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Chapter 187 - Wanting To Restore A Constituent Spirit07 Mar 2017

Su Mosheng hadn't concealed his gaze from the start. Yang Chen and Gao Yue could see it clearly. Even Gongsun Ling could see the lust in his eyes. However, Yang Chen and Gao Yue didn't say much.

Gongsun Ling's natural talent was brilliant. Even the entire Pure Yang Palace approved of it. Even many lower disciples wanted to get close to Gongsun Ling and had the intention of forming a dao companionship with her, but Gongsun Ling never paid heed to such intentions.

Clearly Su Mosheng had either made out Gongsun Ling's talent in one glance or he already knew about her and was thinking of some plan.

The reason why Yang Chen and Gao Yue hadn't said anything was because Pure Yang Palace didn't forbid disciples from taking dao companions from other sects. All the big sects had a similar stance on this point, even the Green Jade Immortal Islands' Shi Shanshan still had an unclear relation with Yang Chen. Since it was Gongsun Ling's matter, she had to take care of it herself.

"Many thanks, fellow daoist Su!"

A smile spread on Gongsun Ling's face and she suddenly turned towards Yang Chen and said:

"Junior Apprentice Brother, allow fellow daoist Su to help us, perhaps the matter will be resolved quickly."

"Then we will trouble you!"

Yang Chen was also not disgruntled and rushed to thank Su Mosheng with a faint smile.

"There is no harm!"

Su Mosheng was exalted and approached a few steps closer, making an inviting gesture and asked:

"I still don't know the names of the esteemed fellow daoists?"

Yang Chen took the initiative and made the introduction for the three people. Suddenly, a flash of realization could be seen on Su Mosheng's face, as if he was waiting to meet them for a long time. Looking at his slightly amazed expression, he apparently hadn't expected to meet a famous person such as Yang Chen.

"I wonder what kind of spirit beast is fellow daoist Yang looking for?"

After greeting them once Su Mosheng, he asked for Yang Chen's purpose of coming:

"This lowly me knows a thing or two about spirit beasts, whatever request fellow daoist has, you should ask for it."

"Myself has been looking for a spirit beast of the ox family. The best would be to purchase a demon beast."

Yang Chen did not hide it and confidently answered. In any case, he had intended to let people know from the beginning.

"A spirit beast of the ox family?"

Su Mosheng wrinkled his brows:

"Difficult! The ox family is quite rare, ordinary ones are not enough for your request, this is extremely difficult!"

After shaking his head for a moment, Su Mosheng inquisitively asked:

"Does it have to be the ox family? Will others not do?"

"The ox family would have been the most suitable, but since there aren't any, I can only use others in place of it."

Yang Chen also knew that spirit beasts of ox family are hard to come by, so he took a step bad.

"Forgive me for speaking bluntly!"

Su Mosheng was curious about Yang Chen's purpose and trying to probe out, he asked:

"Pure Yang Palace hasn't been an expert at taming spirit beasts, moreover cultivating a formidable spirit beast requires a lot of energy. Fellow daoist, if you already have something in which you are proficient, together with pill concocting, you shouldn't distract yourself."

These words seemed to be friendly advice, but seeing as Yang Chen and Su Mosheng had only met for the first time today, he seemed to be talking too familiarly with strangers. But Su Mosheng's words were certainly nicely put, the expression on his face was also sincere, making it seem that he had certainly thought about Yang Chen and didn't have any other thoughts.

"Eh, I am not looking to cultivate a spirit beast."

Yang Chen waved his hand:

"It is also related to pill concocting."

Once these word came out of his mouth, Gao Yue's eyes opened widely. Related with pill concocting. In relation with spirit beasts, he had just recently resolved a dispute over the Heaven Seizing Pill. What was Yang Chen doing now? Was the amount of trouble still not large enough for him?

Not just Gao Yue, even Gongsun Ling was looking with a similar expression towards Yang Chen. Su Mosheng standing on one side did not dare to believe his own ears. He kept looking at Yang Chen with extremely bafflement.

"My Pure Yang Palace's secret pavilion had guardian beast of the ox family. After sustaining some injury, his spirit itself had been damaged, so I was thinking if I could make some elixir for restoring his spirit."

Yang Chen calmly explained:

"But it has never been tested on a living guardian beast, so I was thinking about testing it on a spirit beast."


Su Mosheng suddenly understood something. Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling also relaxed within their hearts and were not that nervous anymore.

Yang Chen had become famous in the entire world because of the Heaven Seizing Pill. Everyone knew that he could make an elixir to restore the pill spirit, but right now he was just trying to restore the constituent spirit of a demon beast, which wasn't something to make a fuss about. For the purpose of insurance, buying a spirit demon beast to experiment upon first was a good idea. Nobody could say anything.

