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Chapter 197- Suspicious Cheng Wencai06 May 2017Note:Hey, its been too long without a chapter. Though I usually don't write any notes but this time it is necessary for you all to know what's been going on. Actually, presently I don't have any editor working with me so that would account to the lateness my usual editor is having some real life problems and I have tried to find someone but have been unable to do so. If any of you want to help than you can contact me through the contact page on the site.

When Cheng Wencai had identified Yang Chen, this JieDan stage expert of Greatest Heaven Sect didn't have any clue of what's going on. How could he have imagine that in this region where there were apparently no signs of human habitation, how could the person who he wanted to kill be so nonchalant?

From beginning to end, Yang Chen had remained seated on top of the tree without even changing his posture. When Cheng Wencai's spiritual awareness was probing all sides, Yang Chen's formidable spiritual awareness had also probed this area, and Fan Shan had already returned to this side.

Even though he was only at foundation stage, Yang Chen was curing senior black tiger, moreover was also personally escorting the Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir with him to Beast Taming Sect to stabilize the injury of senior black tiger. How could Fan Shan let Cheng Wencai injure Yang Chen so easily? Fan Shan had established the relationship of a brother with Yang Chen with great difficulty, how could he let Cheng Wencai destroy it so easily?

Cheng Wencai and Yang Chen's relationship was something which everyone knew. Since Cheng Wencai had to kneel down and kowtow towards Yang Chen and Gao Yue in front of that many experts and had to face utter shame and humiliation, attacking Yang Chen here was inevitable.

Unfortunately, Cheng Wencai's luck was not very good, encountering Fan Shan here. Even if disregarding Yang Chen's relationship with senior black tiger, the choice between an old JieDan stage cultivator who had already dropped a realm once and had no future prospects, and a foundation stage disciple bursting with potential who was also a high grade pill concocting master was obvious.

Even if it meant offending Greatest Heaven Sect, Fan Shan wouldn't care. Moreover, just a moment ago, Cheng Wencai himself had said that within these mountain woods where any signs of humans were rare, even a murder would go unnoticed. Although Yang Chen was watching, why would Yang Chen speak up?

At their first meeting, before Cheng Wencai could see clearly who was behind him, he was cleanly knocked down by Fan Shan without any mishaps.

"I am very curious, senior Cheng!"

Yang Chen jumped down from the tree and slowly walked over to Cheng Wencai's side. He stopped in front of him, crouching in front of him and looking at his battered and exhausted old face. Without a change in tone, he asked seriously,

"What exactly are you doing in this desolate area?"


Cheng Wencai almost bawled. The situation had turned on its head so quickly from a position where he was sure he could kill Yang Chen. How could he still restrain his temper? What was even more infuriating was that he had no idea who had attacked him from behind.

"Despicable or not, this does not matter for you now."

Yang Chen said, beaming,

"Instead of recuperating at the Greatest Heaven Sect, senior has come here, it is indeed queer!"

Casually guessing the direction where Cheng Wencai was rushing over to, Yang Chen made a guess and grimly laughed,

"Senior Cheng, being so hasty, were you heading towards MeiQing Mountain? Would you happen to have some business with Pure Yang Palace?"

While those words were spoken, Yang Chen noticed Chen Wencai's eyes begin to roll. Doubts grew in his heart. Originally, he just wanted to spout some hypotheticals and kill him, but it seemed there was more to investigate here.

Without any hesitation, he directly sealed Cheng Wencai's senses and threw him into the Medicine Garden. For the time being, Yang Chen was not in a position to deal with him. Senior black tiger's condition came first, everything else could come later.

From the start, Fan Shan hadn't appeared in Cheng Wencai's view, and moreover, with one hit, he had sealed Cheng Wencai's spirit power and spiritual awareness. Cheng Wencai was never aware who had attacked him.

Fan Shan didn't interfere seeing Yang Chen deal with Cheng Wencai like this. He also agreed with Yang Chen's intention of immediately rushing over to Beast Taming Sect to deliver the pill to senior black tiger. So both people continued on their journey towards Beast Taming Sect at Yang Liang Mountain as if nothing had happened.

No one knew Cheng Wencai had appeared here, and neither did anyone know that he had fallen into Yang Chen's hands. Not a single trace of battle existed. Let alone battle, there weren't even traces of people. Cheng Wencai seemed to have disappeared from the face of earth without any trace.

At the back mountain of the Beast Taming Sect's Yang Liang Mountain, Yang Chen, Fan Shan and the Beast Taming Sect's sect master stopped in front of senior black tiger's cave. He was still lazily lying on his stomach. At that moment, a red colored pill was floating in front of senior black tiger. This was the second grade Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir refined by Yang Chen.

"Second grade elixir!"

