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Chapter 175 - If You Want It, It's Not Impossible


Mad with rage, Cheng Wencai never thought that, if he had won the bet, he would not have let Yang Chen and Gao Yue off lightly. But he did not ponder over this much, just thinking that his humiliation could only be washed away by the death of the other party.

Yang Chen and Gao Yue hadn’t expected that the matter would develop in such a way. Although Yang Chen detested Cheng Wencai, he only wanted him to apologise to his master. He wouldn’t have made him kowtow to himself and put him in an embarrassing position in front of all those people, but Yang Chen also didn’t dislike this situation. Cheng Wencai was the kind of person who, if not thought their lesson, wouldn’t mend their arrogant ways.

In the domain of the Pure Yang Palace, the MeiQing Mountains, people were coming in from all directions, making the higher ups of the Pure Yang Palace very busy. Among the people rushing over, there were even YuanYing stage experts of many sects, making it necessary for Zhang Jiao to appear personally.

Everyone mixed together and began to wait for the disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect to come and honor his commitment, but they kept the conversation centered around the Heaven Seizing Pill.

Previously, when Elder Wu hadn’t ascended, he had been completely silent about the matter, and fearing his strength nobody dared to ask him about it. In addition, nobody knew if the Heaven Seizing Pill was effective or not. Everyone had only heard the news of it being refined, so who could say if it was useful? But now, when Elder Wu passed his tribulation so easily, everyone was surprised by the effectiveness of the Heaven Seizing Pill.

If not for Elder Wu’s strength, their courage would have surely increased. Not only those sects which had a Da Cheng stage expert, but even those sects which didn’t have any Da Cheng stage experts would have thought of obtaining it.

Need not speak of others, even the Greatest Heaven Sect was quite tempted by the Heaven Seizing Pill. Many elders had raised this issue, forcing Cheng Wencai to go and honor the commitment sincerely and gain the favorable opinion of Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace. The pressure from the higher ups of the Greatest Heaven Sect was also a part of the reason for Cheng Wencai coming to kowtow.

As Pure Yang Palace was a famous sect, had a Da Cheng stage expert and had also jointly fought with the other sects against the devil, even though they had very few losses, in the end it was also one of the dao sects, so they could not openly use any devious methods and could thus only use such a roundabout route.

When Cheng Wencai reached the Pure Yang Palace, he discovered, that the Pure Yang Palace had already allowed more than a thousand prestigious guests. After seeing this, Cheng Wencai immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. This was just the first hit, in the future he would have no face whatsoever among cultivators.

Originally he had thought it was just a small matter, but with so many people present, it wasn’t going to end simply.

Although many people had assembled there, it was not because everyone wanted to see Cheng Wencai honoring his commitment. Most of them had just been using this as a pretense, but it still put Pure Yang Palace in a difficult position, as they didn’t have enough seats for so many people. They immediately chose a sufficiently large area and afterwards built a high platform, so that all of them could have a good view. But the number of people could not be said to be small in any case.

“Why does it have to be like this?”

Seeing so many people, Gao Yue had become slightly timid. She had not yet become hostile with the Greatest Heaven Sect like in her last life and also h

adn’t become the hall master of the Fierce Yang Hall, so suddenly confronting so many people made her slightly nervous.

“What is not good here?”

Yang Chen, however, didn’t care. It didn’t matter to him if the ceremony was small scale or large. In any case, he was not in the wrong:

“In any case, we aren’t the ones who have done anything wrong, so why should we be afraid?”

Although these words were true, people had many kinds of thoughts. Perhaps, after Cheng Wencai had kowtowed, someone could immediately make a fuss and turn the topic to the matter of the Heaven Seizing Pill.

“What if they bring up the Heaven Seizing Pill?”

Gao Yue was anxious about this, fearing that Yang Chen would get into trouble.

“If someone wants the Heaven Seizing Pill, then they should find the ingredients and take them to a pill concocting master who will refine it for them!”

Yang Chen replied while smiling:

“Wanting a Heaven Seizing Pill is not a crime? What do you say, master!”

This was quite reasonable, so Gao Yue immediately calmed down. Since Yang Chen had said so, apparently there was no need for her to get anxious. Seeing such chaos, she had just tensed up and needed to be calmed down a little, that’s all.

When Yang Chen and Gao Yue appeared at the center of the platform, Cheng Wencai was already waiting on the side. Looking at Yang Chen and Gao Yue walking over, veins bulged in Cheng Wencai’s eyes, appearing as if intending to come out. Yang Chen and Gao Yue had deliberately humiliated him in front of the entire world. This hatred had to be repaid!

“Fellow Daoist Cheng, you must pay when you lose!”

