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Chapter 188 - How To Resolve The Fairy Shi Situation11 Mar 2017

"Fellow daoist Yang, whatever kind of spirit beast you want to use, choose without any hesitation! This place has the largest number of spirit beasts in the entire spirit beast market."

Su Mosheng enthusiastically guided Yang Chen to the place where the spirit beasts of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion were displayed:

"They don't have any of the ox family, but choose whichever you find suitable!"

Yang Chen smiled and nodded his head slightly and then began to look at the highest grade spirit beasts of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion. Looking at each of them one by one, he didn't seem satisfied with any of them.

"What? None of these are suitable?"

When Yang Chen had spent almost a time of almost two incense sticks in there and still hadn't chosen one. Liu Yuanfeng came back from the rear courtyard and was unable to control himself but ask with some astonishment.

"Whether or not they're suitable, this junior doesn't know."

Yang Chen explained with a smile and then continued casually:

"This junior can only try to sense these spirit beasts' presence and see which one is closest to it."

Liu Yuanfeng understood the explanation and he was very much wishing for Yang Chen to succeed. As long as he found a suitable subject and his experiment was successful, the Beast Taming Sect would gain great benefits.

When Yang Chen didn't choose any spirit beast and shook his head in disappointment, Liu Yuanfeng's heart felt as if it was drowningin at bottom of an ocean of hopelessness. If those spirit beasts weren't suitable, he would have to ask the experts of the Beast Taming Sects to appear personally and ask them to catch some formidable demon beasts, like the Heavenly Fullmoon Rhinoceros.

"There still seem to be some left on the outside, I will go and take a look!"

When Yang Chen calmly began to step outside, Su Mosheng hastily followed him.

Liu Yuanfeng however didn't follow. Those spirit beasts on the outside were the lowest grade spirit beasts and didn't even have the qualifications to be placed inside of the shop and were thus placed outside. They weren't even chosen by rogue cultivators who didn't have any money, so he didn't think that those spirit beasts would satisfy Yang Chen's requirements in the least.

"This one? Will this one do?"

Suddenly, Liu Yuanfeng heard Su Mosheng's astonished voice from the outside. Excitedly, he rushed outside to Yang Chen's side.

He looked in the direction where Su Mosheng was pointing and saw a spirit beast inside of a cage, whom he would be embarrassed to even call a demon beast.

How could it be called a demon beast? It didn't have even a little spirit power on it, if one firmly insisted, then it could be said to have an extremely small trace. In other words, it could not even be counted to the grade of demon beasts.

What astonished Liu Yuanfeng most was that this so called demon beast was just a little pup. Its ashen hair wasn't even smooth, giving it a very filthy look.

"Fellow daoist Yang, this clearly is just a little pup, how can it be a demon beast?"

Not waiting for Liu Yunfeng to say anything, Su Mosheng had already spoken:

"Is it really suitable?"

"It had that trace of presence, that's all. Maybe it can be used."

Yang Chen faintly smiled and answered without saying much.

"Even tho its presence is so weak that, it basically can't even be called a spirit beast!"

Su Mosheng was not worried that Yang Chen would choose the most formidable spirit beast. As long as he was successful, the Beast Taming Sect would even be willing to give it to him, but Yang Chen had chosen such a little pup. Wasn't he just mocking them?

"Fellow daoist Su, you must not underestimate the little pup!"

Yang Chen turned towards Su Mosheng and faintly smiled:

"You should be aware that dogs can become as formidable as their master!"

"It is just a dog, how much stronger can it even become?"

Su Mosheng couldn't accept it and knitted his brows.

"Yang ErLang also had a dog known as Heavenly Roar, which was more powerful than many formidable spirit beasts."

Yang Chen laughed and after saying this, without caring if the shopkeeper Liu Yuanfeng would agree or not, directly opened that cage and seized it by the neck, taking that little pup and bringing it in front of him.

Nobody could discover the excitement in Yang Chen's heart. Fortunately it was Yang Chen, who could maintain his calm without any change in expressions, but his heart was about to explode from happiness. Surprisingly, the mortal world had such a formidable spirit beast and what was even more fortunate was that he was the one to find it. Indeed, when it rains, it pours.

But unfortunately, everyone seeing him only considered it as a normal pup and Yang Chen didn't have a way to share his happiness with others.

Whether people considered it as a normal pup or not, Yang Chen didn't care, he remembered that, when Heavenly Roar had died, it was said that he had left behind a drop of blood essence in the mortal world which could excite the blood vessels of any demon beast.

Although this blood essence could not be said to significant compared to the wealth Yang Chen had, it could still be used to enhance the strength of this little pup. Moreover, this blood essence was also quite beneficial. It could confuse the majority of people to think that this little pup was Heavenly Roar.

