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Chapter 177 - That Comforting Moment


Before anyone could say anything, Yang Chen had already pacified the situation with the Da Cheng stage, old tree demon? Moreover, what did he just say? Requesting Yang Chen at the time of his ascension?

Although Yang Chen had given a Heaven Seizing Pill to Wang Yong, this kind of a thing could only be found accidentally, not sought at will. How could he possibly have so many things that could be given away as gifts? Moreover, Yang Chen was but a foundation-stage expert, and the old tree demon actually wanted to rely on him to ascend? Naturally, this could scare anyone.

Although Yang Chen had defied their limits again and again, when a genuine Da Cheng stage expert asked so earnestly for help, they were still a bit intimidated.

In the end, what had Yang Chen shown Gui Shanyou that made the Da Cheng expert feel so confident that Yang Chen could help him in ascending? Although both of them were curious, they didn’t investigate closely. This disciple, Yang Chen, had so many secrets that sometimes it was just better not to know.

Palace Master Zhang Jiao had relatively too many matters at his hands. Only after he had sent off all the visitors did he hurry over here to the old tree demon’s place and saw this peaceful scene.

“Palace Master need not be anxious.”

Gui Shanyou was gently caressing his beard as he said with a smile:

“We trust that our Pure Yang Palace won’t use such despicable methods.”

Hearing this, the Palace Master heaved a long sigh of relief. They had coaxed a Da Cheng stage expert to join with such great difficulty. If because of this guess, their Eccentric Hall’s experts felt doubt towards Pure Yang Palace, that would indeed not be good. So currently, hearing such words from the old tree demon had calmed down Palace Master Zhang Jiao’s heart.

Looking at Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Wang Yong present on the scene, Palace Master didn’t have to ask a word to know that this surely had some connection with Yang Chen. Although he didn’t know what Yang Chen had said to old tree demon, the trust crisis had evidently been solved.

This opportunity had not only allowed Cheng Wencai to honor the commitment, but had also peacefully averted a hidden crises. Now all those visitors had clearly realized that either they could obtain the pill recipe in a fair exchange or they could hire Yang Chen to refine it. Otherwise, obtaining a complete pill recipe was almost impossible.

Excluding the other factors, even Pure Yang Palace wouldn’t have consented in the first place. It was a secret recipe of the sect. Why should other people be able to obtain it? If those people really wanted to use some inappropriate means today, then becoming hostile with Pure Yang Palace couldn’t have been avoided. Fortunately, Yang Chen had dealt with it appropriately which had saved any such thing from happening. If it had truly become the issue of their face, today, Pure Yang Palace would have been filled with corpses.

As for Yang Chen, he had only helped in restoring the pill spirit, which didn’t amount to much. However, in exchange for that, he could obtain even more flames, which would be a great benefit for him. After all, apart from increasing the grade of a Profound Spirit Furnace, Yang Chen was also a fire-attributed cultivator. The more flames he could access, the more he would benefit.

Currently, Yang Chen had three kind of flames; the Nanming fire left behind by Scarface, the Real Sun Fire which had already been absorbed by Profound Spirit Furnace, as well as the Pure Yang Fire which was greatly treasured by the sect. However, regardless of whatever type of flame it was, Yang Chen could not absorb any of them presently.

However, this had

also reminded Yang Chen that although he couldn’t absorb the Nanming Flame, the Profound Spirit Furnace could be promoted by one grade by absorbing it. Moreover, it was also the perfect place to safeguard the Nan Ching fire.

The flying sword, which was to be refined by Gao Yue, was already at the last stage. After hearing this, Wang Yong personally went there and refined it together with Gao Yue. Both master and disciple thought for a long time about his sword- trying to refine it so that it could become Yang Chen’s destined flying sword. More than half of the good ingredients in possession of Yang Chen ended up being used in the process.

This flying sword had already become the topic of discussion among majority of people in the Pure Yang Palace. Many people envied Yang Chen’s good fortune to have such a great tool refining master and great master, and himself being good at refining as well.

Many people also objected to this. Although for a foundation stage disciple, a flying sword needs to made diligently, there was no need for so much fanfare, but since this was a reward from the Palace Master, what could others have said?

Besides, neither Gao Yue, nor Wang Yong, nor Yang Chen cared for such people. A master was refining a flying sword for her own disciple, who could argue against that.

