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Chapter 223
Chapter 223- Destroying The Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell

Standing outside the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell, Yang Chen halted for a moment as if trying to find the direction of lightning within the spell formation. Soon after, two red balls twice the size of fist appeared in his hands.

“What’s that?”

Standing behind him, the pupils of the group of the expert shrank:

“Thunder pomegranate?”

Thunder pomegranate could absorb lightning, because of this property, many people tried to find some thunder pomegranate when undergoing the lightning tribulation and use it to absorb some lightning.

Although Seven Star Godly Thunder Formation was formidable, in the end, it was nothing but the strength of lightning and thunder. The thunder pomegranates could absorb lightning and thunder, there was no doubt about this, but wanting to break the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell with nothing but thunder pomegranate was just Yang Chen being delusional.

Leaving aside the fact that this spell formation has been set by a Dacheng expert, the amount of power of thunder and lightning ingested by this spell formation for the past millennium years was unimaginable. Even if a Dacheng expert enters it, they could only focus on self preservation and nothing else. Although it was unpleasant to hear, only two thunder pomegranate were not enough to even get stuck between the teeth of this Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell.

Whoosh whoosh, under Yang Chen’s control, both thunder pomegranates flew within the spell formation. Once the spell formation sensed that some foreign object has entered spell formation and it doesn’t comply with the unique route set by spell, the spell formation immediately began to attack. With rumbling sounds, the omnipresent lightning rushed towards the two thunder pomegranates.

Everyone present on the scene apart from Yang Chen had passed the lightning tribulation. So they didn’t feel anything over these two thunder pomegranates being wasted. A few old men shook their head in disappointment, Yang Chen was just overestimating his abilities, why didn’t he think anything before making a fool out of himself? Could it be that Yang Chen only has talent in pill concocting, but isn’t any good in other fields?

Just when everyone was shaking their head or were at loss, another two thunder pomegranates appeared in Yang Chen’s hand, this time they flew towards another direction.

Next, everyone began to look as if Yang Chen was performing some magical trick, one after another, he produced two thunder pomegranates and as before, threw them in some direction. Moreover, his supply surprisingly didn’t seem to be running out and in less than the time taken for a wick to burn, he had thrown another two more thunder pomegranates.

By this time, the group of people from Pure Yang Palace were already dumbstruck, they didn’t know that Yang Chen had successfully cultivated a thunder pomegranate tree, they seemed to have turned into stone and couldn’t breath.

When he had returned from Heavenly Stairs, Chu Heng made fun of Yang Chen about his words over thunder pomegranate, wanting to use the opportunity to punish Yang Chen, but the matter was left unsettled. But now, seeing his actions, everyone understood what Yang Chen had done that time. 1

By now, Yang Chen had casually taken out 200 thunder pomegranates, wouldn’t that mean he had successfully cultivated more than ten trees of thunder pomegranate? How many seeds does one thunder pomegranate has inside it? How many thunder pomegranates had Yang Chen successfully cultivated?

However, this was another pleasant surprise, although every thunder pomegranate tree could produce 20 fruits at most, if they were cultivated on a large scale, wouldn’t that m

ean that afterwards, if any JieDan expert of Pure Yang Palace doesn’t have confidence in passing the lightning tribulation on his own, then he could be provided a thunder pomegranate fruit for assistance?

Others also vaguely guessed such an outcome, but no one dared to confirm it. Moreover, even if he had used over 200 thunder pomegranate, there still wasn’t any sign of the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell Formation breaking down.

These experts had a lot of experience and could make out that these thunder pomegranates were approximately 20 years matured so they weren’t very precious. The effects of this type of fruits were greatly reduced, so probably just relying on these type of fruits wasn’t sufficient to break the spell.

Presently, contempt seemed to be rising up in everyone’s mind, their previous sighs couldn’t be seen anymore as everyone began to ponder, how many thunder pomegranates would Yang Chen require to achieve results?

What surprised everyone again was that the supply of thunder pomegranates still seemed to be endless for Yang Chen. Within a short time, he had thrown 200 more thunder pomegranates within the spell formation. Everyone couldn’t help but feel shocked and wonder how many thunder pomegranates Yang Chen, this junior, has?

By this time, the entire spell formation seemed to be aroused, dazzling thunder seemed to be casting a huge net knitted of light. Apart from light from thunder, the only leftover sound was that of thunder claps, nothing else could be heard.

