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Chapter 206- Unexpected Harvest And Collecting The Blood Essence26 Jul 2017

Ten thousand years was just Yang Chen's initial estimate, but their real maturity may not just be limited to ten thousand years. He knew that it had already been over ten thousand years since Yang Erlang and Heavenly Roar Dog had ascended and these were left behind when Heavenly Roar Dog had ascended so it certainly could surpass that limit.

"Half belongs to both of you, you can choose first!"

Suddenly Yang Chen had some slight regret, if he had known earlier about this, he wouldn't have led Shi Shanshan here, he had given a huge favour to Green Jade Immortal Islands for no reason. But he also wasn't a cheap person who would hog everything to himself, so he generously extended his hand and indicated for Shi Shanshan to choose first.

Shi Shanshan was also a knowledgeable person, even though she didn't specialize in pill concocting, she could still make out the maturity of these rare herbs. Great astonished, she didn't expect to see Yang Chen being so generous and sighed.

"Aren't you afraid that after seeing these herbs, I would kill you to silence you and take everything for myself?"

Shi Shanshan didn't immediately start to collect the herbs, but rather, turned to Yang Chen and coldly asked.

"I only asked you to take your portion, why is there a need to speak so much rubbish?"

Yang Chen said resentfully, in fact, he wasn't afraid of becoming hostile with Shi Shanshan; that would be the perfect excuse to break off with her.

Whether it was the shock of seeing these precious ingredients or Yang Chen using an aggressive tone, the coldness on Shi Shanshan's face immediately weakened by much, she gave a little smile to Yang Chen and agreed:


"Wait a moment!"

Just as Shi Shanshan was about to move, Yang Chen suddenly shouted at her.

"Regretting it now?"

Just as she was hesitating, thinking about which herbs she should pick first, she heard Yang Chen's voice and immediately turned around. Looking at Yang Chen suddenly take out his flying sword, she asked, ridiculing him.

"First investigate the surroundings and check whether there is any danger or not."

However, Yang Chen didn't pay any attention to Shi Shanshan's words, rather, he alertly scanned the surroundings first:

"With heavenly treasures in the vicinity, maybe there will be a guardian spirit beast, so being a little careful wouldn't harm you."

This logic was applicable for most of the treasures, Shi Shanshan also understood it clearly. Thinking about how she had misunderstood Yang Chen, her face turned bright red with embarrassment, unable to say anything. Only following his words, she took her flying sword and began to look all around.

Inside the valley, there were no traces of any large demon beast moving about, these plants also didn't seem to have suffered any damage while growing. Both of them were carefully flying around on their flying swords. On one hand, they had to make sure that they don't ruin the medicinal ingredients, while on the other hand, they were afraid of what might be lying therein.

This hidden valley also wasn't small, both people flew on their flying sword for the time it took for an incense stick to burn, only then did they reach the end. At the end point of the valley, there was a large stretch of empty land. A spell formation could be clearly seen on that empty land. Lines that were about ten meters in radius filled the land and the lines of the spell formation were still flickering faintly.

At the core of the spell formation, a ball of blood coloured liquid of the size of a person's head was floating, incessantly changing shapes. But regardless of how it changed shape, it was always unable to leave the core of the spell formation.

"Isn't this the blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog that you've been trying to find?"

Looking at that blood coloured liquid that was still completely full of energy, Shi Shanshan was slightly astonished, her tone was also slightly unconvinced.

"Should be!"

No spirit power seemed to penetrate through the spell formation's cover, Yang Chen's spiritual awareness also didn't seem to be able to pass through it, so he couldn't confirm whether it really was the blood essence or not. But since it was here, moreover it also fitted with Heavenly Roar Dog's description, it should be correct.

"This is………one drop?"

Shi Shanshan was even more dumbfounded. In any case, how could the concept of a drop of blood be linked this human head sized lump of liquid.


Yang Chen also didn't know what to say, Heavenly Roar Dog's idea of a drop of blood was perhaps different from a human.

"Then what do we do now?"

Shi Shanshan seemed to be completely following Yang Chen, so she asked, waiting for his next command.

After looking all around the surroundings once, he pointed to the vacant land at the edge of the spell formation and said:

"There doesn't seem to have the slightest trace of demon beasts, so there shouldn't be any here."

The soil on the side of the spell formation was obviously not solid. The thing inside the spell formation was the most precious, if there had been demon beasts there, with so many legendary herbs growing nearby, they would have awakened their spirit wisdom by now. Demon beasts with spirit wisdom would certainly not leave the thing inside the spell formation alone, even if they could not break the spell formation, they would have certainly tried to. But since there were no marks here, it clearly meant that there weren't any demon beasts around.

"Go pick the ingredients that you want!"

