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Chapter 166 - Grand Disciple Will Settle Great Master's Bottleneck

22 Oct 2016


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The entire Second Wood flying sword’s body was the same color as the Blood Phantom Vine and it was also long. Although it was a little flexible, it was extremely tough. The master root had turned into the sword hilt and the master vine had turned into the sword blade.

It was a long sword blade, around six feet long, but one of its edges was the edge of a blade. From this it could be seen that this second wood flying sword was more of a saber than a sword. Even the edge of the saber was formed after the deformation of the Blood Phantom Vine’s master vine. Apart from possessing all of the abilities of the flying sword, this second wood flying sword also possessed the crazy strength of the Blood Phantom Vine.

Naturally, such a sword embryo was perfectly suited for Yang Chen, a reincarnated Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Every day he would refine the sword embryo and cultivate. After his Foundation stage had perfectly stabilized, all ten attributes of spirit power in Yang Chen’s body simultaneously increased by one level and reached the second layer of the Foundation stage.

He had also cultivated to the fifth layer of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and the seventh layer of the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets. Yang Chen used the Heaven Measuring Ruler from the beginning to carefully determine the effect of these formidable cultivation methods.

The Heaven Measuring Ruler had also undergone large changes after coming into Yang Chen’s hands. Originally, it hadn’t been properly cared for, but after being nourished by the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets, it no longer had that ruined appearance and instead changed to a brand new appearance, as if it had barely been refined.

Yang Chen hadn’t refined the Heaven Measuring Ruler using the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets. He hadn’t even imprinted a trace of his spiritual awareness on it, since this Heaven Measuring Ruler was to be used to help his friends to know once to make a breakthrough, so there was no sense in marking it and making it exclusive to himself.

The marks on the Heaven Measuring Ruler were used for measuring. One mark was roughly equal to the strength of spirit power in an initial Foundation stage expert. According to common sense, Yang Chen was only at the initial Foundation stage, even if all ten attributes in his body were at the Foundation stage, but it should still be considered as approximately ten marks, yet the reality was different.

A spirit power strength of thirty nine marks. This was the result of Yang Chen’s spirit power on the Heaven Measuring Ruler. Shangguan Feng, standing at Yang Chen’s side, only had a trifling three marks. Wang Yong was still slightly better than Shangguan Feng at four marks, while Du Qian could be said to be a lot better, with as much as seventy four marks, signifying that he had already reached the late Foundation stage.

At the same time, everyone’s spirit power strength was accurately measured and it made all of them astonished. All three of them were at the initial Foundation stage, even Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan who had reached the Foundation stage long ago, yet there was only a slight increase in their spirit power. What did Yang Chen use so that, even when all of them were at the nearly the same level, they had such vastly different strengths?

This was still the data before Yang Chen’s strength had increased. After he reached the second layer of the Foundation stage and his cultivation of the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets had reached the fifth layer and his cultivation of the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets had reached the seventh layer, the ruler showed his strength to be at an astonishing sixty eight marks. Using two types of cultivation methods to increase the spirit power was indeed terrifying. Yang Chen didn’t even dare to reveal this to others.

Gao Yue was similar: her results were completely according to everyone’s expectations, at one hundred and ten marks at the initial JieDan stage, after recovering completely. If speaking simply in terms of strength of the spirit power, a common initial JieDan expert was at one hundred marks. Gao Yue had also barely crossed this number and didn’t seem very exceptional.

Looking at this data, Yang Chen’ determination to convince Gao Yue to cultivate a Water attributed cultivation method became even stronger. This calamity of the devil cultivation method was a good opportunity, but it would depend on what tricks Yang Chen would use.

When Gao Yue had learned the use of the Heaven Measuring Ruler from Yang Chen, she disapproved of it. A ruler which could measure the strength of spirit power wasn’t something to make a fuss about. Yang Chen had surprisingly spent one catty of high grade spirit stones to buy it? He really had become a wastrel.

But when Yang Chen properly explained the genuine use of the Heaven Measuring Ruler to Gao Yue, her eyes turned big, unable to hide her shock.

Who could have thought that such a simple item, which could only be used to measure the strength of spirit power, was surprisingly so useful? This item had clearly been at the auction house for quite a long time and people must have known that it could measure spirit power strength, but nobody had purchased it. It clearly showed that nobody had been able to think that the Heaven Measuring Ruler could also be used like this.

“Let’s go find master, he seems to be having some trouble lately.”

After knowing the real use of the Heaven Measuring Ruler, Gao Yue couldn’t remain sitting and immediately led Yang Chen to find her master.

