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Chapter 202- Scarface's big business07 Jul 2017

Yang Chen didn't listen to Shangguan Feng's proposal and went to his master's place first. Upon seeing his master again, he was happy.

Gao Yue had already reached foundation stage in water attributed cultivation. This had also put Gao Yue at a loss, even if she had elixirs and her JieDan stage spiritual awareness to help, reaching foundation stage after a short nine years. This speed could astonish anyone.

Even Gongsun Ling who was known as a cultivation genius inside the sect and had a nearly full earth attributed spirit root, had taken a full ten years to reach foundation stage from qi layer. But Gao Yue knew very well that she clearly had fire attribute spirit root, so how could she cultivate water attributed cultivation methods so quickly?

"why is it like this?"

Gao Yue, who had already reached second layer of foundation stage, asked Yang Chen, feeling very confused. Since Yang Chen had been insisting from the beginning for her to cultivate water attributed cultivation methods, so he must most probably know the reason.

"For the time being, let us just say that I guessed it. Allow me be completely sure before I give master a proper explanation."

Yang Chen naturally would not explain it to her right now. Presently, the time hasn't come.

"Are you making your master become a test subject for your experiment?"

Seeing Gao Yue's slightly angry expression, Yang Chen was enchanted. When Gao Yue saw him not paying attention, she pushed him a little which made Yang Chen snap out of his daze.

"Is your master beautiful?"

Gao Yue suddenly asked Yang Chen curiously. As soon as she said this, Gao Yue also sensed that the question was inappropriate and her whole face turned red.


Yang Chen replied immediately.

"Compared to the cool and calm Fairy Shi?"

Seeing Yang Chen answer immediately, Gao Yue suddenly didn't know what demon had possessed her as she asked again.

"Master is more beautiful!"

Yang Chen answered immediately again. In his mind, there was no place for Shi Shanshan from the beginning, so there was no need to think about anything else.

Hearing Yang Chen's reply, Gao Yue felt sweetness spread through her heart, but at the same time, she also felt shy. How could she ask such a strange question. This was certainly not the way a master should behave with her disciple.

"Master, Scarface has come, let's go meet him together!"

Yang Chen appeared to not have sensed his master's peculiarity and calmly said. But in his heart, there were already big waves surging around, only, he didn't know how to express his emotions.

Regarding Yang Chen's suggestion, Gao Yue didn't have any intention of declining at all. Both of them jointly arrived at Second Fierce Yang Hall's guest room and met with Scarface whom they hadn't seen for almost twenty years.

Although such a long time had passed, Scarface almost didn't change. In any case, YuanYing stage expert's appearances don't change greatly. Only now, Scarface was completely different from before when he didn't know what to do after his hatred had been satisfied. Seemingly, he had found a new direction again, he seemed to be full of energy.


Regarding YuanYing stage, they have to be regarded as senior, so Yang Chen and Gao Yue also addressed him as senior:

"Long time no see, senior, you seem safe and sound!"

"Thanks to your lucky influence!"

After getting his revenge, Scarface seemed very polite, however that scar on his face destroyed all peace, even his smile made him seem more sinister.

"This is the promised face changing pill, kindly accept it senior!"

Yang Chen didn't need to follow fake niceties with Scarface, he took out the bottle containing a face changing pill which he had already refined and gave it to Scarface.

Scarface also wasn't polite and directly accepted it. Feeling it with his hand, he suddenly smiled:

"Yang Chen, in the past few days, your reputation has spread greatly!"

After returning from the Demon Beast Plains, throughout the whole journey, Scarface kept hearing about Yang Chen's matters. Moreover, all of them were apparently related to Da Cheng stage experts, Scarface could not help but be astonished. But once he remembered how Yang Chen had convinced old tree demon to take his advice, all these matters didn't seem so hard to understand.

"A few trivial matters, not worth mentioning!"

Yang Chen casually waved his hand and courteously said, then asked:

"Senior, what were the harvests this time?"

Without the face changing pill, Scarface didn't go to the Hundred Thousand Mountains. Rather, he had to go to Demon Beast Plain which he was not so familiar with. Also fortunately, he himself was a formidable YuanYing stage expert so he didn't have any losses at the Demon Beast Plains.

Demon Beast Plains really were enriched with natural resources, otherwise, it wouldn't have produced so many demon beasts. Scarface holding large amounts of spirit stones as well as some of the products of dao sects, were all exchanged for many good things he had obtained from Demon Beast Plain.

Although his qiankun pouch had already been filled from before and he could have returned in three years, Scarface was fortunate enough to have found a good place in the Demon Beast Plain. However, after he had collected some good things, he discovered that twenty years had already passed, so he hastily rushed back.

