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Chapter 216- What A Shame28 Sep 2017

Absorbing different flames didn't simply increase spirit power, the most important thing was that the Yin and Yang Heaven Burning Flame, which Yang Chen wanted, required the fusion of a large number of Yin and Yang flames to complete it. The increase in spirit power was just an added benefit.

The spirit sea was greatly transformed, each one of those flames appeared within the spirit sea. Since earth rouses fire, each and every one of the flames absorbed were embedded in the trunk of the PengLai Divine Wood. Looking from afar, they seemed like fruits growing on the PengLai Divine Wood.

Although the area of the spirit sea hadn't increased much, his spirit awareness had crazily increased. Last time, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness had already reached the peak of initial YuanYing stage and now, it surpassed this limit and entered the ranks of mid YuanYing stage.

It has to be said that the Three Purities Secrets was indeed a heaven defying secret art, only someone like the Great Supreme Elder could take it out. Until now, Yang Chen's cultivation had only reached the third layer of Three Purities Secrets. The formidable effects of Three Purities Secrets hadn't begun to show yet. Who knew when he cultivated it to the peak, how formidable it would be?

While Yang Chen was cultivating here, among many sects, few had gathered at a secret pavilion. Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky School being the prime examples.

The Pure Yang Palace hadn't informed everyone about the sect's intention to strike at Hundred Thousand Mountain publicly. Palace Master Zhong Jiao had secretly contacted the sect masters of these two sects and informed them about his intentions. While speaking about this, he also mentioned the heart questioning pill refined by Yang Chen.

Both these sects were not some small sect and had existed for long, so they didn't feel anything wrong with Pure Yang Palace's ambitions. But what astounded them most was the heart questioning pill.

A pill which prevents the outer devils from invading and clearing one's conscience for Dacheng experts and would greatly increase their chances of ascension. What, how could a foundation stage youngster refine this type of pill?

Heaven Seizing Pill was also a similar pill which could assist people in passing the tribulation, but comparatively speaking, the Heaven Seizing Pill itself was quite formidable and has the ability to undergo tribulation, its power was equivalent to receiving a portion or even majority of the heavenly tribulation in place of the person receiving the heavenly tribulation.

Strictly speaking, this was relying on external support, which doesn't provide much help to the cultivation of the person that was undergoing the tribulation.

But the heart questioning pill was different, it allowed the person to keep their conscience clear and stops the invasion of external devils, thus increasing the mental fortitude of the person. Although it doesn't directly increase the spirit power cultivation of the user, if one's conscience during tribulation remains clear then as long as the person has sufficient cultivation base, it was certainly something which would increase his overall realm.

Does this kind of treasure really exist? Both of the sect masters didn't dare to believe it, but, when the light beam from the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard soared over hundred miles into the horizon and remained for a long time without dispersing, the information about this soon spread to Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect.

Both these sects immediately realized that the Pure Yang Palace was refining some unique godly weapon or perhaps some legendary pill, otherwise, such mystical circumstances wouldn't have happened.

After that, the Palace Master of Pure Yang Palace visited the two big sects again, but this time, he brought the heart questioning pill together with him. He even generously promised that if the Dacheng experts of both sects help them in the campaign, then every one of them would receive two heart questioning pills.

Naturally, no one would believe empty promises, but this time, the Palace Master also brought the real thing. Moreover, what made this deal even more irrefutable was the fact that he even allowed two Dacheng experts, one from each sect, to personally test the medicinal strength of the heart questioning pill.

No one believed that the Palace Master of Pure Yang Palace would personally poison the experts of other sects in their own territories, therefore, both sect delightedly accepted the proposal to test this pill.

Even more interesting was that the experts which both sects sent ahead were both acquaintances of Yang Chen. The Green Jade Immortal Islands was represented by elder Min Huafeng, who had taken the lead during the 'great calamity of devil cultivation', while the Clear Sky School had sent Sun Qingxue's master, elder Hua Wanting.

Under the gazes of some core elders of Green Jade Immortal Islands, elder Min Huafeng somewhat suspiciously took the heart questioning pill. Including the Palace Master of Pure Yang Palace, all the experts present on the scene were tensely watching elder Min Huafeng, fearing if she has made some mistake.

"Shanshan's dao companion refined this?"

After taking the heart questioning pill, there wasn't any great reaction, Min Huafeng faintly smiled. She didn't show any kind of censure towards Yang Chen who had refined the pill, seemingly, she was very satisfied since Yang Chen had taken a trip together with Shi Shanshan:

"Last time, after they went on the trip together, their chemistry seemed perfect, when should we settle their matter!"

