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Chapter 195- Awe Inspiring Pill Concocting Technique19 Apr 2017

Not everyone can successfully fuse different types of flames. Before one's cultivation had reached a certain stage, it was a dream within a dream.

Pure flames had the benefits of pure flames. The fire's quality was high, and controlling it was a matter of ease. Furthermore, it would not become chaotic.

But its weak points were correspondingly clear. The strength of pure flames were not constant, and depended on the cultivation of the cultivator. Moreover if someone has only one kind of flame then it may not be usable under certain circumstances.

Furthermore, controlling fused flames was exceedingly difficult and required a formidable spiritual awareness. If Yang Chen was the slightest bit careless, he could entirely lose control. But fused flames did have a qualitative increase in strength as well as caused an increase in the quality of spirit power.

In his previous life, Yang Chen only had the Real Sun Fire. He didn't have many other opportunities to collect flames either, since he was constantly hunted. But even if he had had the fortune of obtaining other flames, he didn't have the knowledge, experience or control to fuse them. Only when one had a deep understanding of different flames would one obtain the ability to fuse flames.

By the time he had ascended to heaven, he was already a prisoner, so he he didn't have any opportunities. But in this life, Yang Chen had the opportunity to discuss methods of controlling fire with experts and learned how to fuse flames.

The fusion ended at the perfect time, only two months after Zhu Chentao had finished. These two months, while cultivating, Yang CHen had also been guiding Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin on the principles of control and manipulating fire.

It was not that Yang Chen didn't want to share this knowledge and purposely didn't guide Zhu Chentao earlier, but because Zhu Chentao could only understand now that he had completed three years of continuous refining.

On the other hand, Ho Lin couldn't understand most of the principles. Nothing could be done about that, her realm was too low, her perception a little below par, and her experience with pill concocting inadequate. Thus, not understanding was completely normal.

Two months passed like the wind as Zhu Chentao's work neared completion. All of the ingredients had been refined and mixed properly, nearing the second stage of this concocting.

This elixir originally didn't have any name because Yang Chen had prescribed the ingredients according to senior black tiger's exact condition of injury. However, for Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin, this time's refining had great meaning, so it absolutely had to have a name. After a slight discussion between the two, according to Zhu Chentao's opinion, this time's injury stabilizing pill was called the Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir, and the injury restoring pill was called the Black Tiger Spirit Supporting Pill.

The Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir still required one more step before completion, but that single step was a gulf Zhu Chentao couldn't cross. It was almost laughable, Pure Yang Palace's Medicine Hall master, a cultivator with a JieDan cultivation, unexpectedly couldn't best a foundation stage junior's prowess. But this face, even Zhu Chentao was well aware of when to step aside.

The initially refined medicinal liquid was wrapped by Zhu Chentao's spirit power and softly deposited within Yang Chen's Profound Spirit Furnace. At this moment, no pill concocting furnace in the mortal world could compare to the Profound Spirit Furnace, so changing furnaces was entirely appropriate.

Now it was out of Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin's hands, the rest was up to Yang Chen. Both of them slightly backed away, eyes glued to Yang Chen's technique in an attempt to learn something from his refining technique.

Inside the Profound Spirit Furnace, different flames drew patterns on the furnace walls. Of all the high grade flames within, the Geocentric Flame, the Profound Wood Flame, Green Phosphorous Flame, Cold Ice Fire, Real Moon Fire, Nanming Fire, and Real Sun Fire Yang Chen didn't choose the flame most appropriate for pill concocting, the Geocentric Flame, to bear the brunt of the world, but rather the Real Sun Fire.

It was the flame that Yang Chen was the most familiar with, having more than ten thousand years of experience in his previous life. He knew everything about it, so even if he hadn't absorbed it, he could already utilize it to the point of perfection.

If it was just this, it wouldn't have made Zhu Chentao gasp in amazement. It wasn't like Zhu Chentao hadn't had the opportunity to obtain high grade flames, it was that his cultivation was too low to have any effect in controlling flames.

What stunned Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin speechless was what Yang Chen was doing with his other hand. His one hand was controlling Real Sun Fire, but the other was doing something absolutely astonishing.

Water attributed spirit power, precisely speaking ninth water attributed spirit power, was controlling the medicinal liquid as fluidly ass water. Under the control of Yang Chen's ninth water spirit power, the medicinal liquid was spreading to form a complex formation within the Profound Spirit Furnace.

