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Chapter 191 - He Lianyun exits the stage02 Apr 2017

"Uncle master Zhu!"

Yang Chen's goal was naturally Zhu Chentao. This hall master of Medicine Hall had always supported Yang Chen from the time he entered Pure Yang Palace. This time, it was Yang Chen's turn to return the favour.

Regarding Yang Chen's arrival, Zhu Chentao was greatly astonished. Frankly speaking, in the outer world Yang Chen was renowned as a famous pill concocting master, but inside the Pure Yang Palace he had never once entered the Medicine Hall. He was trying to think of why Yang Chen had come to find him this time.

Fortunately, today Zhu Chentao was guiding disciples and hadn't entered seclusion to concoct pills, thus Yang Chen was able to catch him.

Seeing Zhu Chentao, Yang Chen didn't directly say anything about the matter, rather pulling the senior to his room within the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. After which, he placed a layer of restriction and secretly asked the main body of Gui Shanyou to place a layer of restriction as well.

Some matters were not suitable for many people to know. The Beast Taming Sect had kept it secret for ten years, and the sect master of Beast Taming Sect and palace master of Pure Yang Palace were discussing it right now. Yang Chen also didn't want to let it known to strangers. At least he could not allow those people who were harbouring disloyal and malicious intentions towards Pure Yang Palace to know about this.

"What affair requires so much mysteriousness and secrecy?"

Zhu Chentao was baffled, unable to figure out what Yang Chen wanted. Seeing him attach so much importance to this matter, he was greatly surprised.

"Uncle master Zhu, there is a matter for which I require your assistance"

After confirming that no one else would hear their conversation, Yang Chen made his request with the utmost seriousness.

After he explained the entire matter, Zhu Chentao almost jumped out of his skin in astonishment, completely discarding the poise of a JieDan expert.

"What? Refining an elixir to treat a Da Cheng stage expert?"

Zhu Chentao's eyes opened widely, simply not daring to believe what he had just heard,

"Furthermore, an injury left behind by a yin fire tribulation several hundred years ago? Me? How is it possible?"

"Uncle master Zhu how can you say it's impossible?"

Looking at Zhu Chentao, Yang Chen was slightly dumbfounded:

"Even disciple didn't think it was impossible, so how can uncle master think it is?"


Zhu Chentao only then remembered that Yang Chen was famous for pill refining in the outside world because he had successfully refined the Heaven Seizing Pill. That was a pill which allowed people to ascend, which was many times more formidable than this elixir used to cure injuries.

"Can I really?"

But when all was said and done, Zhu Chentao hadn't ever considered being able to refine elixirs for the Da Cheng stage. Never mind Da Cheng stage, he didn't harbor much hope in successfully refining elixirs at the YuanYing stage. When it come to pill refining, the Pure Yang Palace wasn't a very knowledgeable sect, so Zhu Chentao not having confidence was completely normal.

"Naturally, disciple still requires uncle master's strength!"

Naturally, Yang Chen wasn't about to pour cold water over Zhu Chentao's hopes. In fact, he wanted to use this opportunity to push Zhu Chentao another step forward in the pill concocting world, even give him a push to rise from JieDan stage to YuanYing stage.

"How can I help you?"

Zhu Chentao suddenly realized something, Yang Chen was obviously giving him a huge opportunity. He could already refine an elixir capable of restoring a pill spirit, how could he require help to refine an elixir that only needed to treat a constituent spirit? Clearly, Yang Chen wanted him to broaden his horizons and rise another step using this excuse.

When it came to pill concocting, even if Zhu Chentao was the hall master of Medicine Hall, he wouldn't dare compare himself with Yang Chen. Yang Chen, even as first layer, could create the recipe for and refine the xun qi pill. Not only that, he could already refine third grade pills of qi supporting pill, yuan cultivation pill and foundation stage pill while Zhu Chentao can only refine them to at most two times. This was the difference between them.

If Yang Chen's cultivation wasn't low, and he hadn't already paid his respects to Fierce Yang Hall instead of under Zhu Chentao's name, then Zhu Chentao would've nourished Yang Chen as the future hall master of Medicine Hall.

Now Yang Chen wanted his assistance, and even if he called it assistance, it was clear he was the one helping Zhu Chentao. Since Zhu Chentao was his elder, he couldn't thank him, but in his heart, he was extremely grateful for the opportunity. How could he not agree to this?

"Then first let me pay my gratitude to uncle master Zhu."

Yang Chen didn't mention when the refining will start. It was still early enough since all the required materials had to be prepared, so there was no need to be hasty:

"For the time being, there is no rush, but first uncle master Zhu must make the appropriate arrangements for Medicine Hall. After the refining begins, you won't be able to attend Medicine Hall for one or two years."

"That is not a problem, I will return to make the arrangements."

