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Chapter 217-Small Shock28 Sep 2017

After the cooperation was smoothly negotiated with Green Jade Immortal Islands and it was time for Palace Master to go to Clear Sky Sect, his chest was puffed up far more compared to before. The same conditions, one Dacheng expert get two heart questioning pills, the same problem, they would be allowed to test the effects of pill first.

Palace Master gave selective details about his experience at Green Jade Immortal Islands, the most important point was that after using heart questioning pill, elder Min broke through the bottleneck of the mid Dacheng stage and entered the late Dacheng stage within only six months. Even though elder Min had consented to this fact, Palace Master had no choice but to oblige with the wishes of upper echelons of Clear Sky Sect and allow them to test the pill.

The higher ups of Clear Sky Sect didn't have any doubt regarding Palace Master's words. In reality, they had also received the information from Green Jade Immortal Islands that confirmed that Pure Yang Palace and Green Jade Immortal Islands have formed a collaboration, which clearly illustrated that Palace Master's words were completely true.

However, even though Pure Yang Palace and Green Jade Immortal Islands had confirmed that the benefits of the heart questioning pill were great, the Clear Sky Sect certainly could not accept it so easily without testing once. At least after someone from Clear Sky Sect had personally tested the effects, then it would provide an authentic proof that the heart questioning pill's medicinal effects were genuine.

It hadn't been long since elder Hua Wanting had come out of seclusion and was guiding her outstanding disciple Sun Qingxue, moreover, as it turned out, she was the only one among the few Dacheng experts of the sect who wasn't in seclusion.

Naturally, Palace Master wouldn't want to lightly disturb the seclusion of Dacheng experts of another sect, so the burden of testing the pill fell onto Hua Wanting's head.

With the experience at Green Jade Immortal Islands, this time Palace Master had made proper arrangements. Not only had he brought one elder together with him, he had also gotten two JieDan stage disciples to act as messengers.

Before Hua Wanting took the pill, Palace Master properly consulted with Clear Sky Sect that he would return to Pure Yang Palace during the time that she was cultivating after taking the pill and would leave that elder behind at Clear Sky Sect, who would be responsible for maintaining contact.

However, even if he was sufficiently prepared, elder Hua Wanting's reaction after taking the pill was completely different from Elder Min Huafeng, which alarmed the Palace Master.

Elder Min Huafeng had immediately sat down to cultivate, but elder Hua Wanting's situation was completely different from that calm cultivation, rather, her appearance was one that was insisting on battle. Even though she didn't make any movements, everyone in the surrounding felt a dense battle intent which let them baffled.

If Yang Chen was here, then he would have realized that it was because their experiences were completely different, so naturally, their situation would also be different. Before reaching Dacheng stage, elder Hua Wanting had been battling with the Blood Phantom Vine continuously for 100 years.

This situation lasted a whole century, which resulted in the circumstances where elder Hua Wanting would have the highest concentration and remove all external thoughts during a battle. Because of this reason, her current appearance wasn't that surprising.

Because elder Hua Wanting's situation was different, Palace Master didn't have any option other than to stay there for several more days to observe the situation before leaving. Therefore, as the pill concocting master who had refined the heart questioning pill, Yang Chen automatically became the conversation topic of both sides.

"Your sect's disciple Yang Chen has some relationships with the outstanding genius of my sect, Sun Qingxue."

The Clear Sky Sect's sect master said in extremely casual tone:

"Sun Qingxue wants to be dao companion with your sect's Yang Chen, can Palace Master help us accomplish it?"


Palace Master can't help but think to himself. Last time, Yang Chen had already discussed the matter of Sun Qingxue with him. Originally, he had believed that Sun Qingxue was only blowing hot air, but now, surprisingly, the sect master of Clear Sky Sect had personally asked him, which made the situation completely different.

"To be honest, the JieDan stage disciple of Green Jade Immortal Islands, Shi Shanshan also wants to become Yang Chen's dao companion."

After thinking about this, Palace Master didn't intend to beat around the bush and directly told his difficulty:

"So you see, this can't be done!"

"What can't be done?"

The Clear Sky Sect was a big sect so they were more arrogant, unlike Pure Yang Palace who was more humble. The sect master aggressively said:

"Sun Qingxue has a full wood spirit root, her cultivation is also comparable to Yang Chen. Wood rouses fire so their attributes are also compatible, unlike that girl Shi Shanshan who is metal attributed, which would just restrain him. Moreover, she had been cultivating for countless years, isn't the age difference between those two too big? Furthermore, my little Xue's nature is better than that girl Shanshan, isn't it?"

