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Chapter 190 - I will assist you in dealing with him01 Apr 2017

Once these words left the mouth of black tiger, immediately the few experts of the Beast Taming Sect present on the scene were stunned. For several years, they had tried to find the reason of the problem, but they hadn't been able to find it, but no one among them had anticipated that the black tiger himself knew the root of the problem.

However, what they didn't understand was why hadn't the black tiger informed them even after knowing the cause of his constituent spirit dissipation. Perhaps, because the black tiger knew that their cultivation was not sufficient and thus can't help in solving the problem.

But, if this was true and the black tiger had tried to conceal his illness, then why did it told Yang Chen whom it was seeing first time that it had sustained internal injuries, could it be that it already knew that Yang Chen can cure its unmentionable illness? However, Yang Chen was just a trifling foundation stage junior. Whether it was naked observation or probing with spiritual awareness, Fan Shan and the others couldn't see anything extraordinary in Yang Chen, so what had made the senior black tiger see him in such favourable light?

However, Yang Chen wasn't the slightest bit amazed. Previously, the old tree demon had called Yang Chen a little calf with a single look. This senior black tiger had entered the Da Cheng stage several hundred years before the old tree demon, so him sensing few clues was perfectly normal.

Perhaps it was only because of the assembly of people and the glimmer of hope he'd seen in him that senior black tiger had told him the cause in just one meeting.

"If I could ask senior to answer the following questions. How severe is your injury, what kind of circumstances does it flare up under, and furthermore, what is senior sensing presently?"

Without paying attention to the astounded gaze of those around him, Yang Chen respectfully asked.

"You all, return. Allow this little friend and I to chat."

The black tiger didn't reply directly, but rather used his tail to signal to Fan Shan and the others that he wanted privacy.

Fan Shan and others didn't dare to neglect his wishes in the slightest. Moreover, they were perfectly aware that Yang Chen, as just a foundation stage junior, was incapable of harming the black tiger. As such, everyone respectfully bid their farewells and vacated the cave, leaving just Yang Chen and the black tiger inside the cave.

"Strange little friend!"

After everyone had left, the black tiger again lay on his stomach and said,

"So in the end, are you a cultivator or a little calf?"

"Senior's perception is so piercing, this junior is greatly admiring!"

Yang Chen slightly flattered him and then replied:

"This junior is a cultivator but has had the opportunity to study the cultivation method of the demon race."

"Pure Yang Palace's cultivation method?"

Senior black tiger asked again.


Yang Chen immediately rebuffed that notion and explained:

"Junior is fond of reading various books, and obtained that cultivation method from one of them. This time after curing the senior, I will once again request various books from your noble sect."

The black tiger didn't much care about Yang Chen's puny request. In fact, his primary interest lay in whether Yang Chen could recover his constituent spirit or not,

"Have you tested this method on yourself?"


Yang Chen nodded,

"I have tested it on the sect's guardian beast. However, senior's circumstances are a little strange, and perhaps there is some inconvenience that needs tending first."

"What kind of trouble?"

The black tiger interestedly asked. Since it concerned himself, even if he didn't care about life or death, but he didn't want to spare any effort in thoroughly investigating the method.

"Senior has injuries from the heavenly tribulation, which is similar to the injuries of the guardian beast senior of my sect. ."

Yang Chen explained a little, making the black tiger feel somewhat relieved, then continued:

"But senior's injuries certainly are more grave compared to that senior of my sect, therefore it will take slightly more time. Can senior provide me with specific circumstances of your injury?"

"Prove your method to me!"

The black tiger thought for a long moment and said.

If the one standing in front of the black tiger was an ill-tempered pill master, he would've immediately stormed off in a huff. The black tiger was merely assisting him in the diagnosis and he still wanted more proof? Yang Chen had already said that he had cured a demon beast with similar injuries, what more proof does he want?

But Yang Chen knew that the black tiger was a Da Cheng expert, and if not for the old injuries, maybe he would have already surpassed Elder Wu. Originally he had intended to peacefully welcome his death, but suddenly a foundation stage junior was telling him that he could be healed. Soo naturally he had to put quite a bit of thought into it.

Yang Chen unleashed the Beast Taming Secrets, and his thoughts met the senior black tiger's spiritual awareness. Immediately, the both of them exchanged their thoughts, without any kind of barrier. Just this allowed the black tiger to lay the majority of his hesitations to rest.

At the same time, Yang Chen also received a great amount of information from the black tiger. What astonished Yang Chen was the inclusion of images of when the black tiger had overcome heavenly tribulation as well as many other experiences.. Naturally, the most detailed information was about the injury, which was included within the process of heavenly tribulation described to Yang Chen.

