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Chapter 199- Cheng Wencai Dealt With16 May 2017

Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Hall Master Meng Xian were extremely angry, although these two things didn't seem very remarkable, but with these, the Pure Yang Palace had been completely sold out to Greatest Heaven Sect.

Xun qi pill was used by the outer disciples, assisting them in finding spirit power. Although it was not very high grade, it required a unique flame controlling technique to refine.

Because of the xun qi pill, the number of outer disciples in Pure Yang Palace had grown several folds compared to previous years. However, this was Pure Yang Palace's secret trump card for revitalizing the foundation.

Apart from Yang Chen and Ho Lin, only the Palace Master Zhong Jiao, Medicine Hall Master, Law Enforcement Hall Master and few other elders knew about the xun qi pill. This was Pure Yang Palace's secret. Even the Hall Masters of Fierce Yang Hall, Luminous Moon Hall and other such halls, also didn't know about the xun qi pill. Yang Chen and Ho Lin had been repeatedly urged again and again to not tell others.

Even if it were the managers of Ye Xiu Manor who were responsible for dispersing the pills among the outer disciples, they also didn't know what kind of pill was it. They only knew that it was provided by higher ups to supplement the bodies of those outer disciples. Once they tried to cultivate, the pill would be consumed completely. Therefore every time they cultivated, they would ask for a dose of the pill and that would be all.

Presently finding this one bottle of xun qi pills meant that this secret had already been discovered by that person hidden within the Pure Yang Palace. He had even acquired a bottle of it by some method. If this had been handed over to Greatest Heaven Sect, and they could research it, then perhaps they might not find out about the refining method, but they would certainly find out about the use of xun qi pills.

And when the time comes, the Greatest Heaven Sect would gather some other big sects to suppress the Pure Yang Palace under the name of righteousness. Then the Pure Yang Palace would just sink into passiveness. Although, it would not go as far bringing some damage because of xun qi pill. On the contrary, this xun qi pill would rather bring some advantages, but Pure Yang Palace's advantage would also be removed, and everything would again return as before.

This kind of secret, naturally could be hidden only for some time, but if someone betrayed them, then how could it not make Palace Master Zhong Jiao, who was always thinking of reviving the Pure Yang Palace, furious?

The things recorded on the jade slip were the last straw for his patience. Not only what kind of tendency had the upper layers of the Pure Yang Palace formed in the recent years, but even the changes in the middle layer of Pure Yang Palace was also recorded clearly. Even the newly established Eccentric Hall was also reported about within this jade slip. The special analysis was performed in great detail, and even the fact that the Pure Yang Palace may have grasped the secret method allowing the demon beasts to transform into human form was mentioned. Otherwise the three demon beasts of the Eccentric Hall wouldn't be able to retain human form.

This was again a great secret which Pure Yang Palace had tried to conceal in many ways, but unexpectedly, this was also clearly recorded on the jade slip. Although the Appearance Transformation Secrets weren't recorded, but this was already enough to make him furious.

Yang Chen's current movements were also recorded that Yang Chen was concocting pills in seclusion, but there wasn't much clarification on it. Probably that person hadn't got the information about what kind of pill Yang Chen and Zhu Chentao were concocting as of yet.

If this jade slip had fallen into the hands of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the entire Pure Yang Palace would have been naked in front of the Greatest Heaven Sect without any secrets.

"Palace Master, a good spell formation had already been laid at that location, if I didn't have that command tile, then even with my cultivation, I would have barely escaped alive."

After Palace Master had completely swept the jade slip, only then did Meng Xian opened his mouth:

"The spell formation was hidden remarkably well, only after reaching within three feet radius of it, could one discover it."

That place was originally above half a wall over a cliff near a bare rock, and since it didn't have medicinal ingredients or any other heavenly treasures, so why would anyone go to that place?

What made them feel more astonished was that a spell formation which could even stop a YuanYing stage expert was arranged near the gate of the Pure Yang Palace without anyone suspecting anything. This certainly couldn't be done overnight.

Once Palace Master Zhong Jiao thought that the Greatest Heaven Sect might possibly have been monitoring the movements of the Pure Yang Palace for maybe past several hundred years or maybe more, he immediately broke out in cold sweat.

Yang Chen was also completely astonished. Originally, he used to believe that the Pure Yang Palace was exterminated because of him, but he hadn't expected that the Greatest Heaven Sect had surprisingly laid plans so many years ago, concealing them so deeply. Even thinking about it made them afraid. Maybe, him killing that young master at that time was also a big conspiracy.

"Desolate Valley's arrangement!"

Yang Chen almost yelled out, but still managed to say out this line calmly. It must be known, after the incident at Desolate Valley was revealed, all sects were endlessly shocked when they heard that several hundred years ago the Greatest Heaven Sect had placed spell formation in Five Phases Sect's territory. Five Phases Sect was a first grade sect, by comparison, the spell formation arranged at Pure Yang Palace was just a small appetizer.

