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Chapter 221
Chapter 221- Perhaps This Is Our Chance

He didn’t need to waste too much time to visit Senior black tiger. Since he was certain that Liang Shaoming was up to some mischief, Yang Chen also didn’t hide his strength and immediately took out the flying shuttle and quickly rushed to Beast Taming Sect.

Palace Master had already discussed this matter with the higher ups of Beast Taming Sect, so meeting with Senior black tiger quickly wasn’t a problem. After delivering the heart questioning pill he had prepared for senior black tiger, Yang Chen quickly steered the flying shuttle towards Pure Yang Palace.

Everyone present on the scene was aware of the flying shuttle’s existence. Although Wang Yong had seen it for the first time, when they went to save Gao Yue, he had realized that Yang Chen had a high speed magic tool. So he wasn’t the slightest bit astonished upon seeing the flying shuttle. Within less than 20 days, Yang Chen had returned to Pure Yang Palace.

Hall master Meng Xian had been keeping watch over Pure Yang Palace. When the old tree demon had valiantly led the Palace Master to rapidly return to Pure Yang Palace, Liang Shaoming had been waiting with a bunch of followers for the good news.

But when he suddenly saw the bloody figure of the Palace Master appear before him, he was rooted to the ground because of fear. Without waiting for him to resist, the old tree demon quickly tried to capture him. A trifling JieDan stage cultivator didn’t have any means to resist in front of the old tree demon’s clone.

When he saw that the turn of events was far from encouraging, Liang Shaoming counterattacked, which gave everyone a huge fright. Several tens of tenth water godly thunder pearls directly appeared. The old tree demon swiftly struck him causing Liang Shaoming to lose conscience, but it was already too late to stop the tenth water godly thunder pearl’s explosion.

Having no other alternative, the old tree demon used his body to receive all the tenth water godly thunder pearls and rushed towards the sky. Clearly, these tenth water godly thunder pearls had been refined by Dacheng experts. The explosion of several of these at the same time caused the clone’s body to die, which then disappeared after a moment.

Even if the old tree demon had tried to save the Pure Yang Palace but still because of the continuous explosions in the sky, the mountain protecting spell formation flickered several times before disappearing. Almost all the buildings had collapsed due the shockwaves. Several thousand foundation stage disciples had also been affected by the shockwaves and were severely injured. Even the Jiedan stage disciples were also affected and suffered light wounds.

All the people present on the scene turned pale with fright. These many tenth water yin thunder pearls certainly couldn’t be refined by Liang Shaoming alone. He didn’t have that kind of ability. If it were not for the old tree demon, everyone present on the scene would have died, and the Pure Yang Palace would have been turned into ruins.

A Dacheng expert had died horribly, the Palace Master had been severely injured, an elder had betrayed the sect, several thousand disciples had also been injured, and all the buildings in the sect including the main hall of the sect had also turned into dust. From the time, it was established, it was the first time the Pure Yang Palace had suffered from such an extent of damage.

Old tree demon’s main body which was on the flying shuttle, suddenly trembled and then his whole figure became depressed.

Seeing this, everyone was greatly astonished. What had happened which caused this kind of transformation in the old tree demon? Only after a moment of depression, the old tree demon’s complexion quickly returned to

normal, however, anyone could see that his body was currently very weak.

Soon, everyone heard about the attack on Pure Yang Palace from the old tree demon. Hearing that the Pure Yang Palace had suffered such destruction, Yang Chen was furious and recklessly increased the flying shuttle to return quickly to Pure Yang Palace. Gao Yue was still there and it was unknown whether she had been affected or not, and whether she had suffered any injuries.

Unexpectedly, this time, when the old tree demon had sacrificed his clone to save everyone. His contribution was unprecedentedly big. Even without waiting for the rewards that Palace Master would bestow on the old tree demon, Yang Chen immediately took out a tree of PengLai divine wood and directly gave it to the old tree demon after receiving him into the domed palace hall.

The first wood spirit power of PengLai Divine Wood was countless times more pure compared to old tree demon’s main body which was formed of Cassia trees. Old tree demon hadn’t expected that his one act to save lives would get him this kind of enormous returns. Under great excitement, he even forgot that he had lost his clone. He then split open his body and bundled the entire PengLai Divine Wood within it.

“The last heart questioning pill will perfectly fuse the PengLai Divine Wood’s spirit power.”

Yang Chen said and quickly came out of the domed palace hall:

“Don’t worry and concentrate on healing. You don’t need to worry about other things.”

When Yang Chen and others returned to the Pure Yang Palace, the Pure Yang Palace was being crazily rebuilt. The matter of the main hall of the sect being destroyed was a matter of great humiliation for all the disciples. Every disciple was filled with anger and was concentrating on rebuilding the sect. Fortunately, Gao Yue only suffered from light wounds which didn’t cause her much harm.

