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Chapter 165 - Spread Of The Devil Cultivation Method

19 Oct 2016

The main part of the vine in addition to the luxurious master root also included the main vine. This main part of the Blood Phantom Vine vine contained ninety percent of its strength, which would be used as the main material for the second wood flying sword.

If Yang Chen had not already spent so much time to subdue this Blood Phantom Vine just to obtain this master vine, getting it wouldn’t have been so easy. Even after this, it would still take at least one month to completely take out this main vine.

After losing the master root and the master vine, the Blood Phantom Vine had lost all of its strength. Yang Chen spent two months on it and only then did it regain some vitality. But it was only a trace of liveliness and not the earlier formidable strength which, it could only obtain after absorbing the blood of a formidable expert.

The remaining work was just to refine the second wood flying sword. But the main part of the Blood Phantom Vine wasn’t sufficient by itself and Yang Chen still had to add many other materials. Fortunately, this time his harvest at the Hao Yi Manor and the auction house of the Devil Flame Valley had been quite extensive: some assisting materials were of even higher quality than the main ingredients of most people’s flying swords.

The consequence of having many high grade materials was the difficulty in refining: nobody could have it both ways in this world. Fortunately, Yang Chen had the Profound Spirit Furnace, moreover this Profound Spirit Furnace had already absorbed the Real Sun Fire, so it was capable of smelting a large majority of the metal ingredients, otherwise Yang Chen really wouldn’t dare to have any thoughts of refining the sword embryo.

Another thing which made Yang Chen refine the second wood flying sword before all others was because, currently Yang Chen’s second wood spirit power was basically the same as the Blood Phantom Vine’s spirit power and thus had a common origin with the sword, so it would be quite easy to control and the difficulty of refining it would decrease by a lot.

Yang Chen’s Immortal Beheading Blade was being warmed within the blood river in his spirit sea, which Yang Chen wanted to treat as his destined flying sword. Apart from upgrading the materials and the technique of refining it, the sword box could also receive the sword souls and increase its grade, in addition to that, the second wood flying sword was only one flying sword of the ten attributes of his Five Phases of Greater Yin and Yang.

Even creating the sword embryo was quite the laborious task. With Yang Chen’s current cultivation, there was no other way but using all of his spirit power in every turn, according to the method required to make the sword embryo.

In reality, even if Yang Chen’s cultivation had been high, he would still have to use a similar method. The reason was: the higher the grade of a flying sword, the firmer it should be under the control of its master. This method of using the entire spirit power in every turn raised this kind of coordination.

And what was different from his previous life was that, in this life, apart from normal methods, Yang Chen also had three cultivation methods which could make most people go green with envy. The Universal Treasure Raising Secrets, the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets and the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets. Whichever one he would use, he could even make countless people of the Immortal World start drooling.

Apart from practicing his normal cultivation, he would first cultivate in accordance with the ordinary cultivation methods, then the Heavenly Stars Treasure Raising Secrets, after that the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets, and then the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets. This was Yang Chen’s daily routine. Moreover, after completing this, he would also practice the Three Purities Secrets once. This would take up the entire day.

While Yang Chen was calmly and methodically preparing his sword embryo, the LongTai Spirit Supporting Method had already begun to spread in the cultivation world.

Nobody knew where this cultivation method had come from, but they knew that, within a night, this cultivation method had become famous everywhere. The ban of the Pure Yang Palace also played a role in this. Because of the Pure Yang Palace’s ban, every big sect came to know of these Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

Many people also disapproved of the Pure Yang Palace being so frightened, which was only natural. The first ones to cultivate it were some rogue cultivators who started with the intention of testing it, since they didn’t have to change their original cultivation method and it also increased their cultivation.

The Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystals could very soon be found everywhere in the cultivation world. This ore was essential for the cultivation of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

Using the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal, those people who had cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets for the first time had gone wild with joy. It could remove all kinds of hearts devils and could even transform the hearts devil to increase the efficiency of one’s cultivation, which bewitched everyone.

The Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secret, or perhaps the Son Cultivation Method of the Great Devil Mother Son cultivation method, was originally the cultivation method of the devil sects, but at that moment it was slightly decorated so the people couldn’t see the truth. Compared with the dao sect’s cultivation methods, it could transform all negative thoughts and increase one’s confidence, thus it fascinated people even more than all of the cultivation methods of the dao path combined.

Nobody had ever heard of a method which could use their heart’s devil or those unpleasant thoughts and even distracting thoughts and refine them into their cultivation before. By comparison, the methods of the dao sects, which required them to always keep their guard up, fell short of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

A cultivation method which could even convert distracting thoughts into cultivation, it was easy to imagine how attractive it would be. Under the Pure Yang Palace’s ban, the efficiency of the cultivation method continued to be discussed in private.

Which cultivator didn’t have some old friend or best friend? On the road of cultivation, over several hundreds of years time, who didn’t have one or two people whom they would relax with? Who would want to spend their final years all alone? After seeing such a cultivation method, many people naturally thought of their best friends first.

If there was some kind of secret method, then people would cultivate it in secret, but this cultivation method has spread everywhere and wasn’t limited to a few people. Moreover, those who did not let their friends take advantage were unworthy friends.

The more people started to cultivate it the larger the scale became and the cultivation method began to spread. Very quickly, everyone discovered another benefit of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

Some servants of a small sect discovered that, those who originally didn’t have any prospects for cultivation, even those mediocre people who couldn’t even sense qi, had unexpectedly broken through the first qi layer after cultivating the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets and entered the ranks of cultivators.

Those servants of the small sect had cultivated it without permission and also had a pleasant discovery: that their cultivation had increased quickly, even compared to those official outer disciples of the sect. Those servants who had lowered their heads for many years unexpectedly had a chance to blow off their steam someday in the future! This disturbed the calmness of those outer disciples and created a fear that they would lag behind those servants and thus they also began to cultivate it.

This was the most fatal discovery. Who didn’t know that these disciples who ensured that the sect would continue for the coming years. If, by cultivating this Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, even the disciples with the worst aptitudes could enter the sect, would the sects still have have to worry about their reserve disciples not being enough? Wouldn’t the sect strengthen further?

As for the devil sect’s cultivation method: the easier they could be cultivated in the beginning, the more difficult they would get at higher level, but when their cultivation was bearing fruits like this, nobody paid any attention to such an important detail. Even if someone took note of it, they wouldn’t be convinced. After all, it was such a majestic cultivation method, how could there be a devil sect’s trick behind it?

Small sects and rogue cultivators. The crazy cultivation drive of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets began to spread and within half a year, the power of many low level qi layer cultivators had advanced by leaps and bounds and the pressure of removing the shame and disgrace provoked even more people in various regions to cultivate it.

This time, many people recalled the Pure Yang Palace’s warning and did not dare to touch it as if facing a huge enemy. But when the cultivation of people around them began to rise crazily, they also couldn’t help it.

Since there weren’t any problems with the people cultivating this method, who would take the Pure Yang Palace’s warning seriously? Even the small sects, including all of their disciples began to research these new Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

After a few JieDan experts had also joined in, it brought this mysterious cultivation method to the attention of genuine experts who had also entered the main forces of the cultivation world were holding all sorts of goals.

After a year, the effectiveness of this cultivation method was spread throughout the entire cultivation world. From most junior cultivators, who hadn’t even sensed spirit power, to JieDan experts, everyone’s cultivation had unexpectedly increased. What kind of expert had created this top notch cultivation method?

Experts who had participated were naturally different from those low level disciples. They cared about their original cultivation method even more. But after few months, they pleasantly discovered that this cultivation method not only didn’t conflict with their original cultivation method, but moreover even complemented their efficiency.

