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Chapter 189 - Favour Drops By Voluntarily18 Mar 2017

Earlier because of the great calamity of devil cultivation, nearly all big sects were in chaos and didn't have the time to discuss the matter of Yang Chen's dao companion. Afterwards he was under the pressure because his reputation was being tarnished by He LianYun and that clan, so this matter was pushed to the back of his head.

Originally the Palace Master had intended for this matter to resolve itself, but since Yang Chen himself had taken the initiative to raise the issue, the Palace Master had no other option than to make clear where he stood.

"Green Jade Immortal Islands' Fairy Shi!"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao forced a bitter smile. Looking at Yang Chen, he suddenly asked:

"Regarding cultivation talent, perception, beauty and cultivation, Fairy Shi apparently has it all! If you form a sturdy bond with Fairy Shi by becoming her dao companion, it will also form a good relationship between the Green Jade Immortal Islands and my Pure Yang Palace. Are you really against it?"

Palace Master Zhong Jiao's words were facts. Hearing Min Huafeng and Guan Yueying's opinions, it was clear that they were very much looking forward to Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan becoming dao companions. If Yang Chen really accepted Shi Shanshan, then the relationship of both sects would advance one more step, no doubt about it.

Not only the relationship between the sects, even Yang Chen himself becoming dao companion with someone who had a full metal spirit root would have many advantages for his cultivation.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen couldn't accept Shi Shanshan. His master's image had filled his vision for more than ten thousand years, including both lives, so how could he easily agree to become dao companions with someone else?

"I don't have any problems with other things, but Fairy Shi's temperament is somewhat cold and not quite suitable for Yang Chen."

At this point, Wang Yong was completely in support of Yang Chen:

"Moreover, the age difference her and Yang Chen is large, so she doesn't seem very suitable."

Fairy Shi had already reached the initial JieDan stage, even if she was a cultivation genius and hadn't even encountered the smallest of accidents, it would still require at least a hundred years. As for Yang Chen, taking everything into account, he was at most forty, so if someone absolutely insisted, then it could really be considered a problem.

However, cultivators had extremely long lives, moreover, before their cultivation reached a bottleneck, maintaining one's appearance was easy. So this matter of age was just forcefully twisting logic to find fallacies.

The Palace Master looked at Yang Chen and then at Wang Yong defending him, everything seemed to be out of his expectation. But his face was completely calm and collected and he only shot a faint glance at Gao Yue sitting to his side and sighed within his heart:

"Fine, since you are so unwilling, then I will talk about it with the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Islands!"

Despite Zhong Jiao declaring his stand, Yang Chen still had a trace of uncertainty within his heart. Perhaps looking at Shi Shanshan's circumstances at that time, he was afraid that she had taken things too close to heart. Moreover, later Min Huafeng had also agreed, thus making the matter difficult to resolve.

But regardless of what was said, the day was still far from over. The matters of the future could be settled in the future. Presently, Yang Chen still required the Palace Master to put up an act with him and calmly wait for the people of the Beast Taming Sect to drop in.

When he was joking with Gongsun Ling on the journey and she had used the matter of Shi Shanshan to attack him, Yang Chen simply forgot about the little pup he had just purchased. It was simply put into the spirit beast pouch without any concern. Fortunately, the spirit beast pouch offered a cozy environment, and that clever assistant had moreover placed many types of food inside, so for some time, there would be no change in it.

Yang Chen would naturally not attach much importance to the lowest grade spirit beast pouch. After returning to his own courtyard, Yang Chen greeted the old tree demon once and then pulled out the little pup from the spirit beast pouch.

Because of not having any special traits, this little pup had not been cared for much at the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion, but after staying comfortably in the spirit beast pouch these past few days, it seemed full of spirit.

After washing the pup cleanly, Yang Chen suddenly smiled while looking at the ash gray pup. In the beginning, it was only a shallow laugh, but afterwards he was completely unable to repress his emotions and burst out laughing until his belly started to ache.

Even if he had been reborn and possessed the memories of a generation, Yang Chen hadn't expected that such a huge golden pie would fall into his lap. Within the memories of his previous life, no such thing had appeared, neither did the secular world have any such spirit beast which could even shake the Immortal World.

Perhaps it was because of the different appearance in the beginning, therefore without proper care, this little thing died before it could reach its full potential. Or perhaps it was because of some other reason, but regardless of what was said, in this life not only it had it caught Yang Chen's eye, but he had also gotten his hands on it.

This was Yang Chen's immortal karma. He would certainly cherish it. Only, Yang Chen couldn't rejoice for long. Such a formidable spirit beast had unexpectedly fallen into his hands in such a dramatic manner, which made him sceptical about how, apart from his memories of the previous life, his fortune had become so extremely formidable.