When Yang Chen saw the Palace Master and other elders, everyone had a heavy expression on their faces mixed with a sense of guilt. Yang Chen immediately understood the reason. It hadn’t been easy for the sect to gain a Dacheng expert, but unexpectedly they had lost their Dacheng expert against the final struggle with this traitor Liang Shaoming. Who would feel happy about this?

“Palace Master, hall master Gui isn’t dead!”

When Yang Chen said this, everyone raised their heads and looked at Yang Chen not daring to believe as if trying to distinguish whether his words were true or false.

Everyone knew that if they could capture Hundred Thousand Mountains then the Pure Yang Palace would gain the opportunity to advance rapidly. But at this critical moment, Lin Yunfeng’s surprising revolt and loss of their only Dacheng expert had made all the higher ups of Pure Yang Palace feel despair.

But Yang Chen’s words, instantly returned their confidence. Without caring for etiquettes in front of Palace Master, everyone immediately began to talk together asking the reason.

Now, Yang Chen also wasn’t afraid of disclosing the matter of Gui Shanyou’s clone. After hearing that hall master Gui Shanyou had only lost a clone which he could restore after cultivating for some years, everyone instantly began to cheer for him making the atmosphere quite lively.

“What happened to that bastard Liang Shoaming?”

At this moment, Yang Chen also wasn’t polite and directly mentioned him by name:

“I want to make him regret being born in this world!”

No one felt any sympathy for Liang Shoaming who had surprisingly prepared the savage tenth water godly thunder pearls and had also detonated it within the great mountain defending spell formation. If Gui Shanyou hadn’t acted swiftly by collecting all the tenth water godly thunder pearls and flying high towards the sky, then maybe Pure Yang Palace would be exterminated today.

Palace Master and that accompanying elder also felt a burst of lingering fear. If those people who had launched a sneak attack on them together with Lin Yunfeng had used the tenth water godly thunder pearls, then both of them would have been dead long ago. This excess fear caused their hatred towards the main culprit Liang Shaoming to rise to the deepest levels.

Yang Chen’s attitude clearly implied that he wanted to punish Liang Shaoming. Although all the people present on the scene had higher status than Yang Chen, no one stopped him. Even Palace Master felt regret that even after so many unexpected events at Luminous Moon Hall, he never had the resolve to deal with Liang Shaoming. If he had, then the Pure Yang Palace wouldn’t have to face the current destruction.

“He will be handed over to you!”

Palace Master said gnashing his teeth in anger:

“Ask him clearly for me, what was he doing all these years?”

No one supported Liang Shaoming who had caused the destruction at Pure Yang Palace. When Liang Shaoming was handed over to Yang Chen, Yang Chen didn’t ask him anything and first made him suffer all the tortures he had learned at the Heavenly Court without caring for his cries of forgiveness or anguished wails.

While punishing him, Yang Chen even used many powerful elixirs to treat all sorts of injuries to make sure that he could suffer all the tortures without dying.

“I will make sure that you know what means by not being allowed to live and not being able to seek death!”

After Liang Shaoming woke up, Yang Chen told him this and didn’t talk with him anymore.

In the beginning, Liang Shaoming endured to the greatest extent thinking that the upper echelons of Pure Yang Palace would certainly want to get some information from him and wouldn’t let him die lightly. But after more than ten days had passed, he didn’t have this kind of extravagant hope anymore.

Liang Shaoming felt as if he had been thrown in hell and Yang Chen had turned into a fiend from hell, ignoring any reason, disregarding all causes and effects, he even didn’t talk to him and was solely engrossed in carrying out his punishment, he only want Liang Shaoming to suffer the torture without caring for obtaining any information from him.

This kind of torture which didn’t differentiate between right and wrong was so painful that could make people wish that they were dead. It made Liang Shaoming clearly understand what was meant by not being allowed to live and not being able to seek death.

Now, whenever Liang Shaoming was sober enough to see Yang Chen’s figure, his body would start trembling as if every cell in his body was afraid of Yang Chen and couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

Within less than half month, Liang Shaoming had already collapsed. Every time he saw Yang Chen, he would start shouting:

“What do you want to know? Just ask me, ok! But please don’t hurt me!”

Yang Chen sneered, regardless of however Liang Shaoming begged for forgiveness, he continued with his torture. Thus, ten more days passed like this and Liang Shaoming had completely collapsed many times and didn’t have any intention of concealing anything.

“I am Greatest Heaven Sect’s inner disciple, before entering Pure Yang Palace, I had already entered Greatest Heaven Sect. Under my master’s command, I secretly entered Pure Yang Palace to look for the opportunity to annex Pure Yang Palace!”

