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Chapter 225- Palace Master's Cultivation08 Nov 2017

Palace Master didn't have any hesitation in front of Yang Chen and directly spoke what he was thinking.

After suffering from the ambush last time, he had clearly realized that his cultivation was still weak. Although it was sufficient to manage a second rate sect, but as Pure Yang Palace has developed in recent times and considering its future development, he understood that his cultivation may not be able to keep up with it. Therefore, the matter of quickly increasing his cultivation was the most pressing issue for him presently.

But, Palace Master was in the end the Palace Master, elders like Wang Yong would often enter seclusion but he couldn't do this so lightly as he still has to manage the Pure Yang Palace. So an efficient method to increase his cultivation has become all the more important.

Just as Yang Chen had previously mentioned, he knew a metal attributed dual cultivation method which could help increase the Palace Master's cultivation by using a harmonious dual cultivation process. Such a method was perfectly suitable for the Palace Master. He wouldn't need to enter seclusion during cultivation, but the results would still approximately be the same as if he did. That's why the Palace Master was currently having this conversation with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen immediately realized what the Palace Master was thinking. He didn't find anything abnormal about it. Wanting to increase his cultivation while sparing no efforts in working for the sect, in fact, Palace Master Zhong Jiao was indeed a good sect leader.

During Yang Chen's previous life, the Palace Master because wasn't good at seeing the true colour of people. He had been fooled by people like Liang Shaoming at the end. But now, this type of problem no longer existed. Liang Shaoming had already been dealt with. Moreover, the sect had also began to walk on the path of rapid development. Seeing the bright future prospects of the Pure Yang Palace, Palace Master was also confidently rushing to increase his strength.

The Palace Master was not alone in displaying this attitude. Wing Yong and the other elders felt the same as the Palace Master. All of them were filled with the hope of revitalizing the Pure Yang Palace and were going all out in hopes of building a bright future. This was the Pure Yang Palace which Yang Chen had always desired to see.

"I have carefully thought about this for many days and have selected some dao companions which may be suitable."

Palace Master amiably said to Yang Chen:

"Help me take a look and see which one of them is most suitable?"

His words were completely natural. The Palace Master didn't feel the least bit embarrassed and restricted because of asking a junior like Yang Chen to assist in selecting a suitable dao companion in his place.

Yang Chen also didn't feel this was something to be embarrassed about, since the cultivation method had come from him, Yang Chen could also determine which one was most suitable among them compared to others.

He looked over the candidates once, all of them were YuanYing experts from either the Green Jade Immortal Islands or the Clear Sky Sect. Both the Green Jade Immortal Islands and the Clear Sky Sect had many female disciples, and the majority of their experts were also women. Presently the Pure Yang Palace had good coordination with these two big sects at the Hundred Thousand Mountains. If Palace Master was willing to choose a dao companion from either of their sects, that will also make the relationship between the sects closer.

Looking at this list of names, Yang Chen suddenly felt as if he was being relieved of a burden. If the Palace Master was willing to personally step in and advance their friendship, that would consolidate the relationship between sects even more strongly than Yang Chen choosing Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue as his dao companion.

But as soon as he had this thought, Yang Chen was dejected. The Palace Master could not have two dao companions. Neither the Clear Sky Sect nor the Green Jade Immortal Islands would agree to send one disciple from each sect to become dao companions with the Palace Master. Regardless of whomever Palace Master chose, it would attract resentment from the other sect unless someone from the elders also used this method to tie knot with someone from the other sect at the same time.

Dao companions were very beneficial for everyone, but if the Pure Yang Palace relied on such methods, then it certainly would be mocked by people for using women to attach with two big sects. The hope of revitalizing a sect which had been formed with great difficulty would also be suppressed by rumors and gossip. Probably, the Palace Master had also thought about this, and that's why had consulted with Yang Chen.

When Yang Chen took a quick look, he suddenly discovered a familiar name. Clear Sky Sect's elder Mo Qian, who also had a full metal spirit root, had the cultivation at the mid YuanYing stage and was perfectly equivalent with the Palace Master, making her a suitable candidate.

Currently Mo Qian was in Yang Chen's Medicine Garden, untiredly and crazily cultivating. If the Palace Master was willing, Yang Chen was absolutely happy to take her out and make her the Palace Master's dao companion. In this way, the cultivation of both the Palace Master and Mo Qian would increase. Moreover, because Mo Qian had disappeared for some time now, as long as they keep it a secret, no one would think that her disappearance had any relation with Pure Yang Palace.

The only problem was that presently Yang Chen still didn't dare to suddenly inform the Palace Master that Mo Qian had already become a vegetable. He didn't fear that the Palace Master would sell him out, but rather this information was too shocking. The best way would be to make the Palace Master slowly accept this.