Hearing the aggressive tone of Clear Sky Sect's sect master, Palace Master could only force a smile. Clear Sky Sect's sect master had spoken so confidently, which he couldn't match. Moreover, it seems that both these females have their heart set on Yang Chen at the same time, in fact, the best outcome in this situation would be that Yang Chen accepts both of them. This would prevent further troubles. But unfortunately, Yang Chen was determined to even reject this type of heavenly matched dao companions.

"It's a matter between disciples, it would be better if they resolve it themselves!"

Having no alternative, Palace Master could only delay as he had done at Green Jade Immortal Islands.

"Yeah that will be better, but Pure Yang Palace also shouldn't be biased towards one and discriminate against the other!"

The sect master of Clear Sky Sect seemed to have been convinced easily, but his last line about being biased towards someone and discriminating against the other confused Palace Master.

"Last time, Yang Chen had gone on a trip for more than one year with that girl Shanshan!"

Clear Sky Sect's sect master didn't beat around the bush and openly told:

"It is reported that this was a decision of both sect, my little Xue should also receive the same treatment, this shouldn't be a problem, right?"

"Yes, well said, that won't be a problem!"

Palace Master quickly replied, however, he scolded Yang Chen in his heart again. Little bastard, two fairy-like women, both of whom were cultivation genius with full spirit roots, both of them want to be his dao companion.

But surprisingly, he was using all sorts of excuses and making things difficult for his Palace Master everywhere. After returning, he must have a proper chat with Yang Chen about this matter.

Yang Chen was completely unaware that he had become the target of both sects. However, they were not fighting over his heart questioning pill, rather, to make him marry into their sect. But fortunately, Yang Chen had been busy absorbing and fusing the flames after pill concocting and since he was in seclusion, the Palace Master didn't want to disturb him.

This time, elder Hua Wanting's pill testing lasted for one whole year, double the time compared to elder Min Huafeng. This caused everyone who had known elder Min's cultivation time to become anxious. But fortunately, elder Hua's breath was still stable, so no one panicked and calmly waited.

After one year, elder Hua Wanting finally finished her cultivation in a way similar to elder Min. Coincidently, her first words after completing the cultivation were completely identical to elder Min.

"What a pity!"

After she sighed, everyone felt slightly depressed. No one had seen elder Min's cultivation previously, the only one who had seen it was Palace Master, who wasn't present. So elder Hua's words alarmed everyone.

"It really is good!"

Elder Hua Wanting didn't make everyone wait and after sighing once, she quickly explained the result of her pill testing:

"Although my cultivation increased greatly, I still couldn't breakthrough, if I had taken this pill at a bottleneck, then the results would have been even better."

"External devil can't invade one's conscience, this heart questioning pill really deserves its name."

While speaking, elder Hua began to praise the effects of the heart questioning pill:

"This was refined by Yang Chen? That little friend has some karma with me, so without any doubt, my little Xue must become his dao companion."

When the elder of Pure Yang Palace that was left behind heard that Sun Qingxue also wanted to become Yang Chen's dao companion, he was stupefied. What kind of luck has this lucky bastard Yang Chen got? Two exceptionally gifted and gorgeous women were fighting to become his dao companion?

Regardless of what was said, this time, the Clear Sky Sect had also expressed rare sincerity in collaborating for the matter of both heart questioning pills and Hundred Thousand Mountain. Moreover, not willing to fall behind Green Jade Immortal Islands, the Clear Sky Sect also similar sent three Dacheng experts to go to battle, their other conditions were also similar to Green Jade Immortal Islands, they also gave the authority to command to Pure Yang Palace.

The only difference was that elder Hua Wanting was not included within the three Dacheng experts sent by Clear Sky Sect, she was considered to be additionally invited by Yang Chen, so her joining the campaign this time could be considered as repaying the favour she owed to Yang Chen, as well as to obtain a heart questioning pill at the same time. Merely, how the Clear Sky Sect distributed the heart questioning pills of their quota was their sect's internal matter.

Naturally, elder Hua Wanting required for Yang Chen to personally come and invite her. Even if she owed Yang Chen a favour, doing this would be proper etiquette.

Regardless of what was said, after elder Hua and elder Min had tested the pill, all the elders of Clear Sky Sect and Green Jade Immortal Islands were astonished by the formidable efficacy of the heart questioning pill, while at the same time, feeling more expectant.

For the time being, the people who knew about heart questioning pill were few, including the few elders and hall master of Pure Yang Palace, Clear Sky Sect's upper echelons as well as higher ups of Green Jade Immortal Islands.

However, this didn't hinder their yearning towards the heart questioning pill. Since the upper echelons of both Clear Sky Sect and Green Jade Immortal Islands had personally seen the effects of heart questioning pill, they attached even more value to it compared to everyone from Pure Yang Palace.