Hearing Liang Shaoming’s words, the complexion of all the higher ups of Pure Yang Palace turned unsightly. A majestic hall master of the Pure Yang Palace, Luminous Moon Hall’s hall master, was surprisingly a disciple of Greatest Heaven Sect who had entered the sect several hundred years ago to look for the chance to annex Pure Yang Palace. For several hundred years, everyone was surprisingly hoodwinked by Liang Shaoming without any suspicion.

Other than great embarrassment, everyone only felt great hatred. Greatest Heaven Sect was just being an intolerable bully. They didn’t even hesitate to start killing the sect leader and destroying the entire sect to achieve their goal. Although Greatest Heaven Sect is considered a leader of dao sects, their actions simply resembled that of a devil sect.

Once Liang Shaoming’s secret identity became public, all doubts were explained. If Palace Master had died in that sneak attack, then most probably Lin Yunfeng would have become Palace Master. At that time, he would have certainly thrown his full support behind Liang Shaoming, so long as Liang Shaoming waited patiently for a few hundred years until Lin Yunfeng would ascend, being the person with the highest influence he would have been selected as the Palace Master.

Once Liang Shaoming became the Palace Master, then making the decision of merging with Greatest Heaven Sect would be completely up to him. The long term arrangements of this plan made everyone tremble in fear.

Those tenth water godly thunder pearls were also provided to him by the upper echelons of Greatest Heaven Sect through that concealed spell formation. If the situation doesn’t look very encouraging, he was to ignite those tenth water godly thunder pearls and exterminate the entire Pure Yang Palace in order to shield Greatest Heaven Sect’s plans so that it isn’t denounced by others.

Those several henchmen of Liang Shaoming in Luminous Moon Hall including the substitute hall master Song Hang had also been captured. Unexpectedly, they didn’t offer any resistance and revealed everything they knew about this matter.

All of them had been coaxed by Liang Shaoming, so they didn’t know the concrete details of the plan. After completing tasks assigned by Liang Shaoming, they had obtained many benefits from Liang Shaoming and the Greatest Heaven Sect separately. Because of which, they didn’t have any hesitation in following Liang Shaoming and chasing after Greatest Heaven Sect’s shadow. No one supported these traitors, since they had betrayed the sect, their punishment was clear, execution!

“They went too far!”

Wang Yong who had a fiery temper couldn’t endure this and slapped the table in front of him in anger:

“I say, we should reveal this scoundrel’s true colours to the entire world and see how this Greatest Heaven Sect deals with this?”

Everyone was also furious, but hearing Wang Yong’s proposal, everyone silently contemplated over it. Although making this matter public would allow them to relieve their pent up frustration, what would happen in the future?

This was a big question, if the Greatest Heaven Sect could just casually push out an elder and say that it was all planned by him in secret and being guilty of terrible crimes, he would be executed as an apology to the entire world. After they provide this explanation, Pure Yang Palace would become Greatest Heaven Sect’s mortal enemy and might have to face more secret reprisals from them.

Honestly speaking, the current Pure Yang Palace could in no way contend against Greatest Heaven Sect and wasn’t simply their opponent. Apparently, this matter has to be considered at great lengths.

“Yang Chen, what do you think?”

Palace Master didn’t announce any decision, rather asked Yang Chen for his opinion.

The higher ups of sect, which included the group of elders and hall masters, focused their gazes on Yang Chen’s face. No one suggested that Yang Chen’s participation in this kind of matter was not suitable. Similarly, no one felt that Yang Chen raising a suggestion in front of everyone was not appropriate, giving a very strange feeling.

“Disciple thinks, this is a rather good chance.”

After mumbling to himself for a while, Yang Chen slowly said.

“Chance? What chance?”

Everyone was completely astonished and Zhu Chentao who had good relations with Yang Chen, couldn’t help but speak up.

“Since the tenth water godly thunder had already been detonated, in all likelihood, people of Greatest Heaven Sect think that Liang Shaoming is already dead and we don’t know about their plan.”

Yang Chen sorted out his reasoning and slowly said.

Ordinary disciples didn’t know that Liang Shaoming had been captured by upper echelons of Pure Yang Palace. So far, the only people who knew that Liang Shaoming was alive were all present here. No other people knew about it.

“Also there isn’t much possibility that those people who attacked Palace Master will come forward and speak up that they came from Greatest Heaven Sect.”

Yang Chen looked at the Liang Shaoming who was still mumbling to himself and said with a smile:

“Our current strength is insufficient, so for the time being, we should feign ignorance about Greatest Heaven Sect’s actions.”

“Then how do we explain this kind of appearance of my sect?”

Xu Chengxin immediately asked.

“Since our attack on Hundred Thousand Mountains is imminent, then we might as well use this attack as the grounds of justification.”

Yang Chen looked at everyone and said in a loud voice:

“Publicly announce that people of Hundred Thousand Mountains have attacked Pure Yang Palace, then even if our sect exterminates Hundred Thousand Mountains, no one will say anything about it.”

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