The Beast Taming Secrets was indeed convenient, and also ensured the utmost secrecy. No wonder senior black tiger had insisted upon proof before answering the questions. Just the information of heavenly tribulation was of great use to Yang Chen. Even if it was of no use to him, when the time of She Kui and Xie Sha's heavenly tribulation comes, then this information could be used to great benefit if consulted.

The exchange happened in an instant and broke off just as quickly. Even if outsiders were spying on the two, they would only think that the both of them had gone silent for a moment. No one would even imagine that a short instant had been more informative, persuasive, and detailed than a conversation held for several days and nights.

Yang Chen's face turned grave as he began to analyze the problems, the condition of injury and the sensations after cultivation. Only after fully evaluating the variables could Yang Chen judge what was required for treatment.

There was no need to wonder whether he could cure this problem or not. There was no doubt to that conclusion. Otherwise Yang Chen also wouldn't invested so much effort in acting. But what kind of price needed to be paid for the complete recovery of senior black tiger required considerable deliberation.

"Senior, your injury has been left untended for too long. Although you have suppressed it with your great cultivation, its recent flare-ups have made it quite troublesome to manage."

Yang Chen also wasn't afraid to tell the complete truth and directly got to point,

"My method can allow you to stabilize the condition of your injuries within five years. But for complete recovery, at least an additional ten years would be required, so from the beginning to end it will take around fifteen years. Is senior willing to receive my treatment?"

"Fifteen years time, I can wait."

The black tiger's tail once again lashed from side to side and slowly said,

"If you want anything, go look for those youngsters who brought you here."

With the conversation at an end, his tone already held the tone of one chasing away a customer.

"Then this junior will take his leave!"

Yang Chen again bowed and took his leave. However, before he left, the black tiger said from behind,

"My Beast Taming Sect isn't a rich and overbearing sect, so don't extort them excessively!"

"Don't worry, senior!"

A smile split Yang Chen's face as he left in the direction Fan Shan and others had taken.

Outside this region, Fan Shan and others were waiting anxiously, wondering what Yang Chen and senior black tiger were discussing. Their primary worry was whether Yang Chen could rescue their senior or not. As their apprehension grew to a peak, they suddenly saw Yang Chen's figure making its way towards them.

"Younger brother, what happened?"

Fan Shan almost ran over to Yang Chen and nervously asked.

It wasn't just Fan Shan, everyone else were also equally uneasy. For the Beast Taming Sect, having senior black tiger and not having senior black tiger were two diametrically different situations, so they couldn't help but worry.

"Can be cured!"

Yang Chen knew their situation and made no show with his reply.

When Yang Chen's words reached them, all the YuanYing experts immediately let out a long sigh without caring for appearances. The mood at the scene also immediately became relaxed.


Looking at their relaxed expressions, Yang Chen couldn't help but caution them calmly, slowly changing the topic.

"What? There is still some trouble?"

The hearts of Fan Shan and others tightened again, wondering what the wrinkle was?

"It will require at least fifteen years."

Yang Chen also didn't keep them hanging and immediately continued,

"Moreover, the amount of ingredients required is not a small number; you all should prepare yourself mentally. After all, senior's injury is a result of overcoming the yin fire tribulation, it is far from ordinary."

Hearing that the complications were only some extra time and excessive cost, everyone's hearts grew a tiny bit relaxed. Curing a Da Cheng expert's injuries easily was naturally an impossible task, so all of them had long been mentally prepared for an exorbitant price to pay.

On the contrary, when Yang Chen confidently told them his caveats, everyone felt relief. This was finally a guarantee hat senior black tiger could finally be saved. As for fifteen years, compared to the long life of cultivators, this time would simply used for a nap, no one cared about it much.

Despite rejoicing, Fan Shan didn't dare to drop all forms of etiquette towards Yang Chen, rather becoming even more careful in his speech as he said,

"Whatever ingredients you need, younger brother, just make a list. Although my Beast Taming Sect cannot be compared to big sects like Greatest Heaven Sect or Five Phases Sect, but we also cannot undervalue ourselves."

This was only natural, the ingredients needed for treatment were definitely the responsibility of Beast Taming Sect. It was only right and proper, so Fan Shan did not bother Yang Chen with it. On the contrary, these words of Fan Shan, were about thanking Yang Chen with a gift.

"For delaying fifteen years worth of pill concocting cultivation, younger brother, this elder brother will repay you with a great favour."

Fan Shan patted his chest and said,

"I cannot speak about other matters, but of that He Lianyun who tried to tarnish your reputation, sect disciples have already found his location. This elder brother will go in your place and settle the problem for you!"

Fan Shan undertaking the task would cause far less waves than having Yang Chen and Pure Yang Palace disposing of him. However, Fan Shan was trying to be thoughtful and wanted to take care of this little worry for Yang Chen.

