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Chapter 222- I Will Break The Spell23 Oct 2017Note:Chapters for 21, 23 25, 27 and 29th September.

Shifting the blame. This was clearly shifting the blame. In fact, without caring for the fact that Greatest Heaven Sect was being too arrogant, this reason mentioned by Yang Chen was far better than the previous reason of a disciple of Pure Yang Palace being attacked in Hundred Thousand Mountain, it clearly seemed more honourable.

Before this matter had happened, when the alliance formed by Pure Yang Palace, Green Jade Immortal Islands, Clear Sky Sect and Beast Taming Sect would exterminate the Hundred Thousand Mountain, they would certainly gain the reputation of robbing other's territory illegally, maybe someone would even come forward desiring to share the profit. After all, the previous line of reasoning wasn't sound enough and this matter would certainly be discussed among the others.

But the reason mentioned by Yang Chen made everyone speechless. Trying to destroy the sect, breaking the mountain protecting spell formation. This kind of hatred wouldn't be quenched without proper revenge.

So at that time, even if some people were resentful, they also wouldn't be able to stick their foot in this matter. By then, the market of Hundred Thousand Mountains would be perfectly under the control of Pure Yang Palace and its three allies.

"Shifting the blame on people of the Hundred Thousand Mountains wouldn't be that easy, right?"

Xu Chengxin spoke again while creasing his brows:

"How will we convince others of this?"

"During the journey when disciple was visiting elder Hua of Clear Sky Sect, we were ambushed by the people of Hundred Thousand Mountains."

Yang Chen immediately thought of using the few people he had caught earlier:

"One was a devil cultivator, one was a demon cultivator and the last one was a rogue cultivator of dao path. All of them had lived there for many years, so we have enough evidence."

This was a complete accident, even Yang Chen hadn't expected that the matter would develop to this stage and could only say that it was a lucky coincidence. With these few people serving as the perfect evidence, it seems like the Hundred Thousand Mountains were doomed to be destroyed by Yang Chen.

"How can we forget about Greatest Heaven Sect?"

Wang Yong furiously said, but asking this question was also in vain, how could anyone forget the hatred of their sect being near wiped out? As soon as he said this, Wang Yong also felt that he was being somewhat stupid by asking this, so he immediately change the question:

"That Greatest Heaven Sect already knows that we are going to attack Hundred Thousand Mountains, can they be watching our movements to try to get a piece of action?"

"Right now, they are anxious that we have discovered their plan and are trying to think of countermeasures to respond to us. How can they try to exploit this opportunity?"

Yang Chen sneered:

"Previously, they had sheltered a traitor of our sect, when he was suddenly discovered later, they could only admit that they are guilty. They will not be willing to make this type of mistake again."

"Even if they come to exploit the opportunity and attack in place of us under the pretense of getting justice for us, but if we don't move they don't have any reason to attack."

Yang Chen continued to analyze:

"If they could control the Hundred Thousand Mountain on their own, they would have attacked long ago. Why would they wait until now? Since they cannot control it alone, if we don't make our move and they do, they will be in an embarrassing situation. If they attack, they can't gain high ground, if they don't, that means they are orally supporting us and won't be able to make a move, they certainly won't let themselves get caught in this kind of difficult situation."

"If they really attack under the guise of getting justice for us, how can our sect watch without lifting a finger?"

Xu Chengxin asked again, he frequently interacted with a lot of people from other sects so naturally he has to consider a lot of things.

"My sect is busy reconstructing the sect area, isn't this reason enough?"

Yang Chen lightly smiled:

"In any case, whether we attack early or late, our sect has sufficient reason to attack. The initiative lies with us and not with Greatest Heaven Sky."

"What if other sects ask why our sect has requested the help of Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect, and not of Greatest Heaven Sect?"

Xu Chengxin immediately followed.

"Greatest Heaven Sect has shielded my sect's traitor before, my Pure Yang Palace also doesn't hold much love for Greatest Heaven Sect so why should we form alliance with Greatest Heaven Sect?"

Yang Chen seemed to have thought out everything and directly explained his reasoning.

After some more questions and answers, everyone understood Yang Chen's line of reasoning. Seemingly, this was a great opportunity to capture Hundred Thousand Mountains. Even the Greatest Heaven Sect could only look helplessly as the few big sects form alliance and divide the profits of Hundred Thousand Mountains without finding even a trace of reason to step in.

If they want to attack under the guise of getting justice for Pure Yang Palace, Pure Yang Palace could still refuse that option. If my Pure Yang Palace firmly refuses then how could the Greatest Heaven Sect still have the face to step in and exploit the opportunity? If they really did attack, then Pure Yang Palace could just announce that Pure Yang Palace itself will avenge its hatred, as for forming an alliance with Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect, it could always be explained saying that Pure Yang Palace couldn't beat them in their first attempt so they could only form an alliance. In that case, Greatest Heaven Sect could do nothing but look at them enviously.

