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Chapter 207-Troubles Of Sharing27 Jul 2017Note:Thanks to a nice suggestion from last chapter, I am changing blood vessels to bloodline

Yazi, Dragon King's second son, with a body of dragon and head of a dog, upright and resolute in nature, excellent warrior, fond of war and would always be holding a sword in his mouth and use it to increase his strength.

Presently, Heavenly Roar still hadn't aroused Yazi's bloodline, so although his head seemed to resemble a dog, his body still resembled that of a dog since he was very young, thus other people only considered him as a little pup. Hence not being discovered by others was normal.

Yang Chen had countless links to Yazi, not to mention other things, even the chief demon blade used by him at the execution ground, that so called chief demon was precisely Yazi. Normal people believe that engraving Yazi on knife's end and sword's hilt would increase the strength of their weapons, making it formidable.

These beliefs were based off legends, which may have had some effect, but Yang Chen was certain about one thing. That certainty was that only when a genuine Yazi would become close to a weapon, that weapon would become greatly formidable.

A weapon's spirit, made from cleaving, destroying evil, and beheading all living things or engulfing another weapon's spirit could elevate and transform the weapon into a godly and ferocious instrument of death. Yang Chen knew that if he could, at some point in the future, get the mature Yazi to become close to his flying sword, then even if all the enemies of Yang Chen joined all their magic weapons together, they would be powerless against his weapon.

Because Yang Chen could already sense Heavenly Roar's rising killing and attacking intent, he knew that Heavenly Roar's Yazi bloodline had already started to be aroused. After some consideration, Yang Chen placed the Bright Ray Sword near the Yazi's body. This was Yang Chen's most precious flying sword. It might not be the most formidable one, but Yang Chen would still protect it with his life.

On one side, Shi Shanshan was still meditating and comprehending, while on the other side, Heavenly Roar continued to sleep for one full month. After waking up, Heavenly Roar immediately took the Bright Ray Sword Yang Chen had placed near him and began to madly lick it. After licking for a moment, he seemed to sense that someone was spying on him and quickly went to a concealed corner, taking the Bright Ray Sword with him. He then continued to enjoy it as if this flying sword was something delicious.

Yang Chen knew that this was the Yazi's instinct as he was quite fond of weapons. Heavenly Roar not only enjoyed licking swords, but this act could also greatly increase a weapon's strength. Even though this Yazi's bloodline weren't completely aroused, it wasn't a difficult task for him to use his ability to increase the sharpness of the Bright Ray Sword.

Yang Chen only fed a tablespoon sized portion of Heavenly Roar Dog's human head sized blood essence to Heavenly Roar. He didn't want to feed Heavenly Roar any more than that for now. Spirit pets were the same as human cultivators in that after reaching certain stage, it was always better to consolidate the realm. Otherwise, his later cultivation speed would decrease when reaching higher levels. Moreover, the cultivation will also be unsteady.

Shi Shanshan's meditation lasted for full two months. During those two months, Yang Chen attended to Heavenly Roar while calmly guarding Shi Shanshan. A few days after that two month period, Shi Shanshan suddenly opened her eyes.


One look at Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen immediately knew that Shi Shanshan had once again gained some insight and her cultivation had again increased.

"You were guarding me all this time?"

Shi Shanshan didn't smile as she responded. Rather, she asked with her customary cold expression.

"If I had not guarded you, then what would have happened if something had disturbed you?"

Yang Chen lazily replied, then standing up, he properly stretched his body.

Shi Shanshan's cultivation had indeed increased, causing her mental state to become more stable. Looking at Yang Chen stretching out, Shi Shanshan also suddenly had an impulse to follow Yang Chen without caring about her image, but her conscientiousness restrained her to not show a lack of manners.

When her gaze swept through the valley and saw the intact ingredients, she was stunned as this was completely out of her expectations. If he had been some greedy and vile person, he would have already swept everything clean. Moreover, he also would have attacked her while she was meditating.

Thinking of how vulnerable she had been, Shi Shanshan was frightened while at the same also surprised at how she had not bothered to set defenses against Yang Chen? She was aware that while she had been in meditation, if there had been even a little disturbance, the backlash could have seriously injured and maybe killed her. Until she found a safe region, she basically shouldn't have experimented. How could she be so bold?

After pondering these things, she reached a conclusion toward Yang Chen. Surprisingly, she had somehow developed trust towards Yang Chen without being conscious of the fact. Could it be because she had agreed to become Yang Chen's dao companion and the feelings had developed automatically?

Shi Shanshan also didn't understand this other fact clearly, but after running into Yang Chen, she had already gained insight two times. First was because of his words at the execution ground when he still hadn't began his own cultivation. The second was seeing Yang Chen's indifferent attitude towards herbs. Although she didn't understand Yang Chen greatly, Shi Shanshan felt that becoming Yang Chen's dao companion wasn't anything unbearable.

