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Chapter 209- Cultivating Seventh Metal True Qi07 Sep 2017

Apparently, Sun Qingxue had only come to express her feelings towards Yang Chen. She also wanted to fight with Fairy Shi, who had previously shown her kindness, to become his dao companion. Feeling shy, she decided to wait for Yang Chen. Although she couldn't get any clear answer from Yang Chen, she still felt relieved and returned back to her sect, saying that she was returning to concentrate on cultivation.

After sending off Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen had finally gotten rid of this big headache for the time being. After pondering for some time, he decided to not go out and stayed in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard to cultivate properly.

Senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling had come out of closed door training some time ago, so Yang Chen went to pay her a visit. Like Gao Yue, she also teased him for having such great luck with women. But fortunately, she didn't say much about it and asked him to recommend to her some secret books for spell formations which she could obtain and use. After which, she began her research again.

Yang Chen also paid a visit to senior disciples Wang Yuan and Du Qian. He also visited everyone who had a relationship with him and not only provided them with cultivation guidance but also offered them legendary herbs. Needless to say, these few senior disciples were extremely grateful to him.

On the other side, Palace Master Zhong Jiao wasn't very worried regarding Yang Chen's so called 'troubles', and he still faintly hoped that his plan would be successful. Yang Chen also didn't dare to speak more about this matter with the Palace Master. As for his great master Wang Yong, he was still refining the qilin's horn into his destined flying sword and hadn't come out of seclusion. So for the time being, Yang Chen couldn't get any good guidance.

After talking properly with his master once more, Yang Chen entered closed door training in his room and began to cultivate.

The Seventh Metal True Qi which he had obtained from Scarface, came in handy. Previously, he couldn't use it since his cultivation had reached the next layer and needed to be consolidated. But after pill concocting and traveling for so long, Yang Chen had realized that perhaps, the time to upgrade his seventh metal spirit power had come.

Heavenly Roar was also self cultivating during this period. Before entering closed door training this time, Yang Chen fed him two ladles of the Heavenly Roar Dog's blood essence, double the amount from last time. Soon, Heavenly Roar was once again surrounded by a blood cocoon and lost his consciousness. However, this time, the colour of the blood cocoon was much deeper compared to the last time. Apparently, it was because his bloodline had started to transform and become pure.

Looking at Heavenly Roar's transformation, Yang Chen's mood improved greatly. Finally, after thinking about the many enemies whom he still had to face, Yang Chen couldn't help himself and began to tense up. Very quickly, he entered cultivation mode.

He already had obtained the Seventh Metal True Secrets, so after obtaining the Seventh Metal True Qi, there wasn't much difficulty in cultivating it. Yang Chen took out the jade bottle he had obtained from Scarface and began to carefully remove the seals and talismans on it one by one. After they had been removed, traces of Seventh Metal True Qi's essence began to seep out from the mouth of the bottle.

Concentrating the essence from the air, Yang Chen began to absorb these traces through his nose and move it according to the Seventh Metal True Secrets. His entire being immediately sunk into a state of calmness.

As the traces of Seventh Metal True Qi began to permeate his seventh metal spirit power, it began to transform. This most primal Seventh Metal essence quickly assimilated the spirit power in the surroundings and compressed it. Within less than five months, the entire seventh metal spirit power in Yang Chen's body had transformed into Seventh Metal True Qi.

However, after transformation, more than 90% of his seventh metal spirit power had disappeared. But the difference between his previous seventh metal spirit power and the current Seventh Metal True Qi was simply incomparable. To reach an equilibrium, the other spirit powers also began to help to supplement it, in addition to the Seventh Metal True Qi from that jade bottle, thus increasing his seventh metal spirit power quickly.

The Seventh Metal True Qi within the jade bottle was completely consumed. Fortunately, Scarface had collected a large amount of it, which was sufficient to completely transform Yang Chen's spirit power. What followed was the frantic replenishment from the underground spirit vein. And afterwards, the absorption and transformation, which slowly restored Yang Chen's seventh metal cultivation to its previous state.

The upgraded quality spirit power was slowly being replenished. During the time of replenishment, Yang Chen's spirit sea finally transformed again.

The fifth earth layer was suddenly imbued with many golden particles, which were evenly distributed in the layer. These so called particles were precisely seventh metal and this distribution perfectly followed the principle of five phases engendering each other, with earth giving birth to metal.

Once this transformation happened, the spirit power within Yang Chen's body began to transform once again. The Fifth Earth True Qi, which he had already cultivated some time ago, now began to crazily increase the seventh metal spirit power.

The size of the spirit sea began to increase again. His spirit sea, which originally had an area of 100 mu, had now increased to 150 mu, directly breaking through the peak of initial YuanYing stage and entering the mid YuanYing stage.

