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Chapter 142 - Refining The Destined Flying Sword


“Yes, you!”

Yang Chen nodded and smiled towards that servant:

“You already are at the seventh qi layer, if you can advance a few more layers, you will definitely be able to become an inner disciple.”

Hearing these words, all of the servants who had followed after the outer disciples immediately became excited. But they still remembered their status and did not dare to cross their limits and merely looked at Yang Chen with a gaze full of hope.

“In the future, to any person in the Nine Earth Manor, including the people at the Ye Xiu Manor, if anyone has a problem, they can raise it in front of me.”

Yang Chen sternly said:

“Every two months, I will set aside a day at both the Ye Xiu Manor and the Nine Earth Manor. If you have anything you are not clear about, you can ask me.”


Yang Chen’s words caused a sensation in the entire crowd.

Wouldn’t this mean that servants were also allowed to get pointers from him? This was unprecedented! None of the previous Merit Transferring Disciple had done this before.

The number of servants in the Ye Xiu Manor and Nine Earth Manor was several times higher than the number of outer disciples. Previously they hadn’t gotten the opportunity, but now Yang Chen had surprisingly promised to provide guidance, which pleased everyone beyond measure.

On the path of cultivation, to pick suitable people, all sects use a very cruel method: In the beginning, they just have to depend on their comprehension and luck and if they are successful, then they become outer disciples, if they are unsuccessful, then they become servants. The same is the case for outer disciples.

There was also nothing impartial and everything could be said to depend on karma. If they were lucky, then they could run into a good Merit Transferring Disciple and would be able to build their foundation successfully, but if they were not, then it couldn’t be forced.

The Merit Transferring Disciple also changed every few years, so these outer disciple just had to wait for the opportunity when a Merit Transferring Suitable for their cultivation would come. Yang Chen had too much bad luck and had by some coincidence run into Chu Heng from the beginning, who then made things difficult for him.

All previous Merit Transferring Disciple had been proficient in only one attribute and could not give proper guidance regarding other attributes. People like Yang Chen who were proficient in all five attributes had simply never come before. It could be said that this was the good karma of these outer disciples.

With Yang Chen’s promise, the many servants also got excited. With the guidance of the Merit Transferring Disciple, maybe they could once again hope to build their foundation.

“If you need some kind of elixir refined, then gather the ingredients, I will refine it for you.”

After making the promise of giving pointers to everyone, Yang Chen made another promise which made everyone happy.

Who didn’t know that Yang Chen was a pill concocting expert, moreover one who could already refine second grade foundation stage pills? If they could gather the ingredients, Yang Chen would refine a second grade foundation stage pill for them, so wouldn’t they have a great chance for achieving the Foundation stage at that time?

The entire Nine Earth Manor and Ye Xiu Manor were filled with excitement, as if everyone had obtained their desire of reaching the Foundation stage. Even those people who had long ago given up their hopes on building their foundation had once again hope visible in their eyes.

Everyone immediately remembered about Shangguan Feng and Wang Yong, who originally didn’t have any hopes of reaching the Foundation stage and had been sent to become the managers of the Ye Xiu Manor, but currently they were living together with Yang Chen at the Second Fierce Yang Hall. If somebody said that this didn’t have any relation with Yang Chen, nobody would believe it.

Suddenly a completely new atmosphere had appeared in the outer area of the Pure Yang Palace. Regardless of whether it was cultivation or anything else, everything was completely different from before.

Many servants also began to ponder what should they ask when Yang Chen came next time. Moreover, the majority of outer disciple who had taken advice from Yang Chen began to cultivate from the beginning.

Once again, as the day when Yang Chen would give pointers drew near, everyone was notified. This time Yang Chen’s intention was to allow everyone to have a clear view of their cultivation, which would require a long time, moreover everyone was personally tested by Yang Chen.

Who would be dissatisfied with this? Yang Chen personally inspecting everyone, such a great opportunity could only be found by luck, so who would oppose to it? Each and every one were excitedly waiting for the manager of the Nine Earth Manor to call them to their turn. Naturally, at that time, their servants were also waiting to get pointers.

What was astonishing for everyone was that this time, apart from carefully inspecting their cultivation, Yang Chen also made them put their hands on a small stone in his hand and insert spirit power into it.

