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Chapter 220
Chapter 220- Traitor Finally Shows His True Nature

Palace Master together with another elder had been enroute to pay a visit to the Green Jade Immortal Islands when they were attacked by some experts with unknown identities.

Five YuanYing and one Dacheng expert had attacked them. According to reason, this kind of formidable force was sufficient to kill both the Palace Master and the accompanying elder. But no one had expected that the result would be completely different.

In fact, only Gui Shanyou hadn’t known the identity of these people. Palace Master and the accompanying elder, both of them, had information about these people. Apart from that Dacheng expert, all the YuanYing experts were quite famous. Among them, four were famous rogue cultivators who had been missing for the past few years.

The most shocking thing was that the last YuanYing expert was surprisingly Pure Yang Palace’s elder Lin Yunfeng. When Palace Master discovered this, he was so shocked that he couldn’t say anything.

Originally, this ambush would indeed have succeeded, but what destroyed their plan was the appearance of the old tree demon Gui Shanyou. No one had expected that Gui Shanyou would be together with Palace Master.

Only Yang Chen knew that the Gui Shanyou over there was only a clone of the old tree demon, his main body was still in Yang Chen’s domed palace hall. However, even though it was just a clone, it was also a formidable Dacheng expert who had suppressed the Yin Fire tribulation, so he couldn’t help but feel contempt for these people.

Yang Chen had already discussed this plan with the Palace Master long ago. Moreover, Yang Chen having asked the old tree demon to enter his domed palace hall outside Pure Yang Palace was precisely the illusion they wanted to present to others showing that the old tree demon was travelling together with Yang Chen. Under this misconception, no one had expected his clone to appear.

Inside the Pure Yang Palace, only Yang Chen, Gao Yue, She Kui and Xie Sha knew about old tree demon’s clone. She Kui and Xie Sha hadn’t said anything, and Yang Chen and Gao Yue also didn’t reveal anything. Lin Yunfeng and his henchmen only saw the old tree demon leaving with Yang Chen but hadn’t imagined the clone of old tree demon would also be accompanying the Palace Master.

During the great calamity of devil cultivation, following Yang Chen’s suggestion, Gui Shanyou hadn’t shown his complete strength and tried to gain many favours by saving people. But this didn’t mean that the cultivation of the clone of old tree demon could be underestimated by others.

Only Yang Chen knew that at that time, if old tree demon’s clone had battled with full strength, then no other people would be needed to settle that matter. Even if Lin Chenghe, who had died because of backlash from devil cultivation, and the other two Dacheng experts whom he had absorbed had joined together, then even they would have found it difficult to deal with old tree demon.

Old tree demon had forcibly suppressed the Yin Fire tribulation several times, so the profound strength he had accumulated even made Yang Chen, a Great Principal Golden Immortal, speechless.

Moreover, the old tree demon’s clone had another formidable characteristic which others didn’t have. It wasn’t afraid of dying. If the clone was dead, then the main body would only lose several hundred year’s worth of cultivation, so there wouldn’t be any severe damage to the main body. Therefore, when needed, the old tree demon won’t be miserly with his clone and could control it to detonate anytime.

The formidable power released by the the self detonation of a Dacheng expert was completely unfathomable. With the old tree demon’s

clone fighting without caring for his life, even the Dacheng expert who had tried to make a sneak attack earlier, also was suppressed and had ran away after getting seriously injured.

In fact, old tree demon knew about each and every movement of most people of Pure Yang Palace like the back of his hand. After the old tree demon had passed the Yin Fire tribulation, countless cassia saplings were born on the MeiQing Mountain. Everyone had believed that they were born because old tree demon had ascended his tribulation, but they didn’t know that every one of these cassia trees was a part of his main body.

The root system of these countless trees was merged together with the roots system of the old tree demon’s main body, although they weren’t his clones, any activity in the surroundings didn’t escape old tree demon’s notice. Old tree demon clearly knew about all the major activities within the MeiQing Mountain.

When Yang Chen had made this plan of catching the traitor with Palace Master, old tree demon was a major character. As long as anyone was inside the MeiQing Mountains, the old tree demon could find out what they are doing.

During the several years, when Yang Chen was concocting pills and had been cultivating in seclusion, the old tree demon had screened each and everyone in the Pure Yang Palace to check for any abnormality. What made Yang Chen happy was that apart from Luminous Moon Hall’s hall master Liang Shaoming and his master Lin Yunfeng together with few other disciples of Luminous Moon Hall, the behaviour of others was completely normal without any abnormality.