At this stage, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness threads could cover the entire area with a radius of 10 miles surrounding the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. In this area, nothing could be hidden from Yang Chen. Even if something was concealed from the main body of old tree demon, under the probe of Yang Chen's spiritual awareness threads nothing could be hidden.

Under the principle of earth giving rise to metal, the seventh metal spirit power continued to rise. With the Fifth Earth True Secrets and Fifth Earth True Qi in addition to the Seventh Metal True Secrets and Seventh Metal True Qi, within a brief period of a month, his seventh metal spirit power had successively broken through the fourth layer and fifth layer of the foundation stage, directly entering the sixth layer. With this increase, it was only second to his fourth fire spirit power, which was at the seventh layer of the foundation stage.

This situation hadn't even appeared even when Yang Chen had cultivated the Fifth Earth True Secrets. Apparently, even if the five phases can engender or subdue each other, this principle would only show the most effect when the spirit powers have equal status.

Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets, of which he had already completed two, while there were still eight types of spirit powers remaining. But just these two types of spirit power had already increased his strength greatly. Now, Yang Chen was already expectant about how much would his strength increase after the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets had been completed.

This sudden increase in his cultivation made Yang Chen lament that if at this moment, he had a seventh metal attributed flying sword or perhaps a fifth earth attributed flying sword, he could use then the most primal Seventh Metal True Qi and Fifth Earth True Qi to refine them, then how great it would have been?

Unfortunately, among the two types of flying swords chosen as sword spirits, one was the Bright Ray Sword, which was of the third fire attribute and one was the Blood Phantom Vine, which was of the second wood attribute. Although he still the PengLai Divine Wood, it was already destined to be his first wood attribute flying sword. So that meant that he didn't have any seventh metal or fifth earth attributed flying swords.

Not only that, but he also didn't even have any seventh metal attributed or fifth earth attributed magic artifacts on himself. This itch on Yang Chen's hand was something which was difficult to endure but also couldn't be told to anyone.

Suddenly, Yang Chen had an idea. He thought of something which was seventh metal attributed. The clean bottle Medicine Garden's bottle cap, that dome containing a sword spell formation, was seventh metal attributed, perfect to use to test with.

Inside the hall under the dome, Mo Qian and her disciples were still continuously training without rest. During the time when he was concocting pills for more than a decade, Yang Chen hadn't looked for them even once. Fortunately, there was plenty of spirit power within the Medicine Garden, so there were no chances of any mishap.

But seeing them like this, Yang Chen didn't feel like it was appropriate and carefully shifted them within the medicine garden. He then made each of the JieDan experts consume a profound yang fruit.

As for YuanYing stage Mo Qian, fortunately, there were now many ten thousand years matured herbs in the Medicine Garden. Those profound yang fruits which were only a few thousand years matured were not very significant. Similarly, for a thousand year ginseng, she could only use one ginseng per month.

Yang Chen had tried many methods, but the consciousness of Mo Qian and her disciples remained unchanged as it had already been thoroughly destroyed by Yang Chen's blood river. Although they had memories and could work according to Yang Chen's instructions, they would never take the initiative to do anything.

They had continued to cultivate for so many years without sparing any effort only because Yang Chen had instructed them to do so. After such a long time, their cultivation had also increased, maybe even faster compared to when they had consciousness.

However, Yang Chen didn't feel any kind of pity towards Mo Qian and her disciples. They had destroyed the lives of so many people using the memory search technique, so they could only blame themselves for their current situation.

On the dome floating over the main hall, there wasn't anything other than the forty nine flying swords which were continuously spiraling around.

Holding the bottle cap in his hand, Yang Chen first prepared a large number of profound yang fruits, he then placed the obsidian mat above the underground spirit vein. Only after preparing everything did he allow his consciousness to enter the bottle lid.

He couldn't help but be cautious. When he had first refined the Medicine Garden after using a tremendous amount of strength, that time, there was still these forty nine high grade flying sword. So presently, even though his cultivation had greatly increased and his spiritual awareness had reached the mid YuanYing stage, he was still very cautious.

Since he had already branded his spiritual awareness imprint on the bottle lid, he could easily use his spiritual awareness to enter the dome shaped bottle lid. After examining it once, a magnified image of the dome shaped bottle lid appeared within his spirit sea.

It had to be said that the person who had created this Medicine Garden was an incredible expert. Although the materials used had some deficiency, his refining technique had almost reached perfection, the whole structure was completely flawless.

What Yang Chen wanted to do was to use the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets. Last time, the bottle had only been refined to the first layer of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets, who knows whether the domed lid could be refined to even higher levels.

The seventh metal spirit power slowly began to enter the domed lid under the directions of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and began to refine the main hall. Whether it was because his cultivation had increased greatly or because his spiritual awareness had increased greatly, this time, refining the first layer of Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets wasn't that difficult and was completed within half a month.

