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Chapter 203- Settle It Yourself08 Jul 2017

Both sides were completely satisfied, especially Scarface. After receiving the face changing pill, he could return to Hundred Thousand Mountains without having to worry about being discovered by the people there. The region Scarface was most familiar with was still Hundred Thousand Mountains. Compared to Demon Beast Plains, Scarface clearly knew which regions in the Hundred Thousand Mountains had specific kinds of materials.

Of the two, Yang Chen was the happiest. Who would have thought there would be such a coincidental opportunity? That he would surprisingly obtain something he had yearned for day and night, the Seventh Metal True Qi, was certainly an unexpected surprise. With the Seventh Metal True Qi, Yang Chen's Seventh Metal True Secrets would certainly transform his seventh metal spirit power to the purest seventh metal true qi. His Great Yin and Yang secrets would advance by one more step.

"Senior, remaining alone isn't always convenient, is it?"

While everyone was at last stage of discussion, Yang Chen suddenly asked.

"You mean?"

Scarface asked in confusion. He instinctively felt that Yang Chen was thinking of arranging some helpers to be at his side.

"What I mean is that senior's first priority should be to find some suitable juniors or perhaps begin to slowly find some helpers."

Yang Chen only wanted to give him a reminder:

"Sometimes, having many people is not only a convenience, but it can also help a lot. Other people also would not dare to casually attack you at Hundred Thousand Mountains and Demon Beast Plains.'

This was actually true, at least in Hundred Thousand Mountains. A lone cultivator was the easiest target. Generally speaking, regardless of how high one's cultivation was, in cases where there were many people attacking, they would all jointly attack from all sides. Previously, Scarface had only gone to look for wealth, but it was not like he hadn't fought with others to the death. If he had the help of a small group, it would be much safer and would also simplify matters a lot.

"If there is an opportunity, I will try to get some helpers."

Scarface contemplated for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

Yang Chen had already mentioned his point about what Scarface should do, so now Scarface had to deal with his own matters himself. Ever since Shangguan Feng had been in control of these things, Pure Yang Palace had become more and more prosperous, now it was almost time to allow him to start business outside.

The negotiation between the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace and the Sect Master of the Beast Taming Sect regarding future cooperation turned out great, so the Palace Master's mood was good. When Yang Chen mentioned this small matter, without any hesitation, Palace Master Zhong Jiao replied:

"Go find the shopkeeper of the Thousand Autumn Pavilion and ask him to arrange a shop front for you all. You all need not trouble yourself to worry about this."

Shangguan Feng accepted the order and rushed out excitedly. Palace Master Zhong Jiao, however, had asked Yang Chen to remain behind. The Palace Master didn't say anything at first. He only kept on hesitating. Finally, clenching his teeth, he asked Yang Chen:

"Yang Chen, you know where Song Hang is stuck, could you guide him a little?"

Palace Master had only asked this after hesitating for a good moment. He knew Yang Chen's temperament, but the good news of Zhu Chentao becoming YuanYing stage had provoked him, making him think that if Pure Yang Palace had one more YuanYing stage expert, then it would be even better for Pure Yang Palace. Therefore, he still hesitated a long while before asking this question.

Yang Chen didn't reply directly. He only shook his head silently. Palace Master Zhong Jiao's question was indeed logical, but for Yang Chen, only this couldn't be the only reason. Song Hang, who had tried to target Yang Chen, now wanted Yang Chen to help him? How could Yang Chen be expected to give charity like this? Moreover, even if someone were to request this of him, it should have been Song Hang asking. Why is Palace Master and Yang Chen talking about this?


Palace Master Zhong Jiao faintly sighed. He had also been aware that this would be result, only, he wasn't willing to accept without trying once. A YuanYing stage expert, ah, what a pity. Why did Song Hang have to be so stupid to allow his brain to be poisoned by Liang Shaoming when he had been the substituting hall master and go cause trouble for Yang Chen? Now, the method of breaking through was in Yang Chen's hands. What an irony indeed!

"Palace Master!"

Yang Chen suddenly addressed him, which again gave rise to a trace of hope within Palace Master. Raising his head to look at Yang Chen, he was expectedly waiting for Yang Chen to say something which would benefit them all.

"A YuanYing stage expert wouldn't increase the strength of my sect."

Yang Chen's first words once again extinguished the little trace of hope that Palace Master Zhong Jiao had, but his next words made the Palace Master turn pale with fright:

"If in near future, when Palace Master isn't busy, then maybe you should think about attacking Da Cheng stage."

Attacking Da Cheng stage? Palace Master Zhong Jiao hadn't had this thought for a long time. Presently, he was at the mid YuanYing stage, not to mention Da Cheng stage, and even reaching the peak the YuanYing stage seemed like an extravagant hope. Yang Chen's words about him attacking Da Cheng stage, how was it possible?

"If Palace Master is willing, then you should find a suitable dao companion. Disciple actually knows a metal attribute dual cultivation method which can allow your strength to increase greatly."