"What kind of treasure was worth senior spending twenty years time to collect?"

Yang Chen's eyes immediately shone, he asked curiously. On the other side, Gao Yue also had a curious expression on her face, waiting for Scarface's reply.

"A bottle of seventh metal true qi."

Scarface calmly replied, completely unaware of the shock his reply had produced in Yang Chen.

"Seventh metal true qi?"

Yang Chen almost cried out in shock. Trying to repress the surprise in his voice, he asked with ecstasy:

"Senior, is this seventh metal true qi useful to you?"

"For me, it is useless."

Scarface shook his head and said with a smile on his face:

"However, for those who cultivate metal attribute, this is a treasure which could only be found by luck. Alas, why are you and I speaking of this, you certainly know of this better than me."

Speaking till here, Scarface suddenly remembered Yang Chen's reputation about being a great reader and shook his head.

"If senior is not going to use for himself, could you exchange it with this junior?"

Repressing his emotions, Yang Chen asked in a discussing tone:

"What does senior require, don't hesitate to tell me."

"Exchange with you?"

Scarface was startled, he believed that Yang Chen was a fire attributed cultivator, so hadn't expected that Yang Chen would require this seventh metal true qi. He asked curiously:

"What will you use it for?"

"Junior requires it for a sect's cultivation method."

Yang Chen also didn't hide anything.

"I don't have any use for it, so might as well exchange it to you."

Regarding this, Scarface didn't have any conflict, in any case, this would fetch him spirit stones or perhaps a magic weapon, it didn't matter who he exchanges it with, but he again asked just to clarify:

"What do you intend to exchange it for?"

"Senior what do you want? Spirit stones? Magic weapons? Elixir? Cultivation method?"

Yang Chen spread his hands, asking Scarface his price. This seventh metal true qi was incomparably precious to Yang Chen as it was essential for the cultivation of «Seventh Metal True Secrets» and thus was necessary for completing the Great Yin and Yang Five Phases Secrets, so Yang Chen must have it.

Seeing Yang Chen so intent on asking Scarface's price, Gao Yue also became anxious, but she could not do anything to help. Suddenly thinking of something, she said:

"If senior does this for Yang Chen, then the three requests that senior had promised to me can all be forgotten."

Because Scarface had injured Gao Yue, Scarface had promised three requests to Gao Yue, this was before they came to an agreement. Presently, Gao Yue was raising this issue to help fight for Yang Chen.

"Since it is like this, then this could only be considered as one of the requests to fellow daoist Gao."

Scarface also wasn't a shameless and greedy person and immediately took out the jade bottle that was densely packed with sealing talisman and gave it to Yang Chen:

"So, now I only owe two requests to fellow daoist Gao."

"This is not appropriate!"

Although Yang Chen extended his hand to take the bottle, he shook his head and refused:

"This seventh metal true qi is too precious, master's one request is not enough to exchange for this."

"Then let's also add in your face changing pill."

Scarface lightly added. Apparently, he was rejoicing over the fact that he could settle one request:

"You only promised me the face changing pill, do not say anything else, this is just perfect for our exchange."

"Not appropriate, not appropriate!"

Yang Chen again shook his head, face changing pill was too easy for him and couldn't be compared to the value of seventh metal true qi. Moreover, he was sincerely determined to rope in Scarface and even a little push could push him thousand miles away.

"Then I will reserve a good elixir from you in advance."

Scarface was greatly generous, after taking his revenge, he neither had the desire nor need for anything, at this moment also he didn't want any disputes with Yang Chen:

"This ought to do for you, shouldn't it?"

Although his words were light, in his heart, Scarface was greatly appreciative of Yang Chen's big hearted personality. At least when dealing with him, he needn't be anxious that Yang Chen would cheat him or would use him lightly.

"What kind of elixir?"

Yang Chen nodded his head, also in addition, this wasn't something that could not be accepted.

"I haven't thought about it yet."

Scarface smiled shaking his head:

"Perhaps, in the future, I may need a unique elixir, when I require it, I will tell you. As long as, you remember that you owe me an elixir, that'll do."

"Then, we have a deal!"

Yang Chen loosely said, as if gaining the most important treasure, he immediately put the seventh metal true qi within his Achievement Ring. After holding the seventh metal true qi in his hand, he was no longer anxious and could rest in peace.

Gao Yue standing on the other side was also very happy, although she had used up one of her requests, Yang Chen had finally gotten what he wanted. Although she didn't knew what Yang Chen wanted to do with this, Gao Yue was absolutely satisfied.

"How did senior collect this seventh metal true qi?"

Although he had accepted it, Yang Chen was still curious about how Scarface had collected it. He wasn't a demon beast neither was he metal attributed, he really must have had some trouble.

"It was not easy."

