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Chapter-196 Your Time Has Come23 Apr 2017

Truly speaking, Yang Chen was certainly excited. He was controlling the Profound Spirit Furnace so he naturally knew that the Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir had been successfully refined. But this moment, he had spied an opportunity of good fortune so he immediately summoned the Nanming Fire to begin a second refining without hesitation.

If he wanted to increase the level of his pill concocting, than only relying on his experience of ten thousand years of refining some low grade elixirs was absolutely impossible. Only by charging forward to refine high grade elixirs would improve his pill concocting.

Since he wanted to establish himself as a pill concocting master in this life, and a high grade pill concocting master at that, Yang Chen couldn't let any opportunity slip by. And in front of him was one of the most optimum opportunity.

The Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir wasn't entirely crucial to the overall treatment plan. It was only mean to suppress the injury from worsening, a transitional elixer. Yang Chen had intentionally created this step to impress the difficulty of pill concocting onto the Beast Suppressing Sect, so even if it failed, it wasn't a problem.

Another important fact was that regardless of however unimportant this Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir was to the overall picture, it was still an elixir meant to be used by a Da Cheng stage expert. The higher the grade of the pill, the greater the difficulty in refining it. There was no need to prove this, it could be seen clearly from Yang Chen using two types of flames as well as both water and fire to complete the refining. Refining such a high grade elixir to second grade was certainly an exceptionally good opportunity for Yang Chen to improve the level of his pill concocting.

Within Great Elder's pill scripture, there were many records. Because of his cultivation, Yang Chen had selected the most suitable type of method for this type of refining. To Zhu Chentao, it seemed that he was just cultivating according to some set rules.

Naturally, Zhu Chentao didn't understand the high grade skills and techniques within this kind of seemingly ordinary refining which Yang Chen was doing, but this didn't stop Zhu CHentao from realizing that Yang Chen was advancing the refining to second grade.

While being careful that neither himself nor Ho Lin disturbed Yang Chen, Zhu Chentao was carefully observing Yang Chen's refining. But what again astonished Zhu Chentao was that he couldn't make any sense of what Yang Chen was doing. What was even more difficult to bear was that at this moment, Yang Chen was extremely focused, and not in a position to answer any of the myriad questions he had.

With his heart tense yet full of expectation for two months, Yang Chen's refining finally came to an end. WIth an exceptionally clean pill collecting technique, the flame wrapped around the pill flickered down to embers, leaving behind a crimson pill. Only, on the pill, there were two exceptionally clear pill marks.

The mark of a second grade pill was precisely the two pill marks. But since the pill marks were so clear, Zhu Chentao almost wanted to extend his eyes to his hand and put the second grade Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir in his eyes. Ho Lin was looking at that beautiful elixir with even more infatuation and was speechless for a long time.

"I want to rest a little!"

Yang Chen only said these words and immediately sat down in a meditative posture and threw two Profound Yang Fruits in his mouth, closing his eyes without saying anything.

During the first refining, Yang Chen could still distract himself and explain things. During the second grade refining, the technique was seemingly ordinary, but Yang Chen was strained enough to be unable to say anything. In the previous year, he hadn't sensed any pressure, but the refining of last two months seemed to have utterly drained Yang Chen's entire strength.

His spiritual awareness and spirit power had been consumed to the extreme, and astonishingly, his ability to recover his power had also been deeply affected. Once the Profound Yang Fruit entered his stomach, as if a clean spring had begun to flow through a desert, it was completely absorbed in an instant.

Fortunately, they were inside the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. The spirit power in the underground vein was greatly sufficient and with the spirit power of the Profound Yang Fruits, Yang Chen soon thrummed with spirit power.

However, recovering the spirit power was easy, but recovering his spiritual awareness wasn't so simple. So after half of his spirit power had been recovered, Yang Chen stopped cultivating spirit power and began to cultivate Three Purities Secrets to restore his spiritual awareness.

This was the first time that Yang Chen's spiritual awareness had been consumed completely after reaching foundation stage. Even though his spiritual awareness had already reached initial YuanYing stage, it was still of no help. This clearly proved the difficulty of the second stage of refining.

However, apparently this was in accordance with the principles of cultivation. Despite being ferociously consumed, with the formidable supplement from Three Purities Secrets, the restored spirit power was seemingly more compact compared to before. After so much practice, maybe Three Purities Secrets could really break through to the fourth layer.

Naturally, that is something to be done later. For the time being Yang Chen didn't have any extravagant hope of reaching the fourth layer. Right now, he he had forcefully reached the third layer by drawing on the power from beheading tens of thousands of immortals as well as fusing the will of the Immortal Executioner's Platform. That was already taking advantage of his tremendous luck, Yang Chen didn't think there was still a place in the secular world that would give the opportunity to behead so many like the Immortal Executioner's Platform.