Yang Chen sensed that he still had energy left, so with the intention to strike while the iron was hot, he immediately began to refine the second layer. At the second layer, the difficulty had increased greatly. The grade of the Medicine Garden was already very high and was basically only made for YuanYing stage experts to use. So with Yang Chen's strength at the foundation stage, the difficulty in refining it had somewhat increased.

However, with the support of an unending stream of spirit power, in addition to the great proficiency of Yang Chen's technique, after spending three whole months, Yang Chen was finally able to complete the refining of the second layer of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets.

The spirit power formed with Seventh Metal True Qi had already entered the domed hall. Many dark golden coloured specks were moving in and out of the hall, the spirit power had also become even purer.

Yang Chen still didn't have the ability to refine the forty flying swords' sword spell formation. However, he was already delighted by the transformation of the hall. Its structure became even more stable and the spirit power became even more pure. As for the increase in the defensive power, it could even be seen with just the naked eyes.

Since the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets had already been refined to the second layer, Yang Chen decided to add oil to fire by using the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Spell Secrets and refine the domed hall to its first layer.

The result this time was even more obvious. The first layer of Earth Fiend Spell Formation had already arranged those dark golden specks properly. Now if someone were to attack, the defense that was formed completely with Seventh Metal True Qi and was much tougher.

After completing it, Yang Chen habitually refined it once using the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets. Afterwards, when he saw the domed lid, the transformations were clear.

The colour of the lid, which wasn't very eye catching before, had suddenly turned heterogeneous after the refining. In other words, it had become much darker. And sometimes, dark golden colour lights would flash from the lid, making it even more mysterious.

Looking at the domed hall, which had not only been imprinted with his spiritual awareness, but had also been passed through his refining, Yang Chen suddenly became expectant. If someone could rush in to give it a try, then that would be great. Unfortunately, someone attacking the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard was simply a joke.

Since the domed hall had been successfully refined to the second layer of Heavenly Stars and the first layer of Earth Fiend, Yang Chen took out the Medicine Garden and began to refine it to the second layer of Heavenly Stars and the first layer of Earth Fiend as well, only this time, Yang Chen had used fifth earth spirit power.

The fifth earth soil within the Medicine Garden was even more profound. This was the most primal kind of soil and was simply the best kind of foundational base for those legendary herbs. Just this time's refining had allowed all the ingredients within the Medicine Garden to increase in maturation by several decades in one year. As for those newly planted legendary herbs, their roots became even more firm, thus removing the risk of them dying due to carelessness during the process of transplantation.

All of this seemed to happen in an instant, but seven months had already passed. This time's closed door training of cultivating Seventh Metal True Qi and refining the Medicine Garden and dome had consumed a total of more than one year.

This time, Heavenly Roar had slept for an even longer period of time, but after waking up, there were slight transformations in his appearance. His body had become much thinner and he had grown a bit longer. However, he still didn't resemble that of a dragon. The bloodline of the Yazi probably haven't been completely aroused yet.

Indeed, as Yang Chen had expected, Heavenly Roar was madly licking the Bright Ray Sword which had already begun to transform. The most obvious transformation was that the sword blade had become many degrees shaper compared to before. This wasn't the acuteness gained due to his seventh metal attribute upgrading, but rather, was purely due to the amplification by the Yazi's bloodline.

Yang Chen would naturally not favor one and discriminate against others, so he also placed the second wood flying sword near Heavenly Roar. Clearly, the second wood sword formed from the Blood Phantom Vine was of a higher grade compared to Bright Ray Sword, so once Heavenly Roar licked it, he didn't care about the Bright Ray Sword anymore. Apparently, in the future, if he wished to strengthen his flying swords, he would have to give them to him in the order of increasing grade every time.

After such a long closed door training, Yang Chen had also become somewhat gloomy, so he decided to call his master and take a stroll in the nearby city market, to relieve his boredom as well as to see if he could gain any profits. Naturally, the most important thing was to take a look at the condition of Shangguan Feng's small store.

But Gao Yue didn't accompanied him to go to the Thousand Autumn Pavilion, so Yang Chen walked the whole journey by himself, not interested in using the flying sword.

However, once he came out of Pure Yang Palace and was near the Thousand Autumn Pavilion, Yang Chen sensed something peculiar in the atmosphere. Apparently, someone had been keeping watch on everyone within the city market. Moreover, it wasn't just a single person, rather, a group of many people, at least 20-30 people.

These people appeared to be rogue cultivators, but their cultivation wasn't very weak, with the weakest of them at the mid foundation stage. However, the strongest also wasn't very strong and was only at the peak foundation stage and hadn't reached JieDan stage yet. They were scattered everywhere, some had set up vendor stalls, some were shopping, but their eyes were all over the place.

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