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Chapter 174 - Return of Gongsun Ling


Elder Wu’s strength had already reached the realm required for ascension a long time ago, but because of some unfinished business, his ascension was delayed. Just recently, he had passed the Wind tribulation with his formidable cultivation. So his time of ascension had finally come.

When a YuanYing stage expert rises to the Da Cheng stage, he could trigger fluctuations in spirit power within several hundred mile and as long as one was a cultivator, one could sense it. And when a Da Cheng stage expert ascended, the anomaly could be sensed even more clearly.

Those who had lived long enough to experience someone ascending naturally knew what was happening and those who hadn’t gone through the experience naturally didn’t know what was happening.

However, what had astonished those who knew what was going on was that the Wind tribulation would usually last for quite a while and would be abnormally difficult, but for Elder Wu it was as easy as blowing off dust. The first thing which came to everyone’s mind in that situation was precisely the Heaven Seizing Pill.

This was no secret that Elder Wu had refined the Heaven Seizing Pill. Because of that matter, Yang Chen’s name had spread everywhere. But since Elder Wu hadn’t ascended immediately, nobody knew whether to consider the information of Elder Wu creating the Heaven Seizing Pill successfully as real or fake. Even those who had originally participated in the refining process weren’t saying anything, so nobody could verify.

Today, Elder Wu passing his ascension so speedily had sufficiently proven that, not only had the Heaven Seizing Pill been refined successfully, it also had played a significant role in his ascension.

Only Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Wang Yong knew that this wasn’t the complete truth. When the Heaven Seizing Pill had been refined, during the pill tribulation, Elder Wu had supported the pill with his hands in the last few attacks of the Wind Tribulation, so he already had sufficient knowledge and experience regarding the pill tribulation, which was the reason he was able to pass it so easily.

Unfortunately, not many people knew that. Almost everyone had accepted that it was because of the Heaven Seizing Pill. Within a short time, all kind of theories began to spread with Elder Wu’s ascension and the Heaven Seizing Pill was the focus.

Elder Wu’s ascension also made those cultivation experiences he had given to Yang Chen even more precious. Especially the records of the path from the YuanYing to the Da Cheng stage and from the Da Cheng stage to ascension. Without any hesitation, Palace Master Zhang Jiao immediately placed that part in the Secret Pavilion of the Pure Yang Palace kept only for the eyes of elders who needed it.

Since Elder Wu was ascending, Yang Chen’s name was also mentioned. Naturally, in addition to those pill concocting masters who had participated at that time, as well as the beast tamer Fan Shan. But the person whose name was spoken first was Yang Chen, who had the lowest cultivation among them all.

For Yang Chen, Elder Wu’s ascension meant that he would lose a formidable backer in the Mortal World, but fortunately he had already formed good relations with elder Hua of the Clear Sky Sect, as well as the Da Cheng stage expert of Pure Yang Palace, Gui Shanyou, so this did not have a big effect on Yang Chen.

Following Elder Wu’s ascension, Gongsun Ling appeared in front of Yang Chen, after having spent ten years in the Immortal Falling Well. She had just recently returned and had directly come to the Second Fierce Yang Courtyard to visit her master. Hearing that Yang Chen was also there, she immediately came over.

“Senior apprentice sister!”

p>Yang Chen was pleasantly surprised. The Gongsun Ling before his eyes was completely different from the Gongsun Ling within his memories from his past life. Her temperament had greatly changed. As for her cultivation, although she was similar to Yang Chen at the initial Foundation stage, she had an imposing air around her, refined from fighting countless battles.

“I have returned from the Immortal Falling Well!”

Gongsun Ling had a smile across her entire face. The smile was unable to obstruct her confident expression: clearly she had become determined and firm after gaining experience in countless close combat battles. She was completely different from the Gongsun Ling in Yang Chen’s memories, who disregarded the outer world and was only engrossed in bitter cultivation.

“Good work, senior apprentice sister!”

Looking at the change in Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen was also delighted. Only after gaining experience could talent genuinely be used. Immersing oneself in bitter cultivation on a spirit vein without gaining the slightest amount of experience in battles would create problems at the time of their tribulation, and even if she succeeded in ascending, she would just remain a target of bullying in the Spiritual World.

“I have also heard about your situation.”

Gongsun Ling was greatly interested in Yang Chen. After coming out of the Immortal Falling Well, she immediately asked around for Yang Chen’s situation. After saying this, her expression suddenly changed and with a bitter smile she said:

“I heard about your relationship with the cool and elegant Fairy Shi of the Green Jade Immortal Islands. Younger apprentice brother, you are really fortunate with women!”