Ever since Yang Chen returned from Immortal Falling Well, Palace Master Zhong Jiao had shown great consideration for Yang Chen. So naturally, Yang Chen also wanted to return the favour by allowing Palace Master Zhong Jiao to advance one step further.

"Dao companion?"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao was so startled that he was rooted in his original place. He hadn't thought about this question.

Firstly, the Pure Yang Palace didn't have any great dual cultivation methods. Secondly, finding a suitable dao companion was really extremely difficult. Palace Master Zhong Jiao's status was special, so how can he casually take a disciple of another sect as his dao companion?

But Yang Chen's reminder gave some hope to Palace Master Zhong Jiao, especially Yang Chen's performance in these last few years. As long as someone was on Yang Chen's side, he would certainly show consideration to them and all of them had an increase in cultivation. There had been many examples, so clearly Yang Chen was not just speaking big words. Since he had said that he will help Palace Master attack the Da Cheng stage, then maybe Palace Master would be able to reach Da Cheng stage.

Yang Chen also wanted the surrounding people to feel this. As long as they have good relationship with him, there will be many benefits, but if they oppose him, the losses will be disastrous and maybe they will have to worry about their life. This way, the people of the sect will easily make the correct choice.

"Are you certain?"

After pondering for a moment, Palace Master Zhong Jiao lifted his head and asked.

"Sixty percent certain!"

Yang Chen also wasn't a hundred percent sure about this, so he only answered that there was a relatively high possibility. In reality, sixty percent assurance was enough to tempt Palace Master Zhong Jiao, even thirty percent certainty was sufficient to stake his life on it.

This scene was very weird, if someone saw it, their first impression would certainly be that Yang Chen was asking Palace Master Zhong Jiao for advice, but who would have thought that the truth was the complete opposite?

One option was to remain a YuanYing stage expert, another was to turn himself into Da Cheng stage expert. Between these two choices, how could Palace Master Zhong Jiao not know which to pick? But once he thought that Yang Chen would rather his spend time and energy training a Da Cheng stage, but he wasn't willing to even say a single line of advice to Song Hang, who had offended him, Zhong Jiao really didn't know how to describe Yang Chen.

"Regarding the matter of a dao companion."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao suddenly mentioned another topic, and said while looking at Yang Chen:

"While you were in seclusion, I personally went to Green Jade Immortal Islands."

Yang Chen couldn't help but throw a look at him, this matter concerned him and he couldn't avoid it, so could only ask angrily:

" Could Disciple know what was the result?"

"In my opinion, you have obtained a beautiful flower, her cultivation is high, her innate talent is also outstanding and exceptionally good for dao companion. In addition, my Pure Yang Palace will obtain the support of Green Jade Immortals Island. This would just be having your cake and eating it too."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao looked at Yang Chen and said with a smile.

"Palace Master, will you answer me or not?"

Yang Chen became anxious, without caring for the etiquette between senior and junior, he hastily asked.

"You are afraid of that girl, Shi Shanshan?"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao looked at him teasingly and could not help but make fun of him.

"I am not afraid!"

Yang Chen shook his head, then earnestly stood up, within his mind, his master's determined face of previous life again flashed through, formally said:

"Only, I cannot accept her."

"The matter is between you two, so you have to resolve it yourself!"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao seemed to sigh faintly and continued to speak:

"I have already spoken to the Island Master of Green Jade Immortal Islands. You two are still young. Perhaps if you know each other more, you will understand. As for whether it will succeed or not, since you both started this matter, you will have to resolve it!"

"Many thanks Palace Master!"

Yang Chen had heard that faint sigh from Palace Master Zhong Jiao's mouth. Palace Master had already fought for him to this stage, this certainly wouldn't have been easy. Yang Chen paid his respects and thanked him.

"You need not be so courteous with me."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao shook his head, then said optimistically:

"I have already agreed with Green Jade Immortal Islands, that after your pill concocting had ended, regardless of whatever you do, you will do it together with Shi Shanshan. You will both gain experience together in these next several years. Perhaps that will enhance your understanding."


Yang Chen was stunned. What did this mean? Why was he still required to accompany Shi Shanshan to gain experience? To promote understanding between them?

"You don't need to be so stunned."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao said in commanding tone:

"This is for your own good. What do you intend to do next?"

He had barely asked this when he directly instructed, without waiting for Yang Chen's answer:

"Regardless of what you do, you are to first go to Green Jade Immortal Islands and pay formal visit to Shi Shanshan. Then, you are to travel together afterwards."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao's command was the result of discussions between him and the Island Master of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Yang Chen knew that this matter couldn't be changed and could only scowl miserably and ask to be excused.

"I am allowing an exquisite woman like Shi Shanshan to travel with you and you still want to complain? Quickly get lost!"

Seeing Yang Chen's expression, Palace Master Zhong Jiao understood what he was thinking and berated him before driving him out.