"Have you chosen the ingredients you want?"

While stretching and looking happy, Yang Chen pointed towards the great pile of legendary herbs and asked.

Shi Shanshan looked at the surroundings and then suddenly asked Yang Chen:

"Are you really sure that I should take away some?"

"Both of us get half. This is the rule."

Yang Chen smiled and casually asked:

"Why, haven't you chosen yet? Do you want me to give some suggestions?"


Shi Shanshan nodded her head, agreeing with Yang Chen. But within her heart, she was a little surprised.

"Then let's start from here!"

Yang Chen had really intended to introduce Shi Shanshan to some good things. Since he had already agreed to give her half, why not do the job perfectly?

"This herb is comparatively ugly but also the most attractive."

Yang Chen pointed to an herb having six leaves and explained:

"Ginseng, after its maturity reaches ten thousand years. It doesn't even need refining and can be directly consumed. Even YuanYing stage experts have a chance of reaching the Da Cheng stage after consuming it."

"This is Nine Leaf Profound Ginseng."

Yang Chen again pointed to other one:

"As long as its maturity passes ten thousand years, it is basically the best mid grade ingredient. Any elixir refined with it has at least a third grade efficiency."


Yang Chen quickly introduced a series of items, speaking very quickly without any hesitation. As one item after another was mentioned, Shi Shanshan could only force a smile while listening.

All the ingredients Yang Chen mentioned were indeed genuine. Shi Shanshan understood this clearly. But what she couldn't understand was that all the ingredients Yang Chen mentioned were of comparatively higher value. Left over all were ordinary goods. Is this also Yang Chen's kindness?

Yang Chen who was introducing items one by one, didn't have the faintest idea that his act had caused a stir in Shi Shanshan's mind. In any case, now that he had obtained the Heavenly Roar Dog's blood essence, all these things didn't even enter his eyes. What could be more precious compared to a spirit pet like a Yazi? Other people might not know, but how could Yang Chen not realize this?

When ten more sword spirits had been added to the Immortal Executing Blade, with Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets to propel it, with the Yazi possessing it, let alone within the Mortal World, even in the Spiritual World or the Immortal World, what wouldn't the Immortal Beheading Blade be able to cleave?

When compared between ten thousand years matured legendary herbs and a Yazi, even if ten times more of these herbs were present, Yang Chen would still choose the Yazi without any hesitation.

Yang Chen's behaviour was quite casual, but Shi Shanshan wasn't able to relax. Although she could sense that Yang Chen didn't consider her an outsider, when she saw his generosity while deciding her share, she was completely surprised.

Shi Shanshan felt quite conflicted. There were so many several thousand years matured legendary herbs. If she could bring them back, then regardless of either herself or the Green Jade Immortal Islands, both of them would gain immense wealth.

But the problem was that such wealth would give rise to evil intentions of some elders with ulterior motives within the sect. One such elder was elder Li Yunyu who belonged to the same clan as that Li Qingchen.

So at that time, these herbs would certainly create disputes. Yang Chen and her had both set out on a journey together and had collected these legendary herbs, but to divide them evenly? Why? Shi Shanshan's cultivation was of the JieDan stage, so she certainly must have done more work. Moreover, Yang Chen was only a foundation stage youngster, so he certainly must have attached himself to Shi Shanshan for her help to get his work done.

Then, what would follow would be the rise of a dispute between the Pure Yang Palace and the Green Jade Immortal Islands. This was not Shi Shanshan's baseless assumption, rather such matters had happened in the past. There were many examples of big sects doing such things.

Next, there would be certainly some argument which would cause both sides to go to war. The two sect which had originally been harmonious would turn into enemies. Shi Shanshan was absolutely unwilling to see such circumstances.

It was not that Shi Shanshan wasn't thinking of the sect, rather sometimes when the benefits were too big, they can break the balance. The saying that people would appreciate you when you help them but will hate you once you stop helping them was quite true.

Only Shi Shanshan herself knew that her contribution was not that great in obtaining these things. Rather Yang Chen had already planned this trip out long ago. He went to find Shi Shanshan to go on a journey only because the elders from both sides had requested this, and he had no other choice. What surprised her even more was that during this process, both sects had good mutual understanding and confidence in one another. What an irony!

If all these events were just in Shi Shanshan's imagination, then she also didn't know how to face Yang Chen's confidence in her. Especially since she hadn't done much work, she still had obtained the benefits for no reason.

After pondering over these thoughts, Shi Shanshan only could think that she should not accept this share, but even after asking few times, Yang Chen seemed to have already decided resolutely that she must have her share.

Looking at Yang Chen still explaining non-stop, Shi Shanshan took a deep breath and made her decision.

"Yang Chen, I don't have anything like a medicine garden or similar with me. It would be better for you keep then first!"

When she said these words with indifferent expressions to Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan felt calmness return to her heart:

"If I collect them just like that it would just be a great waste, when I want something, I will ask you!"