Previously Wang Yong’s cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds, but he had currently entered the bottleneck stage. Despite possessing the formidable stimulus of the Heaven Seizing Pill, he hadn’t been able to make the breakthrough. Especially after looking at the tribulation of the old tree demon, the pressure on him had increased even more, so he was currently the most suitable person to use the Heaven Seizing Ruler.

Since Yang Chen hadn’t intended to keep it for himself from the start, he did not hesitate to go to see his great master with Gao Yue. Once he heard the use of the Heaven Measuring Ruler, Wang Yong was extremely delighted.

He was at the bottleneck of the peak YuanYing stage, but after entering the bottleneck, he hadn’t been able to sense any increase in his cultivation. With this Heaven Measuring Ruler, Wang Yong firmly believed that he would certainly not remain trapped in this bottleneck stage and would surely make the breakthrough with complete confidence.

After learning the use of the Heaven Measuring Ruler, Wang Yong immediately used it to determine his cultivation. Eleven thousand marks. This strength was already past someone who had just entered the Da Cheng stage. Naturally, all of these numbers were only a reference. Aside from the spirit power, nothing else was measured or explained.

But Wang Yong became filled with confidence. Especially after he discovered that his spirit power had already crossed the average threshold for the Da Cheng stage.

“Great master, perhaps your intense desire to make the breakthrough has instead created some obstructions. It would be better if you don’t hurry and relax a little bit.”

Yang Chen immediately began to entice Wang Yong:

“Perhaps you should refine a destined magic weapon?”

The Pure Yang Palace wasn’t a big sect, so it didn’t have many genuine magic weapons for high level experts. Although Wang Yong had entered the peak YuanYing stage from the late YuanYing stage with Yang Chen’s assistance, he still didn’t have a genuine destined magic weapon.

In his previous life, Wang Yong hadn’t even been able to enter the Da Cheng stage and remained in the YuanYing stage because of his hesitation and had died with regrets. Since he was always busy with cultivation, where would he have the time to refine a mere worldly possession like the Heaven Measuring Ruler?

But it was different now. With Yang Chen’s assistance, entering the Da Cheng stage was no longer a dream for Wang Yong. Even ascending to the Spiritual World was also no longer a far fetched dream. That time, a destined magic weapon could reflect the presence of an expert who had made a breakthrough.

“A destined magic weapon!”

Wang Yong bitterly laughed, while shaking his head:

“Right now, I don’t have any good materials to refine!”

“Great master, this disciple has some materials and requests great master to take a look.”

Hearing Wang Yong’s words, Yang Chen replied with a chuckle.

“What is this?”

Looking at the pointed conical horn, both Gao Yue and Wang Yong became doubtful. It was the horn of some unknown beast, furthermore it was water attributed. What kind of use would it have for a fire attributed Wang Yong?

It was not like Wang Yong hadn’t thought of making a magic weapon, but on one hand he had put all of his mind to cultivating and on the other, the materials were not sufficient. Even the materials Yang Chen had obtained from the Hao Yi Manor couldn’t enter the eyes of a person at Wang Yong’s grade. Rather than using third grade materials to make a third grade magic weapon, it would be better to use this time for cultivation.

Yang Chen had already known Wang Yong’s thoughts, therefore he hadn’t taken out the qilin’s horn before. In the previous years, because of his increased confidence, Wang Yong’s cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds, so bothering him with these things was clearly not suitable.

Finally, today, when Wang Yong had already reached the peak YuanYing stage’s bottleneck, it made for the perfect opportunity: Since he had been painstakingly delving into cultivation, it had instead created a pressure on him because of his impatience to break through, and his cultivation hadn’t moved forward; so relinquishing the thought of breaking through and refining a good destined magic weapon with all of his mind would disperse that pressure on him.

The Qilin’s horn appeared to be ninth water attributed, since it had been scrubbed by ninth water for countless years, but the true attribute of the Qilin’s horn was actually fire, perfectly suitable for Wang Yong.

“If I haven’t identified this wrong, this should be a Fire Qilin’s horn.”

Yang Chen replied with a gentle laugh:

“It had been stuck at some place for tens of thousands of years and was scrubbed by a powerful ninth water attributed river and has thus taken on the ninth water attribute and this shape.”


When Yang Chen introduced the Qilin’s horn and its circumstances in detail, Wang Yong and Gao Yue had already lost their minds because of the astonishment.

A Flame Qilin’s horn? It was an item, which could only be found by luck and not by searching… How could it be in the hands of Yang Chen? Like all of the other times, how could he casually take out such terrifying things?