"So everything is set!"

After seeking the opinions of several hall masters and elders, Palace Master slapped the table and finalized their strategy:

"No one should reveal any trace of information regarding Greatest Heaven Sect's matter, do not even show least bit of animosity towards Greatest Heaven Sect, wait until we gain enough strength to get revenge!"

Although they were still angry, everyone present could see the bigger picture. All of them pushed down their hatreds for the time being and began to wait for the chance to get revenge.

After Liang Shaoming and the rest of his henchmen had been captured, Yang Chen suddenly discovered that there weren't many voices opposing him within the Pure Yang Palace. All the higher ups supported him making him feel like fish back in water.

The most important thing was that the greatest threat against Gao Yue, Liang Shaoming had already been dealt with, thus ensuring Gao Yue's safety within the sect in the future and removing the need for him to be on his guard all the time. This fact delighted Yang Chen.

After determining their strategy, Yang Chen left everyone and directly went to Gao Yue's residence. Although Gao Yue had only suffered light injuries, she had still been injured which distressed Yang Chen greatly.

Gongsun Ling's cultivation wasn't high, the injuries she had received were quite serious. When Yang Chen had returned back to the sect earlier, she could barely crawl back to her place. Yang Chen was extremely considerate towards his talented senior apprentice sister and personally delivered the best healing elixirs and refined a batch of ginseng liquid of thousand year ginseng for her. Only then did he feel relieved.

The upper echelons of the sect made all the arrangements according to Yang Chen's intention. Soon the news of Hundred Thousand Mountain attacking Pure Yang Palace began to spread quickly among all dao sects with the few dead corpses of people from Hundred Thousand Mountain serving as evidence.

The news of the sect area of Pure Yang Palace and several thousand disciples being injured began to spread. After a long time, entire cultivation world had again began to boil.

The evidence revealed by Pure Yang Palace was like adding more oil to the fire, which immediately flared up the storm. Chaos spread within the cultivators, everyone was discussing this matter. Instantly, Pure Yang Palace stood at the heart of the struggle.

Together with Pure Yang Palace, the secret organization behind the Hundred Thousand Mountains had also become the center of talks. When the task gets divided between many people, it becomes easier. With so many people discussing the event, soon the whole chain of events starting from a disciple of Pure Yang Palace being attacked at Hundred Thousand Mountains followed by Yang Chen destroying the auction house which made the secret organization to fly in rage because of humiliation, causing them to attack Pure Yang Palace. All the events became public quickly.

Regardless of whatever was said, the auction house of Hundred Thousand Mountains had broken their own rules which wasn't a secret. They weren't able to remove the traces of their crimes over the past years by any means possible. This time, they had gone a step further and attacked Pure Yang Palace, thus becoming the target of criticism from countless people.

Today, Hundred Thousand Mountain had attacked Pure Yang Palace's mountain. Tomorrow, it might be some other sect. The people who were burned by Hundred Thousand Mountain weren't only limited to Gao Yue, right now all of them people were expressing their anger towards common enemy and jointly denounced the secret organization behind Hundred Thousand Mountains.

What worried people most was that two YuanYing experts and three JieDan experts had used some unknown treasure to turn the entire Pure Yang Palace upside down. Even their mountain protecting defensive formation couldn't hold. If this had been some other sect in place of Pure Yang Palace, how could they escape extermination?

There was also another opinion. Pure Yang Palace had finally become undisguised in front of everyone, since they couldn't even defend their own mountain and sect, how can they still have the face to establish their sect? But this kind of voice was clearly very few, no one cared about it.

Pure Yang Palace had been enraged by this provocation, blood had entered their eyes. In front of countless sect disciples, Palace Master has pledged that Hundred Thousand Mountain must be purged and sect's humiliation would be washed using enemy's blood.

When Pure Yang Palace presented the evidence, simultaneously, it also combined with Clear Sky Sect, Green Jade Immortal Islands and Beast Taming Sect. The grand alliance marched to exterminate Hundred Thousand Mountains.

There weren't many people in the lead, only 50. But no one would dare to provoke these only 50 people in the whole world. These people included, nine Dacheng experts as well as 33 YuanYing experts and only one foundation stage disciple, Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had come with them as a guide, naturally, everyone knew that this was just a guise. Yang Chen only wanted to personally get justice for Gao Yue.

Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling, even Green Jade Immortal Islands' Shi Shanshan and Clear Sky Sect's Sun Qingxue, all wanted to follow Yang Chen, but they were firmly declined by Yang Chen, while at the same time, they were also constrained by their sect, drawing unhappiness from these females.