Yang Chen's eyes opened widely, what did this mean? Making him collect everything? Yang Chen clearly understood Shi Shanshan's intention and asked her mockingly:

"Aren't you afraid that seeing these riches could provoke my evil intentions and I will hog everything for myself?"

"How about you, weren't you afraid that I will keep everything for myself when you were researching spell formation?"

Shi Shanshan finally smiled and looked in Yang Chen's eyes with a slight hint of provocation.

"Speak frankly, I don't understand!"

Yang Chen shook his head. Naturally, he could collect all these herbs within his Medicine Garden, but he could not understand how a core disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Islands, Shi Shanshan, could renounce these riches so easily. Could it be that she didn't think the Green Jade Immortal Islands needed them?

"Many people on the island don't think highly of you."

Shi Shanshan also didn't hide anything and directly spoke the reason:

"If these things were to appear on the island, many people will target you and Pure Yang Palace."

Yang Chen was delighted. For the moment, he hadn't thought this through. With Shi Shanshan's one warning, Yang Chen immediately realized the problem. For an innocent man, treasuring a jade ring could also become a crime. In his previous life, a ten thousand year matured vermilion fruit caused the young master of the Greatest Heaven Sect to be tempted. What to say of the matured legendary herbs in this valley, all of which had reached ten thousand years maturity?

After understanding this one point, Yang Chen saw Shi Shanshan in a new light. Previously obtaining Heavenly Roar Dog's blood essence and the thought of arousing the Yazi bloodline had excited him so much that he had forgotten about other matters. Fortunately, Shi Shanshan reminded him.

He felt a little happy. This cool and elegant beautiful woman hadn't betrayed his confidence. Rather, she took the initiative to propose this method. But Yang Chen couldn't help but get another headache. How could he refuse Shi Shanshan in this case?

Shi Shanshan's method was quite legit. It was the best method to preserve the efficacy of these herbs for maximum time. But the premise is that both parties should have absolute confidence on each other.

Presently, Shi Shanshan had already shown her absolute confidence on Yang Chen. If Yang Chen was argumentative as a male, then her trust would not be justified. Immediately Yang Chen also made his decision and nodded his head:

"Ok, then let's work together, you successively take out the root. I will transplant them."

This work was also not easy. If these legendary herbs, which had reached the maturity of ten thousand years, were even spoiled a little bit, then just simple regret wouldn't be enough. Shi Shanshan used a large tree to make a wooden sword and then carefully used it to dig the roots one by one. She then handed them over to Yang Chen for transplantation.

Sometimes, a few legendary medicines grew together, so it was better to not separate them and just dig the entire piece of land and plant it as one unit within the Medicine Garden.

Yang Chen's work was contrarily much easier, since the environment inside the Medicine Garden was as better than the outside environment. Moreover, the spirit power was also abundant. Furthermore, with fifth earth soil as the foundation, these legendary herbs would easily take root in the Medicine Garden.

With those two working together, they quickly rooted out all the herbs from the valley. It still took them a full two months. Regarding time, it had already been a full one year since Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan had left together on their journey.

"Where do we go next?"

On this journey, Shi Shanshan had gained great harvests. Her cultivation had also improved. Furthermore, she had also obtained so many legendary herbs. Thus, she didn't have even the least bit of hesitation on travelling further together with Yang Chen. After completing this, there was no meaning of remaining at Meng Qi Mountain for Yang Chen, therefore Shi Shanshan asked for Yang Chen's next plans.

"Initially I was thinking of going to ocean together with you, but now that we have found these legendary herbs, I am thinking of returning and refining some elixirs first."

Yang Chen also didn't hide anything, presently he was feeling very conflicted. Initially he hadn't thought that he would have this kind of contact with Shi Shanshan, so he could only use pill concocting as an excuse to avoid her.

"That is also good!"

Shi Shanshan also didn't want to pester him, so nodded her head in agreement:

"Just perfect, I have also gained some enlightenment so must go and consolidate my realm first.

After the work had been finished, naturally Yang Chen wanted Shi Shanshan to return to the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Shi Shanshan also didn't decline, and having no qualms, she tasted the tea prepared by Yang Chen several times on Flying Shuttle. Afterwards, she also bluntly asked for some reserves before sending Yang Chen off from the Green Jade Immortal Islands.

After returning back to the mountain by himself, Yang Chen began to ponder. Returning this time, what should he do? Speaking of pill concocting, earlier he had just said that he would concoct pills to give an explanation to Shi Shanshan. However, since he had those legendary herbs, pill concocting really wasn't a bad choice. Great Master was presently stuck at the bottleneck of the peak of the YuanYing stage. Having these legendary herbs, maybe he could overcome the bottleneck and enter the Da Cheng stage?

Naturally, this still required to be thought over, Yang Chen had already followed Palace Master's instruction and returned first to see master.

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