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Chapter 178 - I Offered A Better One, But You Didn’t Accept


Gao Yue was completely unable to figure out why Yang Chen had such an extreme reaction. Thinking back, this kind of scene had happened once before, when Yang Chen had formally become her disciple.

At first, Gao Yue had thought that Yang Chen was extremely happy receiving the flying sword and thus couldn’t control his emotions, but as it happened, she noticed that he hadn’t even looked at the sword, he just kept holding the sword’s edge and shed tears.

Fortunately, this situation didn’t last for long, only for a few moments, before the pain from the cut by the sword woke him up. Facing Gao Yue with a face full of tears had put him in an awkward position. Finally, with her help, Yang Chen’s hand was healed.

Only now did Yang Chen pay attention to the Bright Ray sword, refined in cooperation by Gao Yue and Wang Yong.

The Bright Ray sword was approximately five foot long, with a fine silver colored hilt and an extremely long, double edged blade. The dark red body of the sword was completely covered with sealing formations. One could sense an extremely hot burning sensation just by holding it.

Yang Chen also wasn’t polite and immediately used his spiritual awareness to mark it in front of Gao Yue. This was the genuine way to obtain a sword. After marking it, Yang Chen began to move his spirit power into the sword to test its formidable strength.


A formless fire began to rise from the sword! Anyone looking at this dark golden fire would feel a painful burning sensation. Soon afterwards, Yang Chen threw a piece of hard metal into the sky and slashed at it once with the sword. The metal in the sky was immediately separated into two parts. The cut was extremely smooth, as if the piece of the metal was the surface of a mirror. Within a moment, the piece of metal turned into molten liquid and fell to the ground. This had clearly demonstrated the strength of the dark golden flame.


Yang Chen could magnify his magic weapons in his spirit sea at any time, but even after magnifying the sword many times, he couldn’t find any clear flaw. There were only some defects which couldn’t be blamed on the refining skill, because they were caused by the quality of the material. From designing to refining, this Bright Ray Sword could be said to be almost perfect.

“Anyone who uses it can see how much time was spent on it!”

Hearing Yang Chen’s evaluation, Gao Yue’s eyebrows were raised in delight, replying without modesty:

“The main ingredient used in this was the Red Sun Metal Soul and many other high level ingredients. It can be certainly be treated as destined flying sword, and it can also be upgraded without any limit.”

The masterpiece created by Gao Yue and Wang Yong, these two great tool refining masters was certainly not an ordinary magic weapon, Gao Yue also had confidence in this fact. Even her request to Yang Chen to make it his own destined magic weapon was also sincere, as from the beginning she had intended to manufacture something which could be used as one. Naturally, upgrading it right now was not possible, but when he reaches YuanYing stage, he can again began to refine it.

Although she was feeling proud with herself, Gao Yue didn’t get carried away and pointed at Yang Chen while saying:

“Strictly speaking, this bright Ray Sword can only be considered as a sword embryo right now, and not a full fledged flying sword. You can refine it anyway you like in the future. This master only leads you to the door, the rest is up to you.”

How could Yang Chen refuse anything Gao Yue was saying at the moment? He kept nodding his head to everythin

g, like a son listening to his mother.

Looking at Yang Chen’s appearance, Gao Yue lost all intentions of bragging. Stretching her hand, she extended her lily white hands towards Yang Chen and said:

“Give it to me!”


Yang Chen was startled and hastily asked.

“You promised to find a water attributed cultivation for me.”

Gao Yue looked at Yang Chen’s puzzled face and said with a smile:

“Since you agreed, you have to bring it. I am cultivating this water attributed cultivation for the first time only for you!”

Yang Chen was extremely surprised again and with lightning speed he took out a good water attributed cultivation method, which he had selected long ago. It contained everything from laying the foundation to advanced stages of cultivation, as well as also giving her a bottle full of water attributed spirit pills to help her in cultivation.

“These things are not needed for the time being!”

Looking at those spirit pills, Gao Yue wrinkled her brows and shook her head:

“Didn’t you say that one cannot reach his destination by being hasty? And that, moreover, using such things was not good?”

“As master says!”

Yang Chen hastily withdrew those things. In any case, Gao Yue had a spiritual awareness at the peak of the JieDan stage, and she was furthermore endowed with a postnatal full water attributed spirit root. When she would cultivate to the qi layer of the water attributed cultivation method, the speed of her cultivation would definitely astonish anyone. These spirit pills were of no use to her.

“Good! You can return to your duties as the Merit Transferring Disciple now!”

Gao Yue waved towards Yang Chen, indicating him to leave:

“If I have any problems regarding cultivation, I will come to you, Merit Transferring Disciple, for guidance!”

