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Chapter 215- Handling With The Heart Questioning Pill28 Sep 2017

The huge disturbance alarmed everyone in the MeiQing Mountain. The beam of light was 50 km tall and could be seen clearly within a radius of 500 km.

The fluctuation of spirit power was extremely fierce, everyone was thinking what kind of suppressed power had been released that it needed such an enormous amount of spirit power, which was calmly moving towards the region from where the light appeared.

The people of Second Fierce Yang Courtyard had already sensed these fluctuations long ago, even from the hall where Palace Master lived, more than ten silhouettes could be seen flying in the air towards here. In a short period of time, Palace Master Zhong Jiao and other elders had already flown over to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

The beam of light didn't scatter and was extremely eye-catching within the night sky. All the experts present on the scene could sense the calm movement of a huge amount of spirit power, but no one made any movement.

Everyone knew that the refining of heart questioning pills had reached the final stage. Whether it succeeded or failed wasn't clear yet, but just the fact that this elixir could attract the calm spirit power and absorb it illustrated the fearsomeness of this pill. This heart questioning pill indeed deserved its reputation.

These circumstances lasted for two whole hours, only then did the pillar of light start to flicker and slowly disappear. The spirit power in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard had finally returned to normal.

Immediately afterwards, everyone heard the laughter of Yang Chen, Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin. Palace Master and others waiting outside finally relaxed, seemingly, the refining of heart questioning pills had succeeded. Now, the only question was the number of pills refined in this batch.

Hearing the sound of activity, Yang Chen knew that he had disturbed many people so he didn't stay in the pill concocting room and quickly came out together with Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin.

Seeing Palace Master Zhong Jiao, all three of them immediately saluted. Palace Master also faintly smiled and returned the greeting, then he immediately stopped Zhu Chentao, who was trying to say something, and led all of them to the official business hall of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, together with the elders.

After properly setting up restrictions, Palace Master Zhong Jiao asked:

"So how many pills were refined in this batch?"

Actually, not only Palace Master, even the other elders also wanted to know the answer to this question, but seeing the large number of people in the surrounding, they didn't ask. This was also the reason for stopping Zhu Chentao from speaking at that time.

"Disciple hasn't broken your trust, this time 15 pills had been refined."

Yang Chen answered with a smile. On the other side, Zhu Chentao was also nodding continuously.

Hearing that there were 15 pills, everyone immediately relaxed. As long as, it was more than ten pills, then according to the original plan, they could invite five Dacheng stage experts. With this, they would have much greater assurance in dealing with Hundred Thousand Mountains.

During the two years when Yang Chen was refining, whether it was because they felt fear after Yang Chen had killed a YuanYing stage expert or because they were busy with dealing with the issue of a large number of disciples of various sects that had gone missing in the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the past, which was being secretly pushed by Pure Yang Palace, the power behind the Hundred Thousand Mountains didn't take any big action towards Pure Yang Palace.

With these heart questioning pills, the discussed plan with the few other sects could move to the next stage. However, a fact that everyone suspected was whether this heart questioning pill really had the effect which Yang Chen said it had.

The promise of giving two heart questioning pills to every Dacheng stage expert was because of this consideration. With the first pill, they could verify the efficacy of the heart questioning pill. For those Dacheng stage experts, a rumor would be eternally unequal to a fact which they had personally verified.

All of this was Palace Master Zhong Jiao's responsibility, so those ten heart questioning pills were handed over to Palace Master in a jade bottle. But everyone's gaze was still on Yang Chen, as if desiring to know what he intended to do with those five leftover heart questioning pills.

It couldn't be helped since Yang Chen's description had really tempted everyone, moreover, the majority of the elders had been at YuanYing stage for too long, the appearance of the heart questioning pill bought a new hope for everyone.

How could Yang Chen not realize what all the elders were thinking about, he faintly laughed:

"The ingredients this time were only sufficient for one batch of heart questioning pill, moreover, all the elders don't need it for the time being. Elders, please wait for a few decades, then if any of the elders senses the bottleneck to the Dacheng stage, disciple would refine another batch to help you breakthrough."

These words were indeed most fitting for the situation, the group of elder became extremely excited. But Yang Chen immediately continued:

"However, the materials to refine this pill are extremely precious, so elders, someone breaking through from JieDan stage to YuanYing stage mustn't be allowed to use a heart questioning pill, don't you all agree?"

What kind of question was this, the heart questioning pill was so precious that using it to breakthrough from YuanYing stage to Dacheng stage was already like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, who would be willing to waste it on JieDan stage bottleneck? Moreover, all the elders were already at YuanYing stage, so they even went as far to point out that there was no need to waste heart questioning pills on someone who can't even break through to YuanYing stage by themselves.

