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Chapter 208 - Blessed Distress01 Sep 2017Note:The next chapter will come day after tomorrow

Yang Chen had reaped great harvests on this trip to Meng Qi mountain. But apart from the legendary herbs in the hidden valley, everything else was under Yang Chen's expectation.

The only headache Yang Chen had now was that he hadn't cleared everything with Shi Shanshan. In the future, this will become another troublesome matter.

However that hidden valley where he found the blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog was also a reminder to him. The owner of Positive Yang Mountain's Medicine Garden, that is the owner of Yang Chen's current Medicine Garden in clean bottle had already ascended to Immortal World from Mortal World, three to four thousand years ago.

The maturity of the herbs in the Medicine Garden seems to have some problems. As his talent was exceptional and he did not delay during his cultivation journey, it had only taken him a short amount of time to retrieve the Medicine Garden.

However, when Yang Chen observed those ingredients, they seemed to be a thousand year matured at most. Could it be possible that the herbs in the Medicine Garden had already been taken by someone a thousand years ago? But why were the herbs re-planted? This made no sense.

The only logical explanation could be that within the Medicine Garden in the clean bottle, there exists some secret which he had yet to discover. Perhaps his cultivation was insufficient or perhaps he hadn't gotten right the opportunity yet.

In any case, at that time, the senior had only informed him of the method to enter the Medicine Garden, as for the things inside, perhaps he wanted Yang Chen to slowly discover them by himself.

Throughout the whole journey, he kept thinking about a way to handle Shi Shanshan's matter. After returning to Pure Yang Palace, he immediately went to see his master before meeting anyone else.

Ever since Yang Chen had gone out with the Fairy Shi of Green Jade Immortal Islands, Gao Yue's wasn't in a very good mood, her cultivation also wasn't progressing smoothly. When she suddenly saw Yang Chen, a smile bloomed on her face, all her previous worries seemed to have vanished.

Yang Chen naturally reported everything that had happened at the Meng Qi mountain one by one to her, including the matter of Heavenly Roar Dog's blood essence and the matter of legendary herbs too. Apart from the origin of Heavenly Roar, he revealed everything. Yang Chen had absolute trust towards Gao Yue.

Hearing about the immense harvests, moreover, that Shi Shanshan had unexpectedly thought about the possibility that Yang Chen treasuring a jade ring may become a crime and thus left all of the legendary herbs in Yang Chen's safe keeping, Gao Yue couldn't help but be astonished.

What did this mean? Did she really consider Yang Chen as her husband so she had full confidence in him? Gao Yue couldn't guess what Shi Shanshan was thinking, however, after seeing her complete confidence in Yang Chen, Gao Yue was rendered speechless.

Naturally, obtaining the legendary herbs was an exciting affair. However, Yang Chen returning back safely was much more important than anything else to her. Gao Yue treated Yang Chen very nicely without saying anything else. Finally, she gave Yang Chen an astonishing news.

Clear Sky Sect's genius Sun Qingxue had appeared at Pure Yang Palace several months ago requesting to meet Yang Chen. After hearing that Yang Chen had yet to return, she had surprisingly chosen to stay at visitor's residence of Pure Yang Palace to wait for him rather than going back. Gao Yue didn't know what kind of relation Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue had so she informed him of the news, asking him to go see Sun Qingxue.

Upon hearing Sun Qingxue's name, the image of the little girl from execution ground immediately appeared in Yang Chen's mind. With Yang Chen's assistance, the future Snow Dance Fairy was not only saved from Great Calamity of Devil Cultivation, she had also entered the patronage of elder Hua Wanting, so she should have reached the foundation stage?

The first time Yang Chen saved her life was pure coincidence, but after he helped her the second time, she surely would have wanted to repay the favor. In any case, becoming friends with Snow Dance Fairy was far better compared to offending her. Furthermore, Yang Chen hadn't made any extravagant demands. He was just slightly surprised, why has Sun Qingxue come to meet him?

Very quickly, Yang Chen saw Sun Qingxue within the guest's residence. Sun Qingxue, who was wearing green colored clothes, even after so many years, still had the appearance of that pure little girl. Seeing Yang Chen, a smile blossomed on Sun Qingxue's face as she sweetly called Yang Chen:

"Big brother Yang, you have returned!"

"How are you?"

Yang Chen was quite glad seeing this little girl after a long time.

"After I built my foundation, my master asked me to travel and gain experience."

Sun Qingxue made a spin in front of Yang Chen, showing her youthful appearance, then suddenly blinked her big eyes and asked:

"Big brother Yang, am I pretty?"


Yang Chen replied honestly. He could already see that Sun Qingxue had reached the foundation stage some time ago, the pure wood attributed spirit power in her body, full of PengLai Divine Wood's presence, was possibly the effect of the foundation stage pill given by Yang Chen.

"Then you must not become dao companions with elder sister Shi, ok?"

Suddenly, an expression, which was completely different from her personality, could be seen in Sun Qingxue's eyes, surprising Yang Chen.