"If your origins were publicised, then I fear that it would really shock anyone."

Focusing his attention on that slightly shy pup in his room, Yang Chen spoke towards it:

"Whatever… Calling you Heavenly Roar will be fine, moreover, everyone would think that you are a common dog. Wait for the day when I can find the blood essence left behind by Yang Erlang and patch you up first."

After saying this, regardless of whether the little pup understood or not, he directly threw it into the Yang Mountain's Medicine Garden and said:

"Heavenly Roar, you should not eat the things inside indiscriminately and instead wait for me to find a suitable high grade spirit beast pouch for you."

Heavenly Roar's circular eyes were scuttling gazes at Yang Chen, slanting its head to look at Yang Chen. Yang Chen patted its small head, massaged it and then released it into the Medicine Garden.

On the next day, Yang Chen began to concoct a pill at the Nine Earth Manor. He wasn't refining the elixir for restoring a constituent spirit, instead he made the appearance changing pill which he had promised to Scarface.

The refining requirements of the appearance changing pill were relatively high, moreover, some of the raw materials were difficult to find, even with the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect. But after plundering for so long, Yang Chen had already gathered everything and had begun the refining in advance, while waiting for Scarface to return so that he could make the exchange.

Yang Chen had to spent a full year to start the furnace this time. Because of the addition of the Nanming Fire, the grade of the Profound Spirit Furnace had been raised by another level and it had become even more proficient at the job, cutting the time of refining in half. Yang Chen didn't have any refining experience in his previous life, but with so much knowledge and the formidable technique from the pill scripture of the Great Supreme Elder, he could successfully refine with the first attempt.

Four batches of raw materials were used up, returning four appearance changing pills. The hundred percent success rate even made Yang Chen feel a little proud of himself. Observing the appearance changing pill in his spirit sea once concluded the experience, only then did he come out of seclusion and immediately received the information that a senior of the Beast Taming Sect had come.

"Senior Fan Shan?"

When Yang Chen saw Fan Shan before his eyes, he was caught off guard as if not daring to believe his eyes. Only after confirming it again did he believe it. The Beast Taming Sect had unexpectedly sent his acquaintance.

"Junior brother Yang!"

The person who had come was senior Fan Shan, who had helped in refining the demon beast when refining the Heaven Seizing Pill. However, at this moment, Fan Shan didn't have the slightest air of a senior, and was addressing him like a friend instead.

Fan Shan had given sufficient face to Yang Chen and Pure Yang Palace this time. He had already come here three months ago, but after finding out that Yang Chen was refining a pill, he forcibly waited for three months without showing the slightest impatience. His manner was nothing to complain about.

When the Heaven Seizing Pill was being refined, most of the time the other people were working, while Yang Chen and Fan Shan were observing and chatting. They had a much closer contact. From the beginning, Fan Shan hadn't shown any great arrogance and was quite amiable towards Yang Chen, and Yang Chen also had a somewhat favourable opinion of Fan Shan.

"We are honoured by your presence, senior Fan Shan. What instructions do you have for us?"

Yang Chen asked respectfully, after all Fan Shan was a YuanYing stage expert, moreover one who had the unique skill to control a Da Cheng stage demon beast, even Yang Chen didn't dare to put his Beast Taming Secret's to test against his.

"My sect is currently in a very difficult situation and you possibly have a solution here, so I have specifically come to ask."

Fan Shan also didn't speak any nonsense and directly came to the point.

"A senior of our sect has not been well these past few years."

Fan Shan didn't beat around the bush, in any case there were only Yang Chen and Fan Shan two there, so he was not afraid of other people overhearing them and frankly asked:

"That senior's constituent spirit has faced some wear and tear. Your words at the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion about creating a pill to recover the constituent spirit, was it successful?"

"Very difficult to say! My sect's problem has been solved, but there are different methods to heal constituent spirits based on the cause of the problem."

Yang Chen didn't give a definite reply directly, but rather replied ambiguously:

"I don't know what this senior's actual situation is. I can only say anything after taking a look."

Fan Shan was appreciative towards Yang Chen's cautious manner. Those who made guarantees for the solution before hearing the problem were definitely the kind of people who either did not understand it perfectly or hadn't succeeded in doing it. In any case, Yang Chen's cautious approach gave people an impression of someone knowledgeable.

Especially hearing that Pure Yang Palace's problem had been solved was good news because it definitely meant that the guarding beast who had sustained injuries and had his constituent spirit dissipated had recovered, if Yang Chen could solve such injuries, perhaps he could settle other reasons too.

"Young friend, let's go on a trip, come with your elder brother to examine the situation!"