"This one will do!"

Yang Chen indicated to Liu Yuanfeng that he had selected it:

"How many spirit stones?"

"If fellow daoist Yang Chen likes it, then take it without any hesitation. There is no need to pay any spirit stones!"

Liu Yuanfeng didn't know whether to laugh or cry, the difference between the favor he wanted to ask from Yang Chen and this little pup, who had just a trace of spirit power was like heaven and earth. How could he even ask for spirit stones from Yang Chen?

"It is a gift for you!"

"That won't do!"

Yang Chen directly declined:

"Senior Liu is operating the sect's business and giving it away for free would not be according to rules and this junior doesn't want to break rules. Senior, it would be good if we settled the bill."

Yang Chen didn't want to owe somebody for such a small thing. He did not have such an intimate friendship with Liu Yuanfeng and he didn't want to gain karma which had no use for him. Business was business and friendship was friendship. Yang Chen didn't need to blame himself for this.

"Fine, if fellow daoist Yang Chen insists, then you can buy it for two low grade spirit stones!"

Liu Yuanfeng was also not unreasonable. In any case, it was only a matter of two low grade spirit stones, not worthy of arguing with Yang Chen, so he waved his hand and set the price.

"I would still like to purchase a spirit beast pouch, so that this junior has a place for it!"

Since he was acting, he had to complete the whole act, in any case, it was just a matter of a few more low grade spirit stones, so naturally he had to buy it all.

Liu Yuanfeng gave the instructions at once and that outer disciple who had been serving them swiftly returned to the shop and quickly retrieved a spirit beast pouch and delivered it to Yang Chen. This time, the clever assistant quickly announced the price, without needing for Liu Yuanfeng to speak:

"This spirit beast pouch is quite ordinary, it also costs two low grade spirit stones."

For that little filthy pup, even this ordinary spirit beast pouch seemed to be extravagant, but since Yang Chen had insisted, there was no need to say anything more. In any case, when Liu Yuanfeng looked at Yang Chen's serious expressions, he could not help but be glad. Fortunately he had placed this filthy pup outside to make up for the numbers, otherwise if Yang Chen hadn't found a suitable spirit beast, it would have been a great inconvenience.

Yang Chen had guessed his intentions spot on, but unfortunately Yang Chen could only secretly be happy within his heart and could not speak to anyone, having to swallow his happiness.

Spirit beast pouches were things which provided a spirit beast with a comfortable place to reside, moreover it allowed the spirit beast to slowly recover their energy, even if it was the most ordinary spirit beast pouch. Compared to that cage, however, it was many times more comfortable. Yang Chen immediately placed the little pup into the spirit beast pouch and then hung it from his waist.

After paying the price, Yang Chen expressed his gratitude towards Su Mosheng and then solemnly said his goodbyes to Su Mosheng and Liu Yuanfeng, and then he started moving towards Pure Yang Palace.

Regardless of how unwilling they were, Liu Yuanfeng and Su Mosheng had no option but to see off Yang Chen and his group with a smile. They didn't have any other option: if Yang Chen didn't test his method once, how could they allow him to treat the Beast Taming Sect's senior?

"What are you doing?"

After having departed from the spirit beast market for a while and checking around that no one was near them, Gao Yue asked softly.

"Purchasing a spirit beast!"

Yang Chen laughed:

"And attracting some business to concoct pills."

"Concoct pills?"

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling immediately thought of the matter which Yang Chen had discussed with Su Mosheng at the spirit beast market and seemed to realize something:

"Could it be, that it was the Beast Taming Sect?"


Yang Chen replied, nodding his head. Very few people knew this information on the outside. Gongsun Ling and Gao Yue had not come out of the sect recently, so not knowing things was completely normal.

"And I believed that you were still toying with them for your amusement."

Gongsun Ling also suddenly realized this and spoke in a complaining tone, not too lightly and not too harshly.

"Forget about me, senior apprentice sister. That Windflower Pavilion's Su Mosheng seems to have taken fancy to you, congratulations!"

Yang Chen's gaze swept over Gongsun Ling and suddenly he began to tease her:

"He also seemed cultured and elegant, what do you think, Gongsun Ling?"

"Yang Chen!"

For some reason, hearing Yang Chen's joke, she suddenly grew furious:

"You should not talk rubbish! As for a dao companion, it seems that Green Jade Immortal Islands' Fairy Shi is still waiting for you, isn't she?"

Gongsun Ling didn't know why she was so angry, moreover when she blurted Fairy Shi's name, she felt unhappy in her heart. This mysterious sensation was too difficult to bear for her.

Once the name of Fairy Shi came up, even Yang Chen didn't know what to say. Gao Yue also couldn't say anything and those three didn't have anything to talk about, making for an awkward atmosphere. Everyone was walking awkwardly, unable to endure.