Yang Chen was incessantly complaining within his heart, what is this? Initially, he had intended to go and find that blood essence of Heavenly Roar Dog for his Heavenly Roar to use as a supplement together with his master, but now, he had no option but to bring along Shi Shanshan. How could this have happened?

While complaining in his heart, he could only return back to his master's courtyard and tell her about Palace Master's instruction, while anxiously waiting for Gao Yue to say something.

"Since these are Palace Master's instructions, then go with her, what harm can be there?"

When Gao Yue saw Yang Chen being so anxious, she couldn't help but laugh:

"You don't have confidence in yourself? Or still….."

Saying until here, Gao Yue suddenly bit her lip and continued:

"Or you don't have faith in your master?"


Yang Chen lifted up his head and looked at Gao Yue in complete astonishment. Seeing the red shade on Gao Yue's face, as well as her limpid eyes, he suddenly thought that him protecting her for so long was finally showing some result.

With an ecstatic sound, Yang Chen suddenly recovered his vigorous fighting spirit and laughed for a long time. He then said high spiritedly:

"Disciple understands master's intention clearly! Disciple will go to Green Jade Immortal Islands and invite Fairy Shi to journey together."

In any case, Palace Master Zhong Jiao said they should resolve their problems themselves. If worst came to worst, he could just speak clearly with Fairy Shi. Yang Chen's only worry previously was that he feared his master would misunderstand. Now that his master had full confidence in him, why should he be afraid of anything?

While Yang Chen was involved with pill concocting, Gongsun Ling had already studied that maze thoroughly. Moreover, she had returned in time to see Zhu Chentao form his Ying successfully and had observed the entire process of lightning tribulation in close range. She had comprehended something at the end and was now in closed door training.

Yang Chen wanted to pay her a visit, but that had been in vain. He could only ask the servants of Gao Yue to pass on a message to her, saying that he was going outside to travel and would return in two to three years.

After handing over the business matters to Shangguan Feng, Yang Chen congratulated Zhu Chentao, and then left the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. He called out his Flying Shuttle and directly headed towards Green Jade Immortal Islands.

When there was still some distance left to reach Green Jade Immortal Islands, Yang Chen commanded his Flying Shuttle to fall in ocean. He changed it into a big boat and rushed towards Green Jade Immortal Islands.

Regardless of what is said, he had maintained all etiquettes properly, so even if there were some indifferences, other people wouldn't be able to pick faults with these trivial things. This was Yang Chen's intention.

After stopping his boat on the shore, he paid his respects as per the islands' rules and announced his name. Then, he requested to meet with Fairy Shi.

The entire Green Jade Immortal Islands had heard of Yang Chen's famous name, moreover, the upper echelons of Green Jade Immortal Islands had also let out the news confirming that Yang Chen was Shi Shanshan's dao companion. So when he announced his name this time, the treatment he received was completely different.

When the disciple guarding the island gate heard Yang Chen's name, he enthusiastically led him to the guest room, delivered fine refreshment, and didn't forget to inform him:

"Fellow daoist Yang, this time, ask senior apprentice sister Shi to show you around the islands. Next time when you come, just announce your name and directly go find senior apprentice sister Shi."

Shi Shanshan was extremely talented and had entered the JieDan stage quite early. The fellow disciples of the same generation as her were still here looking after guests and were still only in the foundation stage, so calling her 'senior apprentice sister Shi' was normal.

Through his journey to the island, Yang Chen had already considered this carefully. This matter regarding Shi Shanshan had to be solved as early as possible. As for what Shi Shanshan was thinking, she could do whatever was convenient for herself. In all likelihood, Green Jade Immortal Islands had considered his innate talent in pill concocting, and because of that, had generously agreed to make Shi Shanshan his dao companion at that time. In any case, as long as the matter was appropriately dealt with, no one would be greatly offended and probably there wouldn't be much effect.

Upon receiving the news the that Yang Chen had come to see her, Shi Shanshan also wasn't neglectful and quickly flew towards the guest room. On seeing Yang Chen, she exchanged conventional greetings with him, but apart from that cold expression as before, she didn't show any other expression which would astonish people.

Shi Shanshan indeed invited Yang Chen to take a walk around Green Jade Immortal Islands. He didn't refuse, as per Palace Master Zhong Jiao's instructions. Yang Chen followed behind Shi Shanshan, looked around Green Jade Immortal Islands, then also rested in Shi Shanshan's room for a while. Only when both of them were sipping tea did Yang Chen speak about his intentions.

"You intend to go to Ming Qi Mountain to gain experience and are inviting me to journey together with you?"

Shi Shanshan was startled, apparently she hadn't expected that Yang Chen would invite her to travel together. However, she wasn't that conflicted towards Yang Chen's request as she had already acknowledged Yang Chen as her dao companion publicly, so naturally, she would not refuse:

"That is also good, I haven't gone out to gain experience in a long time. So let's go and see."

Shi Shanshan was a firm person, she just sent one of her servants to notify her master and she followed Yang Chen without any hesitation.

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