Zhu Chentao didn't talk much and stood up to go make arrangements.

"Uncle master you don't need to rush. Just wait for the instructions of palace master."

Yang Chen also stood up and smiled. Zhu Chentao was seemingly impatient to get started. This matter naturally would not begin until the talks between palace master and sect master of Beast Taming Sect were completed, so presently there was no need to be hasty.

"Haha, however I am very eager."

Zhu Chentao also embarrassedly smiled and also sat down, calming his heart, and began to talk with Yang Chen about controlling fire and other things.

"The Beast Taming Sect has also agreed to compensate for delaying ten years of uncle master's cultivation."

Yang Chen first told him about the advantages Beast Taming Sect offered,

"He Lianyun's pill concocting furnace will also be given to you, uncle master."

"There really is such a thing?"

This was again a pleasant surprise. Just witnessing and helping with the refining itself was enough to make Zhu Chentao participate. With still more unexpected benefits to come, how could he not be joyous? That pill concocting furnace of pill concocting master He Lianyun was already a famous treasure which unexpectedly was already scheduled to come to him.

"Presently you don't have a good pill concocting furnace, you can make good use of it."

After rejoicing for a moment, Zhu Chentao calmed his head, attempting to refuse.

Although he was delighted, Zhu Chentao carefully thought it through. In pill concocting talent alone, Yang Chen was clearly far ahead of him. If Yang Chen had a high grade pill concocting furnace, then it would certainly increase his power by leaps and bounds. Although it was unfortunate, helping Yang Chen increase his strength would help many pill concocting masters in Pure Yang Palace. In front of such an outcome, how could he covet a pill concocting furnace for himself?

"Disciple already has the high grade pill concocting furnace conferred by the uncle master Zhu, so I don't require another."

Yang Chen clearly knew the thoughts in Zhu Chentao's heart and moved to cut them off. At the moment, he already had the Profound Spirit Furnace, why would he need another one?

Although Zhu Chentao had such thoughts, Yang Chen felt that himself assisting Zhu Chentao this time was not a mistake but rather was well deserved. Zhu Chentao was certainly a deserving individual.

Zhu Chentao naturally didn't believe Yang Chen at first glance, but after Yang Chen took out his Profound Spirit Furnace and taking a look at the furnace which had already risen several grades, the earth shattering transformation of the furnace thoroughly convinced Zhu Chentao that Yang Chen really had a high grade spirit furnace. It was only then that he agreed.

The events that followed were well within expectations. After Palace Master Zhong Jiao and few elders talked with sect master of Beast Taming Sect and Fan Shan, they grandly sent the two people off. Soon after, they immediately called Yang Chen and Zhu Chentao in and told them about the discussion. Afterwards, the two of them went their separate ways to prepare individually.

Although Yang Chen had already prepared a portion of the medicinal ingredients, the Beast Taming Sect still required some more time to prepare all the ingredients.

However, Fan Shan had already began his favour. The disciples of Beast Taming Sect had already discovered the location of He Lianyun. After confirming this, Fan Shan moved heaven and earth to capture He Lianyun and his diehard followers within a single month.

He Lianyun was a cowardly person, otherwise he wouldn't have easily handed over the Real Sun Fire. Facing Fan Shan's threats, he didn't dare to haggle over the price. Between being swallowed by Fan Shan's spirit beast or handing over all the flames he had collected over his life, He Lianyun cleverly chose the latter.

After handing over the Real Moon Fire obediently, he also had to hand over the Cold Ice Flame which he wanted to absorb first in order to absorb the Real Moon Fire. His few disciples also handed over two flames, Green Phosphorescence Fire and Profound Wood Fire. High grade flames were not always needed, but the two flames his disciples had handed over were both suitable for pill concocting.

Fan Shan complied with his promise and didn't kill He Lianyun, rather abolishing his cultivation and delivering the group to Pure Yang Palace. This was at the request of Palace Master Zhong Jiao, he wanted to execute both He Lianyun and those clansmen together to display Pure Yang Palace's temperament.

He Lianyun certainly hadn't anticipated such an ending. At this stage, any trick he tried, any benefit he promised, any agreement he tried to strike with Fan Shan for high grade pills, everything was rendered impotent.

When they were working together, Fan Shan had already understood He Lianyun's temperament. Further, the slander circulating about Yang Chen was something originally fabricated by him, how could he cooperate with a small person like He Lianyun. When comparing him with Yang Chen, a pill master and genius with grand future prospects, he would be an idiot to offend the latter.

This time, Pure Yang Palace had displayed an unprecedented hard-line stance regarding Yang Chen's matter. First they silently invited few big sects to witness the confrontation and afterwards silently set off the campaign to capture those clansmen, He Lianyun and his disciples. Furthermore they had also grandly announced to everyone, that these people will be executed.

