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Chapter 141 - Becoming The Merit Transferring Disciple


Regardless of the circumstances, this was Yang Chen’s victory. Being a victor in a life and death duel against Greatest Heaven Sect’s Li QingChen was more important than anything else.

At least, it was like that according to Gao Yue. A life and death duel was not a joke, generally speaking, only one person would survive. Since Yang Chen had survived, the complications regarding it were not very troublesome, since he still had opportunities.

“Fairy Shi is quite beautiful, your luck with women is really good!”

After the tension had eased up, Gao Yue suddenly said this to Yang Chen with a smile which was not a smile. Only ridicule could clearly be seen in her eyes:

“She is furthermore a talented JieDan stage expert. After becoming dao companions with her, your cultivation will surely advance by leaps and bounds.”


Yang Chen could not help but glance at his master whose face had turned pale and while taking a long sigh said:

“Li QingChen was a descendent from the clan of elder Li Yunyu of the Green Jade Immortal Islands… Just what kind of trouble will she bring in the future?”

“But at least you are alive, right?”

Regarding the earlier fact, Gao Yue was still in quite high spirits when compared to Yang Chen. Yang Chen was also not as happy as he should be after winning in a life and death duel with a peak Foundation stage expert.

Although Yang Chen’s battle this time was quite simple, it made Gao Yue realize one fact very clearly: that Yang Chen still didn’t have a proper flying sword. He still only had the weird large blade which he had been using from the time he started cultivating, as if he was afraid people wouldn’t know that he had been an executioner.

Gao Yue determined that this time, after she returned, she would immediately go and gather the best kinds of materials and make the best flying sword for Yang Chen. What kind of excuse could she say to him after she had stressed so heavily that she would refine it herself. Not to mention that the palace master had personally agreed to provide Yang Chen with a flying sword.

But Gao Yue could not be blamed: she wanted to give Yang Chen the most suitable flying sword as soon as possible, so she had racked her brain but had been unable to figure out what kind of flying sword Yang Chen wanted. Right now, he didn’t need the flying sword but it had to be able to fight other flying sword in close quarters.

Despite being glad after winning the duel, he was not that happy after he had been forcefully assigned a dao companion, even though that dao companion was incomparably beautiful. Most of all, after Yang Chen thought of the cold expression on the face of the future Cold Plum Fairy, even if they were together, it would be just like standing near a block of ice, which didn’t exactly appeal to his interests.

“These issues must be cleared properly with the Green Jade Immortal Islands. It’s just a misunderstanding, that’s all. No need to take this seriously.”

Yang Chen shook his head, nevertheless thinking that refusing it was better. Otherwise, on that day, only Li QingChen had appeared, but when she revealed her monstrous talent in cultivation in the future, countless number of people would come forward, that would surely be troublesome.

Yang Chen was not someone who didn’t know east from west after getting in the good graces of a beautiful woman, therefore he logically thought about handling this matter.

Seeing Yang Chen so insistent on this, Gao Yue also had to endorse his decision as his master. But for some unknown reason, after hearing that Yang Chen had made this decision, Gao Yue felt very relaxed.

The specific dealings still had to be negotiated between the Pure Yang Palace and Green Jade Immortal Islands. After all, the people who had come to watch were two YuanYing stage experts from their side and only Gao Yue and Yang Chen from this, so their status was seemingly not equal.

After returning to the Pure Yang Palace, neither dared to be careless and went directly to report to the palace master. Since the Greatest Heaven Sect had truly renounced Li QingChen it was simple and the matter would have ended with Li QingChen’s death and would not have had any more twists and turns, but his relation with an elder of the Green Jade Immortal Islands was really troublesome.

“Don’t worry, you should take every step carefully!”

What was out of the expectations of the two people was that the palace master had been greatly optimistic regarding this affair, as if nothing had happened:

“It’ll create some trouble, but they should have known not to use the life of my Pure Yang Palace’s disciple to get in someone’s good graces, isn’t that right?”

This one line immediately made Yang Chen and Gao Yue feel an incomparable warmth. After all, he was the sect leader, so he could make disciples feel the sect’s protection very easily.

“Regarding the matter of Dao Companions, we will negotiate about that.”

The palace master continued, but he immediately made a huge turnaround:

“Yang Chen, Fairy Shi would indeed be an exceptionally good dao companion, you should think about it once.”

Regarding this, Yang Chen shook his head again. He would not like a dao companion who had been forced on him. Fortunately, the Palace Master did not force him and shifted the conversation to the topic of Yang Chen’s future plans.

“Yang Chen, in the near future you must not go anywhere.”