After hearing these words, the people in the surrounding seemed to be slightly disappointed, while at the same time feeling slightly relieved. Although this heart questioning pill didn't have any effect as Yang Chen had said, at least it wasn't poisonous, Min Huafeng didn't seem to be suffering from any injuries.

Just when everyone thought this affair was over, suddenly Min Huafeng loudly shouted:

"How can this be?"

After that, she didn't say anything and immediately sat down on the ground in lotus position and entered meditative state.

The people in the surroundings, looked at each other in dismay, unaware of what had happened. Only one thing was certain that Min Huafeng hadn't suffered any injuries, rather was just cultivating normally.

"What is happening?"

After Min Huafeng entered into meditation, the island master of Green Jade Immortal Islands turned towards Palace Master of Pure Yang Palace and asked.

The pitiful Palace Master didn't know what would happen after consuming the heart questioning pill. Although he already had one pill gifted to him by Yang Chen, his current cultivation wasn't sufficient, so how could he waste it? So facing the island master's question, he shook his head with a puzzled expression, indicating that he also wasn't clear.

At this moment, all the elders of Green Jade Immortal Islands became slightly resentful, this was clearly the effect of the elixir given by Pure Yang Palace to the Dacheng expert of their Green Jade Immortal Islands to test. Pure Yang Palace themselves haven't eaten it once, but surprisingly, they still took it out? If not for elder Min Huafeng being in meditation during this whole time without any abnormally, then maybe, some angry words would have come from all these elders.

Beads of cold sweat appeared on the forehead of Palace Master, he also started blaming Yang Chen. Since he had told him about the effects of the elixir, then he should have also told him about the working of the elixir and what would happen after taking it, Yang Chen was indeed at fault. But Palace Master also couldn't help but have a few expectations within his heart, if the heart questioning pill really works as Yang Chen had said, then how would elder Min Huafeng change?

Elder Min Huafeng had now been cultivating for six months, which really frightened everyone. The Green Jade Immortal Islands sealed this particular guest residence to avoid any disturbance to elder Min Huafeng, causing a lot of sects to inquire about what had happened to result in such an arrangement.

The Palace Master could only stay there, silently waiting. If he had known that this would happen, then he would have made some preparations. Now, he could only rely on the people of Green Jade Immortal Islands to convey some information to Pure Yang Palace without any complaints.

This was a matter related to Pure Yang Palace, so obviously, it was left to Shi Shanshan, who had already been appointed as Yang Chen's dao companion.

Unfortunately, during the time Shi Shanshan made a few trips to Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen was always training in seclusion, so she couldn't meet Yang Chen, but during the few times she frequented Pure Yang Palace to communicate the message of Palace Master, it created a misunderstanding among all disciples of Pure Yang Palace that Palace Master had already given his consent to the relationship of Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan.

Countless people were secretly envious of Yang Chen, the world famous Fairy Shi, although she always had a cold expression, she was indeed a beautiful woman. High cultivation base, famous background, who knows how many virtues had Yang Chen amassed in exchange for getting in the good graces of Fairy Shi.

During these six months, the upper echelons of Pure Yang Palace and Green Jade Immortal Islands were waiting restlessly and yet expectantly. Then finally, one day, elder Min suddenly took a deep breath and lightly groaned, stopping her cultivation, she slowly opened her eyes.

The elders of Green Jade Immortal Islands were carefully guarding this area. When they saw elder Min open her eyes, they were delighted and hastily sent the news to Island Master and Palace Master. Both of them rushed over here, but elder Min seemed to not have awakened properly, she had not spoken anything yet.

A group of people were nervously monitoring elder Min's situation, they wanted to question her but were afraid to agitate her, all of them were ready to speak but kept on hesitating. If some outside saw the upper echelons of Green Jade Immortal Islands collectively knitting their brows in anxiousness, they would certainly think that the Green Jade Immortal Islands was facing some catastrophe.

"What a pity!"

Elder Min finally opened her mouth, but her first words alarmed Palace Master. Elder Min felt that just one word of regret was not enough and she shook her head again and added in:

"Extremely unfortunate!"

Palace Master immediately became depressed, from the looks it, it seems like this heart questioning pill doesn't have the effect which Yang Chen said it would have, otherwise, elder Min won't have such extreme regret.

Originally, he had thought that elder Min suddenly cultivating and persisting for six months was because of this heart questioning pill, but now, it seems that he was completely wrong. Perhaps, the hopes of Pure Yang Palace on Hundred Thousand Mountains would also be slowly quashed.

