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Upgrading The Profound Spirit Furnace05 Apr 2017

Great master Wang Yong had already begun to refine the qilin horn flying sword. After returning, Gongsun Ling had also headed back to that valley. As long as she could thoroughly understand the illusion spell, combined with the two top grade spirit stones provided by Yang Chen, it would certainly end up being a life saving treasure for her. Moreover Gao Yue also had begun his meditation to cultivate the water attributed cultivation method.

During this time's pill concocting, he would not be able to see his master much for at least ten years, therefore Yang Chen visited his master in advance to provide her with the things he had prepared.

"What is this?"

Gao Yue looked at the qiankun pouch Yang Chen had provided her but didn't open it immediately, instead asking curiously.

"For some time, disciple will go into seclusion with uncle master Zhu to concoct pills, therefore I have prepared some water attributed fruits for you in advance."

Yang Chen said with a smile,

"Disciple is just showing his filial respect, please use them while cultivating."

"Oh, one more thing, master, remember these fruits must be peeled before eating."

Yang Chen again warned,

"If you eat one everyday, then it will last almost as long as disciple is in seclusion. As for the others, you don't need to worry much. Just wait for the sect to purge some people and then we will tell them."

To Gao Yue, hearing this line that didn't make any sense was as if Gao Yue had entered a misty black fog.

Until Yang Chen left, Gao Yue didn't clearly understand what Yang Chen had meant, what fruit? What peel and eat? But when she opened the qiankun pouch and glanced at the contents inside, her whole person was rooted to the spot.

Even if Gao Yue had stressed tool refining as her field, it didn't mean she was unaware of medicinal ingredients. Nestled within the qiankun pouch were clearly Profound Yang Fruits. Moreover, they were the thousand year Profound Yang Fruits, all of them at least maturity of one thousand five hundred years. All of the fruits were large and sturdy, neatly arranged within the qiankun pouch. There were at least ten thousand fruits, so if she ate one per day, then they would last for at least twenty seven to twenty eight years.

Each of these matured Profound Yang Fruits, as long as they were refined properly, could turn into high grade foundation stage pills. If ordinary cultivators wanted to purchase such fruits they would at least have to pay a price of a thousand low grade spirit stones. These ten thousand Profound Yang Fruits, if introduced to the market, would sell for at least one hundred high grade spirit stones.

Such enormous wealth and natural resources, Yang Chen had surprisingly turned over to Gao Yue to show his filial respect. Even more astonishing, he had still asked her to peel them before eating, didn't he know that even the peel of such matured Profound Yang Fruits were also precious ingredients?

For some time, Gao Yue couldn't understand how to deal with these Profound Yang Fruits. Should she really follow Yang Chen's opinion, and treat them as fruits to eat them? If these were handed over to the sect, let alone other things, these would produce ten thousand high quality foundation stage pills. How big a benefit would that be for the sect?

But she also understood Yang Chen's final warning sentence. The Luminous Moon Hall had not been exactly friendly to either master and disciple. It could be said that there was clear hostility from their side. Besides, that clan and He Lianyun also surprisingly knew that she had sealed her cultivation to cultivate a water attributed cultivation method. Clearly, someone in the sect had leaked that information, and Luminous Moon Hall couldn't escape responsibility.

If these fruits came out in public, it would certainly be troublesome and maybe again give people an excuse to target master and disciple. Since Yang Chen had insisted so much, she would accept them. In all likelihood, Yang Chen had arranged for them long ago, and Gao Yue didn't believe that Yang Chen would not have thought about the sect. His actions all these years clearly proved his care for the sect .

After piecing all this together, Gao Yue was finally able to calm her heart and in accordance with Yang Chen's words peeled and ate a fruit. Immediately, an enormous amount of spirit power erupted, so massive in fact, that she was unable to absorb it completely with her water attributed cultivation of third qi layer. Finally after the water attributed spirit power had increased many times over, she undid the seal on her fire attributed spirit power and used the cultivation of JieDan stage to absorb this colossal amount of spirit power without letting any go to waste.

Only now did Gao Yue realized why Yang Chen had told her to eat only one fruit per day, her present cultivation at most could only handle one. With this speed, by the time Yang Chen was finished concocting pills for ten years, her water attributed cultivation would have already reached mid foundation stage. After all, she already had the temperament of a JieDan stage cultivator and the spiritual awareness of peak JieDan stage cultivator.

After sensing this, Gao Yue also again developed complete confidence about Yang Chen, he didn't even conceal such things from her. Regarding Yang Chen, her disciple, she was more than satisfied.

Over the course of the next several days, Zhu Chentao had already made proper arrangements for Medicine Hall, even entrusting Law Enforcement Hall's hall master Meng Xian to act as a substitute hall master. Within the Medicine Hall, there were many foundation and JieDan stage experts, but all of them were ordinary, so even under the supervision of Law Enforcement Hall, they should not devolve into chaos.