After he had praised the two people, the palace master began talking about the work assigned to Yang Chen:

“Since you have faced so many great affairs recently, it would be better if you could calm yourself and sincerely remain in the Pure Yang Palace for some time, alright? I have discussed about this with fellow apprentice brother Wang Yong: the Nine Earth Manor has been lacking a suitable Merit Transferring Disciple. Yang Chen, it would be good if you could go and guide the younger generations!”

Regarding the Palace Master’s arrangements, Yang Chen had no say. He could do nothing but follow them. In addition to that he certainly needed to calm himself and carefully increase his cultivation.

Naturally Gao Yue also rejoiced greatly. At least Yang Chen did not need to run around everywhere, facing dangers. The Nine Earth Manor was within the Pure Yang Palace’s territory, so what kind of stupid enemy would try to behave atrociously there?

“You have to sincerely provide guidance in the Nine Earth Manor!”

Gao Yue warned Yang Chen again and again:

“Very soon, I will take a trip to the city to find the best quality materials for you to refine the flying sword. So during that time, by all means, don’t stir up any trouble!”

Regarding Yang Chen’s ability to cause trouble, Gao Yue had absolutely no doubts, therefore, before leaving, she sincerely admonished Yang Chen.

Suddenly Yang Chen was full of expectations: this time Gao Yue would in all likelihood officially begin the refining of his MingGuang sword. Naturally, among the memories of his previous life, this was one of the few which brought smile to his face, even at death’s door.

In front of Gao Yue’s repeated warnings, Yang Chen nodded again and again and then, without saying anything more, he headed directly for the Nine Earth Manor. What about passing guidance? It was just the perfect time to go and find a few future talented treasures.

Li QingChen’s life and death duel was not a great challenge for Yang Chen. What he need to think about at that moment was the great calamity of the devil cultivation which would engulf the entire cultivation world in the future.

Just avoiding the problem of the devil cultivation was simple, he only needed to warn them not to come in contact with the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method. But Yang Chen was thinking even further: afterwards the Pure Yang Palace would also have to participate in the joint operation to annihilate the devils. How he could prevent disastrous losses at that time was Yang Chen’s main concern.

It appeared that getting rid of Lin ChengHe first was perhaps the best option.

Because of the Long Tai Spirit Supporting Method, this devil, Lin ChengHe, had rushed to the Da Cheng stage and only after sacrificing the lives of several tens of YuanYing stage experts, could he be killed in the end, but because of him every large sect had lost a great amount of their strength and had gone into seclusion for several decades to recover. Only after that could they begin to restore.

Yang Chen would absolutely not allow the tragedy of the Pure Yang Palace which had happened last time to be repeated again, so he had to make some preparations in advance. Adding to that there were large differences between this life and his past life, so he himself didn’t know how big the effect of this great calamity would be.

In his previous life, at the time of this great calamity of devil cultivation, elder Hua Wanting of the Clear Sky Sect was still entangled in the Blood Phantom Vine, but currently, because of Yang Chen’s intervention, she had successfully broken free from the Blood Phantom Vine and had entered the Da Cheng Stage. If Hua Wanting decided to undertake the task of eliminating Lin ChengHe, Yang Chen couldn’t guess what the outcome would be.

This time everything was variable, but for Yang Chen, the best security would be to increase his own strength. Unfortunately, for the problem at hand, the Foundation stage was indeed quite lacking. Even if he had been a JieDan stage expert, in front of the devil Lin ChengHe, he would be just like a piece of cooked meat, ready to be eaten. He really wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Even though there were several years before the great calamity and even if Yang Chen knew about many heavenly materials, profound cultivation methods; within the short time of a few years he would still not be able to contend against Lin Chenghe. If he wanted to have the strength to defend himself during this huge calamity over the devil cultivation, then he first had to rely on the sect’s strength and preserve it to the greatest extent, secondly he needed to possess a magic weapon that could be used as a trump card at a critical moment.

After his fight with Li QingChen, Yang Chen immediately knew that he had to put refining his destined magic weapon as a priority. Earlier, because he had just reached the Foundation stage and had been consolidating his realm, Yang Chen did not want to be distracted by refining a magic weapon, but now that his realm had already consolidated, he could begin his refining.

For all cultivators, picking their destined magic weapon was a very important affair. Because the destined magic weapon was very closely linked with the life of the cultivator, if the magic weapon suffered heavy damage, then the cultivator was also seriously injured. But, since a destined magic weapon was linked to the master even more closely than other magic weapons, it would display at least three to four times more strength than an ordinary magic weapon.

In fact, Yang Chen had long ago picked his destined magic weapon. The reason why he had been using the Immortal Beheading Blade was precisely to treat it as his own destined magic weapon. The real body of the Immortal Beheading Blade was the sword box refined by a JieDan stage senior. The sword box was not very outstanding by itself, but if a sufficient number of powerful sword spirits were added, then it could take a qualitative leap.

