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Chapter 176 - You Can't Go Back On A Debt



Yang Chen’s words immediately gave rise to a lot of comments. Unexpectedly, such an important recipe could also be exchanged.

As for Yang Chen saying that he could refine it it was not anything strange. Yang Chen was a pill concocting master and a pill concocting master received a lot of requests to concoct pills for some payment. This was a common practice in the cultivation world. Only, nobody could guarantee success, and the ingredients were also invested by the requestor.

Speaking frankly, pill concocting masters used materials gathered by others to practice their skill and increase their experience while also earning some profit by selling the pill. This was not strange at all. All pill concocting masters followed this practice. Making the pill concocting master gather their own materials was simply wasting their precious time.

But regardless of what pill recipe it was, which sect it belonged to or which pill concocting master had it, they were all secrets which were never revealed to other people. The more important a pill recipe was, the more heavily it was guarded.

Yang Chen was surprisingly going to sell the pill recipe. This was simply beyond everyone’s expectations. These were the ingredients of the Heaven Seizing Pill, so how could Yang Chen tell them to everyone so easily?

For those people who wanted the recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill, this was great news. Since it didn’t require them to become hostile with the Pure Yang Palace, just as long as they paid the price. The only question was, with such precious pill ingredients, what kind of price would they have to pay?

“If you want this junior to prepare the pill, then you only have to arrange for the main ingredients, this junior can himself arrange for the support ingredients.”

Yang Chen waited for everyone to digest that news, only then did he calmly state his price

“The reward junior wants is not much, two first grade flames and perhaps a second grade flame.”

Two first grade flames and a second grade flame were not too precious and obtaining them was certainly easy. Yang Chen currently had the Geocentric Flame, which was a third grade flame, which also couldn’t be consider as very precious, but it was still very difficult to obtain. As for the Real Sun Fire and Nanming Fire, they were quite high grade flames which could not be searched for and could only be found by luck.

The reason why he needed so many low level flames was for the Profound Spirit Furnace. The increase in grade of the Profound Spirit Furnace didn’t depend upon the grade of the flame, but rather on the number of flames it absorbed. Since low level flames were easy to obtain, Yang Chen didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to obtain some.

“What are the main ingredient?”

Someone immediately asked. This kind of price could be easily produced by anyone. Even if they did not have it on them right now, it would just take them one trip back to obtain it.

“Seniors can use any kind of inner dan of a demon beasts by converting it into fine powder.”

Yang Chen quickly replied:

“There is no need to use many of them, just one or two would be sufficient.”

Once Yang Chen said the words inner dan, immediately the complexions of many people changed, but after hearing that only one or two were needed, most of the people were relieved. Since not many inner dans were needed then it was obtainable.

However, most of the people were interested in the pill recipe, so immediately one of them asked:

“Then in case we want the pill recipe, what kind of price will we have to pay?”

“That is also simple.”

Yang Chen extended a finger beaming with smiles:

“One third grade flame in exchange for a type of pill recipe. If you have even more higher grade flame then in proportions acceptable to everyone, you can obtain more parts.”

A third grade flame was not a difficult matter for the people present, but the problem was that Yang Chen was so conveniently delivering the pill recipe, moreover he was exchanging a deadly third grade flame with a type of pill recipe, so could there still be more than one type of pill recipe?

“What do you mean? Is there more than one copy of the pill recipe?”

People who wanted the pill recipe had become even more anxious so without caring for their identity or status, they immediately blurted out. Once this question was asked, everyone’s gazes turned towards Yang Chen.

“Seniors, the Heaven Seizing Pill uses a pill spirit and so far, although a particular pill recipe doesn’t work in all cases, as long as the cultivation crosses the mark, it will do.”

Yang Chen laughed and continued with his explanation:

“But, sometimes a different pill spirits contains different characteristics, so some adjustment is needed in the original recipe and refining. This junior doesn’t know about refining skills, but just for restoring the pill spirit, it is a reasonable argument.”

“Sometimes the pill spirit contains poison as their internal dan is highly toxic. To take care of this, we first need to neutralize the poison otherwise once it enters the Heaven Seizing Pill, it rather becomes a life seizing pill.”

Under the avaricious gaze of countless people, Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest amount of nervousness:

“Some have cold properties, some have heating properties, so by all means not all pill recipes can be the same.”

“In addition, when we had refined the pill recipe the last time, the spirit energy of the pill spirit was completely drained, which made it weaker in health. The methods which made it weaker were many, some would wound it, some would damage it, some would poison it, some would create an inherent deficiency in it.”