No one opposed this proposal, everyone silently nodded. Palace Master Zhong Jiao then asked:

"As for that batch of elixirs, do you intend to gift it to the sect?"


Yang Chen nodded:

"However, for the time being, the sect doesn't have anyone who needs to use them, moreover, disciple's cultivation is also insufficient so many materials were wasted during refining. After 30 years, disciple will produce another batch, reckoning that at that time, even more pills would be produced."

Although Yang Chen's refining skills were excellent, his cultivation restrained him. Everyone understood this point, in fact, if not for settling the issue with Hundred Thousand Mountain completely, Yang Chen absolutely wouldn't have taken out the heart questioning pill so easily.

"This is your property, since you are handing it over, how do you want the sect to reward you?"

After Yang Chen gave his promise, Palace Master was delighted and immediately asked about the matter of rewards.

"Disciple doesn't need many things, I just have two requests."

Yang Chen wasn't someone who selflessly contributed to the sect, that would only be possible if his master was the Palace Master. He immediately put forth his requests:

"First is that the sect continues to obtain flames for this disciple. Second is that if disciple takes fancy to something obtained from Hundred Thousand Mountains, disciple could have the priority of buying it at market price."

These two requests weren't too difficult. For collecting flames, as long as the sect issues such a mission, it would be simple. As for the second request, it was slightly troublesome, after all, it was a joint operation with a few other sects, so they couldn't avoid thinking that rather than this, they could promise some other request to Yang Chen.

However, compared to another batch of heart questioning pills, these few requests were nothing. Yang Chen's purchase would be finite, moreover, he would be paying according to the market price, so it was not overbearing. Moreover, if even this was impossible, then there was no need for the Pure Yang Palace to vie over Hundred Thousand Mountains.


Even without the consent of the elders, Palace Master nodded his head and agreed to Yang Chen's requests. It would only be a wonder if some elder didn't agree in face of such benefits.

Although everyone had agreed to everything very quickly, all of them knew that Yang Chen's previous condition was basically meant to obstruct some people who had their gazes on the heart questioning pill.

When the hall master of Luminous Moon Hall, Liang Shaoming had heard about the heart questioning pill, he had immediately asked who had the ownership of the pill. Hearing that, everyone present understood what he was trying to do.

But after Yang Chen and other elders had agreed that heart questioning pill wouldn't be used on a JieDan stage disciple, Liang Shaoming's plan to use the heart questioning pill to cross the JieDan's stage bottleneck was completely squashed.

Even Palace Master sighed secretly, Yang Chen was good to everyone except the people of Luminous Moon Hall. Obviously, it also had to do something with the previous Merit Transferring Disciple Chu Heng. If Palace Master had known earlier that this would happen, then he wouldn't have let Chu Heng continue as the Merit Transferring Disciple during those days, then perhaps, the present situation would have been different.

Fortunately, no elder looked into this, even Liang Shoaming's master, Lin Yunfeng, had also agreed without any fuss. If they had really got a heart transferring pill for Liang Shaoming to use, then probably even Lin Yunfeng wouldn't have been willing to let it go. An elixir which could assist Dacheng experts to ascend to be wasted on a JieDan expert, that would indeed be equal to using sledgehammer to crack a nut.

The group of elders quickly made themselves busy and went away feeling excited. Everyone could almost say that they now had ample confidence to breakthrough and were filled with great urge to reach the Dacheng stage. Their situation was the same as Wang Yong when he received the Heaven Seizing Pill, self-confidence was an important factor in making one's cultivation advance by leaps and bounds.

It was obvious that when the cultivation of these elders increased, their confidence would also swell. Moreover, after the matter of Hundred Thousand Mountains was over, Pure Yang Palace's influence would also have increased, which would also give a boost to everyone's confidence that Pure Yang Palace would become stronger and stronger.

Naturally, the more resources there were, the faster the sect develops. Furthermore, as the sect's influence increases, the more resources it could dominate. This was a mutually beneficial process. Unknowingly, Yang Chen had already made the Pure Yang Palace walk on a path different from his previous life.

After the elders had dispersed, Yang Chen requested to see the Palace Master alone. What surprised Palace Master was that Yang Chen had directly gifted him with a heart questioning pill.

Last time, Yang Chen had suggested for him to find a dao companion, which would increase his cultivation speed while at the same time also promote his cultivation realm. This time, he had even directly gifted him with a heart questioning pill.