"What did you say?"

Yang Chen just didn't dare to believe that Sun Qingxue had said this right after meeting with Yang Chen after so long, so he couldn't help but ask with bewilderment.

"I will be your dao companion, so you must not become dao companions with elder sister Shi, ok?"

This time, Shi Shanshan said these words even more clearly. After saying this, she felt little bashful and sat down on one side with a red face, playing with the hem of her clothes, not daring to raise her head and look at Yang Chen.

Sun Qingxue had quite a favorable opinion of Yang Chen, this does not need to be said. When Yang Chen left the Clear Sky Sect, Sun Qingxue immediately entered seclusion with her master Hua Wanting and started to cultivate from the beginning after destroying her previous cultivation.

Sun Qingxue, who had full wood spirit root, was indeed worthy of being called a cultivation genius. Within less than ten years, she had already reached the foundation stage. Moreover, when she built her foundation, she hadn't used the foundation stage pill given by Yang Chen. Afterwards, under the advice of the knowledgeable Hua Wanting, she used the third grade foundation stage pill given by Yang Chen after reaching foundation stage, transforming the first wood spirit power into PengLai Diving Wood's spirit power.

While under Hua Wanting's guidance, her seclusion had already passed twenty years. After coming out, Sun Qingxue immediately heard of Shi Shanshan being betrothed to Yang Chen. Moreover, Green Jade Immortals Island was also in favor of Yang Chen becoming Shi Shanshan's dao companion.

Although this little girl considered Yang Chen has her elder brother in her heart, after hearing this news, she felt quite uncomfortable. Even after cultivating for several years, she couldn't make any progress because of her unstable mental state. Elder Hua Wanting seemed to have sensed this rancor in her disciple and allowed her to travel outside and gain experience.

Who could have thought that Sun Qingxue would directly come to Pure Yang Palace and after hearing that Yang Chen had gone on an outing with Shi Shanshan, would simply wait here for one year to for Yang Chen. And once he returned, this would be the first question she asked.

Yang Chen's eyes almost seemed to come out, looking at the little girl standing in front of him, he was dumbfounded for a long time. What could he say? First, the Cold Plum Fairy wanted to become his dao companion and now even Snow Dance Fairy had come? Moreover, she even wanted to compete with Cold Plum Fairy?

Before he could even cast off the trouble named Shi Shanshan, why has a Sun Qingxue suddenly appeared?

"I know that elder sister Shi has a full metal attributed spirit root."

Seeing Yang Chen's stupefied expression, Sun Qingxue looked up and continued to speak:

"I have a full wood attributed spirit root, wood gives birth to fire, so wouldn't I be a more suitable dao companion than elder sister Shi? You are fire attributed, fire subdues metal so you both will just hold each other back.


Yang Chen didn't know how to respond to Sun Qingxue and could only mumble the reply:

"This is really sudden, let me think for some time!"

After thinking of something, Yang Chen immediately asked:

"Does Elder Hua know about this?"

"Master knows!"

Sun Qingxue quickly replied like a good assistant.

Yang Chen completely believed that this was Sun Qingxue's decision and that Hua Wanting and Clear Sky Sect didn't know about this so he could use this as an excuse, but he never thought that Hua Wanting knew about this.

"Elder Hua knows?"

Yang Chen's eyes opened widely, what's going on here?

"Elder Hua knows, even the sect master knows!"

Sun Qingxue gladly reported, she was greatly excited about this, master supports her, even the sect master also supports her:

"They all said that I have to fight my own fight with my own method, so here I am."

Yang Chen didn't know what kind of expression he had any more, however, one thing was certain that it wasn't very good looking. But seeing Sun Qingxue looking at him anxiously, Yang Chen had no other option other than to give an answer to stall.

"Let me think about it properly!"

Yang Chen forced a smile:

"I… I will consider it carefully!"

"Ok, I'll wait!"

Sun Qingxue's excitement didn't lessen even a little bit as she replied with a smile, then she stopped and held Yang Chen's arm and asked in an earnest tone:

"Elder brother Yang, I still haven't seen MeiQing mountain properly, you must accompany me, ok?"

How could Yang Chen say no? As a host, accompanying the guest to stroll in his territory was completely normal. However, compared to Sun Qingxue's delightful mood, Yang Chen clearly wasn't himself somehow.

Sun Qingxue was in high spirits and seemed to be completely interested, almost as if all that happened just now was not real. Together with Yang Chen, they flew on their flying swords to Thousand Autumn Pavilion and looked at some things, enjoying herself to her heart's desire, she followed after Yang Chen and returned to Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

After arranging a good place for Sun Qingxue to settle down, Yang Chen returned back to Gao Yue's room miserably and simply repeated everything that happened with Sun Qingxue, sighing:

"What is all this?"