"The Palace Master still has a decision to make about that clan, so we must hurry on our path!"

After walking silently for a good while, Yang Chen raised the issue and proposed this solution.

None of the women were against this suggestion and nodded their heads in approval, taking out their flying swords at the same time and beginning to fly towards the MeiQing Mountains. On the entire way, everyone had tacitly turned silent and didn't say anything.

Palace Master Zhong Jiao, together with a few elders were gathered and the hall master of the Law Enforcement Hall was also there when Yang Chen released the people of that clan in front of them. The clan chief wasn't feeling lucky to try anything in front of Palace Master Zhong Jiao. His five senses had already been sealed by Yang Chen, so he immediately collapsed on the ground and narrated his entire conspiracy with He Lianyun, including the matter of that mysterious person.

"What kind of person shits where he eats? Colluding with outsiders to conspire against disciples of their own sect?"

Wang Yong's current cultivation was very high and thus his temperament was a lot better. But upon hearing that someone had schemed against his disciple and grand disciple, how could he still endure? He immediately slapped and shattered the desk in the hall where official business was discussed:

"Palace Master, if there isn't any clear explanation for this, don't blame me for being unreasonable!"

Let alone speak of Wang Yong, the Palace Master ZHong Jiao himself was also shaking with rage. Even the complexion of hall master Meng Xian had turned black and his brows were tightly wrinkled. Pure Yang Palace always seemed to have such a disciple, having evil intentions towards the sect.

Everyone's gaze, intentionally or otherwise, turned towards Lin Yunfeng. When it came to people who tended to target Yang Chen and his master Gao Yue, apart from the people of the Luminous Moon Hall, there wasn't anyone. Moreover, Luminous Moon Hall's hall master, Liang Shao Ming himself was the disciple of Lin Yunfeng and had tried to scheme against Yang Chen, making him the most likely suspect.

"Liang Shao Ming is still going through his punishment, how could he go out?"

Lin Yunfeng knew why was everyone looking at him and hastily clarified. While being the target of anger for so many people, such a matter could not be admitted, even if he were beaten to death. Even having a connection should be out of question.

"Hall master Meng!"

With a furious face, Palace Master Zhong Jiao instructed hall master Meng:

"I order you to find out the traitor of the sect!"

With the words from the Palace Master, the person of the sect who had colluded with He Lianyun had already been marked as a traitor, but nobody disagreed. Hall master Meng Xian agreed and didn't say anything, but anyone could sense the anger rising from the bottom of his heart.

"About these clansmen, how should we deal with them?"

Yang Chen still hadn't returned those clansmen to the back, but it still caught many people off guard. Nobody knew that Yang Chen had also taken Gui Shanyou with him and had thought that Yang Chen, Gongsun Ling and Gao Yue were the only people who had gone. After hearing everything from the people of the clan, they also had to be punished, so an elder asked immediately.

"For the time being, we will just hold them and wait for He Lianyun to be caught. After that, we will execute all of them publicly as a warning to everyone who wants to fight."

Zhong Jiao had already made these plans and calmly explained them to everyone. Not killing them immediately, fearing that He Lianyun would get the information and flee.

Strictly speaking, compared to finding the traitor of the Pure Yang Palace, punishing those clansmen was a trivial matter. Nobody cared about them. From the time they provoked Pure Yang Palace they were already doomed. Pure Yang Palace's dignity could not lightly be trampled by anyone.

After the group of elders scattered, only Palace Master Zhong Jiao and Wang Yong were left behind. They were still questioning Yang Chen. Yang Chen took the initiative and without waiting for them to say anything, he narrated everything that occurred on the journey.

"What did you say? You have the key to cure that senior of the Beast Taming Sect?"

What kind of person was Zhong Jiao? He immediately understood the intentions of Yang Chen when he said those words. The Palace Master had no guardian beast whose constituent spirit had dissipated, nobody knew that more clearly than him.

These kind of tactics which Yang Chen used were beneficial for Pure Yang Palace and could build an alliance, so why wouldn't the Palace Master be in favour of it. Seeing Yang Chen, he was elated and without being stingy with praise he said:

"It seems that my Pure Yang Palace really requires a guardian beast who has a dissipated constituent spirit which can be cured by you."

"Many thanks for helping, Palace Master!"

Yang Chen laughed and made his salutations, completely different from those other disciples who would remain nervous in front of him.

"This can't be called help!"

Zhong Jiao shook his head:

"You have rendered a great merit if you manage this well. Whatever reward you want, ask for it."

"Then disciple will not be polite."

Yang Chen stood up straight and asked:

"Disciple wants to know how you are going to deal with the matter of Fairy Shi of the Green Jade Immortal Islands!"

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