Though nobody knew what he was doing, nobody questioned him. Everyone believed that Yang Chen was testing them for their cultivation of spirit power and therefore excitedly inserted their spirit power. .

The detailed guidance this time benefitted all of them. Previous cultivation mistakes, their future cultivation direction, even some regrettable things which they had used, as long as they asked, Yang Chen answered all of them in detail and even demonstrated for them on the scene. His formidable performance made all disciples and servants be convinced in heart and soul.

Naturally, among them there were some exceptions, but what they didn’t expect was that, rather than guiding them, Yang Chen made them change their cultivation method entirely.

“Uncle master, I have an earth attributed spirit root, how can I cultivate a wood attributed cultivation method?”

The very first one was an outer disciple who was at the fifth qi layer. Hearing Yang Chen’s explanation, he indeed didn’t dare to believe what he was hearing.

“Right now, I cannot explain you, but I can make a promise to you.”

Yang Chen also didn’t explain much to the disciple and used his status of being a Merit Transferring Disciple to demand this outer disciple to cultivate the other attribute’s cultivation method:

“I can guarantee that cultivating the wood attributed cultivation method will be easier than your present cultivation. Moreover, when you reach the peak of the qi layer, I personally will refine a third grade foundation stage pill for you!”

Yang Chen could not tell him about the postnatal spirit root, at least right now he was unable to explain and could only forcefully make him accept and use benefits to goad him. Although the disciple was somewhat dubious, under the enticement of a third grade foundation stage pill, he finally agreed.

The disciples like him were only fourteen among the thousand people of the Nine Earth Manor and Ye Xiu Manor. For most people, the postnatal spirit root was the same as the innate spirit root. Moreover many postnatal spirit roots were not as outstanding as the innate spirit root. So this ratio was quite normal.

After two months, Yang Chen had finally given pointers to all disciples. Yang Chen spared no pains in giving pointers to any disciple or servant, at least for the next half year, as long as these people cultivated according to his instructions, there would not be any major problems.

This also provided enough time to Yang Chen to take care of his own matters. First Yang Chen wanted to refine his destined flying sword.

There was a very large difference in refining the destined flying sword and refining an ordinary flying sword, the destined flying sword had to enter the spirit sea and slowly fuse with his primordial spirit until they were completely assimilated. Common methods of refining a flying sword could increase the grade of the destined flying sword, but it would be unable to achieve that kind of interlink.

The Immortal Beheading Blade, whose real identity was the sword box, entered his spirit sea after taking a full two months. Once it entered the spirit sea, Yang Chen could immediately see the enormous Immortal Beheading Blade.

These circumstances were similar to when Yang Chen had refined the wood attributed third grade foundation stage pill, but this time, it was not only the shape, but the main part of the Immortal Beheading Blade which had entered the spirit sea.

The large Immortal Beheading Blade allowed Yang Chen to see all flaws and defects in the sword box, but unfortunately, with his current skill, Yang Chen would not be able to improve upon the sword box refined by a peak JieDan expert, so he could only record these flaws and afterwards look for the right ingredients, so that it could be refined as soon as possible.

To temper the destined flying sword, Yang Chen inevitably chose the blood river. This was Yang Chen’s pride and his sharpest weapon. If the flying sword could bring that killing intent along with it, then almost nobody would be his enemy.

Without hesitating much, Yang Chen threw the Immortal Beheading Blade into the river. Tempering the body of the destined flying sword required the process to be conducted continuously. The beginning period, requires the most patience. Only if the flying sword united with his body and soul, would he be able to use the flying sword as his arms and legs.

If he just had to place a spiritual awareness imprint, or perhaps pass it through a few layers of ordinary refining, such as the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets or the Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secrets, he could at most make the flying sword recognize him as master, but then he wouldn’t be able to form such a close connection with the flying sword.

Usually people only very rarely refined and tempered their destined flying sword at the Foundation or the JieDan stage. Firstly, their cultivation was shallow and secondly, when they were at this realm, they usually didn’t have any good magic weapon which could be refined as their destined flying sword, which had to be cultivated and used throughout their life.

Everyone waits until they were at the YuanYing stage and then, with the utmost care, they would refine a high grade magic weapon which could be nurtured and tempered as their destined flying sword. But before that, there was a method of compromise between genuine destined weapons and common magic weapons: those were quasi- destined magic weapons. Their might was more powerful than ordinary flying swords, but they were still inferior to a genuine destined magic weapon.