In fact, the stronghold occupied by the secret organization of Hundred Thousand Mountains had been investigated in detail for several years. The reason why everyone agreed to allow Yang Chen to follow them was because he was the pill concocting master who had concocted the heart questioning pill. The upper echelons of all sects were hoping that the experts of their sect could form some contact with Yang Chen and sow good karma which would make it quite convenient for them to seek pills in future.

Behind the Hundred Thousand Mountains were four Dacheng experts and around twenty YuanYing experts. This kind of strength was enough to contend against the best sects. However, when all is said and done, they were formed by dao, demon and devil paths working together so everyone had only joined together for their mutual benefits and weren't interdependent on each other in life and death like a sect. This also meant that they could only occupy Hundred Thousand Mountain but couldn't contend against big sects like Greatest Heaven Sect or Clear Sky Sect.

There was one more reason why the Hundred Thousand Mountains had been standing tall without falling. They had a guardian magic weapon, which was the Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Spell which covered their entire territory. Only the four Dacheng experts knew the profoundness of this spell formation, ordinary experts couldn't break this spell formation.

Previously, Greatest Heaven Sect always had five Dacheng experts making it the sect with most Dacheng experts among dao sects. Their strength was quite formidable. But if they went on an expedition against Hundred Thousand Mountains, they would have to pay considerable price. When compared to the investment, the benefits couldn't compare.

It was impossible for them to break the spell and kill four Dacheng experts unless they were ready to sacrifice at least three of their Dacheng experts. Moreover, during the 'great calamity of devil cultivation', they had already lost one of their Dacheng experts, considerably weakening their strength, making it even more difficult for them to move against Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Currently, the strength of the alliance of these four sects was already double of Hundred Thousand Mountains. The people leading the party weren't afraid of the few Dacheng experts behind Hundred Thousand Mountains. Their only concern was that Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Spell, even if they had a group of YuanYing and Dacheng experts, still there would be heavy casualties to break the spell.

"I can break the Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Spell!"

Before starting, Yang Chen had guaranteed this in front of the group of experts. All the experts looked at each other in dismay, if Yang Chen hadn't concocted the heart questioning pill then someone would have already scolded him. But, even then, many people didn't think his words were reasonable.

A foundation stage junior who concocts pills can break Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Spell? Even Dacheng experts didn't dare to make such claims.

It must be known that the Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Formation used a dangerous location of Hundred Thousand Mountain as foundation and was set up by a Dacheng stage spell formation expert.

That dangerous location was basically a place where lightning falls continuously, after being reinforced by spell formation, the might of thunder at that place has become greatly astonishing. The lightning here can be said to be comparable to the lightning tribulation of the three great tribulations.

Yang Chen, a trifling foundation stage junior, surprisingly dared to shoot his mouth saying that he could break the spell, he was simply being delusional. Everyone only gave face to Pure Yang Palace and his title of pill concocting master and didn't say anything unpleasant.

"Then how about this, since seniors allow this junior to be impudent."

Yang Chen understood what everyone was thinking, but didn't try to defend himself and faintly smiled while continuing:

"If junior cannot break the Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Formation, then junior agrees to refine a pill requested by each senior for them free of charge, what do you think?"

Since they were already planning to attack Hundred Thousand Mountains, that spell must be broken. But now, Yang Chen had taken the sole initiative to break the spell formation. Moreover, if he failed, he was still willing to refine elixirs for everyone free of charge, where could they find such a great deal? At that time, not to mention other elixirs, just finding the raw materials and refining a batch of heart questioning pills was sufficient to repay everyone's labour several times.

No one said anything to oppose him, but everyone became hopeful, wishing that Yang Chen would be unable to break the spell formation and everyone could fairly obtain a heart questioning pill. Only, at that time, they have to protect Yang Chen properly so that even if failed in breaking the spell, he wouldn't be injured by the spell formation.

The news of Pure Yang Palace declaring Hundred Thousand Mountains to be the main culprit hadn't spread to Hundred Thousand Mountains currently. The secret organization of Hundred Thousand Mountains hadn't sensed that the imminent danger, completely oblivious to the fact that their villa had already been surrounded a group of experts completely cutting off the escape for the people inside.

Because of the Seven Star Heavenly Thunder Formation covering the villa, even Dacheng experts on the outside couldn't use their spiritual awareness to examine the situation inside. Similarly, the people inside villa also couldn't use their spiritual awareness to examine the circumstances outside. Perhaps, they had absolute faith on the spell formation, so the people inside villa didn't think that anyone would come to attack them.

Presently, Yang Chen was standing outside the spell formation observing the lightning inside the spell formation which was waiting to strike. Slightly far away, a group of experts was curiously observing Yang Chen, trying to guess what kind of method did he plan to use to cut open the spell formation.

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