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Chapter 201-Black tiger's injury is cured06 Jul 2017

The people of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard were very fortunate. Not only did they get to cultivate in the best environment, but now they also had the opportunity to experience and observe the lightening tribulation of a JieDan expert who had formed his Ying. This was basically getting educated through observation, What learning opportunity could be better compared to this?

As for the part of Second Fierce Yang Courtyard which had been destroyed, there was nothing to worry about. Only Yang Chen, Gao Yue, some of Yang Chen's senior apprentice brothers, and their servants had participated in the construction of the initial Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. Presently, Palace Master Zhong Jiao simply waved his hand and assigned the sect's builders, using natural resources, to repair the entire courtyard properly. Compared to initial one, the courtyard this time will be constructed more spectacularly.

All the elders were happy, Palace Master Zhong Jiao was also happy, and all the other disciples were happy. Under such extreme happiness, Palace Master Zhong Jiao decided to celebrate Hall Master Zhu becoming a YuanYing stage expert by giving every disciple an additional allotment of their monthly elixir allowance, regardless if they were an inner or outer sect disciple.

Once the information began to spread, a great celebration began in Pure Yang Palace. Everyone realized the benefits of an increase in the number of YuanYing stage experts, especially the addition of a YuanYing stage pill concocting expert. This also implied that, in the future, even more higher grade elixirs could be provided to the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace.

Even in this celebratory atmosphere, there were a few unhappy people. The gloomiest among them was Song Hang! He was also at the peak of the JieDan stage and was also confronting a bottleneck. Zhu Chentao had gained enlightenment from Yang Chen and stepped into the YuanYing stage without any warning. Moreover, Song Hang felt even more despair thinking that Yang Chen knew the way of crossing the bottleneck, but he wouldn't tell him no matter what. There was great hatred between both sides, so how could the good fortune of these others not make Song Hang extremely depressed?

Similarly, another unhappy person was the Luminous Moon Hall's Hall Master Liang Shaoming. He was both at the JieDan stage and a Hall Master. In fact, his cultivation could be considered better than Zhu Chentao's before Zhu Chentao entered seclusion to concoct pills. Now, Zhu Chentao had apparently easily stepped into the YuanYing stage, whereas he was still hovering at the peak JieDan stage even after ten years of closed door training. How could Liang Shaoming, who had always bragged about his cultivation, endure this?

Regardless of whatever was said, Liang Shaoming and Song Hang could only bite their tongues, swallow their resentment, and congratulate Zhu Chentao on forming his Ying and passing the lightning tribulation.

Pure Yang Palace's upper echelon, including Palace Master Zhong Jiao and the other elders, were well aware of Zhu Chentao's previous circumstances. They knew that he previously had no hope of forming his Ying and had therefore delved into pill concocting. Now, after concocting elixirs with Yang Chen for more than a dozen years, he had surprisingly stepped into YuanYing stage. This was simply a pleasant surprise.

Logically speaking, in the years that this foundation stage disciple Yang Chen had been at Pure Yang Palace, he had already produced a Da Cheng stage expert, two YuanYing stage eccentrics and now a YuanYing stage pill concocting master for the sect. No need to mention the fact that, under his influence, the cultivation of his great master Wang Yong had advanced by leaps and bounds. Seemingly, as long as someone was on Yang Chen's side, his cultivation will increase at an incredible speed.

Speaking of Yang Chen's achievements, they were not only limited to those previously mentioned. Regarding the recently refined black tiger spirit supporting pill, when the senior black tiger of Beast Taming Sect uses this elixir and his injury gets cured, the Pure Yang Palace will gain a second rate sect as an ally. Moreover, if Yang Chen consents to becoming dao companions with the beautiful Fairy Shi, Pure Yang Palace can further gain Green Jade Immortal Islands as another ally.

Strictly speaking, the accomplishments of some Hall Masters or even the Palace Master paled in comparison to those of Yang Chen. Just with one comparison, the difference was clear. Truly said, the true value of person can only be determined through comparison.

