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Chapter 167 - And The Pure Yang Palace Had Been Mocked



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Among appreciation and criticism, the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method continued to spread for another entire year. Within this year, countless people were able to take their revenge with their increased cultivation, which also helped spreading the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

Meanwhile, the dispute between the cultivators of both paths had never stopped. One day the disciple of a dao sect discovered a deeply hidden devil cultivator and chased him to kill him.

That devil cultivator had concealed himself quite deeply: he had been an officer within some city and acted like normal people on an ordinary day. If it were not that this dao cultivator had accidentally discovered that there was a large amount of Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal stored there, he would have been deceived by him.

A petty official among the normal people having such a great number of Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystals, which could only be used by cultivators was completely abnormal. That dao cultivator was just about to investigate this matter thoroughly when the devil cultivator, knowing that he couldn’t back out, took the initiative to attack him first.

The devil cultivator’s cultivation was very low, so he was defeated by the dao cultivator very quickly, but the most astonishing thing was that the devil cultivator used some kind of trick and within a short amount of time, his cultivation surprisingly rose greatly. Seeing that things were far from reassuring, the dao cultivator hastily ran away and finally escaped with his life.

Since everything was already exposed, regardless of any worries, the devil cultivator began to increase his cultivation crazily. By the time when the dao cultivator had returned with several others to eliminate him, he was astonished to discover that, within the period of a few days, that devil cultivator’s cultivation had risen from the Foundation stage to the JieDan stage and was still rising.

While the devil cultivator’s cultivation was rising, those qi layer and foundation stage cultivators who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets on the other hand, suddenly discovered that in one night, their entire strength had disappeared completely, without rising in the least. Not only this, but their dantians were also more or less destroyed.

This thing happened with a countless numbers of people, reaching over ten thousand. This disaster made everyone who had previously cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets experience hell.

After everyone discovered that something was not right, the matter was taken to experts who came to the conclusion that this devil cultivator was using some kind of special method to steal everyone’s cultivation base - and the special method was precisely the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets and the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystals.

After seeing the situation of the qi layer and Foundation stage cultivators who cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, even those JieDan stage experts who had cultivated it began to get panicky.

Currently, their cultivation base was still safe, but one thing was clear: if the enemy wanted to seize their cultivation, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

The devil cultivator had disappeared into thin air, nobody knew his real identity, only that he was a small government official named Lin Chenghe in the world of mortals. Under the joint search from everyone, Lin Chenghe had hidden himself, but the calamity hadn’t been resolved, instead it had just begun.

After a period of one month, the JieDan experts also began to suffer from the effects. Since their cultivation was even higher, the time it took to lose their cultivation was even longer.

What was more terrifying was that they didn’t lose their cultivation all at once, and instead lost a small amount every day, as if Lin Chenghe had eaten his fill of the day and couldn’t digest any more, so he was waiting for tomorrow to absorb some part again.

The reality was very much like this. Every day the absorbed cultivation needed sufficient time to be refined, but this refining was many times faster compared to ordinary cultivators.

But those JieDan expert who had already fallen into the trap could only helplessly stare at their cultivation being stolen, day by day. What could be more tormenting than losing all of their cultivation and becoming a cripple? This process continued every day, but it could not be stopped. This kind of immense torment even made many psychologically weak JieDan experts commit suicide.

These experts, had reached the JieDan stage after a long time of training and had been accustomed to living a comfortable life. How could they endure being the same as ordinary humans again?

Not everyone was like Sun Qingxue, who had been very fierce and completely determined in the previous life and had risen so abruptly after her cultivation was destroyed. The loss of their cultivation was very painful for the great majority of people and could make them mentally collapse, unable to rise again.

After just two months of the JieDan experts, it was time for the YuanYing stage experts. The YuanYing stage experts were usually very cautious and had only used the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets to improve their own cultivation methods, so they believed there wouldn’t be much of a problem, but when their cultivation also began to vanish gradually, it gave rise to a great panic.