When Yang Chen was in the mortal world in his previous life, most of the time, he was being hunted down by people so where did he have the time to think about these matters. Regardless of whether it was the Cold Plum Fairy or the Snow Dance Fairy, how can Yang Chen have any extravagant hope of getting into the good grace of both of them? With so many cultivation geniuses, why would these two have look at him? But in this life, he hadn't expected that he would have form a connection with both of them.

"Two beautiful women have shown their appreciation for you and you still aren't satisfied?"

It was not clear what Gao Yue was thinking at this moment, she began to make fun of Yang Chen.

"Ai, I will go and see Palace Master Zhong Jiao!"

Having found no solution at Gao Yue's place, Yang Chen could only leave dejectedly. He went to Palace Master Zhong Jiao's place hoping to find some guidance.

"This is great!"

Hearing that Yang Chen wanted to meet him, Palace Master Zhong Jiao immediately allowed him to come in. After hearing everything Yang Chen narrated, he couldn't help but burst out laughing:

"Two exquisite cultivation geniuses want to become your dao companion, this clearly illustrates the excellence of my Pure Yang Palace's disciple! Why don't you accept both of them? In any case, you already have more than one type of spirit power on your body."

Yang Chen had the spirit power of both phases of all five attributes, Palace Master Zhong Jiao clearly knew about this and thus asked him. But Yang Chen became more and more depressed, why is this Palace Master so unreliable?

"Green Jade Immortal Islands and Clear Sky Sect, surprisingly, both of these first grade sects are supporting their disciples to become your dao companion."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao stroked his beard light and muttered:

"Could it be that they have taken fancy to your potential?"

Yang Chen had already thought about this. From the angle of the upper echelons of Clear Sky Sect and Green Jade Immortal Islands, they would certainly not allow their sect's geniuses to become other people's dao companion that easily. The only explanation could be because of the elixir he had refined for senior black tiger.

Naturally, ordinary cultivators will not be accepted by these big sects, but a genius pill concocting expert was another story, especially the one who had refined elixirs that were used by Da Cheng stage experts when he himself was just at foundation stage, this made their acceptance easier.

The only thing a sect considers is, its own benefits. But the behavior of the two females towards him gave Yang Chen another headache.

Because she exploited Yang Chen for her own benefit, Shi Shanshan felt ashamed as she thought that Yang Chen would certainly die in the life and death duel, hence the reason why she said that she remain as his widow.

But Yang Chen's victory came as a complete surprise for her and using the reason of keeping true to her words, Shi Shanshan unilaterally decided to be Yang Chen's dao companion.

Admittedly, she had thought that she would be troubled by Yang Chen, but after coming in contact with Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan herself didn't seem to have any conflicts with him.

As for Sun Qingxue, her reason was even simpler. Yang Chen had saved her twice. Furthermore, he had also found a Da Cheng stage master for her. Feeling both grateful and having blind faith in Yang Chen, affected the little girl's heart and Sun Qingxue became extremely fond of Yang Chen and could only think of having Yang Chen as her dao companion.

However, Yang Chen's heart was completely filled with thoughts of his master. He was caught completely unprepared by the appreciation shown by these two fairies. Especially Sun Qingxue, before the matter of Shi Shanshan could be resolved, Sun Qingxue had jumped in. What a headache!

"This is a lucky opportunity which only comes by chance, such an enormous chance has come to you, but you are making all sorts of excuses to drive it away."

Seeing Yang Chen's frown, Palace Master Zhong Jiao couldn't help but snort:

"If the admirers of those two knew about this, in the future, even your going out of MeiQing mountain would be a problem."

"Palace Master, then what should this disciple do?"

Yang Chen didn't have any experience dealing with this kind of matters, even his memories of the ten thousand years from his previous life couldn't help him, even if he had sufficient intent to kill, could he kill Shi fairy and Sun Qingxue? With no way out, he could only seek the help of Palace Master Zhong Jiao.

"Since the Clear Sky Sect has also personally stepped in, then you can only drag and stall it as much as possible."

Knowing Yang Chen's dilemma, Palace Master Zhong Jiao could only offer him this way out:

"Finally, it will still have to be resolved by yourself, others also cannot help you much. Only…."

After speaking to this point, Palace Master Zhong Jiao took a deep sigh:

"If you still refuse them firmly, maybe you will offend both Clear Sky Sect and Green Jade Immortal Islands. Hopefully this will settle the matter regarding dao companions, otherwise, maybe if you found any dao companion in future, both of the sects may be prepared to kill her."

If big sects are denied face, sometimes they can only use this method to redeem it. Yang Chen understood this point more clearly compared to Palace Master Zhong Jiao. Although Yang Chen didn't have the slightest hesitation in killing people, facing such matters, he couldn't accomplish anything by beheading anyone, so he could only dejectedly nod his head.

With no solution in mind, he could only drag this matter on for now and think about it later. As for how long to drag this matter, Yang Chen himself also wasn't sure. Who could have thought that Pure Yang Palace's miraculous disciple Yang Chen will unexpectedly have to face this kind of blessed distress?

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