If it had been just for a day or two, then that wouldn’t have proved anything, but this was the result of countless years of surveillance. Moreover, among the upper echelons, the behaviour of Liang Shaoming and Lin Yunfeng was the strangest. 。 Yang Chen knew, old tree demon also knew, it doesn’t mean that the Palace Master also knew. Even if Palace Master would have heard this from Yang Chen and old tree demon, then also he wouldn’t have completely believed it. After all, the feud between Yang Chen and Liang Shaoming was public knowledge within the whole Pure Yang Palace, so Yang Chen exposing this wasn’t suitable. The best way was to allow them to discover it themselves.

Moreover, the Palace Master going on a trip this time was also the perfect opportunity. In fact, in the past few years, every time the Palace Master went out, he would be accompanied by old tree demon to guard against the unexpected. However, this was a secret which no one knew, Yang Chen had the Medicine Garden so Palace Master who was the sect leader, why won’t he have anything like this?

Yang Chen was very important, but his cultivation was low, making it easy to deal with him. But this also meant that everyone’s attention would be concentrated on him, so on the contrary he wouldn’t be the best target to attack. While the Palace Master, who was a proud YuanYing stage expert, usually went out on his own and was rarely accompanied by elders, so making him an easy target.

But if the Palace Master met with an accident, that would a huge affair. If Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to delay Pure Yang Palace’s campaign on Hundred Thousand Mountain, then, rather than colluding with the Hundred Thousand Mountains, it would be better to use the internal strife within the Pure Yang Palace. Moreover, if the Palace Master met with an accident, then it would create large confusion which would delay the matter of Hundred Thousand Mountains for long time.

Furthermore, if the Palace Master met with an accident then the Pure Yang Palace would be like a dragon without its head. Then Lin Yunfeng would also have the opportunity as an elder to become the new Palace Master. With the support of Luminous Moon Hall’s hall master Liang Shaoming and external support from Greatest Heaven Sect, his chances to become the Palace Master would increase greatly.

If Lin Yunfeng became the Palace Master then all the previous plans which Pure Yang Palace had made with Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect would be thrown out of the window. Likewise, with Lin Yunfeng as incharge, it would make inclusion of the Greatest Heaven Sect quite easy.

Perhaps because of this fact, Lin Yunfeng had attacked impatiently. Perhaps he had completely assured or perhaps because he thought that if he also helped them, then they would have higher chance of victory. Lin Yunfeng had also come personally to see Palace Master die.

Facing everyone’s attack, Palace Master still couldn’t dare to believe that it was surprisingly his own junior apprentice brother, Lin Yunfeng, that would collude with Greatest Heaven Sect to kill him. All the other rogue cultivators were certainly deployed by Greatest Heaven Sect secretly, including that mysterious Dacheng expert. All of them were Greatest Heaven Sect’s hidden strength.

Old tree demon’s formidable battle prowess left Palace Master gobsmacked. The old tree demon staked his life in fighting with that Dacheng expert and didn’t hold back. He attacked without caring for his life. A Dacheng stage expert’s pressure erupted out from his body like a rainbow, and within a short time, the opponent coughed up blood and then unleashed a forbidden escape technique at the cost of his cultivation base and disappeared without any trace.

The remaining five YuanYing experts, including Lin Yunfeng, couldn’t match the joint attack by the old tree demon, Palace Master and that elder, and in a moment, only three corpses together and a seriously injured Lin Yunfeng were left behind. The last YuanYing expert also coughed up blood and escaped using a forbidden technique.

But the Palace Master was also heavily injured after being secretly attacked by that Dacheng expert at the beginning of the ambush. The other elder was also injured but compared to the Palace Master who had been the target of everyone’s attack, his injuries weren’t worth mentioning.

“Junior brother Lin!”

Palace Master still wasn’t willing to believe that it was surprisingly his own junior brother, Lin Yunfeng, that had personally attacked him. Palace Master popped a healing elixir and before it could take effect, he directly arrived in front of injured Lin Yunfeng and angrily asked:

“What benefits had the Greatest Heaven Sect given you that you had turned traitor? What had they given to you that even the position of an elder wasn’t enough?”

“Greatest……..Heaven Sect?”

Covering the injury on his stomach, the extremely weak Lin Yunfeng looked at Palace Master feeling ashamed of himself. But when he heard Palace Master’s question, he couldn’t help but reveal his surprise:

“I…….hadn’t…..colluded…..with……Greatest Heaven Sect?”

“You still aren’t willing to admit?”

Palace Master was already shaking due to anger, blood continuously flowed from the wound caused by the magic weapon of that Dacheng expert, a bitter and hateful expression filled his face, all his organs were almost a mess:

“If you hadn’t colluded with Greatest Heaven Sect then what will explain the secret spell formation on the sect mountain? How would you explain the leaking of xun qi pill given to new disciples? How would you explain the words of Cheng Wencai who had been sent here to retrieve these things?”