At least ten YuanYing stage experts had been participating in this, moreover these people were the main supports of their respective sects and schools. Moreover the existence of YuanYing stage experts was the main strength of any sect. But during the calamity caused by Lin Chenghe, these main pillars of support suffered a devastating damage.

Up until now, this whole matter came to be known as the ‘great calamity of the devil cultivation’ among all of the dao sects, since it had given a huge jolt to the entire cultivation world.

More than ninety percent of dao sects began to panic and madly unleashed their manpower, sparing no efforts to find the devil Lin Chenghe.

But Ling Chenghe seemed to have disappeared completely. Apart from the fact that experts were still losing their cultivation slowly, which proved that he was still hidden at some secret location, Lin Chenghe left no trail.

Those ten YuanYing experts asked the group of experts within their sects to think of anything to save their cultivation and then slowly began to sink into a depression as their cultivation kept on declining. Regardless of what pill they took, or whatever kind of method they used, it was of no use.

People of those sects also could only watch the main support of their sect with helplessly. Seeing those experts like this, nobody could imagine how they could have been so excited when they cultivated this cultivation method.

It was said that even two Da Cheng stage experts had participated with those ten YuanYing stage experts. Although the influence still hadn’t reached them, by the looks of it, they would be the next target.

Finally someone remembered, that even if the enemy was a devil cultivator, when trying to break through to the Da Cheng stage from YuanYing stage, it would certainly lead to the Yin Fire tribulation, which would cause the spirit power in the surrounding thousand miles to fluctuate. Perhaps, with this, they would be able to find the whereabouts of this devil, Lin Chenghe.

Apparently, the best opportunity to strike would be when Lin Chenghe was going through his tribulation. If someone was disturbed during their tribulation, if that person’s cultivation was not sufficient, they would certainly die. As long as they were able to find the location where he was going to take the heavenly tribulation, that would be the best opportunity to defeat the devil and protect the dao path.

The news of people’s cultivation being stolen also reached the Pure Yang Palace. When they heard this news, the first reaction of the elders was wondering if someone was distorting the truth or had gotten something wrong.

When even more news came in and even some rogue cultivators of the MeiQing mountain suffered from the calamity, everyone remembered the ban which the Palace Master had put and then started to sweat, thinking of the time when they had pressured the Palace Master to allow research, but were grateful to the Palace Master for postponing it.

Fortunately, the Palace Master had listened to Yang Chen’s advice and had placed a strict ban at that time. Otherwise, wouldn’t the Pure Yang Palace also have suffered a great loss, like the other sects?

All of the elders were even more traumatic. If they had forced the Palace Master without giving him any other option, then wouldn’t they also have followed on the other victim’s footsteps? Miserably despaired, losing their cultivation little by little every day until they became completely crippled…

The loudest voice against Yang Chen’s proposal, elder Lin Yunfeng was also greatly scared. It had to be known that, at that time, in order to strike at Yang Chen, he had convinced some elders to try and force him to repel his ban. The person who was behind this entire opposition was elder Lin Yunfeng.

But at that time, Yang Chen had said in front of him that, if elder Lin Yunfeng wanted to cultivate this method in any case then he would absolutely not stop him. But the other elders could not follow his footsteps and finally, following Yang Chen’s advice, the Palace Master had postponed the method by two years.

Originally elder Lin Yunfeng wanted to make a joke out of Yang Chen after two years and teach him a lesson: a trifling Foundation stage disciple neither had the qualifications nor the strength to speak in an elder’s matters, but now he had found out that, if it were not for Yang Chen, he, who was a majestic YuanYing stage expert, would have become a cripple.

At that moment Lin Yunfeng didn’t know how he should act towards Yang Chen - should he thank him, or should he just not appear before him? Should he just continue to see him as an enemy? Having no choice, elder Lin Yunfeng awkwardly entered closed door training, thinking that this was perhaps the best option right now.

The Palace Master and the few elders who had supported Lin Yunfeng at that time, only remembered about their disciple, Yang Chen, after suffering from a bit of lingering fear. If it was not for him, the Pure Yang Palace would have also suffered a great loss.