Hearing Yang Chen ask about this matter, Scarface also started feeling proud, thinking about it, he could not help but began to explain non stop about it.

Scarface himself was a fire attributed cultivator. Moreover, Nanming fire already belonged to him personally. Since fire restrains metal, after he had discovered the Seventh Metal True Qi, Scarface used Nanming fire and tried to force the Seventh Metal True Qi to a certain place, but even though he had spent tremendous amounts of strength, he could only collect that bottle of Seventh Metal True Qi.

Although it was simple logic of five phases subduing each other, Scarface used it to the point of perfection. Inevitably, Scarface was proud of himself at the end:

"Although it wasted twenty years of time, but my cultivation had increased again because of the hard work that went to collecting this Seventh Metal True Qi, so it was worth it!"

Apparently, Scarface's goal of changing his mental state was fulfilled, his cultivation had also increased because of the increase in confidence. No wonder, Yang Chen had felt a sensation that was full of vitality coming from him when he saw him. So this had been the reason.

"Congratulations, senior!"

Yang Chen also smiled and congratulated Scarface, with this kind of start, in the future, Scarface will be someone who will certainly excel, which would possibly lead to even better cooperation.

"This time, I have obtained many great things at Demon Beast Plains, what do you intend to purchase?"

Yang Chen and Scarface, both began to talk about normal business matters, Scarface naturally didn't forget to talk about it. If he doesn't get spirit stones by selling the objects he had brought back, then his trips would just be a waste. Moreover, those big sects and schools would just try to lower the prices forcefully, so naturally he found Yang Chen as most suitable person to sell to.

"If senior is willing then we can deepen our cooperation."

Yang Chen directly mentioned his intent to deepen their cooperation. At the same time, he would also talk to Shangguan Feng on the side. He was thinking of discussing about expanding his business outside the Pure Yang Palace.

This would establish a stable market, at the same time, it would also signify the establishment of stable means of supply of goods from dao sect, how could Scarface be unwilling? Not only limited to these, Yang Chen's business, by using Yang Chen's great fame which Scarface had just recently heard about, Pure Yang Palace will certainly not be ignored. At least it will provide for security and Pure Yang Palace itself will be a formidable patron compared to individuals and the earnings will also be higher.

The more both sides discussed, the more optimistic they became. Gao Yue hearing all this was dumbstruck, she hadn't even thought that Yang Chen surprisingly was so proficient about business dealings. While chatting with Scarface, he had never been in a disadvantageous position.

Scarface was even more astonished regarding Yang Chen's familiarity with everything produced in Demon Beast Plains. Yang Chen seemed even more knowledgeable compared to himself, who personally went there. Even compared to him, Yang Chen's thinking was even more comprehensive, what price to mention, at what price should the negotiation end, he already had the basic idea about everything. Also compared to his ad hoc scheme, Yang Chen also had specialized knowledge about which things would earn him spirit stones and how much profit would he make.

The more they spoke about this, the more Yang Chen was aroused, so much that he even called Shangguan Feng. Shangguan Feng's interest regarding business far surpassed his interest in business, but the strange thing was that the better business he did, the more his cultivation seemed to increase. During the years Yang Chen was busy with pill refining, Shangguan Feng surprisingly entered mid foundation stage and soon was going to break through into later foundation stage.

Yang Chen also clicked his tongue in wonder, apparently Shangguan Feng was talented as supervisor and also didn't neglect his cultivation. Regarding how to run this business efficiently, Shangguan Feng had much more knowledge, he opened a huge world of business in front of Yang Chen, Scarface and Gao Yue, making all of them dumbstruck.

"Seemingly, this business wouldn't be a loss!"

Scarface said deeply moved, even without needing look at the result of this opportunity, just hearing Shangguan Feng's words gave him a sensation as if he was looking at a tall mountain. Even though he was a YuanYing stage expert, he couldn't help but look in awe at the foundation stage Shangguan Feng's ability to do business.

Scarface felt greatly refreshed, he immediately opened his qiankun pouch and began to take out all the good objects he had obtained at Demon Beast Plains. On the other side, Shangguan Feng began to value all of them, the sound of metal objects being put on table was very pleasant to hear.

While four of them were immersed in counting their riches, several days passed. Scarface's harvest was quite abundant this time, even his biggest qiankun pouch was filled squeezed to the top, just sorting them out took several days and it took even more time to calculate their exact value. Shangguan Feng also couldn't help but envy Scarface, just with this trip alone, Scarface would reap several hundred thousand catties of low grade spirit stones.

Shangguan Feng was also not negligent and immediately took out several tens of high grade spirit stones to pay. Inside Pure Yang Palace, perhaps apart from Yang Chen, only he had so many spirit stones.

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