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Chapter 198- There Is Another Traitor Again16 May 2017Note:So I have another good editor now, thanks for all your support guys. I really hadn't expected so many people would contact me for editing.

When he took out Cheng Wencai, he didn't look like the others who had crumbled due to their five senses being sealed by Yang Chen. On one hand, the time he was sealed was short, while on the other, Cheng Wencai was already a JieDan stage expert.

Although his cultivation wouldn't be able to increase greatly in future, his mental state was still firm. Compared to the pitiful creatures at the foundation stage, he still hadn't collapsed completely.

Looking at Yang Chen and Palace Master Zhong Jiao, Cheng Wencai knew that he had already fallen into the hands of the Pure Yang Palace. So without spouting any nonsense, he immediately said to Palace Master Zhong Jiao:

"This Cheng is extremely delighted to meet the Palace Master of your noble sect!"

"Want to die? That's easy."

Before Palace Master Zhong Jiao could open his mouth, Yang Chen replied in place of him:

"If you think that you will remain alive after insulting my master, that's just wishful thinking. However before you die, this junior wants to know, why did you come to MeiQing Mountain?"

Even though Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Law Enforcement Hall's Hall Master were present, Yang Chen didn't conceal his killing intent. Both Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Hall Master Meng Xian didn't objected to it. After all, they knew what status Gao Yue held in Yang Chen's heart, and by abusing Gao Yue, Cheng Wencai was just courting death. The two of them absolutely wouldn't obstruct him.

Regarding Yang Chen's intense interrogation, both of them didn't say anything. They only wanted for Cheng Wencai to speak the truth. As for whether Cheng Wencai lived or died, they were not concerned at all. Yang Chen had already told them that no one knew he had Cheng Wencai, so they didn't care much whether or not Yang Chen killed him.

"Humph, don't get too carried away!"

Since Cheng Wencai knew that he would most certainly die, why would he cooperate:

"This old man isn't afraid of death, so why would I be afraid of your threats, you stupid brat!"

Once he said these words, both Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Hall Master Meng Xian knitted their brows. Yang Chen had apparently said too much just now. Since Cheng Wencai knew he didn't have any chance of survival, there was a low possibility of getting any information out of him.

"Very good!"

Yang Chen expressionlessly nodded his head, revealing a fake smile which could make anyone tremble in fear, and said to Cheng Wencai:

"This junior greatly admires senior's courage. Originally this junior had intended to seal senior's senses for the duration of my seclusion of about ten years, so that senior could figure out what he wants to do. But since senior has such strong resolve, then this junior would have to change his plan."

After saying this, Yang Chen fished out a small porcelain bottle from his qiankun pouch and took out a pill the size of a dragon's eye that seemed completely ordinary.

While looking at Cheng Wencai, he laughed once again, and afterwards, grabbing Cheng Wencai's chin, he shoved the pill in his mouth. Gently caressing his throat with a little bit of power and applying some spirit power, he pushed the pill into Cheng Wencai's stomach.

Cheng Wencai only sneered, since he knew that he was already going to die, what kind of torture couldn't he endure? Furthermore, this was just a seemingly insignificant pill. If it weren't for Yang Chen grabbing his chin making him unable to speak, he would have already snorted.

After feeding him the pill, Yang Chen threw Cheng Wencai back onto the ground, not caring about him anymore and turned towards Palace Master Zhong Jiao and began to inform him about the matters of the Beast Taming Sect.

Hearing that senior black tiger had such strength even while injured, Palace Master Zhong Jiao was astonished. Fortunately, Yang Chen belonged to Pure Yang Palace, otherwise some other formidable sect would have appeared within the cultivating world.

On one side, they were happily talking, while on the other side, Cheng Wencai was unable to be endure the pain. Even though his spirit power and cultivation had already been sealed, even though he couldn't move his body, his body was still issuing trembling sounds. It was obvious how much pain he was in.

"What kind of pill is this?"

Law Enforcement Hall's Hall Master Meng Xian was very interested in this. If the Law Enforcement Hall could obtain some of these pills, then maybe they could have a much easier time getting information from the mouths of others.

"Ahh, it's nothing much, just a pill which makes them feel itchy over their whole body."

Yang Chen said, lightening its effect. While speaking, Yang Chen went over to Cheng Wencai's side:

"Actually sometimes, pain isn't that much, many people aren't afraid of pain. But itching is different, itching is intolerable, isn't that so Senior Cheng?"

Hearing Yang Chen's words, apparently Meng Xian also sensed an itch at some part of body and couldn't help but reach out his hand to scratch it.

Cheng Wencai could only produce frightening, shivering sounds. As he could still control the muscles on his face, he was incessantly trying to make wry faces to get relief for the strange itch on his face. Though his body still couldn't move, this was a gleam of hope for him, this extravagant little hope that he still could move a small part of his body.

"Senior Cheng, not allowing you to move is for senior's own good."