While the Pure Yang Palace was engulfed in celebration, the higher ups of Beast Taming Sect were also endlessly excited. Originally, they believed it would have taken ten years to complete the refining, but they hadn't expected that after Yang Chen had fused the three flames, his cultivation would increase greatly and the refining time would be cut down by one and a half years. Within a brief eight and a half years, they were notified that the black tiger spirit suppressing pill was complete.

Fan Shan, who received the news, used his fastest speed to hurry to the Pure Yang Palace and meet with Yang Chen to confirm the news. After verifying the good news, Fan Shan immediately started pressing Yang Chen to go to Yang Liang Mountain. Due to excessive anxiousness, he even forgot to follow through with the proper etiquettes. Presently, there were a lot of concerns that Fan Shan refused to attend to. He even apologised forthrightly in front of Palace Master Zhong Jiao that all the other matters would have to wait until his sect master comes personally to congratulate Zhu Chentao on successfully reaching YuanYing stage.

Naturally, when the sect master personally comes, he would also discuss the matter of additional future cooperation with Pure Yang Palace. However, Palace Master Zhong Jiao wasn't the slightest bit displeased. Instead, he also urged Yang Chen to hurry on the journey.

This time, there were no twists and turns on the journey. Without any distractions, Yang Chen and Fan Shan hurried rapidly to Yang Liang Mountain. Once they reached Yang Liang Mountain, Fan Shan immediately led Yang Chen to the rear of the mountain towards senior black tiger's residence without saying anything.

Senior black tiger had already changed his residence and didn't live in that crude cave anymore. Rather than living in a crude cave, he used that cave as a foundation and directly transformed it into a palace within the belly of the mountain. Although it wasn't very lavish, compared to that crude cave, it was many times more comfortable.

After the condition of the injury had been stabilized, senior black tiger was not depressed anymore and had begun to ponder things which he hadn't considered before. The transformation of the cave was just one of those things.

The sect master and several elders of the Beast Taming Sect had already been waiting for some time. Upon seeing Yang Chen, they immediately expressed their gratitude first before saying anything else. Regardless of whether this elixir failed or succeeded, just the fact that Yang Chen had spent fourteen years on refining this pill for senior black tiger was deserving of their gratitude.

Once senior black tiger saw the black tiger spirit supporting pill, he immediately felt a sensation as if he was seeing his own blood and flesh. He was very clear that inside the pill the powder from his inner dan was present. This detection of his own inner dan was why the pill gave him this sensation.

Looking at this round and smooth pill, which had a clear pill mark of a black tiger, senior black tiger wasn't willing to gulp it down immediately. Waves of memories began to surge inside his brain. During these past several hundred years, he had no other alternative other than to endure his injury that flared up again and again. The memories of the pain of his constituent spirit dissipating once again returned to his mind.

After sighing once, under the anxious gazes of the upper echelon of the Beast Taming Sect, senior black tiger swallowed that pill.

This time, the effect wasn't like the previous time where there was no reaction in beginning. As soon as the pill entered his stomach, everyone sensed a kind of refreshing spirit power that began to quickly spread around. Senior black tiger issued a satisfying hum as if enjoying a pleasurable sensation.

Senior black tiger was indeed enjoying the present moment, and that refreshing spirit power filled his whole body after a short time. The internal organs which had sustained injuries several years ago because of the Yin Fire Tribulation were surrounded by this refreshing spirit power. Those ashes of Yin Fire, which hadn't stopped burning, seemed to have been extinguished by this refreshing spirit power. While at the same time, this refreshing spirit power also nourished the area of injuries which now started to recover slowly.

Within a moment, senior black tiger sensed that his injuries had been restored by more than half and were recovering stably. Because of that comfortable sensation in his whole body, he was unable to control his emotions and issued a low croon while lying on his stomach.