Speaking until there, without caring for the expressions of the people present:

“Different methods require different tricks and the ingredients are also completely different.”

“Therefore, on top of restoring the pill spirit, there are still some types of combinations which this junior is not very clear about.”

Yang Chen waved his hands:

“With regards to this, even this junior knows more than a thousand type of appearances. If any of you seniors is interested that, they can buy all types with just the price of a seventh grade flame.”

Yang Chen words were really casual. A seventh grade flame, make no mistake, was, according to preciousness equal to a thousand third grade flames. But the question was: was a seventh grade flame that easily acquired? Even the Real Sun Fire and Real Moon Fire were only sixth grade flames. As for a seventh grade flame, only the Real Pure Yang Fire, which was treasured by successive generations of the Pure Yang Palace could be considered as one.

Nobody except idiots would agree to this. A third grade flame in exchange for a type, this was still not too extravagant, but it would supposably only focus on one type of pill spirit, moreover it would still fix one of the deficiencies of the pill spirit, thinking of this, everyone consented, seemingly believing Yang Chen.

The group of people looked at each other in dismay, but the Palace Master Zhong Jiao of the Pure Yang Palace revealed a smile. Yang Chen’s this trick was indeed an effortless victory and the people who wanted the pill recipe were indeed at their wits end. Really brilliant. This disciple Yang Chen, although he was of a very young age, he was quite slick.

Under these circumstances, if someone used force, he would indeed be the Pure Yang Palace’s enemy and, although Pure Yang Palace was a second rate sect, it was a second rate sect with a Da Cheng stage expert, so it was not afraid to pick a fight.

“Then can’t it be bought on credit?”

Within the crowd, a questioning voice spread outside, filled with a hint of menace.

“Naturally you can.”

Yang Chen turned towards the direction of the voice and said with a large smile spread across his face:

“If you want to buy on credit, you can, as long as you pay your debt on time. Otherwise this junior cannot guarantee if some apparently insignificant ingredients were not mixed up, making it a life seizing pill instead of a heaven seizing pill!”

Although Yang Chen had answered with a smile, it was a severe strike against the menacing voice and at the same time also a serious warning towards anyone having devious plans.

If they did not adhere to Yang Chen’s way, then the pill recipe could certainly not be obtained completely. In this world, there wasn’t anyone who could make Yang Chen confess against his wishes. He had endured the Ruining Immortal Absolute Devil Hand in the Heavenly Court for countless years, what else could these people do to him which would be more intolerable than that?

Yang Chen cared even less about the people who intended to use the method of Mo Qian. After the incident with Mo Qian, Yang Chen was eager to meet such people, maybe he could even obtain some YuanYing or Da Cheng stage expert puppets. They would be much more powerful than the spell formation of the Mo Qian’s five disciples.

And this was just talking about Yang Chen himself and not counting the Pure Yang Palace which stood behind Yang Chen. There was almost no need to say that the Pure Yang Palace was ready to get exterminated defending a disciple who had produced so many benefits for the sect, the people wishing to use devious tricks also had to think about those troublesome and grave consequences.

“Naturally, if a senior really decides to renege on the debt, then this junior would indeed not mind using a complete pill recipe to exchange for an expert to retrieve senior’s head.”

After everyone heard this line, they all felt a fear of death within their hearts.

For just an incomplete pill recipe, not only would they have to worry about the Pure Yang Palace’ revenge, but they would also have to remain on guard for some unpredictable expert who was coming to kill them, at all times. Paying such a price for an incomplete pill recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill was indeed not worth the cost.

In any case, restoring the pill spirit’s pill medicine, they could request Yang Chen to refine it for them, as long as they could find the principal ingredient and pay the price of a second grade flame, why would they have to go through such tricks? Moreover, even if they had the pill recipe, where would they find a pill master to refine it? Why not use Yang Chen, who was already available and also had the experience?

After weighing all pros and cons, everyone had immediately made the decision. Even if there was someone who still had some ideas, they didn’t dare to reveal themselves.

The farce which had dragged everyone to the Pure Yang Palace had been resolved so lightly by Yang Chen, now all of the hosts and guests present were happy, making the environment warm and affable much unlike the invisible hostility earlier. Since everyone had come to a decision, there was no need to create any more trouble over this. In any case the time when they would require a Heaven Seizing Pill was quite far off, moreover obtaining those pill ingredients was also not easy, so there was no need to reveal their intentions this early.