This was genuine treasure, but what both of them were wondering was how Yang Chen’s luck was so heaven defying that, even under those kinds of circumstances, where he had gone to assist his master and take revenge for her, he had found such a treasure!

A flying sword made of a fire attributed qilin’s horn in which the fire attribute was hidden beneath the water attribute… What kind of obstacle couldn’t it conquer? Water and fire not encroaching on each other… As long as this could successfully be refined, it would certainly be a terrible surprise for his enemies!

When taking the Qilin’s horn, Wang Yong’s hands began to shake. Suddenly he had a thought: what kind of great luck did he have to receive such a great grand disciple like Yang Chen?

Apparently Wang Yong still hadn’t discovered that his present cultivation was completely moving according to Yang Chen’s plan. But this was not important. The important thing was that Wang Yong knew that he had received the assistance of the Heaven Measuring Ruler at the time of making a breakthrough and moreover had received a Qilin’s horn to refine a destined flying sword. This was enough for Yang Chen.

The Qilin’s horn required some special method to refine, but in front of Yang Chen’s extensive knowledge, this was not a great problem. Wang Yong’s ambitions had also begun to rise. He wanted to use this horn polished by nature and refine the most powerful destined flying sword in the Pure Yang Palace.

Because his cultivation had been stagnating, Wang Yong had become quite depressed, but now, Yang Chen had proved that, as long as he had the confidence, he could overcome every kind of heart’s devil.

Naturally, this was not some blind confidence, but confidence born from his heart, which could be relied upon. Wang Yong’s current confidence was precisely aroused by the Heaven Measuring Ruler and the Qilin’s horn.

Because of the participation of the big sects, the problem of Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets had become much more critical. During this time, Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace had been watching from the sidelines, without any intention to participate.

But Yang Chen’s confidence didn’t have much of an influence on other people of the Pure Yang Palace. Since they had found out that other big sects had also participated, some elders strongly suggested to the Palace Master that the Pure Yang Palace must also not lag behind, that they should at least bring in the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets and take a look.

In the beginning the Palace Master was completely on Yang Chen’s side and had strictly prohibited the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace from cultivating it, otherwise they would be expelled, but as the issue got more and more intense, the Palace Master was also slowly becoming unable to resist the pressure.

The elders also wanted to research it under the pretense of thinking about the sect. After all, since the other sects were researching it, if only their little sect remained aloof, then wouldn’t they lag behind others? Moreover, they could simply not allow common disciples to come in contact with it, but what was the harm in letting the YuanYing stage experts research it?

Without anything in his support, the Palace Master could only go over and consult with Yang Chen, after all, the matter was raised by Yang Chen and the warning was also given by him, so he probably should consult with Yang Chen about the issue.

But how could Yang Chen agree? Even losing common disciples was very unfortunate, so about losing YuanYing stage experts? Did those big sects think that the main problem was the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method? The crucial point was the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal! As long as they used even a little, they would be invaded by the heart’s devil and at that time, they wouldn’t have the freedom to act independently.

“Our sect has already delayed the research for so long compared to other sects, so what’s the harm in delaying it a little more?”

Yang Chen knew that there would inevitably be someone who would get impatient. Seeing the cultivation of the people in their surroundings rising leaps and bounds, these YuanYing stage experts were also feeling the pressure.

“Then how long should we delay it?”

The Palace Master had been under a lot of pressure and nodded approvingly towards Yang Chen’s method.

“Two more years!”

Yang Chen replied with certainty:

“In any case, we are already late, so one or two years won’t make much of a difference. After two years, if those sects don’t have any problems then the elders of our sect can also start researching, but if they have any accidents, we will be saved from it.”

This was a good method which would satisfy everyone. The years on the path of cultivation were long, even more so for YuanYing stage expert. Since they had waited for the past three years, they would also not be that anxious.

The impatient elders agreed to the proposal after some consultation. After all, this method had appeared very recently and had attracted everyone, but nobody knew where it had come from. So, first taking a look at how the other people were cultivating would be better.

Apart from Yang Chen, nobody knew at the moment that there was no need to wait for two years. After just one year, Lin Chenghe would appear, revealing the true character of the devil cultivation method.

Only, the consequence of this would be that everyone who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method or who had used it as a reference and taken the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal, no matter how high or low their cultivation was, would all become handicapped.

And the cultivation of all these people would become the tonic for the devil Lin Chenghe, whose cultivation would directly rise to the Da Cheng stage.

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