Yang Chen also had no option but to relieve himself of his status as Merit Transferring disciple, since he would be in seclusion for more than ten years, refining pills. It would be impossible for him to continue to hold office. This time however, everyone in the Nine Earth Manor and Ye Xiu Manor were reluctant to part with him. Not to speak of other things, this Merit Transferring Disciple Yang Chen hadn't let any person remain anxious for any problem related to cultivation.

Yang Chen had to enter seclusion to concoct pills because of the sect's affairs, but Palace Master Zhong Jiao had released a statement to everyone stating that the time for Yang Chen to serve as Merit Transferring Disciple had already been fulfilled and it was just an ordinary turnover of resposibility. This was just normal substitution, no one could find anything inappropriate here.

As for the refining location, it was chosen to be Yang Chen's little courtyard within the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard. The Palace Master Zhong Jiao had thought of arranging an even more dependable place, but Yang Chen had insisted on this. What a joke, what more safer place could there be in the Pure Yang Palace than the location of old tree demon Gui Shanyou's body?

Yang Chen's four servants kept cultivating even while following after Yang Chen all these years. Yang Chen had also spared no pain in guiding them. All of them had already reached peak qi layer. Before this time's seclusion, Yang Chen also wanted to honour the commitment he had made to them.

"These are four third grade foundation stage pills."

Yang Chen called all four of them, and in front of everyone, placed a foundation stage pill with a clear pill pattern,

"Right now, all of you are at peak qi layer. I had promised you all foundation stage pills, so take it! After reaching foundation stage, you all will be inner disciples of my Pure Yang Palace and will not be servants anymore, do your best to behave!"

All four people kept on looking at each other, unable to repress their emotions. Originally they had believed they would remain servants at Ye Xiu Manor for the rest of their lives. They had never anticipated that they would one day become inner disciples.

Naturally, all this had come from Yang Chen. Just as the pavilion closest to water enjoys moonlight first, they all had also obtained most detailed and frequent guidance, so more than half of their success could be attributed to Yang Chen.

"Thanks, young master!"

Four of them uniformly kowtowed in front of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen also didn't stop them and received their respects:

"This is the last time you will call me young master. After reaching foundation stage, I will be your senior apprentice brother!"

Third grade foundation stage pills were sufficient for those four to reach foundation stage. After Yang Chen had given them the pills, all four took their leave with different feelings in their heart.

In the beginning, none of the four had accepted Yang Chen, and had even thought to forcefully dominate Yang Chen during the first month. But after being beaten by Yang Chen and following him for so many years, they had also obtained great benefits. Now, they were one step away from moving from a servant's status to inner disciple of Pure Yang Palace, simply a difference between heaven and hell.

Although none of them said anything, everyone knew that in the future, they should definitely continue to follow Yang Chen. After all the things Yang Chen had done at Pure Yang Palace, their prestige had also grown at Pure Yang Palace. Certainly, following Yang Chen was never a mistake.

"Ho Lin, if you can reach foundation stage in one year, then I will allow you to wait upon me and uncle master Zhu while we are concocting pills in seclusion."

Although she still hadn't reached foundation stage, the benefits had already dropped in. Observing Ho Lin, Yang Chen encouragingly said,

"If you display satisfactory performance and impress uncle master Zhu, then paying respects and entering uncle master Zhu's faction is also not impossible."

Ho Lin was beyond happy, and hastily bowed her head. Being able to help in Yang Chen and Zhu Chentao's pill concocting was certainly an opportunity which could only be found by luck and not by seeking, Ho Lin herself emphasized pill concocting, so naturally she knew the seriousness of this chance.

As for being able to pay respects to Zhu Chentao and enter his faction, it made her even more delighted. Zhu Chentao was the hall master of Medicine Hall. Although he was only at JieDan stage, everyone in the Pure Yang Palace was extremely respectfully towards him. Entering his faction was definitely the first choice of any disciple trying to become a pill concocting master.

Naturally, being able to pay respect under Yang Chen's faction would have been an even better opportunity, but unfortunately, Yang Chen was only at initial foundation stage and could not accept disciples. However for Ho Lin, this was not a big deal, Yang Chen was her young master. If she goes to Yang Chen with any questions, Yang Chen would never decline.

After sending off the delighted and surprised servants, Yang Chen sealed his courtyard and began to increase the grade of Profound Spirit Furnace.

The Profound Spirit Furnace which had absorbed the Geocentric Flame, Real Sun Fire and Nanming Flame had already become very high grade, not in the least inferior to He Lianyun's ancient pill concocting furnace.

Green Phosphorous Fire and Cold Ice Flame were the same grade as the Geocentric Flame so there wouldn't be much difficulty in absorbing it into the Profound Spirit Furnace.