Presently Yang Chen only had the blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog in his eyes, but suddenly, after he thought about something, he turned around and told her:

"If there is something you can't determine or perhaps you don't know how to harvest it, then wait for me to get there and I will get it for you, by all means don't ruin it."


Shi Shanshan agreed and began to slowly look around the valley. There was no need to be hasty, she could decide later after looking around properly.

However, Yang Chen remain seated at the edge of the spell formation and began to carefully analyze its mysteries. Since the lines of the spell formation could be easily seen, it saved Yang Chen a lot of trouble.

He kept on searching through all the high grade spell formations in his mind, but couldn't find anything identical to this. Having no other option, he could only use the most basic spell formation principles to analyze it.

Although the spell formation could be broken forcefully, it would easily destroy the blood essence inside it, so he could only keep on analysing as the gains did not make up for the losses here. Sitting at the edge of the spell formation, Yang Chen began to determine the principles behind the spell formation and also began to determine the function of the spell formation.

Just this one analysis had taken full two months. For some reason, Shi Shanshan had unexpectedly not pluck even a single legendary herbs. After taking a look around the valley, she returned. Seeing Yang Chen focused on analyzing the spell formation, she didn't say anything and sat down at one side and began to meditate, acting as a protector for Yang Chen.

"So it was like this!"

Yang Chen who had been attentively observing the spell formation, revealed a hint of a smile suddenly and blurted out these few words.

"Have you figured it out?"

Suddenly, a voice came from one side, it was Shi Shanshan. Yang Chen was startled, hadn't Shi Shanshan gone to collect the legendary herbs?


Yang Chen slowly stood up and chuckled:

"There is a sealing spell formation, a defensive spell formation, one is a preserving spell formation, another is a floating spell formation, and the last one is a spirit collecting spell formation, these few spell formations are just joined together, it will not be too troublesome.

"Yang Chen!"

Shi Shanshan suddenly called Yang Chen, Yang Chen also turned his head.

"You are so audaciously analyzing the spell formation here, don't tell me that you aren't a little bit afraid that I would kill you for this treasure?"

Shi Shanshan had her customary ice cold expression on his face, but her gaze contained slight hopelessness.

"Although Fairy Shi has killed a lot to exterminate the devil and defend the dao."

Yang Chen blurted out without any hesitation:

"But I still haven't heard Fairy Shi killing people to take their riches or silence them."

These words weren't from this life, rather heard in his previous life.

"If I killed people to silence them, then naturally you won't hear about it."

A slight light passed through Shi Shanshan's eyes, but she continued with a stiff face:

"If you haven't heard that doesn't mean I haven't done so."

While speaking, she turned around her head to take a look at the valley and asked Yang Chen again:

"Do you know, if Green Jade Immortals Island obtained all this legendary herbs, how big of an advantage that will be?"

As a disciple of Green Jade Immortal Islands, she naturally would think about her sect.

"Even if you get more of them, then it also won't matter to me!"

When Yang Chen said these words, Shi Shanshan almost tumbled on the spot. Does Yang Chen really not know value of these legendary herbs?

How is this possible, Yang Chen was a somewhat famous pill concocting master, how can he not know the value of these ingredients. If he really meant this then he certainly considers Shi Shanshan as an ally. Thinking of this, Shi Shanshan felt a little warmth in her heart, this is the first time she had such sensation towards a male.

Yang Chen was totally oblivious to the misunderstanding created in Shi Shanshan's mind by the words he had blurted out. His goal was simple, to get the blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog, as for other things, they were just an added bonus, regardless of whatever he got, he was totally indifferent. He was only slightly astonished to discover the ten thousand years matured herbs but didn't attach much importance to them.

Yang Chen remembered many locations having such legendary herbs, some had more than here, some had less, so the herbs here couldn't stir up his greed.

However, Yang Chen's behaviour had a completely different meaning in Shi Shanshan's mind. Not tempted even when facing riches, this was a true cultivator who wasn't affected by external factors. No wonder, within the brief thirty or so years, Yang Chen's reputation had increased so much, he indeed deserved it.

At this instant, Shi Shanshan had a sudden insight, her mental state had once again improved and she unconsciously entered the state of meditation.

However, Yang Chen hadn't discovered Shi Shanshan's peculiar situation. Besides discovering the logic behind the spell formations, he had also found the way to enter it at the same time. So he took out Heavenly Roar from Medicine Garden, seized the flying sword he had in his mouth and carried him into the spell formation.

Since his flying sword had been snatched, Heavenly Roar was barking furiously. Seeing this, Yang Chen gently caressed him and said:

"I have something good for you, after eating this, you can start licking high grade flying sword."

It was not clear whether Heavenly Roar understood him or not, but once he saw the blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog, his gaze was hooked on it, saliva kept dripping from his mouth. It could be assumed that he had also discovered the unusualness about the blood essence.