The only fact to rejoice at was that the xun qi pill hadn't been explained in much detail, rather there was only a guess. This clearly illustrated one thing, that spy or those spies didn't knew about the use of xun qi pill. With this, at least those people who knew about the xun qi pill could be removed from suspicion.

"Good! Good!"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao almost exploded with anger, his whole body was unable to restrain his emotions and was shaking, suddenly his presence exploded out because of anger, even Yang Chen and others also felt some pressure. Fortunately, Yang Chen could still control, only Cheng Wencai wasn't that comfortable, With the strange itch, in addition to Palace Master Zhong Jiao's pressure, he was simply thrown into double hell.

"Bullying us to the limit!"

After shouting loudly, Palace Master Zhong Jiao loudly commanded:

"Meng Xian, carefully investigate, who all were in contact with the things written on this jade slip."


Meng Xian bowed his head to accept his command. In any case, this was his job as the Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall to investigate this. He had been furious in rage from the time he had found about these things. Even without Palace Master's command, he would still have investigated this matter.

"This scoundrel, Yang Chen, deal with him however you want!"

Pointing towards Cheng Wencai, Palace Master Zhong Jiao said without the least bit of compassion. Other people already have formed evil schemes to interfere in his sect, even laying down spell formation at the entrance of the Secret Pavilion, it would only be a wonder if Palace Master still defended Cheng Wencai

"Yes, Palace Master!"

Yang Chen similarly agreed. From the start, he hadn't intended to let Cheng Wencai remain alive, and with Palace Master Zhong Jiao's words, he could deal with him without any worries.

"Be relieved and concoct pill with Zhu Chentao, as for other matters, you need not worry about them for now."

In the end, Palace Master instructed him once more. Presently, Pure Yang Palace's influence was too little, it was impossible to directly confront the Greatest Heaven Sect. Yang Chen refining the black tiger spirit supporting pill will have many great benefits and will pull many allies towards Pure Yang Palace, allowing the influence of Pure Yang Palace to become even greater.

"Just settle the matter with Beast Taming Sect first, then I will permit you to enter the Secret Pavilion again."

Palace Master Zhong Jiao had also made his resolve. Yang Chen had not only pulled an ally for the sect, but had also discovered such a big conspiracy. He should certainly be rewarded. Moreover, the reward couldn't be a small one.

Regarding entering the Secret Pavilion, Yang Chen didn't have any great interest. Whether it was going in several times or few times, it didn't make a difference to Yang Chen. In any case, the thing that Yang Chen wanted most from the Secret Pavilion, the Real Pure Yang Fire, he had already obtained the safekeeping rights for the next three hundred years.

Within the next three hundred years, Yang Chen had the confidence that he could certainly find a method to refine and absorb the Real Pure Yang Fire. Even if he took a step back and couldn't find any method to absorb it, he could still use the Profound Spirit Furnace to absorb the Real Pure Yang Fire. As for other things within the Secret Pavillion, he had no interest.

Even in Palace Master Zhong Jiao's hands, Cheng Wencai didn't have any hope of living. Under Yang Chen's hands, there was absolutely no chance of him remaining alive.

"For every grievance someone responsible, for every debt there is a debtor, you had tried to injure this junior over and over again. This time you have insulted junior's master again. You cannot remain alive anymore, be at ease and start on your journey!"

Regarding Cheng Wencai who had already collapsed, Yang Chen didn't have any compassion and directly slashed his sword and beheaded him.

At the instant when his head was removed from his neck, Cheng Wencai unexpectedly had a smile as if he had been freed from a great burden, which made the others present feel even more dread towards that pill of Yang Chen's.

A JieDan stage expert's corpse, although it wouldn't be of much help, would still provide some nourishment to the Blood Phantom Vine. Very quickly, under the roots of Blood Phantom Vine, Cheng Wencai's body turned into bones. In this world, there wouldn't be a person named Cheng Wencai from Greatest Heaven Sect anymore.

Not too long after, Pure Yang Palace released news, Yang Chen and Medicine Hall's hall master Zhu Chentao had taken out a pill which could extend one's life by forty thousand years from the Secret Pavilion for research. However, it was stolen by someone, and his identity and whereabouts were currently unknown.

The entire Pure Yang Palace was extremely furious and had unleashed all its manpower in hunting down the unknown culprit. While searching, they had also discovered that hidden illusion spell, by the time a few experts got there and forcefully broke down the spell formation, all traces of that mysterious culprit were long gone.

Moreover, the Greatest Heaven Sect also didn't have any information about the whereabouts of Cheng Wencai, and no one heard about any news regarding him. Everyone unanimously believed that Cheng Wencai had snatched the forty thousand life pill and then had begun to cultivate in seclusion. The upper echelons of the Greatest Heaven Sect hated Cheng Wencai to the core. This time, surprisingly, several hundred years of meticulously arranged spell formation for hiding items near Pure Yang Palace was also destroyed.