"Found his whereabouts?"

Yang Chen was startled and his face revealed a smile. This was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. Without any politeness, Yang Chen raised his request,

"Elder brother, when you take care of him, please keep in mind that he has a flame that is of great use to me, your younger brother. Specifically, it is the Real Moon Fire."

"Rest assured!"

Fan Shan nodded vigorously,

"As long as he or his disciples have any kind of flame, I will bring it for you."

"Young friend Yang, if you still have any other request, please feel free to ask,. my Beast Taming Sect will not haggle."

As soon as Fan Shan had finished speaking, the master of Beast Taming Sect immediately continued in the same vein, reiterating their gratefulness.

Delaying fifteen years of cultivation, in addition to the favour of rescuing a Da Cheng stage expert, cannot be repaid fully by simply getting rid of that trifling He Lianyun and seizing the Real Moon Fire, even if the Real Moon Fire was already very precious. For the Beast Taming Sect it was but a scant portion of what they owed Yang Chen.

"Since senior is being so generous, then this junior will also not be polite."

Yang Chen turned towards the master of Beast Taming Sect, bowing once before continuing,

"Junior has a bad habit of being fond of various sorts of books. If senior's sect has some books which are not related to cultivation, then I would request senior to bestow them to this junior. This junior will be extremely grateful. Junior also won't ask for much, just twenty thousand books will be sufficient."

"That's not a problem!"

Hearing Yang Chen only wanted some books, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Each sect and school had many books unrelated to cultivation. Even if they didn't have enough, it was easy enough to send out people to collect the required number for Yang Chen.

Twenty thousand books, this number had been spread from Clear Sky Sect. Apparently when Yang Chen had rescued elder Hua Wanting of Clear Sky Sect, he had demanded the same number of books. He had also been granted the qualifications to enter in the Clear Sky Sect's auction. This was not a secret, everyone was fully aware of the particulars.

Compared to elder Hua Wanting who had recently become Da Cheng stage expert, senior black tiger was much more important to the Beast Taming Sect. So, twenty thousand books, He Lianyun, and his flames were far too profitable a trade for the Beast Taming Sect.

Although it didn't have an influence as large as Clear Sky Sect, Beast Taming Sect also wasn't miserly. Without waiting for Yang Chen to mention it, the master of Beast Taming Sect immediately realized and added for Yang Chen,

"Young friend Yang, you are welcome to my Beast Taming Sect's sect auction any time you want."

Everyone tacitly understood not to raise the issue of relations between the two sects. The Beast Taming Sect also owed the Pure Yang Palace together with Yang Chen. However, this is a problem between sect masters. As a youngster, there was no use raising it in front of Yang Chen.

"Ah right, seniors, this junior will require the assistance of my sect's Medicine Hall's hall master uncle master Zhu's help this time."

Yang Chen suddenly remembered something and asked,

"He Lianyun's pill concocting furnace was pretty good, do you think you can part with it to gift it to my uncle master Zhu?"

Before his realm had fallen, He Lianyun was a middle YuanYing stage cultivator. He was also one of the people invited by Elder Wu to refine the Heaven Seizing Pill. As such, his pill concocting level was not low, and his furnace was first class. When all was said and done, Zhu Chentao was a JieDan stage expert, and his furnace wasn't of a very good grade. This would be a very profitable exchange for him.

"You just need to mention such trivial matters to consider them done!"

The master of the Beast Taming Sect immediately agreed to Yang Chen's small request. Not only that, he also added one more thing,

"After taking care of He Lianyun, of all the pill recipes we receive from him, my Beast Taming Sect will keep one copy and give another copy to your noble sect as a small gift."

After this, Yang Chen didn't make any more requests and immediately took out an empty jade slip on the spot to mark all the materials required. Since he had agreed to do this for them, he would see it through to the end. The items that he had stocked under the supervision of Shangguan Feng, he immediately marked. As long as they paid the full the price, it would save Beast Taming Sect a lot of trouble in searching.

The experts of Beast Taming Sect were extremely grateful for this consideration and favour. After entertaining Yang Chen for some more time, they sent him back to Pure Yang Palace in grand style.

This time, on the journey, apart from his old friend Fan Shan, the master of Beast Taming Sect had also followed. Some of these matters needed the a consensus reached between the master of Beast Taming Sect and the palace master of Pure Yang Palace.

As soon as Beast Taming Sect's master together with Fan Shan entered Pure Yang Palace, it immediately gave rise to huge chaos. Pure Yang Palace's palace master and a few elders came out together to welcome them and discuss recent affairs. After extending his greetings to everyone and leaving the Beast Taming Sect delegates in their hands, Yang Chen went towards the Medicine Hall.

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