The radius of the spell formation was only ten or so meters, but it took Yang Chen fully two incense burning time to reach the middle. Yang Chen didn't wanted to break the order of the spell formation and risk wasting even a drop of blood essence, that's why he had chosen such a complicated method.

If the spell cultivators saw this action of Yang Chen, they would astonished to the point of their chin dropping to the ground. He had easily entered inside the spell formation without the least bit of problem which was formed by combining several spell formations and was arranged by a Da Cheng stage expert more than a thousand years ago. Those so called experts who had been researching spell formations for their entire lifetime would be ashamed to death upon seeing this.

When he came in front of the blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog, without damaging the spell formation, only then did he discover the ferociousness of that blood essence. The spirit power contained inside the blood essence seemed to be earth shattering. Surprisingly, Yang Chen was sensing an oppressive pressure standing in front of it.

If Heavenly Roar swallows this formidable blood essence, the outcome was certain, his body would explode into pieces. But collecting it wasn't extremely difficult for Yang Chen. He used a bucket sized piece of jade stone and quickly carved out a jade bottle from it using flying sword.

Soon after he engraved the floating spell formation and preserving spell formation on that jade bottle by referring to those two portions in the spell formation. Then he stretched his hand and collected the blood essence within the jade bottle.

Speaking of jade bottle, it would be more suitable to call it jade bucket. Once the blood essence entered the jade bottle, then similar to the spell formation, it remained suspended within air without coming in contact with the four walls.

Carefully using spirit power to take roughly one tablespoon of blood essence, he fed it to Heavenly Roar whose mouth was already dripping with saliva. Heavenly Roar excitedly drank that mouthful of blood. Immediately, red coloured light glittered from his entire body, after continuing for an instant, Heavenly Roar was unable to support himself and lost consciousness.

Yang Chen understood that this was the effect of blood essence and carefully placed him within the Medicine Garden. Then following the spell formation's pace, he slowly came out.

After coming out, he noticed Shi Shanshan's situation, she seemed to be comprehending something. Yang Chen couldn't resist passing a bitter smile, the talented were indeed talented, they could gain enlightenment from even the slightest things that any ordinary person wouldn't pay any attention to.

Without saying anything, he stood at some distance from Shi Shanshan as her protector. He also felt strange within his heart, from when did he start to not bothered by Shi Shanshan at his side, surprisingly, not even a least bit afraid that she would catch him off guard and attack?

Although within his memories, Cold Plum Fairy was a person of extreme importance, but, himself and Shi Shanshan shouldn't have that kind of friendship where they don't need to put up any defenses towards each other, right? But Yang Chen himself, didn't understand this clearly, even the two months while he was analyzing, he never felt that Shi Shanshan would attack him for even a single moment.

Moreover, even more strange was Shi Shanshan's current situation. She had casually entered meditation not feeling the least bit afraid that Yang Chen may have ill intentions.

This kind of mutual trust had appeared between them at some point in time. Yang Chen also felt quite baffled, didn't he draw a clear dividing line between himself and Shi Shanshan? So how had this happened?

Confused, Yang Chen could only keep on protecting Shi Shanshan while observing Heavenly Roar's circumstances in Medicine Garden.

At this moment, Heavenly Roar was still unconscious, but blood veins had appeared around his body, becoming more and more dense, like a cocoon that binded around Heavenly Roar. Moreover, wave after wave of spirit power began to bubble forth from Heavenly Roar's body. Compared to previous state when he didn't have even the least bit of spirit, it was simply sky and earth turning upside down.

"Hmm, this blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog is indeed a great supplement!"

Yang Chen felt sincere admiration, then said concluding:

"Perhaps, after you consume this entire blood essence and arouse your blood vessels, you will turn into a Yazi!"

Sure enough, this little pup Heavenly Roar surprisingly had a faint blood vessel. When Yang Chen had incidentally discovered this, he didn't dare to believe his eyes.

However, this blood vessel wasn't clear, but Heavenly Roar had already started showing a traces of a Yazi's characteristics. His head had started to resemble that of a jackal, also he was fond of holding sharp blades in his mouth, but the spirit power in his body was very weak, thus people would easily mistake it for an ordinary pup.

Yazi was one of the nine sons of the Dragon King. Yang Chen hadn't even thought of meeting him in the mortal world. Perhaps, after Heavenly Roar's blood vessels had been properly awakened, Yang Chen could think about going to the Dragon King's Palace and collecting the other magic weapons. Previously, he could only collect the Flying Shuttle so there must be many remaining.

However, it was unclear whether the dragon qi on this Yazi's body would allow Yang Chen to collect all the magic weapons concealed inside the Dragon Palace. If he really could, then it would awesome as that was a genuine daoist immortal abode. out the maturity of these rare herbs. Greatly astonished, she didn't expect to see Yang Chen being so generous and sighed.

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