Since the Palace Master had shown great consideration towards Yang Chen, Yang Chen was delighted to gift him with a heart questioning pill. Moreover, this time, apart from showing his filial respect to Palace Master, he still had one more matter to discuss, which was to tell him about how he was going to deal with the remaining heart questioning pills.

Although everyone had the assurance that Yang Chen would refine another batch after 30 years, it was guaranteed that some would be sceptical. Apart from this, Yang Chen knew that Liang Shaoming would think of every possible method to obtain a heart questioning pill from him and he couldn't allow Liang Shaoming to have his way.

Five heart questioning pill, Yang Chen gifted one to Palace Master, among the remainder, one would be gifted to Wang Yong. These two people, one was the Palace Master of Pure Yang Palace and the other was Yang Chen's great master. Regardless of whatever was discussed, both of them deserved it. Moreover, there weren't many people who would dare to have any ideas on these people.

As for the last three pills, Yang Chen had also made arrangements for them. This time, he would have to trouble Senior black tiger and elder Hua Wanting, although they did owe Yang Chen a favour, when all was said and done, they would have to fight with Dacheng experts, so it would not look good if they had to request for it themselves. One heart questioning pill would express his gratitude, it was also a payment comparable to other Dacheng experts, who were receiving a salary of two heart questioning pill.

As for the final one, it must naturally be given to Pure Yang Palace's own Dacheng expert, old tree demon Gui Shanyou. He was the main strength of the battle, moreover, Yang Chen had long ago promised to help him to ascend. One heart questioning pill would make the old tree demon's cultivation even more profound, which would also bring great benefits to Pure Yang Palace.

Palace Master hadn't expected that Yang Chen would deal with them like this. Since they belonged to Yang Chen, then he could do whatever he wants with them. Besides, Yang Chen had already gifted him a pill.

Among the ones left, Wang Yong and old tree demon got one each, which would be beneficial to Pure Yang Palace. As for the other two pills, they were given to outsiders, but would allow the Pure Yang Palace to gain even more reputation, why wouldn't the Palace Master feel satisfied?

The reason why he had not mentioned this in front of the elders was because he feared that they may have some schemes and would try to obstruct him. But now, the Palace Master had nodded, so naturally, he would explain to the elders and Yang Chen wouldn't be accused of treasuring a jade ring.

When to attack was not something which Yang Chen could decide. He could only deal with the things at hand while waiting for his sect to negotiate with the other sects, so he began to absorb and refine a mixture of those newly obtained flames.

First and second grade flames did not produce any difficulty for the Profound Spirit Furnace, as for Yang Chen himself, they weren't a problem. After laying a foundation with several flames, fusing these low grade flames weren't too pressurizing.

Presently, Yang Chen's situation was that his fourth fire attribute was powerful while his third fire attribute was weak. However, among these low grade flames, flames that were third fire attribute was more powerful than those of fourth fire attribute. So after completely absorbing these flames, this disequilibrium would be slightly transformed, tending towards equilibrium.

However, due to the difference between third grade flames of both attributes, the end result would still be the same, and fourth fire attribute would still remain more formidable compared to third fire attribute.

Gao Yue was waiting upon Wang Yong, so Yang Chen didn't go and disturb her. After meeting with old tree demon once, Yang Chen arranged the Profound Spirit Furnace in the same room which was broken through earlier by the beam of light from the furnace. He sat down on his obsidian jade mat and started the absorption and fusion process.

Starting from first grade flames, traces of different flames stably preserved within the Profound Spirit Furnace began to come out and entered Yang Chen's body. Yang Chen began to use third fire spirit power and fourth fire spirit power, depending on the attribute of the flames, to refine and absorb them.

The grade of flames wasn't very high, so Yang Chen didn't need a long time to fuse them. Within ten days, all the first grade flames had been fused together. With every fusion, Yang Chen's original flame's strength improved, with his spirit power improving even more.

Even after absorbing 50 flames, regardless of whether it was third fire spirit power or fourth fire spirit power, they were not able to reach the point of increasing his cultivation, they only transformed continuously.

The real qualitative change happened after absorbing the 20 second grade flames. His third fire spirit power directly jumped up two layers, from the fifth layer of foundation stage to the seventh layer of foundation stage. Furthermore, his fourth fire spirit power also broke through the seventh layer and enter the eight layer of foundation stage.

The increase in the fire attribute spirit power also urged the increase in spirit power of other attributes. Originally, all the other spirit power except fire stopped at the fourth layer of foundation stage, but after experiencing this time's change, all of them increased greatly and collectively entered the fifth layer of foundation stage. During the whole process, Yang Chen entire cultivation base had increased by at least one layer.

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