Yang Chen rested for around ten days. Within these ten days, Zhu Chentao was unable to remain calm and was continuously tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks.

Yang Chen had surprisingly refined the Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir to second grade, how could that not drive Zhu Chentao crazy with happiness? He had waited until Yang Chen had recovered with great difficulty, but as soon as Yang Chen awoke, he wasn't able to wait anymore. Facing the volley of questions, Yang Chen didn't knew which he should reply to first.

Yang Chen was even more embarrassed upon finding out that Zhu Chentao was unable to make head or tails of a few of his simplest techniques! His brow deeply furrowed, Zhu Chentao was completely engrossed in Yang Chen's words. Unfortunately, some of things were from Yang Chen's experience while others he had learned from reading books, Zhu Chentao didn't have this experience and knowledge, so basically he didn't understand.

"Don't be hasty, uncle master!"

Finally Yang Chen could only force a bitter smile and remind Zhu Chentao. However he didn't say much, if he said too much, Zhu Chentao will lose face.

"On the path of pill concocting, I am still far behind!'

Zhu Chentao himself realized and took a deep sigh. However, afterwards he vigorously stood up,

"It seems this old man would have to live a little bit longer to see more things."

After he finished saying this, his eyes burned with an unprecedented seriousness.

Zhu Chentao used to think that until he broke through JieDan stage, it will be impossible for him to move forward on the path of pill concocting. After he had witnessed Yang Chen's fire control, desire had begun to rise once again within his heart. But after today, the conviction of victory has been genuinely established in him. This would prove to be a great advantage for him when he attempted his ascension to YuanYing stage.

"After delivering this elixir to the people of Beast Taming Sect, should we continue immediately?"

After setting a goal, Zhu Chentao was impatiently waiting to participate in the refining of the Black Tiger Spirit Supporting Pill. He was already itching to once again observe Yang Chen's pill concocting techniques.

"Don't be hasty, uncle master Zhu!"

Yang Chen shook his head with a smile:

"Uncle master, rest during this time. Take this time to comprehend everything you've learned. Disciple will have to refine this Black Tiger Spirit Supporting Pill personally, since only disciple has taken a look at senior black tiger's injuries."

"Why is that?"

Zhu Chentao asked this, but before Yang Chen could reply he understood. For an elixir which is going to be used by a Da Cheng stage expert, whatever the results were, the eventual responsibility would land on Yang Chen who had suggested the pill recipe and refining method. As such, this time he couldn't just watch from the sides, otherwise the people of Beast Taming Sect will also not dare to make senior black tiger take this elixir.

"Fine, you go to Beast Taming Sect, this old man will enter seclusion for two months."

Zhu Chentao waved his hand and made his arrangements. Before leaving, he didn't forgot to take Ho Lin,

"You also come, I have looked at your fire controlling methods. Are you willing to become this old man's disciple?"

This was one of Ho Lin's aims when entering pill concocting with Yang Chen. Hearing Zhu Chentao's words, Ho Lin was simply pleased beyond expectation. Without any hesitation, she immediately tapped her head on the ground,

"Master, please accept disciple's salutations!"

"Slow down! Slow down!"

Zhu Chentao's words pushed Ho Lin's heart into the deepest abyss, was there still some problem?

"Uncle master!"

Yang Chen also couldn't help but speak up, not realizing Zhu Chentao's meaning.

"Humph, when you become a disciple, you have to become a glorious disciple of the Medicine Hall. Why should this old man's disciple simply kowtow?"

Zhu Chentao snorted, flung his sleeves and walked out of Yang Chen's small courtyard:

"Ho Lin, follow your master. Good or bad, this old man is a hall master of the Medicine Hall, so there must be a grand ceremony!"

Ho Lin was greatly overjoyed at the unexpected news and glanced at Yang Chen. She suddenly tapped her head on ground heavily towards Yang Chen and got up tearfully, hastily following after Zhu Chentao and leaving Yang Chen's courtyard.

After coming out of seclusion, Yang Chen's first target was naturally his master. Within short four years, Gao Yue's water attributed cultivation had already entered the late stage of qi layer, only a step away from reaching peak qi layer.

From beginning to end, it had only required seven years to reach this stage. Although Yang Chen had offered great supplements in the form of Profound Yang Fruits, it has to be said, Gao Yue really was extremely suitable for a water attributed cultivation method.

After realizing this point, Gao Yue's trust towards Yang Chen increased even more. Removing all doubts, she devoted herself to cultivation. Seeing Yang Chen come out of seclusion, she made her own inquiries about him. After hearing that Yang Chen had refined the second grade Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir, she urged Yang Chen to make haste and deliver it to the people of Beast Taming Sect.