When Yang Chen had first used the Profound Spirit Furnace to absorb the Geocentric Flame, he had to waste half a year. Naturally, at that time, Yang Chen's cultivation was low and the grade of Profound Spirit Furnace was also inferior, but now he didn't have to waste so much effort.

Both Green Phosphorous Fire and Cold Ice Flame belonged to the fourth fire attribute. Yang Chen easily absorbed them both within the Profound Spirit Furnace at the same time. From beginning to end, it only took two months.

Profound Wood Flame was a little bit troublesome. Compared to the Geocentric Flame, it was of a higher grade. But it wasn't a big deal for the Profound Spirit Furnace which had already absorbed the Real Sun Fire. Within another two months, the Profound Wood Flame was successfully absorbed and stored within the furnace body.

But the next Real Moon Fire was also quite troublesome, this flame was on the same level as Real Sun Fire but its nature was the complete opposite. Yang Chen wanted to absorb it too, but he couldn't allow the Real Moon Fire to come in contact with the Real Sun Fire stored within the furnace. With his present cultivation, that was an almost impossible task.

Fortunately, the Real Sun Fire and Nanming Fire had already laid a good foundation. With those two, the impossible task turned into something just highly difficult. Yang Chen only needed to be a little careful and have some patience. As for Yang Chen, who had played with fire for over ten thousand years in his past life, how could he let a trifling Real Moon Fire baffle him?

Back when he absorbed the Real Sun Fire, he had used the same technique and process. Only this time, he just needed to be a little careful and not let the Real Sun Fire encounter Real Moon Fire inside the furnace. It was similar to refining two types of flames together, but for Yang Chen, success was only a matter of time.

After half a year, the Real Moon Fire was also completely absorbed within the Profound Spirit Furnace. In addition to these four types of flames, the Profound Spirit Furnace already had seven types of flames. Of those, three were of them were high grade, Nanming Fire, Real Sun Fire, Real Moon Fire. The whole magic tool's grade had risen more than twice.

The body of Profound Spirit Furnace was emitting a hazy light and didn't have the color and lustre that gave it its customary illusionary sensation.

But Yang Chen knew that in front of the current Profound Spirit Furnace, let alone He Linayun's furnace, even Deng Yi's purple coloured furnace which was used to refine Heaven Seizing Pills were just dregs. After absorbing seven flames, the Profound Spirit Furnace had already attained the peak of magic tools in the mortal world.

Naturally, if he could also absorb the Real Pure Yang Fire passed down by the great ancestor of Pure Yang Palace, then it will genuinely reach the pinnacle which no other pill concocting furnace of the mortal world could attain.

Among the magic weapons and magic tools which Yang Chen had, only the Profound Spirit Furnace could separate itself from Yang Chen's cultivation and continue to be upgraded. But this moment, the Profound Spirit Furnace didn't have the aura of a high grade magic weapon, rather seeming reserved, like nothing out of the ordinary. If he told someone that this seemingly unremarkable furnace has some relation to the one of the most formidable pill concocting furnaces of the Heavenly Courts, no one would believe him.

With the present Profound Spirit Furnace, Yang Chen could refine the elixir for healing senior black tiger even more easily, and with a greater chance of success. By this moment, Yang Chen's preparation was already nearly complete, taking him more or less ten months. Now, he just had to wait for Beast Taming Sect to deliver the ingredients.

During the waiting time, Yang Chen once again went to meet his master. With the Profound Yang Fruits given by Yang Chen, within these ten months, Gao Yue's cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds and had already reached fifth qi layer from third qi layer. Moreover within the short period of two months, it had already increased by two minor layers. Even if it was Fairy Shi who was in another whole world with regard to cultivation speed, she couldn't match this cultivation speed.

Naturally, Yang Chen and Gao Yue both knew that apart from the Profound Yang Fruits, Gao Yue's formidable peak JieDan stage spirit awareness was also a significant reason for this speed. Despite all this, Gao Yue was still astonished, she wondered whether she was really suited to water attributed cultivation methods? But she obviously had a fire attribute spirit root!

"Master don't be worried about you cultivation, you will know the reason with time."

Naturally Yang Chen couldn't tell her the reason right now, let alone make it public. In his last life, it was because others knew that Gao Yue had a post-natal water attributed full spirit root, that she had been forced to become someone's dao companion.. This life, before Yang Chen obtained the strength to protect Gao Yue, he would certainly not let anyone know.

Ho Lin was not willing to break Yang Chen's trust. Within brief ten months, with the assistance of the third grade foundation stage pill, she had successfully built her foundation. In fact, all of Yang Chen's four servants had a similar cultivation. The other three had already reached foundation stage and entered the inner sect, only Ho Lin was waiting for Yang Chen, waiting to see whether she has the opportunity to enter Zhu Chentao's faction or not.

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