Regarding the sword spirits, Yang Chen had already thought of a way to do it. He needed flying swords corresponding to the ten attribute of Yin and Yang five phases secrets, if he could gather all of them, then he may be able to turn it into a magic weapon which could make anyone in the Heavenly Court shudder.

Collecting flying swords of the ten attributes was not very easy, but Yang Chen already had obtained the ingredients for two types. One was the PengLai Divine Wood, the other was precisely the Blood Phantom Vine. Coincidentally both of them were wood attributed.

With Yang Chen’s current strength of the Foundation stage, it was basically impossible for him to refine the PengLai Divine Wood. With just the support of the geocentric flame inside of his body, it was impossible to even change the shape of the PengLai Divine Wood.

If the Blood Phantom Vine had been mature, then Yang Chen would have also been helpless, but the Blood Phantom Vine Yang Chen had received had coincidentally only sucked the blood of a Da Cheng stage expert in this realm and was at the infant stage, just enough to allow him to do what he was good at.

Because of the characteristics of the Blood Phantom Vine, it would create a second wood flying sword after being refined, which would have powerful blood sucking characteristics and would moreover be able to mature after sucking the blood of someone powerful, then of the cultivators in the Spiritual World and then the Immortal World, only then would it genuinely be able to enter the mature stage.

Every sword spirit could be entered independently, so what Yang Chen wanted to do at that moment was to use the Blood Phantom Vine to create as a flying sword which would be used as the first sword spirit and then intensifying the refining of the Immortal Beheading Blade to become his destined flying sword.

Naturally, tampering with the destined flying sword was a long process during which he could not be disturbed, so Yang Chen’s first priority was to assume the role of Nine Earth Manor’s Merit Transferring Disciple.

When he returned to the Nine Earth Manor, the disciples there were not unfamiliar to Yang Chen. Not to mention anything else, just climbing to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, in addition to the allocation of the luxurious Second Fierce Yang Hall, there would be nearly no one who didn’t know of Yang Chen. What’s more there was still his fame from refining the Heaven Seizing Pill as well as, after recent vague rumors, the favour granted by elder Hua Wanting of the Clear Sky Sect which made it even more impossible for people to not know him.

It was a very pleasant surprise for all outer disciples that Yang Chen, who was known to have already read all books in the Hidden Pavilion of the Nine Earth Manor, had become their Merit Transferring Disciple. Who would be more familiar with the things in the Hidden Pavilion than Yang Chen? As long as they could obtain the name and the exact position of the books they were looking for from Yang Chen, it would save them a lot of time.

The facts went along with the expectations of the outer disciples. Yang Chen’s arrival really did give the Nine Earth Manor a huge change of appearance.

Previously, during Chu Heng’s time, the instructors would not do their best effort to teach these disciples, while he would be mostly busy in his cultivation and would only provide very little time to these disciples. Chu Heng also had one more mortal weakness: he was a water attributed cultivator and thus only had good knowledge about water attributed cultivation methods. Regarding other cultivation methods, he wasn’t very skilled in guiding disciples.

Yang Chen was completely different, he was an expert who had cultivated the Five Phases of Yin and Yang secrets and thus, regardless of whatever attribute it was, in front of Yang Chen, everyone could obtain terse and accurate guidance. Although he only said a few words, it made the disciple who was being guided have sudden insights and sometimes have an all new understanding regarding their cultivation.

“You practice a water attributed cultivation method in which being flexible is the most important. Only then you can show your effectiveness. When you have time, go to the Hidden Pavilion and look at the three jade slips in the fourth column, sixth row. It will be helpful for you.”

“For the metal attribute, the most important thing is being acute. You must be able to conquer every obstacle. Grasp the essentials and you will be able to settle your current problem.”

On the first day Yang Chen returned, all of the outer disciples raised their problems. For every person, Yang Chen made them tell him their problem and afterwards, demonstrated his own cultivation method once and then picked the most suitable cultivation method for them.

Yang Chen only used one day for several hundred disciples to give everyone accurate solutions. Those who had a strong perception broke through on the scene, which surprised all outer disciples, even to the extent that nobody wanted to leave and wished to hear the explanation, so that maybe they could also comprehend something.

“Oh right, you. Your cultivation method is a little problematic. Spirit power cannot always rotate at this meridian.”

Just as the everyone was about to depart, Yang Chen suddenly pointed towards a servant following after an outer disciple and said to him:

“Settle this and you will be able to advance to the next layer.”

“Is Sir talking to me?”

That one servant whom Yang Chen had pointed at had never expected such a good thing and was startled.

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