Yang Chen cursed within his heart. Why did everyone have to talk of this matter with him? First his master and now his senior apprentice sister. The reaction of other disciples was not so intense towards this matter. Moreover, Yang Chen was caught off guard by the tone of Gongsun Ling, who seemed to be in a bad mood while talking of this.

At this very moment, Yang Chen wanted to die. He had not even accepted the proposal, yet how could everyone talk like this with him?

“That is just a misunderstanding!”

Apart from explaining with a bitter expression, Yang Chen couldn’t do anything else:

“Palace Master Zhang Jiao is currently negotiating. I just hope that the Green Jade Immortal Islands abandon their original aspiration!”

“You are not willing?”

Gongsun Ling raised her eyebrows, but her tone had clearly eased up and furthermore contained a hint of astonishment.

“I was saying that this was a misunderstanding from the start!”

Yang Chen could only force a smile. Everyone was thinking that he had obtained a great treasure, but only he knew the pain he had to suffer.

“Since you are not willing, just decline it!”

Gongsun Ling nodded her head in satisfaction and patted Yang Chen’s shoulder. Feeling relieved, her face resumed a smile.

“You think I haven’t tried?”

Yang Chen helplessly looked at Gongsun Ling, giving rise to a crystalline laughter from her.

Regardless of what was said, Gongsun Ling was extremely satisfied with his reply and did not nag him about this anymore. Instead she happily started to recount her experiences at the Immortal Falling Well to Yang Chen and Shangguan Feng. She talked about what kind of risks she experienced and what she learned from them, seemingly wanting to let Yang Chen gain something from her experience.

Yang Chen and Shangguan Feng were calmly listening, but Shangguan Feng quickly departed, using the excuse that someone had come to buy something, leaving the two people alone in the room.

It seemed as if Gongsun Ling hadn’t talked to anyone for those ten years, she kept incessantly talking to Yang Chen, moreover she also described where the elixirs given to her by Yang Chen were used, radiating with joy.

Obviously Yang Chen would not disturb Gongsun Ling and kept on listening calmly, until she had said everything she had wanted to say. After she finished speaking, Gongsun Ling seemed to have been relieved of a major concern, patting her stomach with her lily-white hands, she laughed:

“Wow, telling you everything really made me comfortable!”

After a moment, without caring for Yang Chen’s response, she directly asked:

“Younger apprentice brother Yang, didn’t you say that, you would teach me a formidable illusion spell after I return?”

At some point of time during those ten years, Gongsun Ling seemed to have turned into an impetuous person. But Yang Chen was not very bothered about this. Gongsun Ling being in high spirits was fine: the more her cultivation increased, the more it would add to Pure Yang Palace’s strength.

In any case, Yang Chen told her that this illusion spell was at the edge of the MeiQing Mountains, so taking Gongsun Ling there was no problem. But still, Yang Chen warned her again and again that it would be best if she visited her master and the other people she needed to visit before she started the cultivation, on the way. Cultivation was not something which you could stop when you wanted to, so it would be best to deal with all of the mortal affairs before starting cultivation.

Gongsun Ling nodded and committed Yang Chen’s words to memory. Apparently her master had also seemed to say these kinds of words, but Gongsun Ling hadn’t paid much attention at that time. Yang Chen’s words however, Gongsun Ling remembered.

Yang Chen didn’t pay any attention to this and led Gongsun Ling to the place where the senior who had made the Immortal Beheading Blade had undergone his closed door training.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything special here!”

Gongsun Ling observed everything but didn’t find any trace of the illusion spell and, wrinkling her brows she asked:

“Yang Chen, are you sure we are in the correct area?”

Unconsciously, Gongsun Ling had started calling him by his name, ‘Yang Chen’, instead of addressing him formally as junior apprentice brother. At this moment, Yang Chen didn’t pay any attention to it. In any case, all of his friends used to address him by his name and Gongsun Ling was also one of them.

Regarding Gongsun Ling’s question, Yang Chen didn’t answer it, but rather gave her a smile and took a step forward. In flash, Yang Chen’s body disappeared from Gongsun Ling’s vision, but there wasn’t any sound in the surroundings.

“What?! ”

Seeing this magic, Gongsun Ling’s eyes went wide. Although she was also a spell formation expert, seeing such an illusion spell, which didn’t reveal the slightest presence, astonished her.

She also cautiously followed behind Yang Chen and took a step forward, when the scenery in front of her suddenly changed completely. She seemed to have reached a completely different region. On the side, Yang Chen was standing with a teasing smile on his face, as if just waiting to see her surprised expression.


Because she was also a spell formation expert, she could clearly see the difficulty of the illusion spell. Such a huge valley had been hidden completely by this spell and absolutely couldn’t be discovered by anyone. Moreover, even if someone passed close to it, they wouldn’t be even able to sense the existence of this illusion spell. The person who had laid such a spell was surely an expert.