Since Wang Yong had also joined in, Yang Chen’s flying sword would at most take a few more months. How could Yang Chen not be willing for this. In his heart, he was more than happy to stay at Nine Earth Manor. After giving pointers to outer disciples again, he finally decided to use this free time to store the Nan Ching fire in the Profound Spirit Furnace.

Nanming fire was on the same level as Real Sun Fire and was extremely formidable. Regardless of whether it was the Nanming fire flying sword or the Nanming fire armor, both were certainly tyrannical magical weapons. However, now the Nanming fire would also become a flame absorbed by Profound Spirit Furnace.

The process of absorption was slightly more complicated than that of Real Sun Fire. After all in his previous life, Yang Chen possessed the Real Sun Fire. As such, he was extremely familiar with its nature. However, in this life, he had come in contact with the Nanming Flame for the first time, so some caution was necessary.

The process was nevertheless quite similar to the previous one- controlling the Profound Spirit Furnace to refine and absorb Nanming flame’s source trace by trace. Since it had already absorbed the Real Sun Fire, the Profound Spirit Furnace was more than ready to support the Nanming fire, which made Yang Chen’s worries vanish into air like smoke.

Naturally, Yang Chen did not forget to use the Profound Green Metal Crystal to absorb the formidable strength of Nanming flame to allow the Profound Spirit Furnace to safely absorb the Nanming flame. Moreover, during the process, Yang Chen also used some tool refining tricks and some of the Profound Green Metal Crystal to clear some deficiencies within the Profound Spirit Furnace.

So far, one tenth of the Profound Green Metal Crystal had already been added to the Profound Spirit Furnace. This time, Yang Chen again added roughly another one tenth- the whole furnace seemed to have been filled up by the Profound Green Metal Crystal, revealing a hint of green colour. With just one look, anyone could tell that it was a high grade object.

After continuing for three months, all the traces of Nanming fire had finally been absorbed by Yang Chen into the Profound Spirit Furnace. This also implied that the Profound Spirit Furnace again had another famous flame, and thus, its grade had also increased substantially. At the same time, this also meant that Yang Chen could refine even higher grade pills now.

Naturally, this ‘even higher grade pills’ didn’t mean that a third grade pill could be turned into a fourth grade pill, but those pills which Yang Chen couldn’t refine previously because of his low strength and lack of flames could also be refined like the yin and yang nature pill, which could increase the probability of congealing dan in a foundation stage cultivator like the foundation stage pill was used by qi layer cultivators..

Perhaps, after some time, he could refine the yin and yang nature pill and convince even more people of Pure Yang Palace to come over to his side.

However, compared to refining pills, currently, Yang Chen was looking forward to two more matters more- first was Gao Yue and Wang Yong to refine his flying sword, second was to become the master of Nan Ching fire.

The Nanming fire was of the third fire attribute, same as the Real Sun Fire. Different flames could fuse with each other. Although Yang Chen presently hadn’t genuinely absorbed the Nanming flame and Real Sun Fire in his own body, but if the third fire spirit power could be passed through burning by Nanming fire, maybe it will gain some presence of Nanming fire.

Yang Chen had also used this method with the Real Sun Fire. At that time, his third fire spirit power had increased rapidly, reaching the foundation stage as the consequence.

Presently, Yang Chen was at the foundation stage. Although it might not have the same effect, but tempering the spirit power will certainly be beneficial for him. Yang Chen had always been waiting for such a time, and thus, had not done this immediately after the great calamity of devil cultivation, waiting until he had properly consolidated his realm and was at the bottleneck to use it for breakthrough.

The third fire spirit power, which had already been tempered once by Real Sun Fire, would again be needed to be tempered through Nanming fire which would be extremely painful. Afterwards, the grade wouldn’t further increase by much either. After all, the fire was still of the same grade. But there was another benefit which Yang Chen was eagerly expecting.

Since Real Sun Fire was able to form a false picture within the Spirit Sea, then the Nanming Fire should also be similarly able to form a false picture within the spirit sea, creating a golden coloured bright flame. Raging and occupying some corner on the surface formed of fifth earth, creating a triangle with the Real Sun Fire above and the Geocentric Fire underground.

The spiritual awareness which had declined during the pair cultivation with Gao Yue had again began to condense crazily at this moment, as if indicating another breakthrough. Even the spiritual sea began to give birth to some minute transformations in itself.