In any case, apart from Palace Master and that elder, the others in Pure Yang Palace didn't know the formidable effect of the heart questioning pill and since both of them had maintained their silence for the time being, everyone still had some doubts towards it.

A pill that could allow Dacheng experts to breakthrough, this was a heaven-shattering effect. After discussing the details of their cooperation with Palace Master, both these big sect immediately began to question about the details of refining this heart questioning pill.

As for the complete pill recipe and refining technique, even if Palace Master wanted to tell them, it was impossible as only Yang Chen had those details. Only, Yang Chen hadn't concealed the ingredients required in refining and generously informed Palace Master. The Palace Master also didn't hide it from their allies and similarly informed the people of these two big sects about the ingredients.

All Dacheng experts have exceptional knowledge and could identify what's in the elixir and what's not, so they could basically confirm a portion of the herbs. Among the ingredients told by Palace Master, elder Hua and elder Min both had faintly detected the flavour of few materials. Only, how these materials were refined that they attained the effect of heart questioning pill was something they couldn't understand, it was probably due to a unique refining technique.

Because the ingredients were rare, there weren't many pills refined this time. To ensure that their campaign against Hundred Thousand Mountain succeeds, the Pure Yang Palace had taken out all the heart questioning pill to invite experts, there were no pills remaining in the sect.

However, Palace Master had generously declared to the allies that as long as they could get the ingredients, Yang Chen would absolutely refine them some pills for a price.

As for the price, that could be discussed with Yang Chen when the time comes. Maybe, at that time, Yang Chen would have become dao companion with Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue and maybe he would refine the pills without any charge.

Maybe Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had their own different reasons to become Yang Chen's dao companions, but now, just this heart questioning pill was sufficient to make sure that these two big sects spared no efforts to facilitate that their sect's disciple was connected to Pure Yang Palace by marriage.

Even the current mortal world's number one pill concocting master Deng Yi couldn't compare to such a formidable pill concocting master. If Yang Chen's cultivation hadn't been low, then maybe he would have already taken the throne for the number one pill concocting master from Deng Yi.

Both big sects felt boundless jealousy towards Pure Yang Palace for obtaining a treasure like Yang Chen. Especially Green Jade Immortal Islands, they felt great sorrow. Previously, before Yang Chen had started cultivating, their disciple Shi Shanshan had already met with Yang Chen. Moreover, she had also gifted him a body refining pill, how could they have missed the chance to recruit him into their sect.

Yang Chen was completely oblivious to the fact that he had gained the attention of upper echelons of these two big sects. According to his plan, after smoothly observing the flames and improving his cultivation, he ended his seclusion.

The first thing that Yang Chen did after coming out of seclusion wasn't to go and meet Palace Master, but rather, to go see his master, Gao Yue. For a long time, he hadn't seen his master and didn't know how she was doing.

Yang Chen was delighted at the fact that not only Gao Yue but his great master Wang Yong had also finally come out of seclusion.

Presently, Gao Yue was already at the peak of initial foundation stage in water attributed cultivation, just on the verge of breaking through to mid foundation stage. Her cultivation was so fast that even she herself didn't dare to believe it. With this speed, Gao Yue was already comparable to a heavenly talent who has full water attributed spirit root, this placed Gao Yue at a loss.

Equally confused was Wang Yong, in any case, he was unable to understand for what reason his disciple, who has a fire spirit root, could cultivate water attributed cultivation method so quickly.

He knew that Yang Chen had urged her, but he hadn't told them the reason and Wang Yong also hadn't asked him, since he knew that Yang Chen would never hurt Gao Yue in any way, no matter what.

Wang Yang's main target during closed-door training was to refine the qilin's horn. When Yang Chen was refining the black tiger suppressing pill, Wang Yong had already entered seclusion. From that day to now, 20 years had already passed.

It must be known that Wang Yong was at the peak of YuanYing stage, his talent in cultivation was at least a hundredfold higher compared to Yang Chen. Within short 20 years, he had completely refined the qilin's horn to make his destined flying sword.

After his destined flying sword was completed, the only thing left was to dip and refine it in his spirit sea over several years. This was a lifetime process, so it doesn't require him to remain in seclusion.

After coming out of seclusion, Wang Yong heard everything about Yang Chen's grand plan and the matter of the heart questioning pill. After hearing everything from the Palace Master, Wang Yong also couldn't help but gasp. Since Gao Yue had accepted Yang Chen as her disciple, surprises continuously keep coming from his side.

"Did you find anything about that traitor?"

Feeling even more satisfied with Yang Chen, Wang Yong became even more anxious about his safety and the first question he asked the Palace Master was about the information on the spy.

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