furthermore, he had also been able to get rid of Liang Shaoming, the spy of the Greatest Heaven Sect, ensuring his master's safety. What else could be a better reward for him?

After returning to the sect, the first thing he did was to go see his master. After greeting her once to let her know that everyone was safe and in good health, he went straight to the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace to see Palace Master.

"Everything successful?"

Seeing Yang Chen come, Palace Master asked feeling pleasantly surprised.


Yang Chen nodded, giving a positive reply to Palace Master.


Palace Master exhaled a deep breath and relaxed. He then continued to talk with Yang Chen:

"Yang Chen, the matter which you mentioned last time, I have thought about it carefully, but it will still be planned and managed according to your intentions."


Yang Chen was startled, feeling completely confused, the matter he mentioned last time? What matter was that?

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