"Palace Master, according to disciple's thoughts, Clear Sky Sect's edler Mo Qian is a suitable candidate."

Yang Chen mulled over it for a moment and raised his suggestion to Palace Master.

"Elder Mo Qian?"

Palace Master creased his brows. Mo Qian's name was towards the end of the list. The main reason for this was that, currently, the whereabouts of Mo Qian and her disciples wasn't known, so there wasn't any way to select Mo Qian for the time being.

"Clear Sky Sect's elder Mo had been missing for a few decades."

Fearing that Yang Chen wasn't aware, Palace Master explained to Yang Chen:

"I am afraid that it won't be so easy."

"When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way. Palace Master doesn't need to worry about this for now."

Yang Chen smiled and continued:

"However, it will be best if Palace Master follows disciple's great master and refined a destined flying sword first."

The matter of Wang Yong refining a destined flying sword hadn't been secret among the elders of the same sect. Moreover, after refining for many years in seclusion, Wang Yong's cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds. Everyone had noted this point and were filled with a craving to do the same. Now Yang Chen was also saying that this was a good method.

"Destined flying sword?"

A shine passed through the Palace Master's eyes at the thought. After the possession of Hundred Thousand Mountains, he had all the required ingredients. Moreover, refining a destined flying sword was indeed an enormous lure. Previously, he didn't have any good ingredients, but now he didn't need to worry about this lack.

Moreover, refining destined flying sword was completely different from other things. He absolutely didn't have need to enter seclusion. Like Yang Chen, whose immortal executing blade was being nourished within his spirit sea presently, it didn't hinder Yang Chen's regular activities in the least. It would only take a little more time, that's all.

"Speaking of which, disciple has some suitable ingredients."

Yang Chen laughed, taking out that golden seal obtained after killing that YuanYing stage expert last time and presenting it to Palace Master.

Although that golden seal had been turned into shreds by the sword spell of the domed hall and had been ruined beyond recognition. But even if this magic weapon, while being considered as damaged beyond repair, the materials used to make it were still there and could still be considered as first rate metal attributed materials. They were more than suitable to be used for refining a metal attributed flying sword.

"This golden seal. Don't you want to keep it for yourself?"

Naturally, the Palace Master knew that this golden seal was an exceptionally good raw materials to refine a destined flying sword, but as a Palace Master, he couldn't lower himself to taking a disciple's belongings to refine his own destined flying sword.

"For the time being, disciple isn't refining his metal attributed flying sword. This gift could be considered as disciple showing his filial respects, Palace Master should accept it."

Yang Chen smiled and pushed the golden seal towards Palace Master:

"As for Palace Master's dao companion for dual cultivation, disciple will think about it and find a way."

First planting the seeds here which would allow Palace Master to have some mental preparation, thus when he took out Mo Qian in the future, Palace Master should be able to accept it. At least it wouldn't go as far as giving him a sudden fright.

Moreover, during this time, Yang Chen needed to refine the living puppet of Mo Qian once more so as to avoid any mishaps after her cultivation increased. Although the chances of such an accident happening were too low, but he just want to be cautious in case of every possibility.

Palace Master wasn't too astonished when Yang Chen gifted the golden seal to him. He could even handover the heart questioning pill without the slightest hesitation, then what to speak of a little raw material. By comparison, Palace Master cared a hundred times more about Yang Chen's kind intentions than that ingrateful bast*rd Liang Shoaming.

This golden seal was sufficient to keep the Palace Master occupied for a long time. Then Yang Chen provided him with a detailed explanation of everything that had happened at the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Hearing the tale cause the Palace Master to once again become washed over by a wave of astonishment.

"You cultivated thunder pomegranates?"

Palace Master didn't dare to believe what he was hearing. Both of his eyes went wide and a dumbstruck expression appeared on his face. Few years ago, someone wanted to use this as an opportunity to punish Yang Chen, but who could have thought that unexpectedly Yang Chen had already reared thunder pomegranates.

Yang Chen didn't reply directly, rather took out ten thunder pomegranates from his qiankun pouch and placed them in front of Palace Master. These thunder pomegranates had sufficient maturity and had also discharged the thunder energy, making them ready to be used for absorbing lightning.

Palace Master reached out his hand to pick the thunder pomegranates and examined them one by one. After looking at the these thunder pomegranates with same size, same maturity, apart from being both alarmed and excited at the same time, what could he say?

"This would make sure that the underconfident JieDan cultivators of my sect also have the hope of entering YuanYing stage!"

Palace Master didn't know how to describe his current mood. Capturing the Hundred Thousand Mountain had made the Pure Yang Palace wealthy and overbearing, but these thunder pomegranates would give hope to many JieDan experts who had no hopes of reaching YuanYing stage.