As for the one who to kill them, it was naturally chosen to be Yang Chen. He was originally an executioner, and karma had been sown between all these people and Yang Chen. Yang Chen also didn't have anything to be afraid of. So outside the gate of Pure Yang Palace, under the eyes of several hundred disciples of other sects and loose cultivators, he chopped their heads off one by one.

Pure Yang Palace's actions caused a huge uproar. The few big sects didn't express their views except to say that killing too many people would affect their cultivation. Their manner of handling such a problem was similar anyway. If someone had dared to knock on their door with such matters, their response would have been even more cruel.

But many loose cultivators thought Pure Yang Palace was being tyrannical, but they only spoke about this when they met another rogue cultivator. No one dared to personally come and create trouble for Pure Yang Palace.

Who would oppose the Pure Yang Palace for the sake of a few dead people? The loose cultivators had no sect to back them and they were far from fools. Bother the sect? Hadn't they witnessed the end of He Lianyun and those clansmen?

In the midst of this clamor, Beast Taming Sect also firmly expressed their support of Pure Yang Palace, stating that such people who had dared to slander others needed to be killed. None of the big sects had responded, and the loose cultivators didn't dare talk. Within the second rate sects, Beast Taming Sect and other few sects who were on good terms with Pure Yang Palace had also expressed their support. At this point, who still dared to say anything to the contrary? Even if they had anything to say, who would dare to challenge Pure Yang Palace at MeiQing mountain?

Those people who had previously dared to spread malicious words about Yang Chen and Pure Yang Palace, decided to cleverly shut their mouths, not even daring to mention rumor that Yang Chen had stolen the pill recipe of Heaven Seizing Pill of the clan. It commonly said that rumors die when people become wise, but most of the time, rumors are stopped by force.

Those people who still wanted to obtain the pill recipe from Yang Chen, in these circumstances, they also sensed Pure Yang Palace's attitude. Regardless of whether they still harbored such thoughts within their heart or not, at least on the surface, they didn't dare to say anything.

Seeing the end of this matter, everyone also began to realize that the current Pure Yang Palace was not a pushover. These few years, the strength of Pure Yang Palace had increased by leaps and bounds. Not only had they gained one Da Cheng stage expert and two YuanYing stage experts as part of Eccentric Hall. They hadn't suffered the slightest during the great calamity of devil cultivation, while other sects had suffered great losses. Their decisions had allowed Pure Yang Palace's authority among dao sects to greatly increase.

But those matters were for Palace Master Zhong Jiao and other elders to think about, Yang Chen was endlessly happy holding his newly acquired pile of flames. Green Phosphorous Fire, Profound Wood Fire, Cold Ice Fire, and Real Moon Fire, he'd obtained four flames all of a sudden. If the Profound Spirit Furnace absorbed these four flames, it will certainly become the most formidable furnace in the mortal world. Even Deng Yi's purple furnace will also be inferior compared to it.

The Profound Wood Fire was perfect for Yang Chen to act as a buffer before Real Sun Fire. As for other flames, apart from Real Moon Fire, the green Phosphorous Fire and Cold Ice Fire were both fourth fire attribute and could completely fuse with Geocentric Fire, increasing his fire attributed cultivation by one more step.

The flames should also be absorbed in sequence from lower to higher grade. After his cultivation had risen again in the future, he could refine even more high grade flames. When flames were refined within the body, they could fuse with other flames and increase their grade.

Yang Chen didn't even dare to think about the Real Moon Fire right now, but he could think about refining other types of flames. Only today, he had to first make Profound Spirit Furnace absorb it. It could greatly upgrade the Profound Spirit Furnace which would be beneficial for future pill concocting. While the refining the mixture of the flames was time consuming, it would pay dividends later when it came to refining speed of pills.

Other people believed Yang Chen's cultivation would be delayed because he chose to accept this refining request. They wouldn't be able to even imagine that Yang Chen could still increase his cultivation during pill concocting.

Zhu Chentao had also received the pill concocting furnace he had been yearning for. The high grade pill furnace used by a YuanYing stage expert was now in his hands which made him extremely delighted. When Yang Chen had given him the furnace, he had repeatedly warned him to refine it and make every effort to begin to refine some pills. A high grade pill furnace could not only increase the level of a pill concocting master, they could also increase the success rate of pill concocting as well as the quality of pills refined.

When Fan Shan handed everything to him, he also gave him an approximate idea of when all the materials would be gathered. Yang Chen still wanted to wait for one year, before officially beginning pill concocting. This one year was just perfect to allow Yang Chen to increase the level of the Profound Spirit Furnace.

Yang Chen didn't wanted to waste this time. All the four flames were in his hands, only waiting to be absorbed by the Profound Spirit Furnace.

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