If anything would have happened to them, then the Pure Yang Palace would have certainly degraded to become a third tier sect. For big sects like the Clear Sky Sect or the Greatest Heaven Sect losing a few YuanYing stage experts was nothing, but for the Pure Yang Palace it would have been a disastrous blow.

In his previous life, this calamity had sown the seeds of the Pure Yang Palace’s destruction. In this life, Yang Chen was finally able to save the Pure Yang Palace. After this incident, the Pure Yang Palace seemed to have started to walk on the path of becoming a top grade sect.

Among all of the dao sects, only the Pure Yang Palace hadn’t suffered any losses during this calamity. Furthermore, not even one of the lowest level disciples had been lost. It could only be said to be a miracle when ninety nine percent of the sects had sustained damage and only the Pure Yang Palace had survived.

Only at this time did someone recall that the Pure Yang Palace had warned everyone about the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets at the beginning and had also officially informed all of the sects and had moreover placed a strict ban on this cultivation method inside of the sect.

In these past few years, when the calamity of the devil cultivation had erupted completely, there was no sect whose disciples hadn’t mocked the Pure Yang Palace, especially those who had cultivators who cultivated with this cultivation method.

The Pure Yang Palace which was only a second rate sect, they couldn’t even follow the general trend. Countless people treated the Pure Yang Palace as a subject of ridicule and, even when they ran into some disciple of the Pure Yang Palace who was travelling outside, they would taunt them, making it difficult for the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace to leave the sect.

Finally when the calamity had started, everyone discovered who the real fool was and it surely was not Pure Yang Palace.

Many people also wanted to blame the Pure Yang Palace, since the Pure Yang Palace had known about this devil cultivation method, but didn’t try to stop everyone with their full strength, but they could only think like this in their heart. At that time, the Pure Yang Palace had again and again sent out notifications to all of the sect leaders, but nobody had paid any attention. On what reasons could they now blame the Pure Yang Palace?

Regretting now was already too late. The only thing they could do was to find the location where Lin Chenghe would be undergoing his tribulation and completely destroy him. Only that would make the hatred in everyone’s hearts disappear.

All of the dao sects in the entire world put their whole strength behind it. The Pure Yang Palace was no exception. All of the disciples within the sect who weren’t undergoing closed door training were sent out. All such disciples were divided into groups and each group was headed by a YuanYing stage expert with one objective: to find the whereabouts of Lin Chenghe.

Naturally Yang Chen was together with Gao Yue and at the same time they were following his great master, Wang Yong, in his group. Apart them, the group also contained more than a dozen JieDan experts and over a hundred Foundation stage experts, all of whom were scattered in a hundred miles radius and were always in contact.

Yang Chen naturally remembered the position of Lin Chenghe’s tribulation, but it was not suitable for Yang Chen to reveal that at this time. Originally, Wang Yong would have been the most suitable person, but Yang Chen had an even more suitable candidate now.

The establishment of the Eccentric Hall within the Pure Yang Palace had given risen to a heated discussion: they were people whom the dao sects had always fought, how could they accept them? But over the fear of Elder Wu, nobody had publicly said anything. This opportunity was the best opportunity: as long as it could be proven that the demon beasts could also contribute for the dao sects, then the voices against them would get smaller and smaller.

After three days, there was finally some news from the side of the old tree demon. Although, the cultivation of YuanYing stage experts was still being taken away bit by bit, that old tree demon’s Da Cheng stage spiritual awareness had already locked on to the position of that devil Lin Chenghe. He had to be in a hundred miles area from that location.

The news was passed on secretly to all of the big sects. At the same time, another news was also spread: the date of Lin Chenghe’s tribulation should be in three or four days.

In reality, there were already experts of every sect who hadn’t lost their cultivation spread in this region, but nobody was able to discover the location of Lin Chenghe. The Da Cheng stage old tree demon on the other hand, relying on his spiritual awareness, had discovered the tracks of the spirit power stolen by the devil cultivation method and confirmed the location.

After the verification, no sect had any doubt: all of them sent their elites to surround the area in a radius of several hundred miles, such that not even an ant could escape. This time, that devil Lin Chenghe would not escape!

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