Without caring for Cheng Wencai’s ashen expression or his bloodshot eyes, Yang Chen calmly said:

“Though, whether Fellow Daoist Cheng still recognizes this bet or not, that is another matter!”

“I admit my loss!”

Cheng Wencai didn’t want to admit it, but he had no other choice. On this platform, he could only gnash his teeth and agree.

“Good. Fellow Daoist Cheng is indeed honest, he admitted at once!”

Yang Chen continued with a smile:

“Fellow Daoist Cheng has made a bet with this junior that, as long as this junior can touch one hair on the devil Lin Chenghe’s head, senior will immediately lose. This junior has many witnesses that this junior had already touched a hair of Lin Chenghe, so this bet is senior Cheng’s loss and, since you have lost, you must complete your part of the wager!”

Cheng Wencai opened his blood red eyes and firmly stared at Yang Chen for a good moment, then he snorted with hatred and was going to immediately bow his head to the ground. But before he could make the movement, he was promptly stopped by Yang Chen.


Yang Chen quickly said. Cheng Wencai was stiffly fixed on the spot just about to kneel down, when his gaze full of hatred was raised again.

“At the time of making the bet with this junior, senior also included my master.”

Yang Chen smiled without caring for Cheng Wencai’s gaze, filled with bitter resentment:

“You must not forget about my master, so that senior doesn’t have to kowtow repeatedly, furthermore, also remember to admit your mistake!”

At that time, both sides had betted a kowtow and admitting their mistake so Yang Chen reminded him of that.

Sounds of teeth gnashing could be heard from Cheng Wencai’s mouth. His hands clenched tightly, blue veins bulging in his eyes, but he still didn’t say anything and could only stare hatefully at Yang Chen, who was requesting Gao Yue to come over. Both of them took a seat, side by side. What was most intolerable for Cheng Wencai was that, after sitting down, Yang Chen still gestured for him to begin. This was simply insulting him to his face. If this could be tolerated then what couldn’t?

But Cheng Wencai couldn’t do anything other than bearing it, because he couldn’t dare to provoke even a single visitor present on the scene. And this still didn’t include the elders from his sect. Even if he was extremely angry, he didn’t dare to offend so many people at the same time.


Cheng Wencai put down his head on the ground and kowtowed in front of Yang Chen and Gao Yue, saying in a loud voice:

“Fellow Daoist Gao and Fellow Daoist Yang, I was in the wrong!”

“You really are a disciple of big sect whose words are of enormous weight!”

Just as Cheng Wencai kowtowed, Yang Chen immediately stood up and showered him in a series of praises.

The other party had already kowtowed, so giving such praise, which cost him nothing, he would naturally not hold back. But no matter how much praise he gave him, it would not wash away Cheng Wencai’s humiliation, actually, the more he praised him, the more Cheng Wencai’s resentment increased.

But what made Cheng Wencai almost spit blood was that he wished that only Yang Chen said those words, but the people in the surroundings actually also started saying such things. This was simply rubbing salt into his wound, making it ache even more.


Finally, Cheng Wencai spat out all of the blood he had been choking on, which made him feel dizzy. A disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect who was waiting on the side rushed to support and assist him.

“This old man has a pill, a high grade yuan cultivation pill. It would be suitable for Fellow Daoist Cheng.”

Some great expert sitting on the platform immediately spoke and soon the pill floated towards Cheng Wencai, as if guided by an invisible wire and stopped at the edge of his mouth. The disciple supporting Cheng Wencai hastily turned it into powder, and fed it to him.

“Thinking of pills, this old man remembers something.”

After delivering the pill, the old man changed the topic to pills:

“A few days ago, Elder Wu ascended. It is said that he used the Heaven Seizing Pill. Fellow Daoist Yang, you participated in the refining of the Heaven Seizing Pill, could you give some advice regarding it?”

The topic was changed very quickly, so quickly that, even before the palace master of the Pure Yang Palace, Zhong Jiao, and the group of elders couldn’t interfere. The group of elders of the Pure Yang Palace was endlessly grieving in their heart.

“This junior was lucky!”

However Yang Chen had anticipated this:

“This junior was just fortunate enough to participate and had just refined some ingredients, so this junior absolutely doesn’t dare to give any advice. But if you have some request for this junior, do not hesitate to ask. As long as this junior can accomplish it, this junior will not decline.”

Yang Chen’s reply was straightforward and frank, but it also made the group of people feel satisfied in their heart. Although the old man who had asked the question hadn’t got a definite answer, hearing Yang Chen’s straightforward reply, he also couldn’t help but feel exalted and hastily asked:

“What kind of secret method was used to refine the Heaven Seizing Pill?”