Hearing these words, Yang Chen didn’t know how to react and gloomily walked away. While Looking at Yang Chen’s departing figure, she remembered Yang Chen’s excitement when he had held the Bright Ray sword and Gao Yue felt a feeling of warmth rise in her.

But Gao Yue was also a little scared, fearing about getting more and more foolish ideas about getting together with her disciple, therefore she had made Yang Chen leave so quickly. But she hadn’t thought that she had driven away Yang Chen this time. Last time also she had shooed away Yang Chen, but how would she be able to drive away the Yang Chen in her heart?

Yang Chen absolutely hadn’t noticed the anomaly in Gao Yue, his mind was still fixated on the moment when he had received the Bright Ray Sword, replaying that moment again and again, without noticing anything in the surroundings.

The happiness in his heart continued to increase, like the Blood Phantom Vine which would grow like crazy after germinating from the root. He didn’t even use his flying sword on the way home from the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard to the Nine Earth Manor, choosing to walk the entire way.

He kept holding the Bright Ray Sword tightly within his hands, not even willing to put it into his Qiankun Pouch, as if he was holding the Jade Emperor’s ruler seal. At this time, even if someone used Lu Dongbin’s Pure Yang Sword to exchange for the Bright Ray Sword, Yang Chen wouldn’t be willing.

Yang Chen kept walking in such ecstasy for an unknown amount of time. Even when he found someone to ask the way, he kept on smiling and said:

“Who are you?”

“Under such circumstances, fellow disciple Yang has still surprisingly discovered me, you do indeed have some skill.”

Along with Yang Chen’s question, a person appeared in front of him: Luminous Moon Hall’s disciple, Guang Zhu, who kept his attention focused on the flying sword in Yang Chen’s hand and asked with a smile:

“The flying sword in your hand, isn’t that the one refined by Wang Yong and Gao Yue for you? What a perfect timing, this fellow disciple of your’s doesn’t have a suitable flying sword, would you be willing to forsake it?”

“Senior apprentice brother Guang, you are water attributed, this Bright Ray Sword… Of what use could it be to you?”

Looking at Guang Zhu who had suddenly appeared in front of him, Yang Chen sneered within his heart.

However, today Yang Chen’s mood was too good, looking at Guang Zhu standing in front of him, he couldn’t help but say:

“Today, my mood is good, senior apprentice brother Guang, do you lack a flying sword? I will present you with a water attributed one.”

“Younger apprentice brother Yang, let this senior apprentice brother take a look at the sword in your hand!”

Guang Zhu sneered and took two steps forward and said sinisterly:

“Younger apprentice brother Yang must still part with it and allow this senior apprentice brother to have it!”

Yang Chen didn’t know what to say in front Guang Zhu’s reckless actions. Perhaps, this Bright Ray Sword made by Gao Yue and Wang Yong would indeed tempt people greatly and thus even the water attributed disciple of the Luminous Moon Hall had come to steal it.

SInce that warm moment had happened again, his mood was really good, so much so that he was even willing to part with a flying sword to get rid of their differences. In any case, Yang Chen’s sword box had no lack of flying swords.

But, this idiot Guang Zhu standing in front of him was wantonly spoiling his good mood, perhaps what he wanted was to confront an angry Yang Chen after his mood had been spoiled.

“You have just reached the Foundation stage not too long ago and your master has already gifted you such a high grade flying sword!”

Guang Zhu’s entire face was filled with jealousy:

“You are just an initial Foundation stage disciple, such good sword is of no use to you also, so why not give it senior apprentice brother and help him!”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Guang has a water attributed cultivation, what use would a fire attributed flying sword be of to you?”

Yang Chen sneered, but rage had already accumulated within his heart.

“Although I cannot use it, I can exchange it for another water attributed flying sword of equal grade!”

With the expression of a shopkeeper, he shamelessly boasted:

“Younger apprentice brother Yang, you giving me this sword will also gain you the reputation of being selfless, I will spread this news in your place.”

“Are you sure that you don’t want the flying sword I am gifting to you and only want this Bright Ray Sword?”

Yang Chen’s eyes had turned red in anger, but he still asked to confirm once.


Guang Zhu arrogantly nodded:

“You must not think that, since you have won the life and death duel against Li Qingchen, that you can be arrogant in front of me. I do not mind teaching you my ferociousness.”

“You dare to say a lot, isn’t it just because of the seven people hidden nearby?”

Yang Chen sneered and exposed Guang Zhu’s plan in a loud voice.

“Ha ha ha! Youngster, you are surprisingly vigilant to be able to discover all of us.”

With a impudent smile, seven people with covered faces appeared from the surroundings in front of Yang Chen. All of them were at the Foundation stage, with the worst at the mid Foundation stage and the most powerful at the peak Foundation stage. The others, including Guang Zhu, were all at the late Foundation stage.