Yang Chen said to Chen Wencai with deadpan expression:

"If senior's hand and foot could move, this junior can guarantee on his life, even a piece of flesh won't be left on your body."

As for why wouldn't a piece of flesh be left, everyone knew even without Yang Chen explaining. Cheng Wencai would certainly scratch himself until his body was filled with bruises and cuts.

"It is still early, senior should continue to sense this for a while longer."

Yang Chen laughed:

"If the antidote of this pill isn't taken, then the effect of this medicine can last for one year. This junior can absolutely guarantee your life, but if you endure it for one more day and can still control your flying sword, then you will certainly use your flying sword to scrape all the flesh off your body and be left with only bones."

"Si si!"

Cheng Wencai still couldn't do anything, Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Meng Xian standing behind his body already sucked in a breath of cold air. A pill which could make him remove his own flesh, how ruthless!

"We have plenty of time, so we can take things slow."

Yang Chen sat down in front of Cheng Wencai, bowing his head to look at Cheng Wencai's twisted face and calmly said:

"This pill of mine doesn't have a name for now. Senior, your fortune is great. Since you are the first one to experience this pill, I wonder what senior thinks is a suitable name for this pill?"

"This junior has already thought of a few names, but I still think they are not good enough, maybe senior can suggest some good name to junior."

Yang Chen extended his hand and began to count names one by one on his fingertips:

"Asking for itch, asking for death, asking for killing of seven generations, asking for ripping your flesh alive, which does senior think is the most suitable?"

While Yang Chen was speaking , Cheng Wencai's expression twisted again and again. After Yang Chen finished listing down all the names, Cheng Wencai couldn't tolerate it anymore and tried to speak loudly.


With great struggle and his face changing several expressions, Cheng Wencai was only capable of speaking these few words. Rather than saying that he spoke those words, it would be better to say that he squeezed them out from his throat.

"Want death?"

Yang Chen sneered:

"Be relieved senior, even if you want to live, you won't be able to. As for when, you will have to wait until you have informed this junior about everything and then this junior will personally send you on your way."


Cheng Wencai again yelled, but only with this yell was the strange itch in the vicinity of his neck slightly dulled.

"Junior is listening."

However, Yang Chen didn't have any sympathetic expression on his face and coldly said.

Cheng Wencai narrated everything while stammering the entire time and Yang Chen and other two finally knew of his intention for coming here.

Because of falling down from JieDan stage and in addition to his life expectancy and dantian being substantially damaged, regardless of how hard Cheng Wencai cultivated, he wouldn't have any great future accomplishments. Being able to return to JieDan stage was already the extreme limit, and he couldn't raise his cultivation any higher.

However, after all is said and done, he was still a JieDan stage expert. Many cultivators with limited aptitude didn'tt reach this stage in their entire lifetime. Although Cheng Wencai wasn't the focus of Greatest Heaven Sect to be nurtured, the sect still has its reputation to keep and used Cheng Wencai as an example for other sects that they will not abandon any disciples.

There was great hatred between Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Cheng Wencai, they were irreconcilable enemies. It was impossible to reduce the tension between them. So his sect had considered it over and over again and had given out a secret mission to secretly rope in some disciples of the Pure Yang Palace and destroy it from inside in order to topple the Pure Yang Palace.

Naturally, this plan was a long term operation and success couldn't be achieved overnight. But Cheng Wencai himself took the initiative to undertake this mission as if he was gaining a precious treasure.

He was a JieDan stage expert claiming to be a person who accepts important missions, but in reality he had been reduced to the most pathetic creature. Cheng Wencai had been so blinded by his hatred that he didn't even realize he had been deceived. When Yang Chen and others heard this, they all shook their heads with a grim smile.

This time, apart from looking for an opportunity to rope in some disciples of Pure Yang Palace, he still had one more important mission. That was to retrieve some important item concealed at some place in MeiQing Mountain. As for what it was, Cheng Wencai himself didn't know.

"Where is it?"

Meng Xian asked in a deep voice, but his expression was furious. Something was being concealed at MeiQing Mountain, and by sending Cheng Wencai to retrieve it, it could clearly be seen that it was the work of someone that was from the Pure Yang Palace. Why does Pure Yang Palace need have another traitor, Meng Xian couldn't help but get enraged again.

When the strange itch stopped, Cheng Wencai didn't dare to conceal anything and told them the location. However, since it was not far from Pure Yang Palace's entrance, it clearly showed that the person who had concealed this thing couldn't go too far out of Pure Yang Palace.

Hearing Cheng Wencai's information about the location, Meng Xian was just about to immediately probe that location, but he was stopped by Yang Chen.

"Don't be hasty, Hall Master, listen to what he has to say."

Yang Chen stopped Meng Xian with some intention in mind.