Once these words came out, everyone in the surroundings started cursing him in their hearts. Why had he been so anxious and hasty that he had even forgotten his manners? However, his question was something everyone wanted to ask, so nobody interfered and everyone was looking at Yang Chen, waiting for his reply.

Everyone was fervently gazing at Yang Chen, mostly that peak JieDan stage old man who had asked the question. He was so fiercely gazing at Yang Chen that his gaze could melt iron. But Yang Chen didn’t panic, and as if he didn’t sense the noiseless pressure from the surroundings, he took a step forward and was just about to open his mouth when he suddenly heard a cough.

“Cough cough!”

Pure Yang Palace’ palace master Zhang Jiao coughed loudly and said to everyone:

“Everyone, Fellow Daoist Cheng from the Greatest Heaven Sect has already honored his commitment, so I would like to invite everyone to the guest residence to have some tea!”

The palace master had deliberately changed the topic, thinking that even the people of his Pure Yang Palace had not asked Yang Chen about the secret method of refining, so why should you all these unrelated people know?

“Palace Master, there is no need to be polite!”

Immediately someone laughed loudly and said:

“You have no need to worry, everyone here is just reminiscing and just wanted to hear you noble sect’s Fellow Daoist Yang’s story, but we do not dare to trouble Palace Master!”

This person immediately agreed to the Palace Master’s proposal.

Although everyone had said polite words, nobody had the intention of giving up. Despite everyone being from a dao sect, who wouldn’t drool over the Heaven Seizing Pill? For an ordinary man, treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. This recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill was precisely the jade ring. Although everyone was irritated and anxious, they could not approach the matter directly, so they could only agree with a forced smile.

The Palace Master was very stressed. He knew the intention of these people, but if they forced Yang Chen to speak about the secret recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill within the territory of the Pure Yang Palace, what face would the Pure Yang Palace have? It wasn’t even able to protect its disciple, so what kind dao sect would it be?

While the palace master and the other elders were consulting about the situation noiselessly through eye contact, Yang Chen opened his mouth:

“As a matter of fact, this recipe of the Heaven Seizing Pill was found just by Elder Wu from some unknown location.”

Once Yang Chen opened his mouth, everyone’s attention once again turned to Yang Chen. The palace master was thinking of saying something, but seeing the smile on Yang Chen’s face, he suddenly calmed down for some reason. If Yang Chen had a card up his sleeve, surely he could solve the matter.

“But this pill recipe was actually incomplete.”

While Yang Chen was speaking, everyone had pricked their ears, fearing to miss even one word.

“On top of this, only the ingredients and the first half of the refining method were recorded, the later part of the refining method wasn’t recorded.”

Yang Chen continued:

“Then at that time, senior Deng Yi, senior He Lianyun, senior Zhu Peng and senior Fan Shan had discussed the specific refining method together with Elder Wu.”

“Since this junior’s cultivation, as well as experience, was limited, I had not participated in the later part of refining and have only refined some ingredients.”

While talking, Yang Chen had a smile on his face all along and calmly continued to speak:

“Frankly, this junior also wants to know the later part of refining. If everyone can find the ingredients, this junior is willing to participate in the refining again. But seniors must find senior Deng, senior He and senior Zhu first. This youngster really doesn’t know how to refine it.”

“We have heard that you were the one who had completed the final step, is that true?”

Some people believed this fact, some people didn’t, so someone immediately asked to confirm.

“This junior has only refined an elixir at the end to restore the pill spirit. With everyone’s help, if those seniors had already failed earlier, then this junior would have nothing left to try.”

Yang Chen explained with a smile.

Nobody present knew if it was true or not. In fact, after Elder Wu had ascended, the events from that time were spread outside in great detail. In fact, apart from the pill recipe, everyone had all the other details. Though it was not known that the people who had spread this were Elder Wu’s servants, but in any case people, already knew.

Yang Chen’s words were consistent with the information they had received, but everyone didn’t want to let go so easily. They wanted to force Yang Chen to reveal the secret, so how could they cower that easily?

“Can Fellow Daoist Yang Chen tell us about this elixir which restored the pill spirit?”

Immediately someone calmly asked.

“Why not!”

Yang Chen said without the slightest hesitation, but it shocked everyone without end. Didn’t this mean that they had succeeded without using any tricks? Even the palace master didn’t know what kind of elixir Yang Chen was talking about.

“If seniors only want the elixir, then find me some ingredients and this junior can refine it.”

Yang Chen kept on smiling:

“Also if you want the pill recipe that is also not out of question.”

Everyone was looking at Yang Chen, waiting for him to continue.

“All the seniors here are reasonable people, so you all know if you want something, you must offer something in return!”

Yang Chen smiled and continued:

“This is a fair deal without any cheating!”

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