Because of this compromise, the tempering and refining did not require wasting a large amount of energy and the magic weapon was naturally not that high grade. Moreover, the connection with the spiritual awareness was also not as strong as a genuine destined magic weapon.

But even if it was a quasi- destined magic weapon, when it received serious damage, it would lead to its master’s spiritual awareness being gravely injured. Previously, all of the people Yang Chen had beheaded, like Chu Heng and Li QingChen, all used this kind of destined magic weapon, the quasi- destined magic weapon.

Yang Chen did not wish in the least to waste his energy at this kind of extravagant weapon. Even if Yang Chen crossed the JieDan stage stage from the Foundation stage and then to the YuanYing stage without any hitch, it would nonetheless require at least several hundred years. Moreover, several hundred years was already sufficient for Yang Chen to raise the grade of his destined flying sword by a few notches.

There wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to upgrade their destined magic weapon, naturally Yang Chen was the same. The sword box itself was a magic weapon which could be upgraded. If high grade sword souls were also inserted into it, then even Yang Chen would be unable to imagine its formidable power. Naturally Yang Chen wanted to be extremely careful with such important things.

Although his cultivation was not at the YuanYing stage, the fusion of a genuine destined magic weapon with the master’s body was mostly dependent on spiritual awareness. For the most basic tempering Yang Chen need to soak the sword box in the blood river within his spiritual awareness for ten years. Only then would the initial step be completed.

This also meant that, for these ten years, the blood river in Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness could not be used to attack, except when enemies like Mo Qian took the initiative to enter Yang Chen’s spirit sea.

The previous attack of Mo Qian and her disciples made Yang Chen realize that, after his rebirth, he had been very careless about being alert. He had always thought that he would certainly have access to the blood river no matter what, and thus didn’t put anyone in his eyes. This was certainly a very dangerous attitude.

Not just Mo Qian, when he had been attacked by Guan Yueying, if Guan Yueying didn’t only have thoughts of reprimanding him at that time and instead wanted to kill him, maybe Yang Chen would have already been dead. So where would he get the chance to restrict Guan Yueying?

He wanted to be able to completely rely on himself for vigilance, so he would first have to thoroughly take away all of his defences and then allow himself to form an instinctual response, which was another matter. Yang Chen decided to practice this custom when facing low level enemies from then on, so that, when he faced an even more powerful person after ascending, he would not regret that at the last moment.

While having thrown away all of his defences was just the perfect time to refine the destined magic weapon. This kind of opportunity had one move but two gains, so how could Yang Chen miss it?

At the time of losing all of his defences, he also needed a new method to protect his life. Fortunately, the Blood Phantom Vine provided the perfect way.

The formidable demonic vine which had trapped elder Hua Wanting for over a hundred years, should at least be able to give Yang Chen an opportunity to escape. As long as Yang Chen was able to survive, then he would certainly have the opportunity to flee, at least in front of a YuanYing stage expert.

As for the attack of even higher stage experts, if a Da Cheng stage expert wanted to kill Yang Chen, then even the blood river did not have any use. It would be impossible for Yang Chen to keep the blood river prepared to erupt at all times, and who knew when a strike from a such a powerful person could annihilate Yang Chen?

Yang Chen was full of expectations. The destined flying sword produced by combining the spiritual awareness he cultivated with the Three Purities Secrets and the killing intent of the Xiantai Stage… How powerful would it be?

Naturally, since he possessed a spirit object like the blood phantom vine, Yang Chen absolutely did not want to waste it, and the time he was the Merit Transferring Disciple was just perfect for him to make a second wood attributed flying sword’s embryo by refining the master root and a small root of the Blood Phantom Vine.

The sword produced from this sword embryo would be one of the sword souls of the Immortal Beheading Blade. The Blood Phantom Vine’s powerful blood sucking characteristic would be the most power feature of this flying sword and also the one which people would be most afraid of.

After this flying sword formed, the Immortal Beheading Sword would certainly have the ability to intimidate even YuanYing and Da Cheng stage experts. If it was able to suck the blood of an earth immortal after ascending to the Spiritual World, the flying sword would certainly mature into a weapon which even immortals would dread.

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