Within a blink, Yang Chen had used 100 more thunder pomegranates, raising the total to 500 fruits. At this moment, Yang Chen didn’t seem to be adding anymore, rather waved his hand, causing 2 thunder pomegranates inside the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell to return back to him as if being tied by some kind of thread.

After absorbing lightning until they were full, the appearance of thunder pomegranates changed. They didn’t have that sort of red colour from before, rather, they had turned black red with indistinct flickers.

His hand again flashed, these two full thunder pomegranates seem to disappear within his hand, soon after, two more red coloured thunder pomegranates immediately appeared in his hand and were again thrown inside spell like before, replacing the two fruits which had been replaced recently.

Next, this cycle continued. Every time, Yang Chen would remove two thunder pomegranates and afterwards replace it with two new thunder pomegranates.

“What is he doing?”

Everyone again became suspicious. Replacing one fruit after another, what does he want to do?

“After absorbing the lightning to its limit, the thunder pomegranates can be refined into magic weapons which can explode according to their master’s wish. Their strength couldn’t be considered as weak.”

Immediately someone who had studied about thunder pomegranates explained.

“He is surprisingly using the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell to refine magic weapon?”

Hearing this explanation, everyone didn’t know what to think. Yang Chen, this youngster’s mind was hard to fathom, making these old men feel inferior.

Who could have thought that the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell which could strike fear in anyone’s heart could surprisingly be used like this? If the person who had deployed the spell formation knew that the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell which he had deployed after a century’s hard work, which had existed for thousand years absorbing countless amount of lightning energy, would surprisingly be used by someone to refine their magic weapon, he would be rolling about in his grave.

“That’s odd!”

After Yang Chen had replaced the thunder pomegranates for the fourth time, the expert who had just explained about thunder pomegranates again found an anomaly:

“The thunder pomegranates he is holding now, its maturity far exceeds those he had used earlier.”

If he had sufficiently matured thunder pomegranates why did he bother with those unripe fruits earlier? Everyone again felt a wave of confusion hitting them, no one could answer this question. However, no one troubled Yang Chen, moreover, everyone turned their gaze towards the earlier expert at the same time as if agreeing by chance, waiting for him to provide some explanation.

That person carefully observed everything for a while, when suddenly an astonished look appeared on his face, as if he had thought of something unfathomable.

The people around him resentfully reminded him once, after which he spoke in a serious tone:

“He is using the lightning power to rush the breeding of those thunder pomegranate trees.”

Once the expert gave a summary of his conclusion, a wave of shock once again washed over everyone. But it has to be said that with Yang Chen’s display from the start, there was indeed a possibility of this happening.

After the thunder pomegranate absorbed lightning, apart from being used as an explosive magic weapon, it could also be used to release thunder and lightning. Moreover, when placed in surroundings with thunder and lightning, the thunder pomegranate would grow exuberantly. Thus, Yang Chen using the lightning to urge the growth of thunder pomegranate trees wasn’t impossible.

Everyone, however, was still under great shock. Although thunder pomegranate provided good assistance in lightning tribulation, relying on excessive external help also wasn’t good, so these people didn’t place it in their eyes. Only those who lack confidence in passing the tribulation used it. Many devil cultivators also used it.

However, it didn’t change the fact that thunder the pomegranate tree was still difficult to grow. This was already a problem in the cultivation world for countless years. But for Yang Chen, this problem didn’t seem to be anything difficult.

If that expert’s recent conclusion was true, then wouldn’t it mean that Yang Chen did not only know the method to grow the thunder pomegranate tree, but he even knew how to speed up its growth.

How was that possible? Countless people had researched this for too many years, but none have been successful, and this foundation stage junior, Yang Chen,who has spent at most 40 years cultivating from the time he started, unexpectedly had already found a way to grow and speed up its maturity?

Not only that, Yang Chen could apparently make a spirit pill like the heaven seizing pill and an elixir to restore the constituent spirit of demon beasts. Moreover, he had also personally refined the mysterious heart questioning pill. When the credits of all these unfathomable achievements went to one person, then people couldn’t help getting astonished when thinking about it.

However, right now clearly wasn’t the time for everyone to be astonished. The thunder pomegranate in Yang Chen’s hands had been reaching its limit in maturity, absorbing even more and more lightning. At this corner, the power of the spell formation also seemed to have reduced greatly. The lightning, which was initially densely packed, also became sparse. The time gap between two lightning bolts also began to widen.