Although relying on external sources to increase cultivation wasn't the best method, but regarding those disciples who aptitude was average, reaching JieDan stage was already the limit. But now, with these thunder pomegranates, they had the possibility of entering YuanYing stage and to increase their life expectancy while greatly increasing their cultivation at the same time.

Whether it was for the disciple or for the sect, this was a huge matter. Many YuanYing stage disciples also meant an increase in ,the sect's strength. Moreover after reaching the YuanYing stage, maybe they could also rush towards even higher realms? The higher the realm, the greater the chances, absolutely a win win situation.

"These thunder pomegranates, how many do you have? The sect will buy from you!"

The Palace Master obviously knew which matters were important and which matters weren't and directly said to Yang Chen:

"Sect contribution points, spirit stones, magic weapons, cultivation methods, other materials, whatever you need, you will get!"

The increase in the sect's strength was also related to cultivating the lower level disciples apart from the natural resources it possessed or the number of experts it had.

Presently, with the xun qi pill, the number of outer disciples of the Pure Yang Palace had greatly increased. With the thunder pomegranates, the hopes of JieDan experts would also be boosted. High level elders also had the heart questioning pill, so from top to bottom, the Pure Yang Palace's strength was increasing. As a Palace Master, what else could he hope for?

Speaking of which, all these were almost because of Yang Chen. Or it could also be said that everything was completely because of Yang Chen. From xun qi pill to the thunder pomegranate to the heart questioning pill, and from the Hundred Thousand Mountains to finding the traitor Liang Shaoming, every matter had some relation with Yang Chen.

At this very moment, the Palace Master even had an intense desire to nurture Yang Chen as the next generation Palace Master. Once this thought appeared in his mind, it couldn't be suppressed again. Although this kind of matter still required consultation with other elders, but he was convinced that other elders absolutely wouldn't oppose it.

A disciple who possessed such a strong luck, and moreover still had the innate talent in concocting pills. Who wouldn't be willing? Just the achievements of Yang Chen in the previous few years were sufficient to make the Palace Master himself feel inferior, let alone other elders.

"Palace Master, these thunder pomegranates have already been revealed in front of experts of other sects, so disciple doesn't think there is a great possibility that the sect can monopolize them."

Looking at the Palace Master within his beautiful dream, Yang Chen found it somewhat laughable but he had no choice other than to break Palace Master's beautiful dream:

"Even if disciple hands all of them over to the sect, then they will use all kinds of other means to demand them from the sect."

"En, your words make sense."

Palace Master was worthy of being the Palace Master, he immediately became aware of the reality and at once figured out a response:

"However, since you have found the method of growing them, so if they want them, then they must be willing to indebted to my sect and perhaps would have to pay with something exceeding the price of thunder pomegranates itself in exchange. In the end, we are the ones who would get the most benefits. You don't have to worry about these, the sect will help you."

"Yes, Palace Master!"

Yang Chen knew that Palace Master would think of a countermeasure, so he just touched the subject but didn't delve deeper.

"Yang Chen, recently you have been in limelight, which is both good and bad."

After rejoicing, the Palace Master began to worry about Yang Chen. Since he had planned to cultivate Yang Chen as the next Palace Master, this matter required even more comprehensive consideration to nurture him. First and foremost being his safety:

"In the future, whenever you go out of the sect, regardless of wherever you go or at what time, you must take along She Kui and Xie Sha. Both of them are also fond of being with you, so they will also look after your safety."

"Yes, Palace Master!"

Yang Chen replied. Yang Chen who had a lot of experience could clearly understand the Palace Master's concern.

"Your cultivation, within less than four decades after reaching foundation stage, it has already progressed to late foundation stage."

Palace Master continued:

"Your cultivation speed is unprecedented. Although it has some relation to absorbing flames, but, you yourself had also been persistent and hardworking. However, don't be too hasty, even if you have many legendary herbs, don't abuse them. When the time is suitable, properly consolidate current cultivation first. By all means, don't harm yourself."

In all fairness, this was his genuine worry, Yang Chen's cultivation speed had indeed been fast, so fast that anyone hearing about it for the first time wouldn't dare to believe it. Even the Green Jade Immortal Islands' Shi Shanshan had spent a full 80 years in the foundation stage before reaching the JieDan stage. Since even the people with a full spirit root had taken so long, then what to speak of Yang Chen. Regarding this, the Palace Master's concern

"Disciple understands!"

Yang Chen bowed and made his salutations to express his gratitude:

"With the matter of Hundred Thousand Mountains settled, disciple had also intended to settle down and consolidate his cultivation first."

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