Seeing that elixir, apparently even senior black tiger was also astonished. Not only senior black tiger, in fact, anyone who saw this elixir was completely amazed.

This was an elixir to be used by a Da Cheng stage expert and unexpectedly had been refined to second grade. Everyone who laid eyes on this elixir looked at Yang Chen in a new light. A pill concocting master who could refine a second grade Da Cheng stage elixir was certainly someone who would be super popular among people.

When Palace Master Zhong Jiao saw this elixir, his face broke into an heartfelt smile. Yang Chen was already this formidable, so once he reached JieDan stage, he could very well reach the level of a fourth grade pill concocting master. One had to remember, Yang Chen had refined third grade foundation stage pills more than ten years ago, and now he could refine second grade Da Cheng stage elixirs. Fourth grade pills would be as easy as making pie.

If he could then become a fourth grade pill concocting master with the ability to refine second grade Da Cheng stage elixirs, even Deng Yi, who was considered the most formidable pill concocting master at the moment, would pale in comparison. From now on, no one would be dare to say that Pure Yang Palace doesn't have a pill concocting master.

As for the people of Beast Taming Sect and Fan Shan, there was no need to say anything, their attitude could clearly seen from Fan Shan's actions. From not hesitating to attack Cheng Wencai to apprehending him for Yang Chen, ready to deal with anyone for him, it was obvious how much they valued him. He feared that if he didn't do everything according to Yang Chen's intentions, he would ruin his good relation with an almost fourth grade pill concocting master. That was an opportunity that can only be found by luck and not by searching.

The pill hanging in the air in front of him was quickly swallowed by senior black tiger. Initially, senior black tiger had been deliberating for a while, but once the elixir had slipped down his throat, it was unexpectedly refreshing

After black tiger had swallowed the elixir, all three of them, including Yang Chen, began to tense up. Yang Chen was also slightly anxious. After all, this was a method he had heard about in the Spiritual World but hadn't put into practice. If it failed, it would certainly make him lose face. Fortunately, he was certain that even if it failed, it wouldn't damage senior black tiger.

After swallowing the elixir, black tiger didn't seem to show any special signs. Even after a good while, not even the slightest change could be seen in the lazy appearance of senior black tiger.

What was going on? Fan Shan and the sect master of Beast Taming Sect both doubtfully looked over to Yang Chen's side. However, Yang Chen was deeply pondering, his brows furrowed, the result shouldn't be like this, should it?

Suddenly, the black tiger who was lazily lying on the ground until now, let out a loud roar.


That heaven shaking howl, to the people nearby, was like their ear had suddenly exploded. Their heads rang, and their ears began to buzz.

Black tiger, who had been lying down until now, suddenly stood up. Just this one act, immediately gave rise to a huge ripple in his spirit power. It was almost impossible to believe that this was the same black tiger who had been bedridden until now because of illness.


With yet another earth shattering howl, senior black tiger suddenly extended his claws and swiped down. A mountain peak in front of the cave entrance shattered into dust and smoke with an explosive bang.

Although everyone's vision was obstructed, they could still clearly sense everything with their spiritual awareness. With just one swing from senior black tiger, a huge claw print was etched into the ground.


Senior black tiger issued a carefree laugh,

"I believed that in this lifetime, I would never be able to attack like that again. I never imagined a day like this would come!"

Fan Shan and Beast Taming Sect's master had been both scared and happy. Senior black tiger didn't need to explain the current circumstances, it was clearly the effect of the elixir.

"Yang Chen, you have done a great favour for my Beast Taming Sect; you have our undying gratitude!"

The tone of Beast Taming Sect's sect master was trembling. With a Da Cheng stage senior black tiger as the head, the future generations of the Beast Taming Sect was secure, so why wouldn't he be excited?

Although Fan Shan hadn't said anything but his slightly trembling body had already given away his emotions. Two YuanYing stage experts seemed to be shaking at the cave entrance of the small cave of senior black tiger as if caught in paroxysms of joy.

"What a formidable elixir!"

Senior black tiger finally stopped exerting himself, slowly walking over to Yang Cheng and bowing in thanks.

"That is only because senior's cultivation is profound and had been able to forcibly suppress the injury for so many years."

Yang Chen made a slight smile, but didn't claim any credit for himselfm,

"If senior hadn't controlled it and this injury had worsened even more, then even if junior had enormous skills, it wouldn't have been of any help."


Black tiger's attitude was one that had just been relieved of a huge burden. For the last several hundred years, he had confined himself to a cave at the back of the Beast Taming Sect to keep his internal injuries stable. His cultivation had begun to waste away, and he was withering away to death while hoping to stay as the support of the younger generation.