Even if the spell formation had absorbed large amounts of lightning, it couldn’t last under the incessant absorption by 500 thunder pomegranates. Moreover, as the maturity of the last thunder pomegranate continued to approach the limit, it began to absorb larger and larger amounts of lightning. Its absorption rate also became quicker and quicker.

What was most astonishing was that as the thunder pomegranate’s maturity approached its limit, and the absorption of lightning increased more and more, that pomegranate tree also began to mature faster and faster, which in turn lead to further increase in the maturity of the thunder pomegranate in Yang Chen’s hand.

As this virtuous cycle continued, within less than the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, the lightning at this corner had already been completely absorbed. No bolt fell in this area for a good moment.

Careful observers had discovered that the places where Yang Chen replaced the thunder pomegranates every time were all fixed. Moreover, what shocked them even more was that only this corner had no lightning, but the lightning in other areas flickered vaguely and didn’t seem as if the spell formation had been aroused.

What did this mean? Everyone was again astounded. The only explanation could be that Yang Chen was so familiar with the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell that he couldn’t learn anything new about it. Just by the controlling the thunder pomegranates, he could determine how to break this formation or not. What did this show? Could Yang Chen also be a spell formation expert?

An expert pill concocting master in addition to a pinnacle spell formation expert? What’s left for which Yang Chen couldn’t do? In front of Yang Chen, this foundation stage junior, this group of YuanYing and Dacheng experts felt ashamed to death. When their cultivation was at Yang Chen’s level, they didn’t know what to do, so how could they have the chance to follow a group of YuanYing and Dacheng experts to play.

However, Yang Chen didn’t pay any attention to these people’s thoughts and was solely preoccupied with breaking the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell. Now that he already had the control of one corner, he could use this nick to carve a path to lead the experts into the villa.

Probably, even if the person who had deployed the spell was beaten to death, he couldn’t have thought that there would be a foundation stage junior in a later generation who would use such a brilliant and domineering method to break his Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell.

Just as the expert had guessed, Yang Chen had indeed used the absorbed lightning to urge the growth of a pomegranate tree. The seeds of thunder pomegranate had been influenced by the pure first wood spirit power to their limits, but there wasn’t any place where formidable lightning fell in the Medicine Garden, so Yang Chen could only stimulate it at a piece of land to grow several tens of trees.

In so many years, Yang Chen also didn’t have the opportunity to upgrade his thunder pomegranates, because firstly, stimulating lightning required large amount of spirit power and secondly, Yang Chen’s current realm was too low, so transforming spirit power would waste a lot of it and was totally not worth the effort.

These pomegranate trees could only produce these many fruits in so many years, which were difficult to use. When Yang Chen heard about the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell, he had made the plan to use the natural lightning to promote the ripening of his pomegranate trees.

When the lightning filled thunder pomegranates began to meet with the roots of original thunder pomegranate trees’ roots, the endless lightning energy began to rush through the roots. Because of this enormous lightning energy urging its growth, within a short while, the thunder pomegranate trees maturity reached 100 years old.

Hundred year matured thunder pomegranates were a difficult to find treasure. One such fruit could absorb half the lightning of the lightning tribulation of a JieDan stage cultivator. So one thunder pomegranate fruit could double the chances of passing the lightning tribulation.

The direction in which the thunder pomegranates were sprinkled was also perfectly chosen to cut into the spell formation, merely influencing one portion of the spell formation. With Yang Chen carrying out this mission in such brilliant fashion, one more portion was cleared neatly. If he continued with this speed, within a short time, a secret passage would be formed through the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell.

Even at ordinary times, the lightning kept rumbling around in Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell, with the lightning cutting spiritual awareness and no signs of large scale activity on this side. It didn’t give rise to the attention of anyone.

Who could have thought that they would use such a freakish method to enter the villa. Initially, everyone was afraid that the sounds of breaking the spell formation would alert the enemy inside that something fishy was going on. But now, it seemed that they didn’t need to care about this problem.

When they thought about the scene when Yang Chen had proclaimed with full confidence that he could break the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell, they couldn’t help but think:

“This junior will be redoubtable in future!”

Finally, after Yang Chen exerting himself for two more hours, a path without any lightning or thunder was carved through the Seven Star Godly Thunder Spell.

“Seniors can now advance to meet the secret organization behind Hundred Thousand Mountains!”

Yang Chen pointed towards the end of passage and made a bowing gesture:

“Junior requests seniors to make their move and get justice for junior’s sect! Junior will stay behind to destroy this Seven Star Godly Thunder Formation and will quietly wait for senior’s victory call!

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