While the information was released on one side, on the other, Yang Chen had already begun to prepare for the refining the black tiger spirit supporting pill. This time, he also had to go to Yang Liang Mountain for almost one month. When Yang Chen was not present, Zhu Chentao took Ho Lin as his disciple with great fanfare. Moreover, he also summarized all the methods they had used during the refining of black tiger suppressing pill for her. Regardless of whether it was Zhu Chentao or Ho Lin, both had benefitted from the experience.

After the official ceremony for master and disciple, Yang Chen and others once again came together at the Second Fierce Yang Hall and spent almost ten years to refine the black tiger spirit supporting pill that is supposed to cure senior black tiger's injury completely.

The process was almost similar to the refining of the black tiger suppressing pill. First Yang Chen used the geocentric fire and purified all the ingredients, Then, Zhu Chentao took over the refining and with normal methods, and refined the ingredients to a certain stage. After congealing the pill in the initial step, Yang Chen again advanced the refining meticulously, finally finishing the pill.

Everyone was skillfully advancing the pill concocting process, and this time, the there were a lot more ingredients used. Moreover, the powder from the inner dan of senior black tiger was also included, so they couldn't even be a little careless. However, this was the inner dan of a Da Cheng stage demon beast, so Yang Chen had to spend around half a year to refine it perfectly.

Then, Zhu Chentao once again began the long term refining process. Refining the pill was not a job that could be completed overnight, and all the pill concocting masters knew this from experience. The physical strength and spirit power had to be properly distributed, but this was not a difficult matter for Zhu Chentao.

The beginning process was relatively easy, and Zhu Chentao even had energy left over to talk to Ho Lin about some pill concocting techniques while refining. He also explained to her logically about identifying and dealing with medicinal ingredients, and the medicinal liquid refined by Yang Chen was the best kind of sample to deal with.

While Zhu Chentao was refining, Yang Chen began to fuse the geocentric fire with the flame formed by fusion of green phosphorous fire and cold ice fire, to form a completely new flame.

Naturally, this was certainly not Yang Chen's final flame but was just another transitional flame. Yang Chen was even disinclined to name it and just called it 'hybrid fire'. Yang Chen's goal was to fuse a large number of third and fourth fire attributed flames, especially the real sun fire, real moon fire, pure yang real fire and if possible also find and fuse pure yin real fire and finally transform the fusion into one of the most formidable flames, the yin and yang heaven burning fire or perhaps also known as the heaven and earth burning heavenly fire.

But this goal was still too far away, and presently Yang Chen could only fuse these low grade flames. He didn't even dare to lightly touch the real sun fire and real moon fire. According to his plan, only after he had congealed his dan and entered the JieDan stage would he be able work on the real sun fire and the real moon fire.

Before fusing, Yang Chen also intended to check upon his spirit beast, Heavenly Roar. The spirit beast pouch he had purchased at the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion was quite low level, so Yang Chen had put Heavenly Roar in the Medicine Garden.

Since he also had the Beast Taming Secrets of the demon race, Yang Chen didn't forget to form an initial stage connection with Heavenly Roar. Within the Medicine Garden, Heavenly Roar could eat many formidable medicinal herbs whenever he wished, apart from the Blood Phantom Vine.

But Heavenly Roar only ate several profound yang fruits. Other than that, he wouldn't touch the other medicinal herbs. Whenever he was hungry, he would start nibbling at the profound yang fruits. Apart from those fruits, regardless of whether it was thousand year old ginsengs or anything else, Heavenly Roar wouldn't even look at them. This behavior surprised Yang Chen greatly.

Even if he threw spirit stones at Heavenly Roar, he would treat them disdainfully. Yang Chen was at a loss for how to deal with this issue. He didn't have many memories pertaining to feeding Heavenly Roar, and it seemed that only after reaching the spiritual world could he consult some seniors about this problem.

Only, this time, when he opened the Medicine Garden to take a look, Yang Chen was astonished. Heavenly Roar, the ash grey coloured little pup, was surprisingly holding a flying sword horizontally within his mouth and was excitedly jumping around the Medicine Garden.

Where did he get that flying sword within the Medicine Garden? Yang Chen was also greatly surprised, but quickly understood. This sword was inside the qiankun pouch that he had thrown inside the Medicine Garden when he was dealing with Cheng Wencai. Heavenly Roar had somehow found it and was playing with it.

Thinking about Heavenly Roar's origin, Yang Chen immediately laid down the worries in his heart, seemingly, this kind of spirit beasts require some extraordinary method to be cultivated. He might as well throw in all of the several thousand flying swords he had gathered inside the Medicine Garden.

Heavenly Roar was also quite knowledgeable. These flying swords had been refined by the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets, Earth Fiend Sacrificial Spell Secrets and Universal Treasure Raising Secrets. They immediately caught the attention of Heavenly Roar and he began to rush towards them excitedly. However, he still didn't dare touch the high grade ones, only picking a seemingly low grade one and slowly began to lick it.

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