The entire formation of spirit sea had began to congeal increasingly, as if it was being compacted by a huge ramming force. The spiritual awareness had again restored itself back to the level where it was before saving Gao Yue. However, what was outside Yang Chen’s expectation was that the spiritual awareness itself hadn’t broken through from peak JieDan stage to initial YuanYing stage, but was further consolidated in this realm

The spiritual awareness was greatly condensed but did not upgrade, causing slight disappointment to Yang Chen. However, the spirit power cultivation had also transformed, which gave him one more pleasant surprise.

After the third spirit power had been completely refined by Nanming flame, it broke through from second foundation and reached third foundation stage directly.

Because of the five phases engendering each other, the increase in cultivation of third spirit power had again spurred the other spirit powers to upgrade, like the last time when he had reached foundation stage. Apart from the second wood and third fire spirit powers, the other eight types of spirit power were just like dominoes, crazily upgrading because of the reaction from third fire spirit power.

While Yang Chen was laughing delightedly, the Yin and Yang five secrets had completely been upgraded from the second layer of foundation stage to the third layer of foundation stage, completely entering the third layer boundary.

Completing all this had already taken two months, which made Yang Chen anxious since the master and great master still hadn’t completed the refining of the flying sword. This made Yang Chen both eager and nervous.

Eager that the pleasant scene from the previous life would appear again and nervous that because of his rebirth, there had been many changes, so the scene might not appear again. Thinking about this, he thought of the devil Lin Chenghe’s death to comfort himself. He even had to choose only that particular tree where Yang Chen had inserted his sword to escape, so with such good fortune, the Bright Ray Sword will appear again, definitely!

Yang Chen anxious waiting for three more months before he finally couldn’t deal with it anymore and flew directly to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard.

After reaching the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard, Yang Chen grew even more nervous and walked slowly to Gao Yue’s place and lightly knocked her door. Hearing the soft voice of master, allowing him to enter, he restlessly walked in.

Gao Yue was present alone, and great master Wang Yong had already left, possibly to refine the Qilin’s horn into his destined flying sword. When Yang Chen came in, Gao Yue didn’t stand up to welcome him, but remain seated by a stone table standing below a tree in her courtyard, drinking tea.

At this moment, Yang Chen did not know what to say, should he ask for the flying sword from his master? He wasn’t able to hide the impatience in his face. Since he did not dare to say anything, his appearance became a little awkward, which happened very rarely.

“Did you hear that the flying sword had already been refined?”

Looking at Yang Chen’s expression, Gao Yue was astonished, and at the same time, also found it quite funny. At this moment, Yang Chen seemed like a child who had never grown up.


Yang Chen didn’t dare to deny or accept it, only kept on looking fervently at Gao Yue.

Gao Yue put down her tea cup and glanced at Yang Chen with a teasing smile and then grabbed her qiankun pouch and opened it.

Yang Chen’s heart was gripped at this moment, feeling so nervous that he didn’t dare say anything. Remembering all the memories, perhaps it would again happen before his eyes, perhaps it wouldn’t.

A dark red flying sword appeared above Gao Yue’s hand, Gao Yue only used two fingers to push the sword blade. It did a turnaround before rushing towards Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen, this is the Bright Ray Sword which I have specially created for you. You should use it carefully and practice your cultivation even more diligently!”

Master’s beautiful voice seemed to coming down from heaven.

Yang Chen didn’t care much about the appearance of the flying sword, at this moment, if Gao Yue had even given him a branch of tree, Yang Chen would still have accepted it like a treasure. After all, this flying sword had made his master go through a near death experience as well as costed her several years of refining process.

A thick fog appeared in his eyes and then turned into tears flowing down his face. Yang Chen’s mouth of choked with emotions:


After saying this, he turned speechless.

Countless years of hope and expectation have again been fulfilled at this point. For this one moment, Yang Chen was ready to sacrifice any happiness in his life.

He wasn’t even aware of which of the blade’s sides had he caught. The edge of the flying sword had already created a huge cut in Yang Chen’s hand through which the blood was flowing out. But Yang Chen seemed to have not sensed anything and kept holding the blade like a fool with tears streaking across his face.

He felt so delighted that tears appeared on his face.

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