"Since this is the matter, then myself will lead you to the biggest spirit beast shops. If we still haven't found it, then you can only select another spirit beast."

Su Mosheng said in a deemphasizing tone and made an inviting gesture with his hand, but his heart and mind were in great turmoil.

Su Mosheng was indeed very familiar with this place because of the good relationship between the Beast Taming Sect and the Windflower Pavilion. Moreover an elder of Su Mosheng also had a good friendship with an expert of the Beast Taming Sect. The high grade spirit beast pouch was gifted to him by that senior of the Beast Taming Sect.

Because of this relationship, Su Mosheng also knew about the internal events in the Beast Taming Sect. During the great calamity of devil cultivation, the Beast Taming Sect was one of the sects which had suffered relatively little damage, but they were not interested in devil cultivation methods at that time. Moreover, during that time, the sect was preoccupied with something else and hence didn't have the time to pay attention to it.

After a senior of the Beast Taming Sect had ascended, he had left behind a formidable spirit beast. According to rumors it was believed to be at the Da Cheng stage, but nobody had ever seen it. This was the sect guarding secret of the Beast Taming Sect, therefore the Beast Taming Sect had steadily held the position of a second rate sect.

But more than ten years ago, this spirit beast senior's constituent spirit had slowly dissipated. Regardless of whatever methods the experts of the sect used, none had been able to solve this problem. The upper echelons of the sect had become anxious like a cat on a hot tin roof.

And now Yang Chen's words about trying to restore the constituent spirit of a guardian spirit beast of the Pure Yang Palace had lit a torch in them, as if being thrown into a deep fryer. Su Mosheng wished to immediately inform the people of the Beast Taming Sect about this and thus try to form friendship with them. But before that, he still endured the desire and acted as Yang Chen's guide.

If he didn't serve Yang Chen well, why would Yang Chen help them? Su Mosheng understood this point clearly. Even if he wanted to hit on Gongsun Ling at the beginning, that he had already gotten rid of those thoughts. First he had to concentrate on serving Yang Chen, anything else came after that.

Within the spirit beast market, the scene made many people confused. Young master Su Mosheng of the Windflower Pavilion was serving Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling like a waiter with a pleasant smile across his entire face, travelling back and forth between the biggest spirit beast shops.

Even after going to many shops, they weren't able to find an ox family spirit beast. Only one place was left, the biggest shop in the spirit beast market, the Ten Thousand Beast Pavilion, opened by the Beast Taming Sect.

"This is the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion opened by the Beast Taming Sect, if they don't have it here, then it can't be found anywhere in the spirit beast market."

Su Mosheng introduced, while inviting them to go in.


Originally Yang Chen had planned to follow behind Su Mosheng, but after a casual sweep over the caged beasts, which were arranged in a row outside of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion, he could not help but show his surprise.

"What happened?"

Gao Yue had heard it clearly and hastily asked. She knew that Yang Chen had found something abnormal.


Yang Chen used his spiritual awareness again to confirm that he hadn't been mistaken and only then did he reply to his master, playing it down and went inside, following Su Mosheng into the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion, without looking at it.

Although Yang Chen had casually ignored it as if nothing had happened, within his heart he still couldn't dare to believe what he had seen.

When coming to the spirit beast market, Yang Chen's aim was precisely to spread the information that he could restore the constituent spirit of a living demon beast, to catch the big fish, the Beast Taming Sect.

Yang Chen knew all about the matters of the Beast Taming Sect from his previous life. In his previous life, that Da Cheng stage demon beast of the Beast Taming Sect had his constituent spirit dissipate and it had perished. Only after ascending to the Spiritual World did he learn the method of restoring the constituent spirit.

Such great resources, if Yang Chen didn't make use of them in this life, then wouldn't it be a complete waste? Seeing that it was more or less time for this event, Yang Chen had come out.

As long as he could help that spirit beast senior of the Beast Taming Sect, it didn't need to be said that he would certainly gain a good impression with the entire Beast Taming Sect. This would draw a strength more or less comparable to the Pure Yang Palace to his side.

But he hadn't thought that he would get such a pleasant surprise outside of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion, that it would make him distrust his eyes.

"Quickly ask senior Liu to come out! These noble customers are seeking something!"

Once entering the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion, Su Mosheng hastily instructed the outer disciple of the Beast Taming Sect to call the person responsible for the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion. He was in a hurry to inform the Beast Taming Sect about this good news.

"What kind of matter requires me to appear personally?"

Su Mosheng really had great face here. In a moment, the master of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion, Liu Yuanfeng had personally appeared in front of everyone.

Liu Yuanfeng was an initial JieDan stage expert and because he wanted to experience the mortal world, he was put in control of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion. He was already an acquaintance of Su Mosheng and he also showed a lot of consideration towards him. Hearing that Su Mosheng was insisting on calling him, he quickly appeared.