“If you know what’s good for you, obediently hand over the Bright Ray Sword to us!”

Guang Zhu took a step forward, laughing nastily:

“Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude!”

“Today, my mood is very good, I do not want to kill people!”

How could Yang Chen be threatened by Guang Zhu? He said with a sneer:

“If you and your masked friends leave right now, I will treat it as if this matter had never happened.”

Yang Chen did not want to spill blood and destroy his good mood, so he went out of his way to give Guang Zhu a path for survival.

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, everyone in front of him began to look at each other as if something funny had happened and suddenly the place was filled with roars of laughter.

“A Foundation stage youngster, who do you think you are? Since you killed that devil Lin by a fluke, do you think you are unparalleled?”

A masked person could not help himself and started mocking Yang Chen, making the others again burst into laughter again.

“Heaven gave you a way, but you decided not to walk it. Hell didn’t have any door, yet you want to burst in!”

Yang Chen’s eyes shone. Confronting such people, who were courting death, how long could Yang Chen endure? Since they could not come to an agreement, he prepared to attack:

“For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is debtor! Since you have all intended to steal my Bright Ray Sword, don’t let your deaths be a surprise!”

The Bright Ray Sword dazzled once and disappeared in Yang Chen’s hand. He wanted to still enjoy the beautiful sensation of the Bright Ray Sword, so naturally he stored it properly within the Achievement Ring. He didn’t want the Bright Ray Sword to be sullied by the blood of these people, they did not deserve it!

The Blood Phantom Vine flying sword secretly flew out from Yang Chen’s body like a long black dragon and passed through the throat of the person who was laughing the loudest, but didn’t leave any blood stain.

The loud laughter immediately came to an end, but just as those people took out their flying swords, two people were already pierced through by Yang Chen’s flying sword. The black shadow flew towards the person whose cultivation base was at the peak Foundation stage.

Seeing that the situation was far from encouraging, an extremely small shield appeared in his hand. Although the danger had reduced, he had to keep it accurately towards the edge of the Blood Phantom Vine flying sword. Just as he had thought he succeeded and revealed a trace of smile on his face, he discovered in astonishment that the Blood Phantom Vine flying sword wasn’t delayed in the slightest, and directly penetrated the shield with his palm and then directly entered in his throat.

Maintaining the posture with his hand extended, using the shield to obstruct the flying sword, under the surprised gazes of everyone else, the most powerful person among them slowly fell to the ground. His eyes open until the end.

All of the others were extremely astonished: in front of their eyes, one person had killed three of them, including the most powerful person on their side. How could they still dare to keep laughing wantonly, feeling proud of themselves? All of them began to run in different directions in the surroundings, wishing that their parents had given them one more leg at birth.

Still, all of them were experienced and knew that, if they ran in the same direction, they would certainly die. Unfortunately, the person they were facing was Yang Chen. After his cultivation had increased to the third layer of the Foundation stage, he could use a technique which he couldn’t use earlier: the hundred and ten thousand sword secrets.

More than ten blue flying swords were flew out of Yang Chen’s upper body, which afterwards turned into countless rays of light and flew towards those people fleeing in different directions.

Those people were solely preoccupied with fleeing, who would look to check which technique Yang Chen was using? They only thought of dodging Yang Chen’s attack and then escape without any trace. All of them were cursing Guang Zhu wildly within their hearts. He had surprisingly dared to provoke such a monster and also dragged them down with him.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any medicine for regret. Facing Yang Chen’s absolute strength, those four people were so intimidated that they didn’t even have the strength to resist against his attacks, when the countless flying swords passed through their bodies. All of them released a blood curdling scream and fell to the ground.

Only one Guang Zhu was left standing. Yang Chen had deliberately left him alive, he was trapped between more than ten flying swords, sealing him within a very small space. He couldn’t even dare to make a single movement randomly.

“Younger apprentice brother Yang, please just spare my life!”

Seeing that Yang Chen hadn’t attacked him, he had a little bit hope to survive, so he hastily begged Yang Chen.

“Senior apprentice disciple Guang, what do you think of these flying swords?”

Standing in front of Guang Zhu, Yang Chen suddenly asked.

“You, you already have so many flying swords of higher grade compared to that Bright Ray Sword, why do you still care about that lousy sword?”

Looking at the blue swords in his surroundings, Guang Zhu was envious to death. Each flying sword was a high grade water attributed flying sword.

“Earlier I wanted to gift you one of these, but you insisted on getting the Bright Ray Sword!”

Yang Chen rained down curses on him:

“Remember, this Bright Ray Sword was gifted to me by my master, it is not some lousy sword!”

Saying this, more than ten flying swords flew out and entered Guang Zhu’s body.

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