Both Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin weren't familiar with the spell formation, but when the spell formation was unleashed and directly controlled the strength of surrounding flames, this scene completely absorbed their attention. Yang CHen had only revealed this trick once before when refining the Heaven Seizing Pill, so how could Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin even imagine such a method of pill refining?

Yang Chen wasn't done yet. When the spirit formation made of medicinal liquid was laid down, Yang Chen used his other hand to manipulate the Real Sun Fire to form another spell formation. However, even made of flames, it gave of a sensation as if the power of fire had been replaced with water attributed spirit power.

Water power based pill concocting? Ho Lin and Zhu Chentao almost lost consciousness. It wasn't like a water method of pill concocting didn't exist, but only some unique pill concocting masters used it in some unique elixirs.

But presently Yang Chen was clearly controlling fire, but was using water attributed spirit power to concoct pills. This was already outside the horizons of cultivators, who could even do this?

Apart from astonishment and admiration, Zhu CHentao and Ho Lin couldn't think of any words to describe their mental state at this time. Was this still pill concocting? It really wasn't a performance?

Only, soon Zhu Chentao grew worried. If he was using this kind of method and the flame was being controlled like water spirit power, the Real Sun Fire's formidable strength might burn all these ingredients. But this was Yang Chen, if he had taken this into account, wouldn't it be rude to interrupt?

But the next surprise made Zhu Chentao snap his mouth shut. A cyan colored cold flame, the Cold Ice Fire, began to flicker within the Profound Spirit Furnace, wrapping itself around the medicinal liquid. The presence of this icy fame brought the temperature of the furnace to normal and the medicinal liquid also began to smoothly accept the next phase of refining.

The two spells seemed to have a complementary effect, bringing out the best in fire and water spirit powers. The medicinal liquid within Profound Spirit Furnace quickly began to change.

"Fortunately, the situation turned out to be even better than I expected."

While concocting, Yang Chen didn't forget to speak what he was thinking.

This action scared Zhu Chentao almost to death, and he almost couldn't help himself from jumping over to cover Yang Chen's mouth. Fortunately, he was able to control himself and didn't do anything rude and impetuous.

"You should not speak for a little bit, so you don't scare the life out of me!"

Even if Zhu Chentao was Yang Chen's elder, at this moment he clearly was a student.

Without any aids, a single person was using two types of flames, one of which producing a spell to release water attributed spirit power and another to evenly cool down the medicinal liquid while still using water attributed spirit power to manipulate the medicinal liquid to form a spiritual formation to absorb spirit power. Seeing this, Zhu Chentao's face was completely turned to stone, he was at a loss to describe what he was feeling.

Even if Zhu Chentao told this situation to someone, who would believe him? Until he had seen Yang Chen do it in front of him, even Zhu Chentao wouldn't have believed it. If someone had dared to describe this to him, Zhu Chentao would've slapped him without a second thought and asked him what kind of dream he was in to speak such rubbish.

The situation before his eyes had completely toppled all the knowledge Zhu Chentao had learned. Ho Lin was still a bit fortunate. She had just recently become an official disciple and still didn't have any deep seated beliefs. But Zhu Chentao had been concocting for several hundred years and his brain was already packed with traditional concocting methods. Yang Chen's performance had simply placed Zhu Chentao at a loss of what to do.

Was this still pill concocting? Didn't pill concocting include procedures like refining and mixing ingredients controlling fire? What kind of relationship does it have with spell formations? Moreover using both fire and water to concoct pills at the same time, what was this sorcery?

Without caring for whether it was unfathomable or unbelievable for Zhu Chentao, Yang Chen steadily carried out the refining in the Profound Spirit Furnace and smoothly advanced through the last stage of Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir.

Originally Yang Chen had planned to use common pill concocting techniques to refine the elixir in two years after Zhu Chentao had completed the initial three year stage of ingredient refining. But after absorbing the Cold Ice Fire and seeing the crazy upgrades of the Profound Spirit Furnace, Yang Chen could only resort to such a method to drastically accelerate the refining process.

Using this method, the originally required two years could be cut down to one year. That would allow senior black tiger's condition to stabilize one year earlier. Which in turn would allow the people of Beast Taming Sect to have some assurance one year earlier, which would have significant impact on both sides cooperation.