"This is Pure Yang Palace's fellow daoist Yang, Yang Chen!"

Su Mosheng hastily introduced Yang Chen. Soon afterwards he immediately remembered that Gao Yue was Yang Chen's master and she should have been introduced first, but because of his impatience he had introduced Yang Chen first, he then hurried to introduce Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling.

"It's an honor to meet you!"

Liu Yuanfeng was worthy of being called a businessman. Regardless of whether it was sincere or not, he immediately put on an enthusiastic face:

"Fellow daoists of the Pure Yang Palace have honored me with their presence and have brought light to my humble store! I dare not boast, but regardless of whatever kind of spirit beasts fellow daoists want, if my Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion doesn't have it, then no other place will have it."

"Senior Liu, fellow daoist Yang is looking for an ox family spirit beast."

Su Mosheng had already become Yang Chen's spokesman and spoke in place of Yang Chen. Moreover, fearing that Liu Yuanfeng would not find it important, he added further:

"A guardian beast senior of the secret pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace had been injured and thus his constituent spirit had dissipated. Fellow daoist Yang Chen wanted to test if he could use some elixir to restore it and wished to test it on a spirit beast."

In fact, in the beginning, Liu Yuanfeng didn't think this was important. Even if they were people brought by Su Mosheng, it was just a Foundation stage youngster, so there was no need for him to be polite. Only after hearing Yang Chen's name, he couldn't help but be astonished. These past few days, Yang Chen's name had been constantly talked about. Not knowing about him was difficult.

Although he had become polite, he was only polite on the surface, but after hearing Su Mosheng's explanation, Liu Yuanfeng almost jumped in surprise.

What kind of joke was this, restore the constituent spirit of a demon beast? So many experts of the Beast Taming Sect had been unable to solve this difficult problem, so how could a Foundation stage youngster do it? But once this thought appeared in his mind, he immediately thought of the reason why Yang Chen was being talked about currently. He suddenly remembered that there had been an incident questioning if Yang Chen could refine a pill spirit restoring elixir or not.

Restoring a pill spirit, restoring constituent spirit, if one absolutely insisted on distinguishing between them, then it could be said that a demon beast's constituent spirit was refined into a pill spirit. Another would be in the one case, the life of the demon beast is lost and in other one, the demon beast was alive. After making the connection between the two, this certainly didn't seem impossible anymore.

The expressions on Liu Yuanfeng's face changed from shock to pleasant surprise and then to crazily enthusiastic, not concealed from Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling's eyes. Both of them were unable to make any sense of the matter. Was it possible that this master of the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion was a lunatic or an idiot? How could his expressions be changing so fast?

Enthusiasm born from the bottom of the heart was naturally different. After that qi layer disciple who had gone to inform Liu Yuanfeng came out, he didn't have any opportunity to do anything. He only kept looking at master Liu, who usually was aloof and remote with a dumbstruck expression, as master Liu transformed into the best kind of salesman: from pouring tea, to accompanying the guest, he basically ran the entire show by himself.

First he invited all three of them to sit, then this JieDan expert personally poured the best kind of tea he had and offered it to Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, then, sitting at the position of the shopkeeper he said with some embarrassment:

"Spirit beasts and pets of the ox family are extremely rare, currently we don't have any at the Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion."

After speaking this, he wrinkled his brows and thought for a long time, then said with some awkwardness:

"I really don't have any way. Is it possible to use other spirit beasts?"

This time Yang Chen still hadn't replied, but Su Mosheng already started speaking in his place:

"Senior Liu, fellow daoist Yang had said that if there really isn't any other way, other spirit beasts would also do."

"Then fellow daoist Yang, please take a look at the beasts in my Ten Thousand Beasts Pavilion and see if you can use any. If you like something, don't hesitate to speak."

Liu Yuanfeng naturally wanted to satisfy Yang Chen. If Yang Chen was successful, then the one saved would not only be the guardian beast of the Pure Yang Palace, the biggest winner would definitely be the Beast Taming Sect. For this reason, the Beast Taming Sect would not mind paying the price of a few low level spirit beasts.

"Alas !"

Yang Chen sighed, showing his disappointment and stood up:

"In this case, we can only use a substitute. This junior will first take a look and then make the decision."

"At your convenience, fellow daoist Yang!"

Liu Yuanfeng hastily indicated Su Mosheng to take his place to accompany Yang Chen and his group and made the excuse of some urgent business and ran to the rear of the Ten Thousand Beasts pavilion.

"Quickly, immediately relay this information to the sect master!"

Liu Yuanfeng used the highest grade summon he had to send the couriers to quickly relay the news to the Beast Taming Sect. Successful or not, let's consider Pure Yang Palace's Yang Chen.

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