“A senior of the sect used to cultivate here long ago.”

Yang Chen didn’t hide anything from Gongsun Ling and directly took her to that senior’s grave.

Seeing Yang Chen erect the stele, Gongsun Ling didn’t show any surprise. She only paid her respects and, after finishing, turned to Yang Chen and exclaimed:

“No wonder people say you have heavenly luck. At the Heavenly Stairs, you weren’t affected by the illusionary land, and then after entering the Immortal Falling Well you found Elder Wu, then you formed a relation with the Da Cheng stage expert of the Clear Sky Sect and now found such a tightly concealed region. From today, you have my complete trust. If you don’t have heavenly luck, how would it be possible?”

In Gongsun Ling’s opinion, Yang Chen certainly had found this place by accident, otherwise there was no way to explain this. At this moment, Yang Chen also hadn’t intended to provide an explanation and since everyone knew about Yang Chen’s luck, he might as well just also blame this on his luck!

It would take Gongsun Ling a very long time to research this illusionary spell, so after noting down the location, both of them returned to the Pure Yang Palace. Gongsun Ling was not someone who didn’t listen to the advice of others. Since she had returned to the Pure Yang Palace after ten years, she at least had to fulfill the proper etiquette expected of a disciple.

Apart from that little inconvenience, this life was going quite smoothly for Yang Chen. The great calamity of devil cultivation had also ended properly, the second wood flying sword was also refined and everything was going according to Yang Chen’s plans. His master’s and Gongsun Ling’s lives had been altered. Suddenly Yang Chen thought that all of the plotting he had to go through was completely worth it.

With carefree mood, Yang Chen began to calmly wait for the signal to take the sword out of the furnace, and at the same time also waited for Cheng Wencai to come and pay his debt.

At that time, Cheng Wencai was going mad with rage and just wanted to humiliate Yang Chen, so he had wantonly made the matter of bet public, but he hadn’t thought that, if he ended up losing, the entire world would know that he would have to bow his head in front of Yang Chen and Gao Yue.

Just because he had made the matter too famous, the Greatest Heaven Sect could not settle it in private, even if it wanted to. The influence of the Greatest Heaven Sect was great, but it had also gained the resentment and envy of other sects, so how could they allow such a matter?

Previously the Pure Yang Palace had delayed the day of the kowtow because Yang Chen and Gao Yue were both in closed door training, which allowed the Greatest Heaven Sect to see some hope and were delighted towards Pure Yang Palace to allow them to see this path. In any case, the elders had decided that Cheng Wencai had to kowtow, but he could do it secretly.

What they hadn’t anticipated was Elder Wu’s ascension. The performance of the Heaven Seizing Pill had once again turned Yang Chen into a topic of discussion. As a result, many people also remembered that Cheng Wencai had lost the wager and many more people also heard of this matter for the first time, so the whole matter spread, bubbling and gurgling. Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect and the Pure Yang Palace wanted to keep it low-key, it wasn’t possible.

The matter which could initially be solved by Cheng Wencai kowtowing in front of Yang Chen and Gao Yue in some secret corner now had to be done in a public place because of these groups of people.

Hearing this, Cheng Wencai immediately spat a mouthful of blood. In his entire life, he had never hated someone as much as Yang Chen. He had been forced to fall from the JieDan stage to the Foundation stage and now, because of Yang Chen, he was going to lose all face in the cultivation world.

Cultivators respected heaven, earth and their master. They didn’t even care about the ruler of heaven and earth, and would only kowtow before their master. Other than that, the only exception would sometimes be a dead person, to pay their respects. But a JieDan stage expert bowing their head to another sect’s Foundation stage cultivator was something which had never been seen before.

If that Foundation stage cultivator’s aptitude was inferior and he had grown older without any progress because of that, then it would not be so humiliating, but Yang Chen was a youngster, how could Cheng Wencai endure this?

However, he could only blame himself. If he had not been so arrogant at that time, then why would Yang Chen make such a bet with him?

But now that the matter had become so famous, it was beyond the control of Cheng Wencai and the Greatest Heaven Sect. Even if the Pure Yang Palace said that there was no need to honor the commitment, is was still impossible. Other people would definitely say that it was done under the pressure of the Greatest Heaven Sect, so the Greatest Heaven Sect could only make Cheng Wencai clear his own mess.

Cheng Wencai started his journey towards the Pure Yang Palace with the appearance of a warrior on his final battle, flames of anger burning through his heart.

This time’s shame and humiliation could not be erased even if he cut Yang Chen and Gao Yue into ten thousand pieces. Under the eyes of the entire world, Cheng Wencai could not do anything, but he pledged within his heart, that, after this insult, he would definitely not let Yang Chen and Gao Yue remain alive.

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