The situation was both alarming and exciting for the higher ups of the Beast Taming Sect. After senior black tiger had recovered completely, the morale of the entire Beast Taming Sect would reach the sky.

The medicine continued to take effect for three days and three nights. The people standing near him didn't even need to ask about his situation. Just by looking at his power and presence rising endlessly, anyone could tell the situation in his body.

The dissipated constituent spirit also began to return little by little. This result also implied Yang Chen's elixir had been completely effective.

After four days had passed, senior black tiger finally stood up. He stretched his several meters long body comfortably before slowly shrinking, soon reducing to half his original size.

All the people present on the scene were experienced and knew that the size of senior black tiger's body reducing also meant that his cultivation had also increased. Seeing this, the group of higher ups of Beast Taming Sect were greatly exalted. Yang Chen's pill not only cured senior black tiger's injury, but surprisingly also allowed his cultivation to increase. It really was very effective.

"Good! Originally, I was only waiting to close my eyes and die, but now my cultivation has increased instead."

Senior black tiger himself was also endlessly grateful to Yang Chen:

"Fellow daoist Yang, many thanks! If you have any difficulties in the future, just inform me. Even if I have to tread on fire or go through water, I will not refuse!"

Previously, he used to call Yang Chen as junior, but now had already corrected himself to fellow daoist Yang.

"This is senior's own accumulation and has nothing to do with this junior."

Although Yang Chen would accept the reward for curing senior black tiger's injuries, Yang Chen wouldn't take the credit for the increase in senior black tiger's cultivation:

"If senior wants to thank someone, then senior should thank himself!"

Yang Chen's one line was to the point. Everyone also realized the reason behind senior black tiger's increase in cultivation. All of them were experts, so they could also comprehend the reason. During the several hundred years senior black tiger was injured, he had been suppressing the injury from the beginning, year in and year out. If it was not for the burden of his injury, his cultivation certainly wouldn't have stopped or declined.

Now, the injury had been completely recovered, and senior black tiger's hard work for years all those hadn't gone to waste. The results of his hard work were automatically reflected in his increased cultivation. Moreover, previously his mental state was depressed, thinking that he would certainly die, but now it was different, and his confidence had increased so his realm also upgraded as a result.

"However, senior, let your injuries heal first and do not use spirit power lightly."

After saving him, Yang Chen also didn't forgot to remind everyone:

"The weakness accumulated in several hundred years needs to be healed slowly. If it is suitable for you, it would be better to let it consolidate for ten years, allowing it to be thoroughly healed."

Everyone present were cultivators, so they all knew whether Yang Chen's words were true or not. Seeing Yang Chen's concern for senior black tiger made everyone in the Beast Taming Sect feel even more gratitude and everyone successively expressed their thanks.

Everyone in the Beast Taming Sect rejoiced greatly. They couldn't control their happiness. A trifling twenty thousand books and the qualification for an auction, in addition to catching He Lianyun, whose reputation had already turned into trash, in exchange for a curing a Da Cheng stage senior black tiger. This deal was indeed extremely profitable.

On that day, the sect master of the Beast Taming Sect announced this news. Once this information was released, all the disciples and friends of the Beast Taming Sect all became aware that senior black tiger had recovered from his injury completely and had regained the strength of the Da Cheng stage. Each and everyone of them was jubilant. The more a sect's strength increases, the more helpful it becomes for the disciples. When they go out traveling to gain experiences, the more reputation it gains for them.

Because of refining the pill and hooking another Da Cheng stage expert, Yang Chen's fame spread again. According to cultivators talking between themselves, presently Yang Chen had already been considered as a high grade pill concocting master just after Deng Yi and Zhu Peng. Although his cultivation was low, no one dared have contempt for him.

Not to mention other things, but it could even be said he had already helped many others as a pill concocting master. Elder Wu's Heaven Seizing Pill, Subduing the Blood Phantom Vine for elder Hua Wanting, senior black tiger's black tiger suppressing pill, and the black tiger spirit supporting pill, all these three occurrences had some relation with a Da Cheng stage expert. Even Deng Yi also hadn't been that formidable.