“Senior brother!”

Hearing the questions of Palace Master, Lin Yunfeng immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood and a painful expression appeared on his face.

The elder standing on the side couldn’t bear to see this and immediately gave him a healing elixir. After all they belonged to the same sect and had known each other for a long time. He didn’t have the heart to see Lin Yunfeng suffer.

However, it was clear that this elixir would only lessen his pain a little bit. His injuries were extremely serious. Other than some legendary herbs, which could get him to rise from deathbed, nothing else would work and he would certainly die.

“I…….I…..only…..wanted….to become….sect leader!”

Lin Yunfeng explained in a stammering voice:

“I………..haven’t…….colluded……with…….Greatest Heaven Sect!”

“You really haven’t?”

Palace Master also began to have doubts, Lin Yunfeng was on his deathbed and words of a man on his deathbed always came from heart. There isn’t a great probability that he was lying, could it be that he really hadn’t colluded with Greatest Heaven Sect?

“It……must be……Liang…….Shaoming……that.traitor!”

Lin Yunfeng seemed to have thought of something and said with his face full of shame and pain:

“He…….incited me, saying…….Greatest…….. Heaven Sect…….would provide support!”

After hearing this explanation, the Palace Master finally understood everything. Everyone knew that Lin Yunfeng hadn’t accepted the current Palace Master. Furthermore, with the benefits of Hundred Thousand Mountains in front of him, Lin Yunfeng was tempted. If he became Palace Master and could conquer the Hundred Thousand Mountains then his name would certainly be written in most glorious words in the history of Pure Yang Palace.

He had some ambitions, combined together with Liang Shaoming’s instigation and a guarantee from him that the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely support him. He believed that as long as he could deal with the current Palace Master, he would certainly obtain the position of Palace Master and would bring unprecedented glory to Pure Yang Palace, only then he decided to act.

However, from the beginning, he only wanted to become the sect leader and also the sect leader who had brought great glory to the sect, he didn’t have any intention of betraying the sect.

But Liang Shaoming was definitely suspicious. He even had secret dealing with Greatest Heaven Sect. Moreover, he also supported the Greatest Heaven Sect on all matters. Furthermore, this time, the involvement of a Dacheng expert on the attack on Palace Master, it would only be a wonder if he didn’t have any relation with the traitor.

Otherwise, without sufficient benefits, who would dispatch a Dacheng expert for someone whom they had no relation to? When the Pure Yang Palace had invited the few Dacheng experts to join the campaign, not only did they have to use their personal favours, they also had to give the heart questioning pill as compensation. Liang Shaoming was a trifling JieDan stage expert, what kind of favours could he have done for Dacheng experts. Neither could he provide anything useful for them, but still, the Greatest Heaven Sect had sent a Dacheng expert on his word. The only explanation of this would be that he had already sold out the Pure Yang Palace completely.

At the apt timing, the old tree demon also made the report of unusual behaviour of Liang Shaoming and few other disciples of Luminous Moon Hall to the Palace Master. Hearing all this, Palace Master became certain that Liang Shaoming was definitely that traitor.

“What didn’t my sect provide him, why did he become a traitor?”

The Palace Master couldn’t restrain his anger and loudly shouted.

As for Lin Yunfeng, he had lost a lot of blood and his injuries were also quite severe, he couldn’t support himself to stand now and squeezed out his final words with great difficulty:

“Senior brother, I……haven’t colluded…..with….Greatest……Heaven Sect!”

After saying this, his head crooked and he died.

“Return to the mountain!”

After this scandal, naturally it wouldn’t be good to go to the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Palace Master loudly instructed and all of them, and they returned back. With all the information, Liang Shaoming certainly couldn’t be allowed to flee.

Gui Shanyou’s clone had some secret link with his main body, whatever the clone knew about, the main body would immediately become aware of it. Yang Chen and Wang Yong also heard about everything that had happened from old tree demon.

Apart from several elders, there was also Meng Xian at the sect. He had been keeping a close watch on Liang Shaoming, this time, Liang Shaoming couldn’t escape.

Thinking that he could get rid of Liang Shaoming now, Yang Chen’s also began to get excited. Liang Shaoming, this person was the main culprit of his master’s death in his previous life. If he hadn’t betrayed the sect, then his master wouldn’t have had to die. But now, surprisingly, he was already within a deep mess. Yang Chen wanted to immediately return to Pure Yang Palace and personally deal with Liang Shaoming.

However, his grand plan was also important, so Yang Chen had to go to invite Senior black tiger first. He used the clone of old tree demon over there to inform that Palace Master to leave Liang Shaoming alive, so that he would have plenty of opportunity in the future to make Liang Shaoming ask for death but couldn’t obtain it.

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