Fan Shan was the representative connecting Beast Taming Sect and Pure Yang Palace. Just two months before Yang Chen's first stage of refining had ended, he had rushed over to Pure Yang Palace, fearing that Yang Chen may have come out of seclusion in advance and hoping to avoid delay. It seemed that senior black tiger's injuries had again worsened.

"Second grade elixir?"

Fan Shan was both surprised and excited at the same time. Yang Chen had put forward the second grade Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir, so clearly the refining was a success. If this was true, wouldn't it mean that they would had greater assurance of controlling senior black tiger's injuries from worsening? After looking at the pill, Fan Shan couldn't help himself and started urging,

"Walk faster, walk faster!"

"Wait for some time, elder brother, let me make a report to Palace Master."

Yang Chen smiled and urged Fan Shan to stay. Such a matter of great importance, how could he not inform Palace Master Zhong Jiao before leaving for Beast Taming Sect,

"Be relieved, senior black tiger's injuries will certainly not worsen after taking this pill."

With Yang Chen's assurance, Fan Shan was greatly relieved. After all the convoluted formalities had been rushed through, a few elders of Pure Yang Palace still had some questions, so only after that did Yang Chen depart with Fan Shan.

"Younger brother, wait here for older brother for a moment."

After crossing MeiQing Mountain's market and coming out of Pure Yang Palace's territory, both of them had just flown for half a day and arrived at the edge of a great mountain when Fan Shan suddenly made Yang Chen stop,

"Older brother has to collect some spirit beasts."

Some spirit beasts were specifically reared on this mountain cliff, and collecting them here would avoid wasting time later. Yang Chen also nodded, it would only take a moment for Fan Shan to capture the spirit beast, so waiting for a moment was no big deal.

Fan Shan quickly disappeared. Being bored, Yang Chen found a big tree to sit atop. He was sitting on the top of the tree enjoying the view of the surroundings. But, in just a moment, he wrinkled his brows, spotting someone flying over on a flying sword from the other side.

Warned by his spiritual awareness, his gaze flicked over. Within a few moments, Yang Chen discovered the identity of that person.

What astonished Yang Chen was that the person coming over was someone he had previously crossed paths with. He had met Greatest Heaven Sect's JieDan stage cultivator Cheng Wencai for the first time when he tried to humiliate Yang Chen, which resulted in his realm falling, and for the second time during the time of great calamity of devil cultivation where he had lost a bet to Yang Chen and Gao Yue about a kowtow.

Cheng Wencai also discovered Yang Chen's presence and turned his flying sword towards the region closer to Yang Chen. Floating under the clouds, he gazed at Yang Chen for a long moment before breaking out in a sneer,

"I was thinking who it was and it turned out to be you!"

"So it was senior Cheng!"

Yang Chen remained sitting on the tree top without any intention of standing up and smilingly asked,

"Senior hurrying like this, where are you going?"

"Youngster, this is a desolate area outside the city, what are you doing here?"

Naturally Cheng Wencai didn't bother answering Yang Chen's question and menacingly asked.

"Whatever this youngster is doing here, isn't it unrelated to senior?"

His smile unaffected, Yang Chen gazed into Cheng Wencai's eyes, strongle tempted to punch his lights out.

Attentively watching Yang Chen's face, Cheng Wencai's spiritual awareness was quickly released. He also hadn't expected to run into Yang Chen. But since he had run into him, that could only be called Yang Chen's bad luck. Within this barren mountain, if there weren't other people, then it was an exceptionally good place to kill people.

"Youngster, don't say that I didn't you give you any opportunity!"

Cheng Wencai's spiritual awareness explored for a good moment and didn't found anyone in a ten mile radius. An evil grin split his face as he said,

"Obediently kowtow and admit your errors towards me and this old man will let your death be easy!"

"Kowtow? Admit mistakes? Easy death?"

Yang Chen couldn't help but expose a stunned expression, looking all around, seemingly only noticing that his fortune is not that good.

"You need not waste your breath making schemes!"

Cheng Wencai looked at Yang Chen with contempt,

"This old man has already examined the surroundings, and there is no one else beside us. Yang Chen, you do not walk on the road to heaven, and neither does hell have a gate to burst into. You have humiliated this old man, and I will extract my due a hundred, no, a thousand times over."

"You dare to kill me?"

Yang Chen showed a seemingly panicked expression, as if he was intimidated. Yet, unexpectedly, he still hadn't stood up.

"The scenery is very enchanting here, but at the same time it is an exceptionally good place for burying corpses!"

Cheng Wencai mischievously laughed, enjoying the panic on Yang Chen's face as if drinking the finest wine,

"After killing you, I will also kill that bitch master of yours at some other time. Daring to make this old man kowtow, humph, don't say this was unannounced, the time to pay for my humiliation had finally come!"

"Seemingly, this really is a pretty good place for disposing a corpse!"

Hearing Cheng Wencai speak about Gao Yue, Yang Chen's expression turned ice cold.

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