Especially when Pure Yang Palace released the information that during the refining process, Medicine Hall Master Zhu Chentao had a flash of enlightenment and successfully formed his Ying and Pure Yang Palace had gained another YuanYing stage expert. This additional news surprised people to no end.

Many people had known about Zhu Chentao's reputation, and they also knew how much innate talent he had. If it was said that Zhu Chentao achieved YuanYing stage by his own strength, then eight out of ten people will not believe it. He had been concocting a pill in seclusion with Yang Chen for fourteen years and surprisingly made the breakthrough. It clearly had some unspeakable relation with Yang Chen.

A foundation stage pill concocting master who had been concocting pills one after another for Da Cheng stage experts. Moreover, Yang Chen also helped his own sect's Medicine Hall Master to upgrade a realm. What kind of formidable pill concocting master was this?

Now, no one mentioned the incident between Yang Chen and that clan regarding Heaven Seizing Pill's pill recipe. Can the Heaven Seizing Pill cure senior black tiger's injury? Or can it resolve the entanglement of Blood Phantom Vine? Everyone would rather believe that Yang Chen was getting inspiration from some random book, or perhaps he had discovered the some rare cheat pill scripture.

Regarding the beheading of He Lianyun and that clan at the Pure Yang Palace, no one spread any rumors. Even if someone mentioned it, he would only be laughing at them, who had overestimated their abilities. Being much too greedy and insatiable, seeking Yang Chen's own recipe, however, they had angered the Pure Yang Palace and death only served them right.

Many pill concocting masters had already begun to follow Yang Chen's method of learning, by reading random books extensively and attempting to increase their own experience and knowledge to broaden their horizons. Unfortunately, they didn't have Yang Chen's formidable memory, so they couldn't remember too much.

Naturally, even more people, intentionally or otherwise, began to slowly get pulled towards Yang Chen. It was clear that even the heavens had something they required from this pill concocting master. Having good relations with the Pure Yang Palace was absolutely necessary.

Moreover, those disciples of the Pure Yang Palace who were travelling outside to gain experience also clearly discovered that apparently other people were much more polite towards Pure Yang Palace now. After the successive major events that were associated with Yang Chen, everyone was both pleasantly surprised and frightened towards their own sect's disciple Yang Chen. They were also grateful towards him from the bottom of their hearts.

On the return journey to Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen was joined by the Beast Taming Sect's sect master and senior black tiger. They jointly followed Yang Chen to the Pure Yang Palace. First, in order to express their gratitude towards the Pure Yang Palace, and second to discuss the next step of cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace.

When the guests arrived, Palace Master Zhong Jiao and other elders also became busy while receiving the guests. During this time, Yang Chen asked to be excused and returned to Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

Throughout this pill concocting event, he hadn't seen his master for more than ten years, last time he could only catch a glimpse of her when Zhu Chentao passed his lightning tribulation. At that time, his master Gao Yue was immersed in observing Zhu Chentao's tribulation, so Yang Chen didn't disturb her. Now, Yang Chen wished to chat with her for three days and nights without any disturbance.

The part of the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard that was destroyed by Zhu Chentao had been constructed during the time that Yang Chen had been away. It looked even more imposing as compared to before. With the sect exerting itself, the constructed buildings were more lavish. Even their layout had changed. Yang Chen had no option other than to look for Shangguan Feng first to know about his master's location.

However, before he could see Gao Yue, Shangguan Feng gave Yang Chen news. Senior Scarface, whom they met last time, when Gao Yue was injured, had come to Pure Yang Palace half a month ago, wanting to see Yang Chen. But Yang Chen was at the Beast Taming Sect at that time. Therefore, the sect had arranged for him to stay at a guest room in the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, so if Yang Chen had the time, he should go and meet senior Scarface first.

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