Meng Xian was startled, then without saying anything, remained at his original position, waiting for Yang Chen to continue with the questioning. Now, he could also see that although Cheng Wencai had been forced to reveal everything, he also hadn't informed them some affairs which no one paid any attention to.

"The location where that thing is concealed, what kind of characteristics does it have?"

Yang Chen said calmly while standing near Cheng Wencai. While speaking, he stretched his hand to form some kind of sign and a wave of spirit power hit Cheng Wencai's body.

Cheng Wencai sensed a wave of comfort passing through his whole body, as if the strange itch had been entirely scratched off by someone, he was unable to immerse himself in comfort as this sensation only lasted for a few seconds, following which the itch became even more difficult to endure.

Since he had been enduring the strange itch from the start, he would have been able to continue enduring it. But after it was cut off for a few moments and he had experienced comfort, when he had to go through that itch again, the sensation became even more difficult to endure. Immediately, Cheng Wencai's body started trembling violently once again and his face started transforming into sinister expressions again.

"That place…..has……has…..a hidden spell formation."

Cheng Wencai almost yelled in a hoarse voice:

"Only….after…..obtaining the…..command tile…..that I have…..can…one go in!"

Without saying anything, Yang Chen rummaged through Cheng Wencai's qiankun pouch and discovered a command tile. The tile created was with metal attribute and had a spell formation engraved on the forefront, while on the back, the word 'command' was written.

"Isn't there any ambush?"

Yang Chen flipped the command tile several times looking all around and then tossed it to Meng Xian.

"Go…..with…. the command tile!"

Cheng Wencai was already unable to preserve anymore and quickly spoke out.

When Meng Xian received the command tile, he bowed to his head to examine it carefully. He then looked towards Yang Chen and nodded once. Then, he rushed out immediately after lifting the restrictions. Palace Master Zhong Jiao promptly restored the restrictions and sat down on one side with a grim expression.

"Palace Master, should I ask him about the cultivation methods of Greatest Heaven Sect?"

Seeing Palace Master's unsightly expression, Yang Chen couldn't help but ask.

"Cultivating his sect's cultivation method, would be a taboo."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao's line of thought was broken by these words as he quickly replied to Yang Chen:

"My Pure Yang Palace's cultivation methods are not inferior to other sects, so there is no need to for this."

Regarding this however, Yang Chen didn't approve, but he didn't say anything. The cultivation methods, that Cheng Wencai had access to were finite and there was no need to go through that much trouble for the sake of those low level cultivation methods.

"Yang Chen, since you said that my Pure Yang Palace is one of the grand dao sects, then why is there someone who is cheating their master and deceiving their sect?"

Meng Xian hadn't returned back yet, and Palace Master Zhong Jiao also didn't have the intention of continuing to question Cheng Wencai anymore. So instead, he turned towards Yang Chen and asked.

"Greatest Heaven Sect is currently the unannounced leader of dao sects, naturally people will follow behind them, this is just human nature."

Yang Chen said without thinking much:

"Greatest Heaven Sect had never stopped annexing small sects. In reality all the other big sects are the same. Pure Yang Palace has many formidable cultivation methods and magic weapons that were left behind by the great ancestor, this is just what Greatest Heaven Sect wants."

Yang Chen didn't say much, but had convinced Palace Master Zhong Jiao that he understood everything clearly. The great ancestor was valiant and formidable, but the present disciples had failed to live up to his expectations.

The most formidable ones had only been able to reach YuanYing stage. It would be a wonder if the big sects didn't lust after such a big piece of meat. Similarly, there are some disciples who thought that the Pure Yang Palace didn't have many future prospects, and that if they merged with the Greatest Heaven Sect, then saying that they were a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect was much more pleasant to hear compared to saying that they were a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace.

Palace Master Zhong Jiao didn't ask anything else and only closed his eyes and began waiting. Yang Chen was also got bored to death and began to search through Cheng Wencai's qiankun pouch to see whether there was something that could be of use to him.

After a moment had passed, Meng Xian quickly returned. This location was near the outside gate, so it was not that far away from the hidden spell formation. With Hall Master Meng Xian's YuanYing stage strength, he quickly made the journey. After returning, he handed over a small qiankun pouch to Palace Master Zhong Jiao, without saying anything.

This was clearly retrieved from the location which Cheng Wencai had mentioned. There were no seal marks on top, so the sect it was from couldn't be distinguished. After opening qiankun pouch, Palace Master Zhong Jiao was startled once again. He then took out two different things from the qiankun pouch.

One was a porcelain bottle containing several tens of pills. Looking at the pills, Yang Chen was certain without any hesitation that they were the xun qi pill refined by Ho Lin for the disciples of Ye Xiu Manor.

The other item was a jade slip which Palace Master Zhong Jiao swept through his spiritual awareness to check the content that was inside. However, once he saw what was inside, he became even more furious. The jade slip contained everything which had happened in the Pure Yang Palace in recent times in great details, regardless of whether it was important or not.

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