Today after he swallowed the Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir, his injury, for the first time in centuries, didn't flare up, held firmly under control by the elixir. Astonishingly, the injury had even healed itself a bit. Prior to this, his constituent spirit had been slowly dissipating. Now, as long as he doesn't enter a life or death battle or encounter an accident, his life had been saved.

But for the condition of the injury to improve, that was inconsistent with Yang Chen's words. The only possible reason was that the second grade Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir was much more formidable than the first grade elixir. That had greatly increased his confidence, if this elixir could already improve his condition, maybe a complete recovery wasn't an extravagant hope.

Next, Beast Taming Sect's sect master and a few elders grandly received Yang Chen. A veritable mountain of assorted delicacies were prepared to show their gratitude for Yang Chen.

Several YuanYing stage experts clustered around Yang Chen. Apart from profusely expressing their thanks, most were almost speechless with gratefulness. One of them insisted on presenting Yang Chen with a high grade spirit pet upon seeing him without one.

"Senior, apart from the previously agreed remuneration, junior does not dare to be greedy."

Yang Chen politely refused that senior's good intentions. He already had obtained the Heavenly Roar and didn't harbor any extravagant hope to obtain any other like it. Moreover, what kind of spirit beast could be called high grade in front of Heavenly Roar?

This refusal made the seniors of Beast Taming Sect look at Yang Chen in a new light. There aren't many youngsters who were so principled and also knew how to control his greed, especially one who had such a high grade pill concocting skill. His future accomplishments were boundless, and fortunately Fan Shan already had good relationship with Yang Chen.. This was simply the good karma of Beast Taming Sect.

But the Beast Taming Sect didn't dare to spread the news about senior black tiger's injury being stabilized, fearing that if any formidable opponent heard this news, then maybe they would attack. They had intended to make the news public only after Yang Chen had completely refined the Black Tiger Spirit Supporting Pill and senior black tiger's injury had completely recovered. It was better to be safe than sorry.

In reality, the Beast Taming Sect didn't have many formidable enemies, but indeed there were some sects who were not willing to see Beast Taming Sect take a superior position and were only waiting for opportunity to strike. These sects would use all kind of tricks to undermine the Beast Taming Sect which honestly couldn't be defended against. As such, the entirety of the Beast Taming Sect was on guard.

It wasn't that Beast Taming Sect had a guilty conscience or anything. Even when Elder Wu refined the Heaven Seizing Pill, as formidable as he was, he had also found a secret location and only publically declared it after the refining had been completed. In this world, everything cannot be revealed to people, cultivators were also quite shameless and envious people like ordinary mortals.

After senior black tiger's injuries had stabilized, he was also unwilling to stay in the cave and also came out to greet him, flying towards some unknown place to enjoy himself. In any case, he hadn't returned until Yang Chen departed, and the sect master of Beast Taming Sect was extremely apologetic for causing trouble.

Yang Chen also didn't care much about it. In any case, he had met him personally. Yang Chen could already see that senior black tiger was not someone who would talk about emotions openly, so perhaps when the time comes, apart from the reward of Beast Taming Sect, senior black tiger would also reward him generously. Naturally, this was something to be taken up later, and there was no need to mention it for now.

The books promised to Yang Chen had already been rewarded to him. As before, Fan Shan, this YuanYing stage expert, escorted Yang Chen back to Second Fierce Yang Courtyard at MeiQing Mountain, and only then departed.

Originally, Yang Chen had intended to immediately enter seclusion with Zhu Chentao after returning to the mountain, but he had currently captured Cheng Wencai within his Medicine Garden. He wasn't feeling particularly anxious, so he arranged an appointment with Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Law Enforcement Hall's hall master Meng Xian at his courtyard.

Once they entered the door, Yang Chen strongly insisted that Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Meng Xian place several layers of restrictions. Hearing this request, Palace Master Zhong Jiao understood that Yang Chen may have once again discovered some major event which could be not spread. Without another word, he placed down top quality restrictions and calmly took a seat, waiting for Yang Chen to speak.

Yang Chen also didn't conceal anything and directly spoke about his encounter with Cheng Wencai. At the same time, he also voiced his doubts. A JieDan expert from the grand Greatest Heaven Sect, who seemingly had no matters to tend do, why would he come to the place where he was extremely humiliated before? Most of all, after the event, Yang Chen had also discovered a carefully refined mask which could change one's presence and appearance at will, which only raised more doubts.

"Because of this you captured him?"

Law Enforcement Hall's hall master Meng Xian was a firm and decisive person, hearing this, he puckered his brows:

"It is not appropriate, if you want to kill him then kill him, why go through all this trouble?"

"He is certainly suspicious!"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao didn't think much and directly instructed Yang Chen:

"Take him out, we will carefully examine him at once."

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