Fan Shan lowered his status by a lot and directly called himself elder brother:

"Elder brother has personally come to ask you, so please give me some face! Regardless of whether you can cure him or not, my entire Beast Taming Sect will be in your gratitude."

Regarding Fan Shan's invitation, Yang Chen hadn't intended to decline. From the beginning, Yang Chen was waiting for the people of the Beast Taming Sect to drop in. How could he miss such an opportunity? Only, some matters still required the Palace Master to appear personally, Yang Chen could not take his place.

"Senior Fan Shan!"

Yang Chen had barely called him, when Fan Shan already opened his mouth to correct him:

"Don't call me senior, I am not that old, you should call me elder brother."

"Ok, elder brother Fan!"

Yang Chen followed his advice readily and directly changed his address:

"I was going to Palace Master Zhong Jiao to make the report, then I will accompany elder brother to go on the trip."

"This is only natural!"

Fan Shan naturally didn't say anything. It would be a miracle if Yang Chen didn't make any report to the Palace Master:

"This elder brother will also pay a visit to your noble Palace Master."

Fan Shan was totally oblivious that everything had already been planned by Yang Chen and Palace Master Zhong Jiao. After both of them met Zhong Jiao, the Palace Master heard everything, then as if realizing everything suddenly, he instructed Yang Chen to help as much as possible.

While talking, the guardian beast of the Pure Yang Palace whom Yang Chen had cured naturally also came up, which Yang Chen had already confessed to Palace Master Zhong Jiao about, so naturally the Palace Master confirmed what Yang Chen had told Fan Shan earlier.

The Palace Master immediately agreed to do a favour to Fan Shan, a favour to the Beast Taming Sect. After paying a visit to the Palace Master, Yang Chen also made a report to his master, Gao Yue, then he followed Fan Shan and left the MeiQing Mountains to go to the Beast Taming Sect at the Yang Liang Mountain.

Fan Shan was very anxious and directly took Yang Chen along on his flying sword and within less than thirty days, they arrived at the Beast Taming Sect. After hastily leading Yang Chen to meet a few seniors of the Beast Taming Sect, he didn't delay for a single moment and directly led him to that senior demon beast whose constituent spirit was dissipating.

At the rear part of sect within a huge cavern, Yang Chen met that demon beast senior. It was an enormous black tiger with a body several times larger than common tigers, lazily basking in the sun at the mouth of the cavern.

From the body of the demon beast, some guesses about its cultivation could easily be made, however there were two prerequisites: one was that it hadn't cultivated any Appearance Transforming Secrets, another was that its cultivation should have reached the Da Cheng stage.

Although this black tiger was enormous, compared to Shi Kui and Xie Sha whose bodies were several hundred meters long, its body had already shrunk. After cultivating to the Da Cheng stage and passing the yin fire tribulation, the yin fire had already refined the impurities within its body and the body size had reduced a lot. The black tiger in front of his eyes was in exactly these circumstances.

Fan Shan had come together with a Beast Taming Sect's expert. The black tiger only snuck a glance at them, not paying them any heed, lying on its stomach and enjoying the warmth of the sunlight. But when it looked at Yang Chen following behind Fan Shan, the black tiger lifted its head with some suspicion. Its eyes were emitting an insulting gaze, as if wanting to pierce Yang Chen's eyes.

"Uncle master, disciple has found a pill concocting master, who can perhaps help in settling master's dissipating constituent spirit."

Fan Shan and the others stopped a few steps in front of him and uniformly bowed:

"I apologise for causing you some inconvenience, but I still request uncle master to pardon me!"

"This little boy is interesting, step forward and let me take a look."

Suddenly the black tiger spoke human words, which could make anyone feel bewildered. But the people present kept their calm, with an accustomed expression.

"I formally pay my respects to senior!"

Yang Chen respectfully stepped forward and respectfully saluted him. This black tiger had entered the Da Cheng stage several years earlier than Gui Shanyou and had a formidable cultivation. It definitely discovered the anomaly within Yang Chen's spiritual awareness. All of this was within Yang Chen's expectations.

"You have a way?"

The black tiger observed Yang Chen for a good moment, only then did it open its mouth and began to talk.

"This junior doesn't dare to be sure."

Yang Chen replied with a bow:

"Before being certain, this junior requires to do an inspection of senior and find the reason, only then can this junior make accurate judgements."

Yang Chen's words were as careful as ever, he had used the word 'judgement' instead of claiming to prescribe the correct medicine.

"For what reason?"

The black tiger roared:

"When this old man passed the yin fire tribulation, the yin fire had left behind some internal energy which had flared after several hundred years, so do you have a way?"

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