The subject then again turned to Cheng Wencai. Some people who were getting bored and began to discuss the bet’s odds in favour or against of Cheng Wencai when it was made.

Cheng Wencai who had just woken up after being supported by some disciple, once again spat out blood hearing this conversation. Those few disciples did not dare to remain there anymore and hurriedly left, carrying their master. Seeing him spit up blood, many people joked about the amount of blood his body held, if he had remained there any longer.

Some intelligent people quickly went to Yang Chen’s side to hear about some recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill without requesting for any kind of pill spirit, but actually, while refining, the process should be treated differently in accordance with a different pill spirit. This point was very important.

Using the same process for all pill spirits was just impossible. It had to be known that the pill spirit was formed of the yuan ling of a Da Cheng stage demon beast. Catching one was already difficult, furthermore there was one more problem: finding it was more than ten times more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack. At least, when looking for a needle in a haystack, it could still be found, but finding a Da Cheng stage expert was even harder.

The reason why a Heaven Seizing Pill was hard to refine was because only Heaven Seizing Pill’s creator and his family knew about the recipe until it fell into the hands of Elder Wu. Other people who had tried had failed.

At the moment it seemed that it was not the ingredients that were hard to find, nor was it the refining that was difficult. The highest probability of encountering a problem was when nobody considered the many different circumstances.

Although nobody knew the details at the time when Deng Yiya, Zhu Peng and He Lianyun had refined the pill, the first failure at the time of the refining was not because their level was low, but because they hadn’t considered the different circumstances in such a situation.

Since that had happened, Yang Chen had used an elixir to restore the pill spirit after considering the different methods to deal with the pill spirit, which had allowed the pill spirit to have an unexpected recovery. According to the details, it had to be known that the Heaven Seizing Pill was only refined again from the ashes of the furnace.

Hearing about this, the intelligent people looked at Yang Chen with a different gaze. Moreover, many people also began to guess if the reason why the Pure Yang Palace had established the Eccentric Hall was to pile up pill spirits for demon spirits. A Da Cheng stage demon beast was very hard to come by, but would they really give up their sects’ strength for this? Moreover, hadn’t they already recruited a Da Cheng stage demon beast as the hall master of the Eccentric Hall?

Once they realized all this, someone was immediately unable to remain seated anymore and stood up. The hurriedly moving silhouette made everyone look at each other in dismay. Nobody had any idea what their fellow companions were thinking.

But very quickly, more and more people thought about various possibilities and began to say their goodbyes to the Pure Yang Palace, which led to all of the thousand visitors vanishing in a very short time.

Palace Master Zong Jiao had also thought about those possibilities and wrinkled his brows. But Yang Chen didn’t say anything and directly went to the Eccentric Hall where demon beasts were staying together with Gao Yue and his grand master.

“Don’t you think you owe us an explanation?”

Although She Kui and Xie Sha were a bit slow to realize, Gui Shanyou who had already thought about it was sitting in the room, waiting for Yang Chen.

“What kind of explanation?”

Yang Chen wasn’t concerned in the least and directly went to sit in front of him:

“The Heaven Seizing Pill isn’t the only way to ascend, it is really not worthwhile to use such a harmful method.”

While speaking, Yang Chen lead Gui Shanyou to enter the Medicine Garden and then immediately followed after him. The old tree demon only had a little sensation, and immediately looked at the forest of Penglai Divine Wood, each tree was long and was thick enough for an arm to wrap around. The sensation of the divine wood was extremely pure and unadulterated which shocked the old tree demon who was then immediately moved by Yang Chen to come out.

“My great master already possesses a Qilin’s horn and is refining a destined flying sword out of it, do you still think he requires the help of a Heaven Seizing Pill to ascend?”

In order to pacify the old tree demon, Yang Chen had to leak some of his secret:

“Besides, even Elder Wu didn’t use the Heaven Seizing Pill, what are you making a fuss about?”

After looking at that forest of Penglai Divine Wood and then after seeing Wang Yong take out the Qilin’s horn, what kind of doubt could the old tree demon have? He immediately burst out laughing.

“Let this old man think about it.”

The old tree demon was a person who accepted when he was in the wrong and immediately admitted his error:

“This old man was wrong and admits his mistake.”

Without waiting for anyone to say anything, the old tree demon already started talking:

“Be relieved, this old man will continue to remain in the Eccentric Hall, but at the time of this old man’s ascension, I will have to trouble you Yang Chen!”

Once they heard these words, Wang Yong and Gao Yue both were greatly intimidated.

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