While pill concocting, Yang Chen was also explaining some of the principles of pill refining and fire control being used by him then to Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin. Although neither of them could grasp the whole thing immediately, it would still open their eyes to a larger world, letting them know that there was still a long road ahead of them on the path of pill concocting.

Not to speak of other things, but the last time Zhu Chentao had seen Yang Chen use fire to imitate living beings, he had touched upon a vague insight, but this time, Yang Chen's words caused him to have a flash of enlightenment. Only then did he realize that compared to what was happening in front of him, even entering YuanYing stage wasn't impossible.

For Pure Yang Palace, a YuanYing stage expert certainly held great importance. But if they also had a YuanYing stage pill concocting expert, then they would be a half step closer to becoming a first rate sect.

But the benefits didn't stop there. No one would dare offend a pill concocting master, especially a YuanYing stage pill concocting master. Even Da Cheng stage experts would tread carefully around them. Didn't Elder Wu, on the verge of ascending need the assistance of three YuanYing stage pill concocting masters to refine a Heaven Seizing Pill?

YuanYing stage expert Deng Yi, although she belonged to a minor school, the Heavenly Lake School, no one dared casually offend them. Even He Lianyun was a powerful figure in earlier days. If his realm hadn't fallen, he wouldn't have died so easily.

Although Zhu Chentao was obsessed with pill concocting, he wasn't an idiot. He naturally understood Yang Chen's intention. He didn't dare distract Yang Chen, and intently watched his technique, fearing to miss even the slightest thing. He was even more focused now than he had been before when he was refining ingredients. Maybe this time even the slightest change in spirit power could allow him to gain enlightenment. .

Just as Yang Chen had anticipated, after absorbing the Cold Ice Fire, this kind of method of using water and fire in tandem like yin and yang aiding each other really increased the efficiency of refining. In a little more than a year, his control of temperature had already reached perfection.

After calling Ho Lin and Zhu Chentao to pay attention, Yang Chen began to receive the pill. His pill receiving technique was different from ordinary methods, It was rather a technique written within the Great Elder's pill scripture. The more superior a technique was, the more profound it was.

However, Zhu Chentao and Ho Lin were unable to make any sense of his pill receiving technique, rather just seeing the flame transform so nimbly at just the moment of pill receiving endlessly shocked the both of them, leaving them watching in rapt attention.

Under Yang Chen's control, the flame slowly began to die down, and the medicinal liquid began to slowly fuse together to form a rough sphere, just like a low grade elixir.

Soon, this rough elixir began to smoothen out, turning into a proper sphere and emitting a sweet fragrance.

At this stage, Zhu Chentao's nervous heart began to calm down. Looking at the Real Sun Fire and Cold Ice Fire slowly fade away, this Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir was finally completed.

Just when they were thinking that, the Profound Spirit Furnace suddenly emitted a trace of flame, the Nanming Fire. This mild seeming flame wrapped itself around the pill form of the elixir instantly, the dark green pill bursting into flame.


Zhu Chentao screamed loudly. Just when the pill had been successfully completed, how could Yang Chen make a mistake like this? These four years of hard work had been completely ruined.

Just as he was about to extend his hand and snatch the burning elixir, Zhu Chentao was suddenly pulled back by Ho Lin. When he took ahold of his senses again to take a look, he say an extraordinarily serious look on Yang Chen's face. His eyes were fixed on the elixer, his entire being focused on the furnace.

When he was controlling two flames and medicinal liquid at the same time, he had the leisure to explain everything he was doing, so why wasn't he speaking now? Zhu Chentao immediately realized something was off, so he began to concentrate, no longer daring to utter another sound that could disturb Yang Chen.

This time, the flame was burning without any pattern, it was just ordinary refining, but after a few seconds, Zhu Chentao understood everything. Yang Chen wasn't satisfied with the elixir and had unexpectedly advanced to second refining.

After realizing this point, Zhu Chentao again cried out in fear. This Black Tiger Suppressing Elixir was to be used by a Da Cheng stage expert. Any elixir required by a Da Cheng expert was far from comparable to ordinary elixirs. Surprisingly, Yang Chen wasn't even satisfied with this elixir and still wanted to refine it once more.

This moment, even if he was a JieDan stage expert, even if he was the hall master of the Medicine Hall, Zhu Chentao couldn't help but admire Yang Chen. There was already no need to say anything more about Yang Chen's technique, but just this attitude of seeking perfection had already made Zhu Chentao admire him even more.

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