The dao sect’s cultivation methods required a lot at the time for cultivation. Although all of the JieDan experts had enough cultivation experience, in the end they were still people. They still hadn’t entered the stage of having no desire and having no distracting thoughts, and these seemed to be the key strengths of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

Cultivating their own cultivation method in addition to the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets could certainly increase their original cultivation. The Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets refined all kinds of hearts devils and disturbing thoughts and instead turned them into a tonic for the original cultivation method, which would lead to their original cultivation method improving greatly

Naturally the sensations which a JieDan stage expert had were completely different. After many of them had started cultivating this cultivation method, it gave rise to the attention of many big sects. Thereupon, to understand this cultivation method’s characteristics, a few YuanYing stage cultivators also entered the ranks of the researchers.

Speaking truthfully, if it were not for a few reputed JieDan experts who were patting their chests and assuring the safety of this method, no YuanYing stage expert would be convinced of such a ridiculous cultivation method. How was it possible? After cultivating to this realm, who of them didn’t know that haste meant waste, so how was it possible to have such an accelerated cultivation without any backlash?

But those JieDan experts who had cultivated it made a solemn vow, guaranteeing the efficiency. After that, a few YuanYing experts began to investigate the principle of this cultivation method. But they only investigated and did not start cultivating.

Although most people had joked at the Pure Yang Palace’s warning, these big sects hadn’t completely taken it as a joke. At least some people in them were still alert, especially after everyone found that this Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets had spread crazily through the entire cultivation world in the short time of half a year.

Those who had cultivated to the YuanYing stage were naturally not idiots: all of them were extremely careful. All were carefully, trying to comprehend the underlying principle of this cultivation method and had also carefully analysed the composition of the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal.

Of those who cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, none had shown any problems. The only difference that all of them had experienced was that their cultivation speed had become much quicker than usual. The result of cultivation was quite high compared to before. This was something which was quite rare and these YuanYing stage experts also desired to understand the underlying principle of the cultivation method and improve their sect’s cultivation methods according to it.

It had to be said that the trick in the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, which refined all of the negative thoughts, was quite exquisite and also tempted the YuanYing stage experts. They pushed down this temptation and carefully pondered, hoping to discover the secrets within.

Very soon the experts discovered an important property of the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal. YuanYing stage experts of different sects, after some time, convinced ordinary cultivators to train, using one tenth of the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal and afterward try to cultivate their own improved cultivation methods.

As if confirming their assumption, everything during the cultivation went according to the guesses and calculation of the YuanYing stage experts.

That kind of sensation of seizing control over all affairs, increased their confidence and their sense of superiority, produced by successfully improving their older cultivation method, made all of the YuanYing stage experts lose themselves within this sensation.

In their eyes, they hadn’t cultivated the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets, but instead referred to some of its principle and had gained enlightenment for their own cultivation. This was something that all of the real experts did and it was clearly not such a shallow cultivation method that even newly entered disciples could train to increase their cultivation.

In fact, this was not simple. Even if they were YuanYing stage experts, just to research a cultivation method and improve it based on others, would take at least one year of their time. Moreover, that was also only if they didn’t take a wrong path.

It could be said that nobody cherished the things which they had obtained easily, but if they had obtained them through extremely hard work, it was completely different. Although they had improved their own cultivation methods, it still required a bit of the Heavenly Meteor Heart Crystal, but it was already their own cultivation method, so regardless of whether it was their feeling of cultivation or the grade of the cultivation method, it was completely different from the low level Long Tai Spirit Supporting Secrets.

The consequence of these experts participating was that, every big sect began to pay attention to this cultivation method and had specifically sent experts responsible to fuse the sect’s most core cultivation methods and then try to make it completely perfect.

Finally, at this stage, it had completely spread in the entire cultivation realm. Apart from the Pure Yang Palace, which had strictly prohibited its disciples from cultivating it, even all of the big sects like the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Clear Sky Sect and the Five Phases Sect were included.

Yang Chen had been paying close attention to the news of the outside world all along. Fortunately, the Clear Sky Sect’s elder Hua Wanting had entered closed door training with her newly accepted disciple, Sun Hai Jing, immediately after Yang Chen had left and still hadn’t come out, so they didn’t have an opportunity to come in contact with this pernicious cultivation method.

After three years of waiting, Yang Chen’s Blood Phantom Vine flying sword’s embryo had finally begun to take shape, day by day and gradually had the shape of a flying sword.

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