This little disciple Yang Chen had really grown arrogant these days after curing Senior black tiger's injuries and refining some elixir used by Dacheng stage expert. Obviously, Palace Master also felt that he himself was also in the wrong to have complete confidence in Yang Chen after seeing his confidence and thus had made such mistake and gratuitously made a joke of himself in Green Jade Immortal Islands, especially after he himself had come to their sect boasting about it.

While he was blaming himself, elder Min Huafeng stood up and suddenly made a bow towards Palace Master. This action of his confused Palace Master so much that he forgot to return the greeting. This was a Dacheng expert, a senior, how could she bow towards a junior? Could it be………..

"Formidable heart questioning pill!"

After the salute, elder Min sighed, feeling that it wasn't enough to express her regret, she again regretted:

"What a pity that I have taken the elixir too early!"

"Uncle master?"

The Island Master of Green Jade Immortal Islands was greatly surprised, elder Min's sentence was clearly directed towards the effects of the heart questioning pill.

"What a pity, I wasted such a good elixir."

Elder Min sighed again and soon after, said to everyone:

"I have already broken through the mid Dacheng stage."

Bang, even if everyone present on scene had the cultivation and mental state of a YuanYing stage elder, upon hearing elder Min's words, they couldn't help but cry out in surprise.

Hearing elder Min's words, Palace Master was shocked to the core, unable to say anything.

Elder Min's cultivation had been stuck at the mid Dacheng stage for a long time, even the battle during the 'great calamity of devil cultivation' wasn't of any help. But unexpectedly, under the effect of just one pill, within a short time of six months, she had broken through and entered the late Dacheng stage. This was the reason for the astonishment experienced by the elders of Green Jade Immortal Islands.

A pill could allow elder Min to break through the bottleneck of mid Dacheng stage without any unique signs, this simply toppled all their knowledge.

"After taking the pill, I had unconsciously and single-mindedly concentrated on cultivation with all my attention, the spirit power of my entire body was moving around like a single thread and there were no external thoughts in my mind, so how could there be an appearance of some unusual occurrence."

Elder Min herself had taken the elixir, so naturally, she realized this in greater detail and gave a fine explanation:

"Unfortunately, I had taken the elixir too early, otherwise, if I had taken it at the late stage bottleneck or perhaps before ascension, then my strength would have increased much more compared to right now!"

This explanation finally made everyone realize why elder Min had felt so much regret after waking up. Using such a formidable elixir at the mid Dacheng stage bottleneck was indeed great pity. Palace Master suddenly thought he was going to rely on this elixir to pass the Yin Fire tribulation to enter the Dacheng stage, wasn't that even more wasteful?

Naturally, this thought only came once to Palace Master's mind, Yang Chen had said that after 30 years, he would refine another batch. So although this heart questioning pill was extremely precious to other sects, to Pure Yang Palace, it couldn't be considered as precious.

Once he thought of this, his previous thoughts about scolding Yang Chen were thrown away in some unknown corner. Currently, his mind was only thinking about ways of exploiting this heart questioning pill and negotiating its price with Green Jade Immortal Islands to get as many benefits as he could.

"Then, this time, all three Dacheng experts of my Green Jade Immortal Islands will join the campaign against Hundred Thousand Mountains."

Seeing the formidable effects of heart questioning pill, in addition to the lure of ample profits of Hundred Thousand Mountains, the Island Master of Green Jade Immortal Islands immediately nodded his head:

"As for how to coordinate and how to attack, we will have to depend on fellow daoist to make the decision."

These words clearly implied that the Island Master had given the authority to Pure Yang Palace. This was something which had never happened before, even Palace Master was only thinking that as long as Green Jade Immortal Islands supported Pure Yang Palace that would be enough, he hadn't expected that Pure Yang Palace would possess the initiative in this collaboration.

But Green Jade Immortal Islands was delighted. The heart questioning pill was formidable, even breaking through mid Dacheng stage was easy. If the Green Jade Immortal Islands obtains the remaining five pills, then not counting the three pills used by each Dacheng expert during ascension, there would still be two pills remaining, sufficient for Green Jade Immortal Islands to gain two more Dacheng experts.

If any among the three current Dacheng expert doesn't need a pill during ascension, that meant that they could gain one more Dacheng expert. So even if all three Dacheng experts of Green Jade Immortal Islands ascend, they would still be counted as a big sect.

The relationship between Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen, this pill concocting master with boundless prospects, must not be destroyed by anyone. If anyone dares to interfere with these two, they would be mortal enemies of Green Jade Immortal Islands!

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